Today on Radio Sex: Crime and Passion (2002)

crimeandpassionToday (2:40ish Eastern) on Radio Sex XM103’s YouPorn, Christy and Ginger welcome Nick Manning onto the show, so I figured I’d take a look at one of Nick’s earlier films, Veronica Hart’s Crime and Passion from 2002, co-starring our own Ginger Lynn.


Ashlyn Gere is plagued by dreams.  She’s a cop, and she’s having a hard time on the job because her fellow officers (Tyce Bune, Dale DaBone) don’t respect her.  After a long day, she goes home to find a mysterious VHS tape waiting for her.  She pops it in and she watches Kylie Ireland have mainstream-kinky (which is to say not very kinky – some toe sucking, slight female domination) with a hooded Hershel Savage.  We’re not sure if we’re supposed to know it’s Herschel or not, but if you’re even slightly familiar with his middle-aged physique, you’d make the connection.  The sex between the two is pretty hot ending with a pretty great facial.

The next day, she goes out for coffee with Nick Manning who compliements her on her looks and her ability as a cop, which softens her up.  The TV shows a news reporter, Kelly Nichols, in front of a strip club, reporting on the murder of a dancer, who happens to be Kylie Ireland.

Ashlyn storms into Herschel’s office demanding to work the case — Kylie was HER FRIEND! — but Herschel lets her know it’s not even being worked out of their precinct.  She tries to sweet talk him, but he gets angry, asking why she goes all hot and cold… first they’re lovers, then they’re not… and after Ginger drops some papers off, Ashlyln’s jealous side rears itself.

Cut to Ashlyn in bed, dreaming about Kylie.  She wakes up and stumbles outside for a smoke when she sees Alex Foxe and Steven St. Croix getting it on in a convertible.  Alex is in a red leather bikini and is very vocal about how good things feel.  She rides St. Croix reverse cowgirl and then they move into doggie.  Finally, they end up in mish across the front seat and Steve pulls out and shoots a load the length of her body hitting her right on the cheek.  Excellent aim, sir! (Even if the cumshot is looped.)

The next day, Ashlyn asks Nick if he’d help her run down a lead on Kylie’s case.  Nick is very charming and they head out to the strip club.  They strong arm the day manager who thinks he recognizes Ashlyn, and gives up the name of a dancer Kylie hung around with, some girl named Gina.  Ashyln wants to go back to the club that night, but Nick is busy working another case involving credit card fraud.

Cut to that night, and Mark Davis is throwing money at Wanda Curtis who takes him into the back.  He asks that his money gets him “anything” and she purrs that he’s so sweet, but when he tries to kiss her, she pulls away and redirects him to the couch. Nice play!  She climbs on top of him and he sucks her tits for a bit before she moves down for the blowjob.  Gina’s stage set is over, Alex takes her place, and Gina heads backstage and jumps in on Wanda’s action.  Mark nails Gina in a standing doggie that really shows off how rock hard her physique is. Mark cums on both their faces, and before they get a chance to enjoy their cummy kisses, Mark swoops in and kisses both of them very deeply.  Great cumshot marred by the interruption.

Next up, Ashlyn is in the shower and is surprised by Herschel who let himself in.  Ashlyn kisses him and he decides to bug out.  He’s playing some mind games, and she’s ALL KINDS of upset by it.  There’s a knock on the door and she expects it to be Herschel, but it’s Nick.  His credit card fraud case wrapped up and he was in the neighborhood.  She’s not sure what do do — watch TV? — but they end up making out and he nails her hard on the living room couch.  They work up a pretty good sweat, and he cums on her face and chest.  Sadly, no trademark “DROPPING LOADS!” here…

They snuggle, but she’s plagued by more dreams, and we flashback to Ashlyn being really cunty to Herschel while he’s sucking her toes.  She’s fully clothed, bitching him out and Kylie enters the room.  Ashlyn tells him how to fuck Kylie. Kylie has some sparkly eyelid-liner on.  Herschel cums on her tits.

Meanwhile, back at the station, Ashlyn hasn’t shown up for work.  Herschel calls Nick into his office and explains (in a pure contrivance that doesn’t make any real sense) that he Tyce Bune are going to visit the club to check on the dancer named Gina.  Nick asks to tag along, but Herschel makes him promise to stay in the car.

Sindee Coxx shows the undercovers to a table where they ask for a private dance with Gina.  Sindee explains that Gina only works with Wanda, and leads Herschel in the back to wait.  The disbelief the plot asks us to suspend at this point is ludicrous. [I can’t take it — SPOILER ALERT! — Gina is Ashlyn.  DOUBLE LIFE IN THE SKY!] So for the movie to ask me to believe that Herschel wouldn’t recognize his ex-girlfriend when she’s wearing a wig and Lennon sunglasses is insane.  Tyce finds his way back and Ashlyn goes to work on him while Wanda fucks (anally too!) and sucks Herschel. Gina rides Tyce Reverse Cowgirl for a long time and then the guys cums on their tits.

Post-coitus, Herschel puts it together and rips Gina’s wig off.  She has what could best be called a “disassociative event” and completely breaks down.  Nick watches as Ashlyn is dragged out of the club and can’t wrap his head around what is going on.  All of this drama gives Ashlyn a chance to show off her ACT-ING! skills with lots of crazy yelling and split personalities.  She’s taken in for observation and questioning by a doctor, Veronica Hart, who eventually coaxes a confession out of her.

Ginger delivers the tape that started this whole mess back to Herschel and he is happy he closed the case, but at what price?  Fucking Ginger is his reward, tho, and fuck they do.  They have a really great scene with moments of awesome intensity. They play off each other very well.  It ends with Herschel cumming on each of Ginger’s tits.

AVN gave this movie a 4 1/2 A rating, which is generous.  The review was breathless in its complimenting the plot, which wasn’t any kind of great whodunit.  The sex in the movie is solid and for brief moments transcends into something resembling a connection a few times, and the cumshots are all generally good.  But the plot is overwrought.  Clearly a vehicle for Ashlyn to chew some scenery, but I think Nick really holds his own here.

My exposure to Nick has always been in gonzo titles where DROPPING LOADS! is acceptable, and it was interesting to see him here without those trappings.

Overall, I”m kind of meh on the movie, but it could be due to the fact that I’m not in a great mood and I’ve had a few beers, but I don’t think so… it was just too serious for itself.

I’ll leave you with this: he’s been on Stern a few times, and this is a pretty great segment where Howard plays various clips form his films and Nick comments on them