Stop American Censorship

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The rhetoric is panicky because as we’ve seen so many times, what seems reasonable is so rapidly abused.

If you’re in the US, please take a moment to call your representative and let them know you’re against this.

Former Senator Chris Dodd — now head of the Motion Picture Association of America — says that China censors its Internet, so we can too:

“When the Chinese told Google that they had to block sites or they couldn’t do [business] in their country, they managed to figure out how to block sites.”

These are the voices our lawmakers listen to.  If we’re going to win, we need to drown them out before TOMORROW’s committee vote on SOPA.   

What’s even worse, is when Chris Dodd was serving in Congress, he had this to say:

Tell the Chinese government that will no longer censor information with Google’s consent. And should the Chinese government not find that acceptable, then would shut down its operations. I understand that you’ve already moved all of your search records out of China, to prevent them from being turned over to the Chinese government. But what better way to affirm Google’s commitment to the free flow of information as a human right, than to send this message to a nation with the largest population in the world?

So, Mr. Dodd dances with the girl whose brung him.

More on Mr. Dodd’s mouth and how he’s able to talk out of both sides of it:

TechDirt has lots of good info on SOPA and why it is evil as well:

And just so you know, this shit is happening now.

After you call, you can go back to whacking off.  I promise. :-)