Today on Spice Radio: Dream Walk (1989)

There’s a host of legends on the radio today, with Rhonda Jo Petty and Nina Hartley joining Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn on Spice Radio’s YouPorn XM103, so I was able to find a movie that features both Rhonda and Nina to talk about on Wednesday 11/29 around 2:40pm Eastern — Cecil Howard‘s 1989 video, Dream Walk.

“A guilty secret simmers behind Nina’s bedroom door. Runaway Stacy and Tom return to fight sexual fire with fire. An electric, all-star cast in award-winner Cecil Howard’s masterpiece of raw emotion — a paradise of flesh that forbids nothing.”

We open with a mouthwatering Nina Hartley talking about how the kids are back in the house, and how since they’re all of age now, they can all just sit around and drink.  Then we see Nina suffering with a case of the hornies in bed with Paul Thomas, but as she starts to suck him to hardness, he yells “I can’t! No!” but then he gives over to it, but delivers a bunch of verbal abuse, calling her all sorts of names – whore, cunt, etc.  the sex ha sa few weird artificial POV cutaways where the camera bobs in and out of the performers face, but the absolute highlight is Nina riding him cowgirl where we either get awesome shots of her award winning ass, or her bearing down and grinding herself down on his cock.  You can really see her ab muscles tense as she straddles him.  We’re led to believe he cums inside her.  Afterwards, he worries, “. . . the kids?” and she sneers “After last night, they’ll sleep.  I love you, Nick.  You look so guilty!” and he falls asleep as she leaves the room.

Nina walks down the hall and peers in on Tom Byron as he lays in bed smoking a cigarette.  As Nina showers, Tom finds his way into his stepsister Stacey Donovan‘s room. He steals a cigarette from her as he considers her sleeping body.  He grabs a pair of panties from the bed and sniffs them.  Her eyes open as we fade to black.  Tom re-enters his room with the cigarette and her panties which he nuzzles and smells as he touches himself down his pants.  Stacy enters, breaking his reverie and tells him he can keep the cigarette, but not the panties.  She pulls them on, flashing her ass at him, then getting snotty as he looks at her.  Stacy giggles about hearing Mom and Stepdad going at it last night.

The family is on the couch as Stacy says all she wants is “the money” and then PT mentions how proud he is of the children as Tom and Stacy start to go it on the couch a little.  PT finds solace in a bottle as Nina undresses for bed.  She looks great in a pink satin bra and panty set, with her assets on fine display.  She says to him “We can’t let them get away with this!  This is your house!  Tell them!” and he responds “What can we possibly tell them, after what we’ve done.”

The plot thickens.  Lots of mystery.  Why do the step-siblings go at it like that out in the open?  What money?  Why won’t PT have sex with his new wife? What have they done?

Nina brings Ron Jeremy home, and he says he wants to see her naked, but she tells him he needs to put the money on the table first. WHAT?!  They have some teasing talk as she gets undressed to shoes and panties. The panties ride up her ass and really show it off.  Cecil is no idiot.  This is 1989 Ron, so there’s nothing to fear. :-)

He makes her play with his dick inside his pants for a while, but she says she wants to suck it, but he wants to wait.  He puts her on the couch and makes her play with herself for a while and he pulls his cock out to play with it. He asks like a kid at Christmas, “Got any toys!?  Show me!” and she drops her panties, grabs her purse and pulls out a standard dildo. After a bit of self-play, she tells him “I want you to fuck me now!” and she goes a little crazy as he plunges inside her.  We’ve got a lot of full-body shots here which really serves Nina well.  He starts fucking her doggie and she starts yelling “No! No! No!” in crazy ecstasy and he asks her if she’ll cum for him and she bucks him and cums, then she turns and sucks him off.  Lots of good eye contact with a devilish grin as she jerks him completion all over her boobs (with an errant drop on her chin).  After they’re done, she’s all business, her voice drops an octave and she shuffles him out as he laughs.

She looks towards the upstairs and Tom and Stacy are in bed and he says “this is chaos, Celeste. . . how do you like it?”

The next day, PT and Nina are in the sitting room as Tom comes in and cockily tries to engage them in conversation. He asks if PT is drinking a Gin and Tonic and helps himself to one.  Things are fucked up in this family!  Stacy brings in Tasha Voux, someone she met from New York.  Stacy leans in to Nina and says “You better just give me the money, or I’ll tell Nick (PT) about all the johns you bring over as he’s sleeping it off.”

The family that secrets together, fucks together?

As Nina walks past Tom’s room and he grabs her, pulls her robe off and he starts to go at it with her.  As Tom frigs her, she tries to explain about things, and he pushes her on the bed and says “Show me how you love my father! Now suck it!!”

There’s an intensity to this that it pretty hot.  Movie sex is so much better when its motivated, by even the barest of wants and needs.

After sucking him off, Tom throws her back on the bed and digs into her box like there’s no tomorrow.  Nina’s got the quivering ab muscles happening, pulling at his hair, tweaking her nipples.  She’s throwing herself into the scene. He fucks her silly doggie then missionary before jerking off on her belly.  After, she says “I want you to know what it was like with Nick and me!” and we cut to PT in bed, wondering what he just heard.

Cut to Tasha and Stacy in her room talking about the party they went to, and apparently, they robbed some folk there.  They’re on the grift?  Tasha asks “Why did you invite me here? Don’t you care what your family thinks?”  “Maybe they can pay me to stay away…”

As Nina shaves her pubes in her post-coital shower, Tasha and Stacy go at it.  Tasha wasn’t the prettiest girl in porn, but she’s got a pretty good rack which are shown off as she leans forward, and she actually looks pretty good here.  She and Stacy have some pillow talk and Stacy goes down on her.  Then the swap positions in an awkward cut.  Stacy sounds like a baby crying as Tasha eats her out.  It’s a little off-putting. As they finish, Tasha explains that now, she wants Tom.

Nina comes out of the shower and looks at herself in the bedroom mirror.

We pan across Times Square and cut to Rhonda Jo Petty delivering phone sex as PT exits from her bathroom and starts to touch himself thru his pants. We crosscut between RJP playing with herself and Nina playing with herself.  Nina monologues through her masturbation about all she wants in Nick, not his money. . . she has a shattering orgasm.

RJP is done with her call (masturbating with a hair brush throughout) and finally acknowledges PT.  He sits on the bed and pulls wad of cash out, peels off a single bill and leaves it on the dresser.  Nina lies down to sleep and we cut back to RJP taking PT in her mouth. He begs her to suck him and she grabs his cock hard and he begs her to fuck him.  She tells him he’s not there for pleasure, he’s there for something else.

He rolls over on the bed and she climbs on his back rubbing herself all over and he narrates and asks her to dig her nails into his back.  She moves down and bites his ass cheeks a bit and he begs “hurt me! hurt me!”  There’s an odd cut, so I’m not sure if we lost anything here or not; but it cuts to RDP on her back fucking herself with her hairbrush while PT jerks off over her and finally thrusts into her, making we wail like an animal.  He bangs her silly, and we get to watch her tits swing around which is nice, and she’s screaming like a banshee.  He climbs off her, moves up her body and jerks off as she screams for him to cum on her tits.  He launches a most unlike PT load, hitting her on the chin and body.  After he’s done, he asks her her name (“Gillian”) and he asks if she wants to know his name, and she says she doesn’t need to.  He says he wants to giver her a present. She asks if he’s lonely and he says yes.  She asks if he lives alone, and he says no, he lives with. . . HIS SISTER. And the camera does kind of the cheesiest zoom in to his face with weird sound cue right before cutting to Nina sleeping in their bed.

So, we’ve taken another turn for the weird with this revelation. . .

And now Nina sleeps, but her ghost self Dreamwalks out of the bed, looks back and heads out. Dream self needs to use the doors tho. . .


Nina, wearing a backwards dress,  is thrust into a dark, smoky room where Tasha is all crazy hair and Ron is wearing an animal mask and they’re yelling  “LOUISE IS A SINNER!” on the soundtrack.  Then we cut thru Nina’s prior sex scenes from the movie as Ron fucks Tasha and cums on her ass.

Next, Stacy impales herself on Tom’s cock in some reverse cowgirl and then missionary.  He eventually cums on her belly.

The sex here isn’t really hot, tho there is quite a bit of sweating on Tom’s and Tasha’s part.  It has to be seen to be believed, but it’s odd.

And then Nina wakes back up.

Next day, Nina is toasting with the kids and Tasha “To Europe!” and they say “To Nick!” and they leave; ostensibly with the money.

PT returns home and is clearly troubled.  Nina is happier than a little girl, bouncing around.  She strips for him and asks him to do the same. He seems trapped, but he obliges.  She shows off her shaved bush and says “Like it? See? I can still be a little girl for you, Nicky.  [I would] do what you want.  Anything you want. . .” and he asks to touch it.  He works his fingers around her clit and she lets out little giggles as he does so.  Once she’s “drenched” he makes her go down on him and he works a finger up her “delicious ass.”  They move into a 69 then he fucks her doggie.  She bounces against him and really works her hips. God, she’s awesome.  She begs him to do something, and he grabs her arms behind her back as he fucks her more and then cums on her ass, regretting his actions as he does.

There’s a final little bit that I won’t reveal and we fade to black.

Well, that was damned hot.  Wow.

To be honest, I have become more familiar with Nina in recent years through her work as an industry spokesperson as opposed to her on-screen performances, so it was great to go back and rediscover her here in her prime.  She looks great — dare I say cute — she fucks like crazy, she really gives it her all.

Stacy Donovan is fine.  She was never much of a performer, and she doesn’t deviate from that standard much here.  At the time, she was considered “mainstream model beautiful” but it’s tough to see that now.  It’s not that she’s ugly by any measure, but she’s a bit plain, I guess.

Ginger likes when I recommend scenes, so I’d go with the opener with Nina and PT for sure, and the Nina/Tom Byron scene is pretty great, for good dirty talk, go to the Rhonda Jo/PT scene.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Cecil Howard’s movies are only available from HotMovies these days, which is great, but he insists on charging a premium rate of 3.13x the normal per minute rate for his titles.  (So, you watch one minute of this movie and 3.13 minutes are deducted from your account.)  This seems excessive.  Using the 8 cent per minute plan, normally, the movie would cost $7.12 to watch, but under his premium pricing, it’s $22.28.  Not bad for a catalog title from 1989.  Now, HotMovies does offer a “weekly streaming rental” of the title for $6.99 and they say pretty clearly on the page Recommended For Rental and that pricing seems to be why.  (All that aside, their collection of Cecil Howard stuff is great, with lots of trailers, hard and soft versions, commentary tracks, etc.)