Exxxotica Chicago 2024

I really enjoy photographing Exxxoticas. They are just really laid back shows where you can meet and greet the performers for more than 5 minutes. Many of signing performers also enjoy doing the show, and they look forward to seeing their repeat attendees.

Violet Myers easily had the longest lines at the convention. People were lining up 2 hours before she started signing on Saturday. I’ve commented before that I didn’t know why or how she is so popular beyond being hot (and nice). I should poll people in line at the next show to confirm.

Violet Myers

This year in Chicago was very busy, but the show retained its typical experience which extended outside the show hours. All four locations of Exxxotica feature after-parties, but the Chicago and New Jersey shows are the ones that have parties at the host hotel. There fans can greet some of the performers in a more casual setting.

Besides fans attending these conventions to meet their favourite performers, industry people attend to network and collaborate on shoots. With the popularity of self-production these days, you have performers from all over never needing to step foot in the production hubs of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Miami and instead meet at an Exxxotica.

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AVN Expo 2024

It took a while, but I was distracted by personal life stuff. This year’s AVN Expo was smaller and cheaper than last year’s wallet shock of a show. Resorts World is still a very expensive venue when it comes to food and drinks, but moving the show off the same week as CES made it more affordable.

Chanel Camryn

As such, most of the industry was staying at the host hotel rather than the backup hotel. The show itself was hosted in a smaller area with less exhibitors compared to last year. That was fine because I didn’t have to move around as much. Even though there was less attendance due to the lack of CES crossover, the crowd density remained the same. At some point, I was jostling in a river of crowd traffic with my camera banging against people including one person that was carrying a motorcycle helmet for some reason.

CC Doll, Aria Valencia, Sky Pierce, Rissa May, Harley Haze at Hookup Hotshots

The best booth at the show was a new one from Hookup Hotshots. The beautiful starlets signing there were accessible and there were backgrounds to shoot them against without a crowd. Angela White, Abella Danger, and Violet Myers had the longest lines at the convention, and Brazzers seemed to have the busiest booth.

Angela White
Abella Danger
Violet Myers

I did not party too hard this year with all of the distractions and was more busy walking girls back to their room since there were so many predators out and about.

I stayed away from the awards red carpet and watched The Royal Rumble instead. Congratulations to the deserving Chanel Camryn for winning Best New Starlet though.

X3 2024

The third annual X3 show on January 17-18 in Hollywood was the most successful with attendance being at a max. There were no omicron fears to worry about as in the first year, and the weather mostly cooperated with the outdoor lines unlike less year.

Chaturbate stage show
Chaturbate stage show

Logistics for the show also changed. I noticed that only Hussie Models had an agency booth this year, and the lack of agency booths contributed to less talent signing. Less talent and more people made for some tight spaces. The stage presentations by exhibiting companies brought large crowds to the front, but also hampered the people that were signing in front of the stage. Fortunately, there were no distracting celebrity musical performances so people signed on until the end.

Angela White
Angela White

Brazzers had the busiest booth for the third year in a row, and Angela White again was the most popular signer at the show. Their security coordinated lines that did not impede the flow of traffic.

I liked how the organisers ran the show overall and made on-the-fly decisions to improve the flow of traffic. For example, many of the talent signing upstairs were brought downstairs to the perimeter on the second day to make them more noticeable and pull some of the traffic outwards.

Naked News crew
Cosplayground featuring Naked News

I did not attend the XBIZ Awards this year due to an emergency back home. I heard it went well, and there were no surprises. The red carpet photos looked dazzling.

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Exxxotica DC 2023

Exxxotica returned to the DMV (DC-MD-VA) area for its third appearance. Even though this location is probably the smallest of the tour, the crowd was steady and happy to see their favourite performers. There was a good attendee-exhibitor ratio, and the crowds tended to congregate at the stage where multiple feature dancers performed like Christiana Cinn.

Christiana Cinn

I did not see many performers that I did not recognise and mostly visited with the people that I knew. The smaller show allows you to have conversations without feeling a rush even if there is a line waiting. Outside of the stage, people mostly congregated near the webcam companies, Chaturbate & MFC, and the Spotlight booth sponsored by Loyalfans.

Maya Rue from Chaturbate
Babe Ariel & River Moon from MyFreeCams

In terms of after-hours, I took it slow and forwent the after-parties that were mostly inside the District over 40 minutes away from the expo. I mostly stuck to bourbon tasting inadvertently.

April O’Neil at the Loyalfans booth

Exxxotica New Jersey 2023

Fiona Frost

The busiest traveling show celebrating pornography returned to the New Jersey area this month and again crowds were overwhelming on the Friday and Saturday of the show.

Kayley Gunner, Angela White, and Kendra Sunderland

Brazzers was the busiest booth with Angela White and Abella Danger having the longest lines that were stretched across several roped sections that were designed to allow foot traffic between them. Abella was only there on that Saturday since she was taking a break from her studies to meet her fans. Angela continued to sign every day past closing time for the people that were still in line, and she graciously took selfies with random attendees who sought her out afterwards. I stood in line early one day which had the Brazzers staff incredulously asking what I was doing, but sometimes it’s easier to meet and greet the performer that way rather than interrupt her while she is engaging with the fans.

Abella Danger

The second busiest booth was Ricky’s Room (Ricky Johnson) next door featuring Kylie Rocket, Blake Blossom, and Roxie Sinner. Kylie was the first person to greet me when I walked in. I talked to Blake about her “Blake Blossom Only” fan account’s penchant for removing watermarks for no reason. Roxie was giving attendees dances on a bed which created a patient line of people waiting to be motorboated.

Kylie Rocket

The show was so busy that I didn’t realise certain people like Spencer Bradley were at the show until Saturday. I also had trouble finding performers who were just wandering about and networking without a booth. Some performers were signing for autograph companies, and the companies were somewhat strict with the girls’ interactions with their fans.

Spencer Bradley