Exxxotica New Jersey 2023

Fiona Frost

The busiest traveling show celebrating pornography returned to the New Jersey area this month and again crowds were overwhelming on the Friday and Saturday of the show.

Kayley Gunner, Angela White, and Kendra Sunderland

Brazzers was the busiest booth with Angela White and Abella Danger having the longest lines that were stretched across several roped sections that were designed to allow foot traffic between them. Abella was only there on that Saturday since she was taking a break from her studies to meet her fans. Angela continued to sign every day past closing time for the people that were still in line, and she graciously took selfies with random attendees who sought her out afterwards. I stood in line early one day which had the Brazzers staff incredulously asking what I was doing, but sometimes it’s easier to meet and greet the performer that way rather than interrupt her while she is engaging with the fans.

Abella Danger

The second busiest booth was Ricky’s Room (Ricky Johnson) next door featuring Kylie Rocket, Blake Blossom, and Roxie Sinner. Kylie was the first person to greet me when I walked in. I talked to Blake about her “Blake Blossom Only” fan account’s penchant for removing watermarks for no reason. Roxie was giving attendees dances on a bed which created a patient line of people waiting to be motorboated.

Kylie Rocket

The show was so busy that I didn’t realise certain people like Spencer Bradley were at the show until Saturday. I also had trouble finding performers who were just wandering about and networking without a booth. Some performers were signing for autograph companies, and the companies were somewhat strict with the girls’ interactions with their fans.

Spencer Bradley

Venus Berlin 2023

It had been 7 years since I last attended Venus Berlin. Part of the absence had been because of the coronavirus pandemic, but I was also not motivated to go to a foreign show where I did not know most of the producers. Sure, there is a lot of nudity at these European shows, but I’m not the average attendee who seeks out nudity.

These attendees are mostly older men (age 55+) who look and behave like they haven’t pulled pussy in a while. They rush and gawk at the first sign of anyone removing clothing. I think this would happen at an American show too if they allowed nudity. Many are openly aggressive in touching and groping the performers to their discomfort, and I think part of it is the rampant drinking that goes on at these shows. I think the only way to make the attendee leave a performer alone is if the performer asked the person for a tip.

The crowds of these type of people prevent me from actually taking photographs of who I want to photograph. I’m no longer of the age to wade into a crowd, or as Murtaugh would say, I’m just too old for this shit. Whereas in 2016, I took about 3,000 photos; I only took 650 for this show.

Nela Decker

This was the busiest Venus I had ever been to. The organisers are very good in designing the layout and staggering the stage show schedule so that the crowd runs from place to place in a somewhat coherent fashion. I mostly hid in the Brazzers booth when the mob went from booth to booth. Nela Decker performed a stage show portraying a terrorist taking a hostage which was in bad taste given the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

Angela White had the longest lines in the show

Angela White and Mia Julia (formerly Mia Magma) had the longest lines at the convention. From what locals have told me, Mia is now a reality television star and a singer, but her line was too long for me to meet and photograph her again. Brazzers in general had the longest lines for autographs, and crowds circled around Lily Lou when she bared her breasts and encouraged attendees to grope and choke her. Ryan Reid celebrated her birthday that weekend also.

the Brazzers girls
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Exxxotica Miami 2023

Exxxotica Miami was a laid back show this year with its third show since the pandemic. There was the same square footage of exhibitors, but the crowd only seemed intense on the first night with the ladies’ free entrance. There was no ridiculous lines at any particular booth. It seemed like the crowd gravitated more towards the stage and Dungeon areas with their entertainment than waiting to see their favourite stars.

The Loyalfans-sponsored main booth featured several popular performers over the years. One signer who stood out was Jenna Haze who made her return after a 5 years absence from Exxxotica. She said she was in between her studies given the summer and missed her fans. She plans to remain close to the industry in becoming a therapist.

Outside of the Loyalfans booth, there were new and local performers walking out and about the convention. Being out of touch with current porn, I did not recognise many of them to ask for photos. I was thrilled to see the best talker in porn, Anya Olsen, though after not seeing her for over 5 years also. She’s a bit laid back in person compared to on the screen.

After hours, I stayed clear of the official parties at the strip clubs and instead hung out by the pool with friends mostly from the Chaturbate booth even though the weather was hot and stormy. I was randomly handing out White Claws to people who asked knowing that it was still cheaper than buying booze at a strip club. One night I tried to drag Emma Sirus out to the pool, but all she wanted to do was sleep after a long day at the con.

Emma Sirus

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Exxxotica Chicago 2023

I feel like a broken record but Exxxotica continues to break its attendance records at every location since the pandemic. This year, especially on Friday, attendees were shoulder to shoulder as they navigate between booth to booth. Exxxotica producers noted that attendance had increased by 70-80% based on ticket sales. It doesn’t help that the number of exhibitors have stayed the same which explains the huge crowds congregating at some of the same spots especially the stage.

The longest lines at the convention belonged to Violet Myers and a returning Adriana Chechik. The audience seemed to know more about Violet and Adriana from their Twitch activities than their porn, which is something that I am completely out of touch with. I waited over two hours in line for Adriana because I was concerned that she wouldn’t remember me; only for me to later remember that she liked Asians and can discern me from being an Alvin look-alike.

The spotlight performers were now sponsored by Loyalfans instead of Bad Dragon but you saw the usual popular performers. April O’Neil continued to raffle dinner dates with her fans while Vicki Chase had an array of cute wardrobe changes.

I mostly hung out at the Chaturbate booth because there was always something going on with all of their cam people. Chaturbate couples Eva Darling & Justin Case and Dani Bone & Steve Bone even hosted me with food and booze after-hours.

I hung out with Spencer Bradley for the first time in a convention setting. We had some hijinks while shopping at the sex shop booths. I thought she was smelling the vibrators when she was testing their vibrations against her nose and then did the same to my nose which had me recoiling back. Then later on, I was waiting in the lobby for her and our pizza only to learn she hadn’t put in the order for the pizza because well…

I also learned that Exxxotica was planning to have a cruise sometime in March 2024. It should be fun.

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XBIZ Week 2023

The X3 Expo and XBIZ Awards returned to the Hollywood Palladium in January directly following XBIZ LA, a conference targeting industry networking.

X3 Expo

There were much more attendees this year compared to last year due to less concern about COVID/Omicron. Even though there was substantial rain that weekend, lines for the public wrapped around the Palladium block waiting for about an hour to enter at their opening times. Tickets were a bargain at $50 for two days, $25 if you had a coupon code. Even if the ticket prices had been higher, I don’t think that would have dampened attendance or enthusiasm for the show.

Inside, I did not observe any obvious prohibition on explicit pornography or nudity in the merchandise that the talent could sell like I did last year. Talent signed throughout the lower and upper bowl of the venue. The busiest lines I saw were for the Brazzers booth, specifically with a corded-off line for Angela White. It was just a really good expo overall.

Angela White with Brazzers

X3 Photos on Flickr

Since these events were a week after AVN, the activities and busy crowd took both mental and physical tolls on me personally. I’m sure other mutual attendees would agree. Many talent that were advertised to sign did not attend, possibly due to exhaustion.

CeeLo Green was the closing musical performance. It was almost like a disjointed karaoke session in that CeeLo would rap over other tracks of other people’s songs. Are his concerts normally like this?

Rose Carter

So I escaped with a friend. Thank you for being magical, Rose.

XBIZ Awards

I was originally not supposed to stay in LA that Sunday. However, a pretty girl asked me to be her plus one for the XBIZ Awards. I also thought it would be better if I was behind the red carpet rather than wait in line with her for two hours to be on the red carpet. Because of the rain, they moved the red carpet indoors in a compact area so the walkers were bunched up with each other and so were the photographers and video crews. I did what I could, even with a non-cooperative photographer next to me.

XBIZ Awards red carpet on Flickr

The XBIZ Awards were clean, integrated, and mostly to the point. Hosts Joanna Angel and Small Hands moved the show along with levity. I agreed with many of the winners chosen, and there were no surprises even though I don’t know the XBIZ voting bloc well. The only flaw for the night was the somewhat uptight Palladium security given the mostly industry attendees. They were too aggressive kicking the audience out after the show into the pouring rain.