X3 2024

The third annual X3 show on January 17-18 in Hollywood was the most successful with attendance being at a max. There were no omicron fears to worry about as in the first year, and the weather mostly cooperated with the outdoor lines unlike less year.

Chaturbate stage show
Chaturbate stage show

Logistics for the show also changed. I noticed that only Hussie Models had an agency booth this year, and the lack of agency booths contributed to less talent signing. Less talent and more people made for some tight spaces. The stage presentations by exhibiting companies brought large crowds to the front, but also hampered the people that were signing in front of the stage. Fortunately, there were no distracting celebrity musical performances so people signed on until the end.

Angela White
Angela White

Brazzers had the busiest booth for the third year in a row, and Angela White again was the most popular signer at the show. Their security coordinated lines that did not impede the flow of traffic.

I liked how the organisers ran the show overall and made on-the-fly decisions to improve the flow of traffic. For example, many of the talent signing upstairs were brought downstairs to the perimeter on the second day to make them more noticeable and pull some of the traffic outwards.

Naked News crew
Cosplayground featuring Naked News

I did not attend the XBIZ Awards this year due to an emergency back home. I heard it went well, and there were no surprises. The red carpet photos looked dazzling.

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