Today on Radio Sex: Miami Spice

miamispicecoverAnother busy week, another trip to the archives.

This afternoon on Radio Sex’s YouPorn (Sirius XM 102) we’ll be discussing Svetlana’s 1986 opus Miami Spice, starring Amber LynnDanielle and Sheri St. Clair.

I’ve discussed Svetlana before (previouslypreviously) so we know she’s known for shot-on-film, plot-driven movies with a generally decent budget and this is no exception.  Miami Vice, before it was a big-screen movie with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, was a TV show in the mid-80s that served to re-define a large segment of pop culture.  White sports coats , docksiders with no socks and two-day stubble became the costume of a nation who was looking to series lead Don Johnson for fashion cues.

The movie opens with four drug dealers playing cards for coke (“I’ll raise you a gram….“) and they get busted by Sheri St. Clair who jumps into a red Lamborghini Countach with Amber Lynn behind the wheel and they take off through Miami for our credits sequence.  The soundtrack does a decent job of aping Jan Hammer’s synth heavy score for the series; but where the art direction of the series was all pastels, the palate here is much more conventional.

After the credits, we catch up with Amber briefed by her boss, Robert Bullock, who assigns her the task of bringing down one of the bigger drug dealers in Miami, and Amber  is happy to take the gig, on the condition that she gets to pick the girls that she works with.  Also in the office (pleased with Amber’s request) is Bullock’s secretary, Barbara Dare, who bears a very strong resemblance to Sheri St. Clair, almost to the point of distraction.  (What a sexy, smoky voice Amber has.  In fact, almost all the girls have smoky voices in this movie.  This is a movie with a lot of talking.)

Read the rest of the Miami Spice review in the archives.

Today on Radio Sex: Ginger Lynn: The Movie (1988)

gltm1_coverDue to personal commitments this week, I haven’t been able to re-watch an old classic for review, so this week, we’ll go back into the Playboy Radio vaults, and revisit a movie we talked about a year and some time ago…

So, assuming Ginger isn’t out sick, at 2:40pm eastern on XM102 Radio Sex YouPorn we’ll talk about Ginger Lynn The Movie, a 1988 compilation that tries to make lemonade out of the lemons of the Traci Lords scandal.

As I wrote back in May 2012:

Paradise Visuals was one of the leading adult studios in the mid-80s and they had a three-picture “deal” with Traci Lords.  (She appeared in three shot-on-video movies for them, plus a comp (Girls of Paradise) and they used a g/g scene of hers in Whore of the Worlds as well.)

Traci was arguably the biggest star at the time, but running a close second, if not arguably first, was Ginger Lynn.  So Paradise scored quite a coup when they were able to cast both Traci and Ginger in the same movies.  Having both of the biggest stars in the world in the movie was pretty much a license to print money.

Once Traci’s scandal broke, all those movies needed to be pulled from the shelves, so in 1986, we lost those three movies and the awesome scenes that didn’t feature Ms. Lords… and Paradise lost a cash machine.

Fast forward a couple years, and the good folks over at PV say “Hey, you know… if we edit the movies so Traci’s not in them, we don’t have much… but we can take the leftovers that feature Ginger and make a new movie!”  And that they did.

You can read the rest of the review in the archive…


Today on Radio Sex: Stiff Competition (1984)

Due to personal commitments this week, I haven’t been able to re-watch an old classic for review, so this week, we’ll go back into the Playboy Radio vaults, and revisit a movie we talked about a couple years ago…

My plan was to review Ginger Lynn: the Movie but Ginger isn’t on the show today, so it seems silly to discuss that title (we’ll revisit it soon), so on Xm102, Radio Sex’s YouPorn at 2:40 eastern, we’ll go with a 1984/5 classic, Stiff Competition.

“If you can’t eat me, you can’t beat me!  Please excite me, just don’t bite me!”

The movie starts in San Francisco, where Tammy (Gina Carrera) is riding along with her much older sugar daddy, played by Nick Random. He has a surprise for her, a trip to an underground blowjob competition.  (Ah, simpler times when a blowjob competition was considered an acceptable place to take a date…)

After paying the cover at knifepoint, they work their way downstairs where they see Jeff (Kevin James) a cocksucking coach working the crowd, looking for action that “The Mouth” (Susan Hart) can get off some lucky stud (Michael Christopher) in 8 minutes. She rips his cock out, and starts going to town as Jeff shouts encouragement and tips (“That a way – good technique! That’s the way to work it, Mouth!”)

You can read the rest of my review for Stiff Competition in the archive.

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Today on Radio Sex: Babyface 2 (1986)

babyface2_vhsToday around 2:40 Eastern on Radio Sex’s You Porn show (SiriusXM 102), I’ll be talking about Alex DeRenzy‘s 1986 movie, Baby Face 2 which is a sequel in name only (mostly) to his classic 1977 classic Baby Face.  (Again, many thanks to Mark Murray’s blog, Adventures in Erotica,  for the inspiration.)  (The Gore-Gore Girl also has a good recap of this movie with vidcaps.)

The movie opens with Candie Evens sunning herself and telling us the story of the last summer. Seems some crazy things happened in town.  One of the girls they know was alleged to have a stroke, but Candie doesn’t think so, since Marc told her what really happened, and now she’s going to tell us.  (The porno version of The Cars’ hit MAGIC off Heartbeat City is a classic)

(Side note: virtually all character names share first names with their actors, so it makes ID’ing things simpler.  But who is Lori?)

It all started when cheerleaders  Lynn Franciss and Lois Ayres were down by the racetrack waiting for Lois’ boyfriend Kevin James to show up. They’re looking forward to Careena Collins‘ bachelorette party later that night.

Lois jumps into his white Trans Am ad they go for a ride down to the marina.  While in the parking lot, she takes Kevin’s cock out f his pants and starts jerking it, but she’s worried they’ll be seen so they head for an abandoned shed, but not before she asks “Kevin, why don’t you buy me a boat?” in just an awesome teasing/playful way.  They find their way into the shed — and it has a mattress in it! How lucky someone else has had the same idea about the shed! — and Lois gets right to it, and Kevin giggles “You’re so eager!” as she’s diving for his pants.  She complains that she doesn’t have time, and they strip down.  Kevin asks “OK, so do you want to do me, or should I do you?” and she giggles, say she’ll do him and eats him.  It’s a pretty standard fuck and suck, but what’s so great about it is their interactions, the little asides and glaces and moans — “How you doin?” he asks her and she smiles wide like a girl getting banged “I’m fine. You?”  There’s kissing and doggie style sex (standing and kneeling) which ends with him cumming on her ass and her bitching about him getting her all sticky since she has places to be and how’s he going to clean it up? He uses his sock and laments that she gets upset if he cums inside her too.  “I don’t want to get pregnant!” Damned if you, Kevin… some fun banter closes out the scene.

Cut to Lori’s house, and her mom and dad are getting ready to leave to fetch grandma as the girls — Lynn FrancissStacey Donovan Taija Rae and Lois Ayres — show up. As the folks get in the car, Mom mentions that Grandma has had “one of her spells for ages!”

Taija and Stacy try on lingerie and run down to join the other girls as Kristara Barrington is hawking sex toys.

Back to Candie telling us she had no idea the party was a sex party!  And that the boys were surprised too… she remembers the day well…

Kevin’s Trans Am pulls up and he, Tom Byron and Marc Wallice jump out, trying to figure out what to do since the girls are all busy that night.  Candie Evens and Melissa Melendez approach, and Kevin sugests they all go sit in a hot tub and drink beer.  Marc begs off and the girls jump into the Trans Am with Kevin and Tom and take off.

Back at the house, Lois is sampling the Hitachi Magic Wand and gets busted by her friends who rush to taste the edible panties.  (Which reminds me of a great joke from Eating Raoul: “Le Orgy Gel comes in lemon, mint, cherry or trail mix…”) and the girls play around with the sex toys, but nothing explicit, just goofing around. Careena helps Lois with the Wand.

At the hot tub, Melissa hooks up with Kevin and Candie hooks up with Tom.  We’re 20 minutes in and it’s the second sex scene only.  Kevin and Melissa go off and he fingers her quite a bit The Tom/Candy doggie bang pairing is a classic and appears in a bunch of comps.  (The Kevin/Melissa pairing is kind of forgotten about. Boo.)

Back in the house, night has fallen and the party is getting ready to get started.  The girls are all in lingerie and Marc Wallice is creeping outside.  He’s discovered by Lynn and shoo’d away.  (We find out that Careena is marrying Jerry Butler.)  A giant cake is rolled in and an unshaven,  beer-swilling, cigar-chomping stripper in the guise of Jamie Gillis pops out.  Well, he doesn’t really pop out as he’s half-asleep.  (Cue the sad trumpets.) Kristara is pissed at Jamie’s appearance and demands “a proper show.”  He prances around and the girls don’t know what to make of it.  It’s pretty funny stuff.  (It’s about 34 minutes in.)

For making fun of his dancing, Jamie casts a spell on the girls in the name of Aphrodite and after much wind and strobe lights, the girls are all masturbating furiously and Careena goes right for Jamie’s cock as Lynn hungrily devours Marc.  Stacey and Taija pair off, leaving Lois and Kristara to pleasure themselves. (Hello Scenes 4-8)  It’s a pretty energetic set of pairings with some good angles (and some weird ones) and “new wave” music and wind noises drowning out any live sound.

The scenes more or less end and we’re panning over Candie’s tanned body and she tells us that Marc left and told all the guys about the sex crazed sluts the girls all turned into.  They guys all go to Lori’s house and they’re overtaken by lust, and when Taija starts to suck Jerry, Careena tells her she can have him.  Sharing is fundamental!

Kevin and Marc stumble upon Lois and Kristara masturbating, and before he can say “Lois, what are you doing here?!” Lois has grabbed Marc and Kristara has grabbed Kevin.

Taija and Jerry have a great doggie romp as the live sound is brought back into the mix along with the music and the cumshots begin — Kristara jerks Kevin off onto her face; Lois jerks Marc off onto her face, Jerry jerks off on to Taijia’s ass as Tom Byron walks by causing Taija to go chasing after him, leaving Jerry holding his dick.  The guys can’t take all the action because the girls are still insatiable.

Tom escapes into a closet, but Taija in a half-undone corset finds him (and her tits look spectacular) and she talks him through eating her out.  They bang.

Lynn finds Dick Rambone and his baby’s arm of a dick and goes to town on it.

Stacey Donovan has her way with Francois, and for a girl who made a career out of being disinterested and boring, DeRenzy coaxes a decent sexual performance out of her.  He cums on her belly as she runs off.  He doesn’t understand their need for always more cock.  A.B.C.  A – Always. B – Blow. C- Cock.

Mom and Dad come home with Grandma – Marion Eaton who starred in the first Baby Face — and he just wants some quiet and some rest; but she is overcome by the bacchanlia she’s witnessing and suddenly she’s whipping out cellophane and acting crazy (a callback to the first movie where they bound Dan Roberts in Saran Wrap).  The party is broken up.  Careena is yelling for “Jerry, get your hands off Lori!” and it looks like he’s grabbing Lynn, so is she Lori?  But Candie calls her Lynn at the beginning of the movie… is Lori the MacGuffin of the movie?

And Candie wraps things up telling us that Careena isn’t marrying Jerry, but has been hanging out with some older guy who smokes cigars and gets off to Hustler Magazines.


This is a non-stop sex ride of a movie. It starts conventionally with the Kevin/Lois pairing and then the Tom/Candie pairing, and then it goes off the rails with just non-stop sex.  There’s an energy to the second half of the movie that is really great.  Hard to pick a favorite pairing, but I’m a sucker for Taija Rae and Lois Ayres, so they were standouts, as was the Tom/Candie scene.

Out of 10, we go with 9, I suppose.  (I hate ratings.)




Today on Radio Sex: Outlaw Ladies (1981)

outlawladies“For Fearless Men and Ambitious Women!” 

Today on Radio Sex’ YouPorn on XM 102 around 2:40, I’ll be talking about Outlaw Ladies, Henri Pachard‘s vignette movie from 1981.

A tip o’ the hat to Mark Murray’s blog Adventures in Erotica, for inspiring today’s choice (and providing the poster I glommed for the article).

I haven’t seen Outlaw Ladies in forever, and it popped up on Mark’s blog, so I figured I’d revisit.  I’m glad I did.

We open with Marlene Willoughby getting herself beautiful, only to have R. Bolla throw a brief hump into her under the covers.  She’s unfulfilled, and an archetype for the movie — the rich and bored wives of the rich and straying husbands.

Bobby Astyr lets Juliet Anderson know he’s going to be working late, which is great for her so she can set up a tryst between herself and Ron Hudd, with an assist from Jody Maxwell.  Juliet explains to Jody that she wants to use the new vibrator today, so when she gives the word, Jody should apply it.

Ron gets out of the shower and Juliet directs the sex like a pro.  All dirty talk and telling him what she needs him to do (“Don’t pull my head; just hold your cock so you don’t shoot too soon…“) while she blows him, then she rides him and has Jody (clothed throughout) shove the vibrator up her bum which brings Juliet to orgasm and then she leaps off Ron and jerks him off onto her face.

We get an interlude which will set up later scenes – artist John Leslie is sketching a portrait of Samantha Fox and husband Al Greenbach (according to the credits), but she gets called away.  

Next, we see Marlene Willoughby as a high-fashion model (by day!) being photographed by Henri Pachard and Josh Andrews and then we cut to her in a bubble bath which seems to be how she transforms to high-class callgirl by night.  Bobby Astyr shows up at Marlene’s apartment (complete with African-American Maid,played by Jolet Kodet!) and she starts things off by eating his ass for a little before blowing him then riding him cowgirl.  She has panties sticking out of her netherbits which she flutters across Bobby’s cock before wrapping the panties around his cock as she kneels down to suck him to completion.  She then wipes him up using them and offering them as a souvenir.  He’s not sure what to do with them.

Veronica Hart busts into to R. Bolla‘s office exclaiming “Not guilty! That little Puerto Rican is now free! I got him free.” and they argue about the billing status of the case. He calls in Merle Michaels, his secretary, and reads her the riot act for not sending the bill to court with Veronica.  She apologizes and leaves.  Veronica is all fired up and wants to get back to work on a murder appeal for another client.  She eschews an offer of dinner with “Harry” to work late.  She calls Harry to tell him she’s working late and asks him to fix his own dinner… her desire to work on the murder appeal is quickly forgotten as she calls John Leslie to get together at the office.  Slight awkwardness as she’s chastised by the cleaning lady (Cami Graham) for working so hard, and then she gets caught leading John back to her office and by R. Bolla and Merle who are leaving together.

Veronica asks John to “put it up her backside” tonight.  He asks if she’s ever done it, she says no, so John explains that prep is necessary.  That she keeps calling it “her backside” is funny. She’s bent over her desk and he goes straight to the A.  Eventually, she relents and calls it “her ass” and as the phone rings – her husband asking where food is kept — John cums all over her ass.  She’s upset because she wanted him to cum inside, but she “tightened up and pushed [him] out.”  This scene is a little dark with Veronica’s face in a bit of shadow.

Also of note, a chorus singing “OUTLAW LA-DIES!” between each scene.

Merle and R. Bolla are at her apartment enjoying some jug wine when her mom calls.  They go back to making out post-call and we briefly cut to Samantha Fox driving down 42nd Street, eyeing Show World (in its former glory).  Back to Merle and R. he eats her out a bit, then she sucks him off and they fuck in missionary; but she gets very anxious that he not cum inside her, so she offers to suck him off and she jerks him off between her breasts and cleans him off.  What’s nice is, up until this point, the guys (except for John Leslie, and his was done for dramatic purposes) aren’t jacking themselves off.

We cut to a dive bar where Joey Silvera is drinking beers with Debbie Revenge and others (Geri AvantMargo Dumont) while Jody Maxwell looks on.  Samantha Fox walks in as it caught off-guard by Jody’s presence. Joey leads the two socialites upstairs to a small apartment where the most prominent feature is the bed.  the two girls take turns servicing Joey and the dialog is pretty tawdry, with Samanatha and Jody asking Joey about fucking the “girl downstairs” and commenting that they can taste her pussy on his dick.  They fuck him and finally he cums in Jody’s mouth as Samantha jerks him off, but they cut around the ejaculation, and it’s pretty dark, so there’s some reliance on your imagination…

Finally, the movie spends its last 10 minutes wrapping up the Merle Michaels character.  Long story short, Merle wants something more from R. Bolla, who says nix since they work together and she should be able to go out and meet some young people.  It’s perhaps the nicest brush-off on record.  He returns home to Marlene, shares the good news about the not guilty verdict, but his wife is aware something is up.  Back at the office, he asks Veronica to fire Merle.  Back in Merle’s apartment, she’s moping around and the phone rings, and it’s John Leslie (not her mother!) and he wants to go out, but she asks him to come over instead.  He says he’ll pick up some food and wine and he’ll be by.  Back in R. Bolla’s house, the phone rings and Merle gives her the message “Instead of fucking my tits, he should fuck your tits… and if he can’t fuck your tits, then he should fuck HIMSELF!”

Roll credits.

The thing that lifts this movie is the chemistry the performers have.  They’re all pros and they can all act, and it goes a long way to keeping things believable.  The final line is delivered believably, when in lesser hands it could have been painful.  The establishing scenes are all sensible and give the following sex acts some context.

This is an easy movie to watch, the sex scenes aren’t soul-crushing marathons.

Best scenes – Veronica Hart / John Leslie because they’re go great at what they do. There’s not a lot of variety in the scene – she doesn’t even blow him – but they’ve got a chemistry.  The Merle Michaels / R. Bolla scene succeeds because she’s so breathlessly enthusiastic. The other scenes are all good too.  Just watch the movie.  It’s only 85 minutes long!