Tonight on Playboy Radio: Bad Girls 2 (1983)

Since I was operating under the impression that Debi was flying solo tonight — Nicki was away, but Dane Cross was in the studio — we decided to focus on one of her first movies — David I. Frazer‘s Bad Girls 2 from 1983… coincidentally, the year Dane was born.

There were really only 4 sex scenes — the Debi Diamond masturbation scene at the beginning of the movie is hardly long enough to qualify as a scene — spread out over an 81 minute running time.  What the film lacked in sex scenes, it made up in spirit.

The adjective I would use to describe the movie is breezy.  Svetlana and David Frazer’s movies were almost all just fun, happy romps with pretty people have good sex.

As Debi described:

I still will never forget one of my first movies, doing that out in Newhall [Calfornia] … and both David and Svetlana were out there, they were active, and they were running around, and they would wake us up in the morning, as we were staying at a small hotel out there…

The plot to this couldn’t be easier — Suzanna Brittan, a photographer, gets an assignment from Playpal to get some “nature shots” so she brings three cockteasing models — Debi Diamond (credited as Kaviar), Jacqeuline Lorians and Brooke Fields (credited as Blaire Castle) — to the sleepy hamlet of Boulder Creek (population 500) for some photo shoots and general mirth making.

There are a lot of shots of the girls prancing around the creeks in the area, looking beautiful.

There were sexy shots.  I remember they would set up all the sexy… the sun had to be flowing  through your dress while you were walking; they took the time to make those sexy little things happen. … I thought it was so  funny, and we were having so much fun, I just felt like we were having fun with friends and fucking at the same time.

But the girls created trouble with their sexy ways — generally by flashing the townsfolk (who really didn’t seem to get as much of a charge as seeing Jacqueline Lorians’ ass as I did…)

As the Jacqueline and Debi are photo-shooting, Brooke wanders out and finds fisherman Paul Baressi asleep in his boat.  She wakes him up and flirts mercilessly, having him teach her to fish by standing behind her and helping her hold the pole; and the whole time she’s rubbing her tits against his hands… and then she leaves; but not before he invites her to the local watering hole.

She shows up at the bar — where a real Country/Western band is playing and there are more than two patrons in the place, dancing — in fact, some of the extras are characters with stories and arcs – the jealous barkeep who doesn’t like how his girlfriend dresses, etc.  But Brooke finds Paul and they dance and he wants to move thing back to his place, but she wants to do it in front of all those people and tells him, “put your hands up my skirt and touch me! And if anyone sees, it’ll just turn ’em on more…”

As she goes to the bar, Debi and Jacqueline head to the movies to see Cinderella (“A Family Movie” the marquee states!) and there’s some kid working behind the candy counter who thinks he recognizes Jacqueline as the model on one of his posters, but she’s bending over … and she obliges just as the Sheriff comes in, catching her flashing her ass to the kid, and the Sheriff makes his Deputy (Ron Jeremy) arrest her for soliciting a minor (“Tiny!  Ricky’s 22 years old!”) and bring her to jail.  So, they have a great tease scene where he’s telling her all the things he wants to do to her, and she’s telling him all the things she wants him to do her, and eventually there’s fucking.

Ron: “Come on, just touch yourself a little — on top of the panties.  Do it for me.”

She does.  Tufts of public hair strain out from the sides of the panties; no one heard of bikini waxes yet…Jacqueline: “Would you like to lick it now?  We’d really like that.”  (We really like how she speaks of  her and her pussy in the first person plural voice….)So Ron takes off his hat and dives on in.

There’s lots of talking in the scene — in all of the scenes actually — the partners actually tell each other what they want.  “Grab my tits!  Make me your meat!”  She turns herself around and has him mount her doggie style, where she matches him thrust for thrust.  “FUCK ME DEEP!” she squeals and finally he cums right between her pretty awesome tits.

Poor Herschel Savage, the most Jewish southern farmer around — his wife (Honey Wilder) finds his dirty magazine stash and throws it out, complaining that he pays more attention to the magazine than to her.

He fights back by grabbing the magazine out of the trash and getting himself up into the hayloft, to settle down for a little self-abuse… but just by coincidence the magazine cover girl — Debi herself — shows up in the loft and fucks him silly in the hay, and then later hanging from the rafters (to get out of the hay).

I asked Debi about having sex in the hay (“gosh, it seems like just so much pinching and poking…”), and she replied:

Oh my god, it was the most horrible thing.  And not only was I fucking — didn’t I hang from these big rafters? Because I didn’t want to… I was like Herschel, you got this big cock, I want to fuck you, but this hay is driving me crazy.  It hurts so bad — once it pokes you once, you get swollen!

They fuck like crazy and Herschel gets busted as he and Debi are leaving, leaving Debi to run off while Honey Wilder lays into Herschel.

The girls run around town making more sexual mischief and they find themselves in jail again, where Ron instigates an orgy…  Ron pairs off with Debi, Jacqueline and Brooke go at it and Suzanne just writhes around on the bed, not even really touching herself…

The girls find themselves in front of the judge who find them … SPOILER ALERT, watch it yourself. :-)

The movie really struck me by the amount of non-sexual content and the scope of the film.  There were stunts – a guy gets distracted by the girls and drives a bulldozer through a fence; later on, he drives a taxi through a storefront… and lots of extras, and lots of dialogue.

This is a great couples flick, free of the modern day contrivances – we’ve got all natural girls (Jacqueline Lorains’ rack is really something to behold), natural hair colors (no bleach blondes here),  all natural bushes, and people having fun while having normal-person length sex (as opposed to today’s athletic display of stamina in a half-hour long pump-a-thons) … turn on the movie and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be in bed (or on the couch, boat, bus or RV)

The movie is available on DVD (new or used) or VOD or Download from vendors in our price search.

We also went on to talk a little bit about the other movie called Bad Girls 2 that Debi did for Vivid in 1994, tho we confused her pairing with Janine as being from #2 and not from Bad Girls 1 as it was…

And we’ll leave it with the first glimpse of Debi that we get in the movie — all legs, lounging on the couch, reading a magazine, on the cusp of playing with herself…

We’ll be back next week to talk about more classic porn.  Leave us some comments, let us know what you want us to talk about; or let us know how we’ve been doing.  As much as we love to hear ourselves talk, feedback is nice. :-)