Exxxotica Chicago 2023

I feel like a broken record but Exxxotica continues to break its attendance records at every location since the pandemic. This year, especially on Friday, attendees were shoulder to shoulder as they navigate between booth to booth. Exxxotica producers noted that attendance had increased by 70-80% based on ticket sales. It doesn’t help that the number of exhibitors have stayed the same which explains the huge crowds congregating at some of the same spots especially the stage.

The longest lines at the convention belonged to Violet Myers and a returning Adriana Chechik. The audience seemed to know more about Violet and Adriana from their Twitch activities than their porn, which is something that I am completely out of touch with. I waited over two hours in line for Adriana because I was concerned that she wouldn’t remember me; only for me to later remember that she liked Asians and can discern me from being an Alvin look-alike.

The spotlight performers were now sponsored by Loyalfans instead of Bad Dragon but you saw the usual popular performers. April O’Neil continued to raffle dinner dates with her fans while Vicki Chase had an array of cute wardrobe changes.

I mostly hung out at the Chaturbate booth because there was always something going on with all of their cam people. Chaturbate couples Eva Darling & Justin Case and Dani Bone & Steve Bone even hosted me with food and booze after-hours.

I hung out with Spencer Bradley for the first time in a convention setting. We had some hijinks while shopping at the sex shop booths. I thought she was smelling the vibrators when she was testing their vibrations against her nose and then did the same to my nose which had me recoiling back. Then later on, I was waiting in the lobby for her and our pizza only to learn she hadn’t put in the order for the pizza because well…

I also learned that Exxxotica was planning to have a cruise sometime in March 2024. It should be fun.

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Exxxotica New Jersey 2022

I know. Sounding like a broken record for the past year, Exxxotica New Jersey was the most attended Exxxotica I have been to in the last 12 years. Organisers said that attendance was even larger than a typical AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) but it wasn’t obvious due to the larger square footage., which kind of scares me on what a post-pandemic AEE would look like the same week as the Consumer Electronic Show.

Angela White for Brazzers

Like the past Exxxoticas this year, Angela White and Violet Myers had the longest lines stretching haphazardly several booth lengths. Even when Brazzers officials would try to stop the line near the end of the day, fans would continue to wait in line hoping that Angela would continue signing after closing, which she did.

A new booth debuted, Ricky’s Room, by Ricky Johnson that featured Blake Blossom and Mila Monet. I congratulated Blake on her Best New Starlet title with AVN while I was surprised to learn that Mila had been in the industry since 2019. The pandemic has thrown my sense of timing off. I didn’t stray too far from the hotel in the after hours.

On to the last convention of the year with Exxxotica DC.

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Exxxotica Chicago 2022

The second show in Chicago after the pandemic, the attendance was almost overwhelming as people ventured out in full force compared to last year’s antsy group. I didn’t see any mask wearing, and people treated any other precaution like spacing as an afterthought. There was a good balance of the genders, especially on Ladies Free Friday. I saw numerous fangirls excited to meet their stars compared to the usual creepy awkward or entitled obnoxious male attendees that you see at any porn convention.

The talent must have been happy as I saw steady lines waiting patiently, sometimes even hours when it came to the most popular stars like Angela White, Abella Danger, and Violet Myers who signed on tirelessly. Brazzers had the busiest booth at the show, and it was actually cool to see the support staff actively greeting attractive attendees that may become future stars for the website.

The convention would stay busy deep into the late hours on Friday and Saturday, and that became somewhat of a problem with the availability of food options. Not only that, the after-parties started around that time. I was smart enough to choose food rather than drinks but would visit the parties in their closing hour, only to be dragged into the after-after parties by my friends (thanks, Lacy) and strangers that seemed to recognise me somehow.

I mingled quite a bit with cam models like Hime Marie, Ivy Minxxx, and Demi Hawks from the Chaturbate booth. From hosting the parties, their staff, and even the layout of their booth, I found the booth much more accessible to the fans than their main competitor at the convention.

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This might have been the busiest Chicago Exxxotica I’ve been to, and I am already dreading the crowd at the upcoming Exxxotica New Jersey in October.

Exxxotica Miami 2021

The second adult convention since the pandemic started, this year was the busiest Miami show I’ve attended. Not the crowded madhouse that Chicago was, but a steady stream of attendees kept the performers busy especially in the evening hours. There were very little mask-wearing attendees or wristbands denoting their vaccination status. Kenzie Reeves was the only performer I saw who consistently wore a mask.

The front of convention hall were dominated space-wise by the webcam companies, Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. I saw 3X AVN Favorite Cam Couple, 19Honeysuckle and Tom Christian, and popular performers like Hime Marie and Jade Baker webcamming. I even saw Sabina Rouge several times webcamming without recognising her. Being that this was Miami, there were a lot of beauties walking around, and I didn’t approach many of them because my reluctance to photograph non-industry people out of respect for their privacy. I missed out on meeting a lot of east coast talent as a result.

Even though there were many attendees, I couldn’t pinpoint which performer had the busiest lines between Kenzie Reeves and Violet Myers. I think the crowd love was just spread out, and I think they were most likely to be enjoying the stage shows. I was pleased to see my friends, Taylor Blake and Alex Coal, again and having a grand time. Taylor was bouncing around from booth to booth while Alex was doing the chicken dance in an appropriate onesie. Onward to New Jersey, the home of IAFD and the next Exxxotica.

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Exxxotica Chicago 2021

The first convention since the pandemic started, Exxxotica Chicago was a madhouse this past weekend. Tons of pent up energy in the air, a rampant amount of people that attended combined with less exhibiting talent made the event less casual than in previous years and more hectic like an AVN expo.

Mask wearing and social distancing were almost virtually nil, and I doubt the attendees were all vaccinated. Chaturbate was the only booth that took precautions with plastic screens separating the cam models and public. Exxxotica provided wristbands for those who could prove their vaccination, but the talent did not discriminate against greeting those that didn’t have wristbands. So I did not understand the point unless it was an insurance or local requirement. Even though I wore a mask when I could, I realised it was impossible to have a conversation with the performers without their being able to also read lips due to the noise.

Seeing many performers like Vicki Chase, Alex Coal, and April O’Neil again was a pleasure. Violet Myers easily had the longest lines at the convention and made me curious whether the fans lined up because of her obvious looks, her scenes, or some other online notoriety since I was not familiar with her performances. Some performers like Cadey Mercury, Madi Collins, and Jade Baker were at the webcam booths while others like Kaitlyn Katsaros were just walking around and visiting. Fiona Frost was even one of the Exxxotica Hotties, go-go dancers for the con.

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