Tonight on Playboy Radio: Black Throat (1985)

[UPDATE: 24 Apr 2013 – Going to talk about this movie with Christy and Ginger on Radio Sex’s YouPorn (SiriusXM 103) today around 2:40 Eastern. Article originally published on Jan 26, 2012]

We’re on Night Calls tonight, ONE HOUR EARLIER than usual because I am otherwise engaged at our normal time, so listen in at 6:40 pm Eastern / 3:40 pm Pacific.

We’ll be talking about the Dark Brothers’ 1985 movie, Black Throat.  There are two versions in the IAFD, one that lists Traci Lords and one that doesn’t.

The story, such as it is, concerns Roscoe (Tony Martino) and his rubber rat friend Mr. Bob (voiced by Johnny Jump-Up, aka Antonio Passolini) and their quest to find Madame Mambo’s House of Fella-tee-o, with the help of a pimp named Jamal (Jack Baker).

Here’s the first five minutes of the movie, which sets the tone and really underlines the low-rent nature and crazy style of the vid.

Two scenes in the movie are absolutely top notch — one stars Erica Boyer in a blistering B/B/G and the other is Christy Canyon and Peter North.  They’re worth the price of admission alone.  In a review I wrote back in the 90s, I said:

Erica Boyer is looking her punkish best. She’s well toned, bush is a little trimmed back, and she’s laying on a couch covered in black garbage bag plastic in a room that is walled in with the same plastic.

She masturbates slowly, playing with her pussy and asshole, working a finger or two into each now and then. Then Steve Powers shows up and she starts chomping his choad. He shoves her sunglasses into her snatch and starts pouting champange all over her.

Enter Marc Wallice who covers her in corn oil (I don’t think sunflower oil was all the rage until the later 80s/early 90s :-) )

She gets flipped onto her stomach and Marc then works some fingers into her ass, and follows that with his banana dick. He fucks her ass with reckless abandon. Then Steve Powers enters her pussy (as some creme oozes from her ass). She is toally slicked up from shoulders to toes. Marc spanks her. “My asshole wants you!” she screams to Marc who obliges for a DP. What makes this DP something to see is both guys are pretty active, and she rides it out like a true slut; unlike most DPs in recent memories where one guy sits still while the other guy does all the work.  Erica gets into this scene very much, screaming and yelling in rapturous delight, which we share in. Marc cums on her ass, and Steve cums on himself more or less.

If you don’t pop a chubby watching this scene, then check your pulse, you may be dead.

And then a sentence that really sums up the Dark Brothers’ aesthetic:

Mr. Bob talks to Erica’s asshole which quacks like a duck and they continue their quest for Madame Mambo.

About the Christy Canyon scene, I wrote:

In this scene, [Christy] dominates Peter North, who is chained to a table wearing a collar like they put on dogs to keep them from biting at their wounds. She is wearing studded gloves and a bustier number. Her eye makeup is 80s “punk” and she sucks cock like no one else.

She teases Peter, hitting him about the face and head with her tits (when they were quite a bit firmer, but just as ripe). “What, you afraid of big tits! Suck ’em! You’re such a baby!” she yells at Peter. “Probably reminds you of when you were a little boy — sucking on mommmy’s tits, before you went to your room…” She removes the collar and really starts to beat him up with those wonderful breasts.

She plays with her cat o’ nine tails rubbing them over her tits and her pussy. Then there is an abrupt cut (was something snipped here?) and she’s riding him reverse cowgirl; arguably looking better than she ever has before.  She engages in some dirty talk. She takes an active role and grunts and groans. They move into the patented Peter North Spoon, giving us a great view of Christy’s meaty lips wrapping around Peter’s peter.

They go around to a doggie position for a while, and then to a missionary where Peter launches a load that hits her in the forehead, then covers her tits and belly with his jizz. And then she goes in and orally cleans him up afterwards.

If you haven’t got a boner by this point, turn the movie off, there’s no hope.

Like all 80s Dark Brothers’ flicks, the theme song (also contributed by Johnny Jump-Up / Passolini) is top notch and one that I can still sing it today.  It name checks their recent movies before leading into its chorus: “Now you know New Wave Hookers, and Let Me Tell Ya Bout White Chicks, but now you’ll see some black chicks, sucking on some white dicks! BLACK THROAT!”

Today on Radio Sex: Sex Secrets of a Mistress (1996)

48119Due to popular demand on Twitter, I’m going to be talking to Christy and Ginger on Radio Sex’ YouPorn show (XM 103, at 2:40ish eastern) about Christy’s 1996 movie, Sex Secrets of a Mistress, which features a scorching scene between her and Mark Davis.

The plot is simple enough, Mark is married to Jill Kelly who has been giving him the cold shoulder.

At work, he meets up with perfume salesperson Christy, and there’s an attraction there; one he might act upon.  They agree to have lunch the next week.

Mark goes to meet Christy for lunch, and at the next table, Channone and Vince Vouyer are drinking their water… but Mark’s mind wanders, and suddenly they’re fucking on the table.  The scene begins with some overbearing music, then it ends so we just get natural sound, and then it ends with music again, but not as overbearing.    It’s a pretty low-key scene until Vince shoves himself up her bum and cums on her ass.

Christy shows up for lunch, and Mark tells us that they continued their discussion in his office, but the pictures show her going down on him in an elevator.  He drags Christy by the arm thru his outer office (past startled secretary, Lana Sands) and Christy is back on her knees with his manhood in her mouth. He grabs her ears quite a bit (dude, she knows what to do!) and finally jerks off onto her tits.

Jill drops by Mark’s office, hoping to grab lunch, but a well timed phone call from Christy sends Jill away — but only to listen from outside Mark’s door.  Jill asks Lana if Mark is having an affair, and Lana does her best to keep his secret; but her best is not very good.

Christy gives Mark some phone sex, where she describes what she would do to Mark’s wife… and we dissolve to see what she’s describing!

It’s a pretty straight ahead rooftop g/g scene with a clear pink double dong dildo that they spend a lot of time fellating until Jill starts using it on Christy, who rides the thing like a prize bronco.  They intertwine a bit more and the scene concludes.

Mark comes out of his office looking for Jill (who is long gone) and he goes home to dinner, but the atmosphere is chilly, and he’s not sure if Jill bought the “I have a meeting” story, and didn’t interpret it as “I have to slam my mistress.”

Thus starts a landmark Christy scene.  There’s a ton of kissing and Mark spends a lot of time giving her oral pleasure which brings her to climax.  There’s a great position after Christy has blown Mark where he holds her up, his face in her crotch and her feet are on her shoulders.  I can’t imagine it was a super comfortable position with all the cantilevering, but it looked super hot.

There’s some great overhead shots where he’s fucking Christy (with a condom) and she’s lying back on the bed and it really shows off her tanned, toned physique and her most famous attributes (her boobs, for those not following along…).  Finally, Mark pulls out and cums on her tits, but Christy does something uncharacteristic – she sticks her tongue out in an effort to catch his cum.  She succeeds in catching a drop or two and then licks some more off her tits.  Mark then dives in and kisses the cum off her, so YMMV if that’s a turn on or a turn off.

This is quite a long way from The Night of Loving Dangerously where Jamie Gillis managed to turn her off facials for most of her career.

The only complaint about this scene is that it was cut as much as it was for the DVD (and by extension, VOD) release.  You might still be able to find the VHS version floating around some of the more grey areas of the internet…

The scene ends with Christy telling Mark that Jill is hosting a launch party at his house, like she does for all his clients.  This puts Christy, Jill and Mark in the same room, and Mark can’t handle it.  He’s got sex on the brain, so he fantasizes that his secretary, Lana Sands, gets banged (with a great facial) by Magnum D.

As Mark is talking to Christy and another guy, he sees Jill out of the corner of his eye (in a KILLER red dress) and can’t believe how hot she is, and how much he loves his wife.  They start to go at it right on the staircase.  (This, it should be noted, is also pre-surgery Jill Kelly.)  They work their way around a few positions on the stairs, with a good amount of time with her on her knees coming down their stairs, which puts her backend at such an angle that Mark can just piledrive her, and her moans get VERY gutteral during this bit.  Finally, she spins over, and Mark cums on her belly up to her tits.

Mark then tells us that after that night he never saw Christy again.  He feels he helped him save his marriage. He opines that the only thing worse than “telling someone your sex secrets, is not telling them at all.”

Someone should let me know how that works out for them…

Overall, this movie took itself too seriously in the story department, but it made up for it with some fantastic, career-defining work from Christy and Mark.

You could skip the talking parts, the Channone and the Lana Sands scenes, and still have a pretty good night…


Today on Radio Sex: Hypnotic Sensations (1985)

Hypnotic SensationsSo, Spice Radio has been rebranded as Radio Sex, so now I’m on YouPorn on Radio Sex (XM103) today at the usual 2:40ish Eastern to talk with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn aboout their 1985 movie, Hypnotic Sensations, directed by GVC’s in-house director, John Shubert.

I reviewed this over at AEBN, and it’s running time is about 10 minutes shorter than the original release.  The original release was 83 minutes, and the AEBN version clocks in at just over 79 minutes, so we’re missing 5 minutes for some reason.

This is a charming little fluffball of a movie with a silly script and pretty good sex throughout.  There’s only 6 people in the cast, so we get a lot of variety in the pairings, and it sports a couple scenes between our hosts.

The set up is simple — R. Bolla plays Dr. Sheckle (“Richard. Call me Dick.”) a hypnotist who specializes in sexual dysfunction.  He hypnotizes folks to help get them over their hangups.

First up is the only other guy in the cast, Rick Cassidy who gets hypnotized and given the code word “sensation” so that whenever he hears that word, he drops into a trance and his hangups disappear.  Dr. Sheckle introduces him to Heather Cummings, played by Ginger Lynn.  She takes him down to her salon and asks him to kiss her.  He’s reluctant, but starts in tentatively.  She encourages him and whispers “What a sensation!” and suddenly he’s rock hard and ready to fuck… but they spend a little more time kissing (yay!)  and Ginger asks “Do you want to fuck me, Frank?” and he answers the only way a red-blooded hetero American man could answer – “YES!”

Ginger slips out of her dress and reveals herself in a one-piece black negligee and she works her down to blow him… but we cut away!

Now Christy Canyon is talking with Dr. Sheckle, and the dialogue is cutesy with double-entendre (He: “Spit it out…”  She: “Spit it out? I want to swallow!  That’s my problem!”) but the crux of her matter is her boyfriend wants to have a three-way, but she has a hard enough time sucking his cock, letting alone eating out some girl’s pussy.  So, Dr. Sheckle starts waving the medallion back and forth as we meet back up with Rick and Ginger who are right where we left them, Ginger sucking his cock.

She takes her time and talks to him throughout.  She’s controlling the action which is a pleasant change from a lot of scenes where the guy just hammers away at the girl’s uvula.

Rick works his way down her body, and he begins to eat her out.  She gives him encouragement and corrective advice along the way, but we then cut back to Dr. Sheckle and Christy, and he programs her so that she becomes a sexual animal whenever she hears the word “sensation.”


Dr. Sheckle asks if she’s awake and if it’s a pleasant sensation, and it stops her in her tracks and she cheats an awesome glance to the camera.

From there he starts to undress her, and we cut back and forth between R. Bolla and Christy Canyon going at it while Ginger Lynn and Rick Cassidy do the same.  There is an awesome moment when he has Christy splayed out across the desk and her boobs are shown off so amazingly well…

hs3Ginger has some awesome dirty talk going on (“Make my pussy wet so your cock slides in…”) and he begins fucking her missionary as we move back upstairs to the Dr. as Christy goes to suck him off.

Back to Ginger and Rick and he’s plowing away and she’s pinching her nipples and eveentually he pulls out and cums on her bush.  They cuddle and kiss afterwards.

Back to Christy sucking off the good doctor , and she’s having a bit of a hard time because R. Bolla is having a hard time coming to full attention.  So, she’s working his pole as best she can, but you can see that she’s holding his cock up and her suction is the only thing keeping it upright.  But she sells it and it’s not as bad as it could have been by a long shot.

Eventually, he’s able to mount her and he bangs her for a bit before he pulls out and she jerks him off onto her tummy and tits.

He sends Christy off to explore the house with a “have a pleasant sensation!”

These first two scenes take up almost 40 minutes of the movie.

Christy runs into Ginger in the hall and Ginger overhears Christy saying good bye to “Dick” and Ginger asks if she likes pussy. And you can see where this is going.


Meanwhile, Dr. Sheckle is now talking to Jessica Wylde and Rikki Blake and Rikki wants her friend Jessica to lighten up and enjoy sex, so Dr. Sheckle sends Rikki away to explore the house so he can get to the matter at hand — hypnotizing Jessica.

Down in the tub, Ginger undresses Christyand makes love to her boobs and they slide into the tub together.  (Who can blame her, really?)

Upstairs, Jessica is sucking off the Doctor, and he’s a bit harder than he was with Christy, but then the scene abruptly cuts to Jessica putting on lipstick.  He sends Jessica out to get Rikki.  (I assume this is the missing 5 minutes?)

Rikki finds herself on a couch and she monologues to herself that there’s something  about the place that is so sexual, so she strips down and briefly (30 seconds?) plays with herself.

Ginger and Christy have left the tub and have picked up where they left off on a bed, with Ginger eating Christy out and working a long thin dildo into the equation.

Happily, we find ourselves back with Rikki who masturbates herself to orgasm.  She’s a totally hot little number and just as she’s beginning to put her clothes back on, Rick Cassidy comes in and asks how she’s doing?  She says she’s “sensational” which turns him right on and dives onto her.  There’s a ton of really annoying video transitions here, as if the editor just put the machine on random and had it transition every 7 seconds.  However, there’s a great overhead shot from the second floor looking down on them which almost makes up for the transitions.

Jessica finds herself in Ginger and Christy’s room, and she sits in a chair and masturbates, not wanting to interrupt the girls. Eventually they both attack her, with Ginger wielding a giant orange vibrator. Satiated, she leaves and finds her way upstairs to where Rick is banging Rikki, and Rikki yells “Isn’t this sensational?” and Jessica is entranced and jumps into the action.  Rick fucks Jessica doggie style for a little bit while she makes out with Rikki and then Rikki jerks Rick off onto her face.

Dr. Sheckle stumbles upon Ginger downstairs primping after her busy afternoon, and he buries his face in her box and then they swap spots so she blows him and then lowers herself onto him for some vigorous riding.  She climbs off and he mounts her and then they move to a modified scissor, then in an abrupt cut, she’s riding him again and he flops out of her just as he begins to cum and she jerks him off to finish the job.  It’s a pretty good popshot as he explodes out of her.

The movie was pretty hot tho the editing was really somewhat off.  If it wasn’t the weird transitions in the Rikki/Rick scene, it was the interruption of one scene at no logical point to jump to another sex scene and then back to the original scene more or less where it was left off.  The cross-cutting didn’t allow scenes to really end, which to be, was detrimental.  I would have liked to have seen the end of the Rick popping all over Rikki, but before we had a chance to really enjoy what had happened, we’re back to Ginger and R. Bolla.  So, I’m not sure if there was a lack of footage or some other reason for it, but it stops the movie from being something really terriffic and keeps it in the “solid effort” category.

So, for the effort, it gets a 2.5 on the Imperial Scale (“2.50 to 3.35 are all good to great rentals”).  A majority of the performers are awesome, and Jessica is OK if she’s your cup of tea (she’s a bit too severe for my tastes) and the scenes between Christy and Ginger are always worth a look.


Today on Spice Radio: I Dream of Christy (1989)

So, the girls asked me to have a look at I Dream of Christy (1989) and I Dream of Ginger (1985).  I assume I get to try and not play favorites here which is going to be a bit of a struggle, I think; but let’s have a look…

I Dream of Ginger reviewed here…

I Dream of Christy is a one-day wonder from 1989 directed by Christy’s pal Tina Marie. It was put out by Canyon Video which was a vanity production company that was set up for Christy’s 1989-1990 comeback, but before the comeback where she signed with Vivid.  Canyon’s parent company was Leisure Time, a company not known for its high standards.  Despite its pedigree, some of Christy’s best work came out of this time period, and this movie hosts two of her more memorable scenes.  I also think Christy looked her best here, a little more weight on her than her first time thru which made her breasts very full and her middle just right

The basic plot is a bunch of guys go to a pizza party hosted by Tony Montana and Tianna with their wives and get smitten with a poster featuring Christy.  (The same poster is used as the boxcover.)  Our other couples are Peter North and Carol Cummings (blond wig this time) and Ron Jeremy and Mandi Wine.  The girls don’t see what all the fuss is about — Christy “only has big boobs” — heck, even Carol has some which she’s happy to flash to everyone.

Tianna whines about the mess and instead cuddles up to Tony and ponders why people were so upset the poster.  “It’s not my favorite part of art in the world, but. . .” and then they start to make out.  Tianna was always a firecracker, and her outing here is no different.  She’s got an ass that just won’t quit, and we get to see it as she rides cowgirl on Tony.  The library music used is horrible typical of the era, with no character or bearing on the scene — just noise under the moaning.  A bunch of the moaning is overdubbed, so it’s really a bit disappointing, but completely in character for the studio and the time.  That said, she’s still a fuckmonster and she rides him hard until he pulls out and she jerks him all over her box. Everything was going well until he called her “Christy” at the end.

Back at Peter’s house, Carol is upset that she was being compared to the poster, and Peter tries to explain that fantasies are just fantasies, not something to be acted upon.  She comes around to the theory and she starts to go down on him, but when he looks down at who is sucking his cock, it’s Christy! (This is the famous “blue pillow” scene.)

She really takes her time working his cock.  Peter and Christy have had awesome chemistry going back to their Black Throat days.  At one point during the cocksucking, Peter rolls over, and Christy takes his cock thru his legs and sucks on it before rimming him a bit.  he turns her over and makes love to her boobs for a spell before eating her out, where she grinds her hips into him.  They have an amazingly energetic bang, Christy’s boobs are a blur a good part of the time.  They spoon which shows off her physique in a flattering way.  The coupling ends with a tit fucking and  Peter pulls out and (in slo-mo) shoots the underside of her chin and then past her face.  A loud groan swept over the land as this should have been another monster akin to his shot across Samantha Strong’s bow in Kascha and Friends. If only his shot hit their mark, this would have been a facial for the ages.

Next up Ron is dealing with Mandi’s insecurity about his liking women. (“Would you rather I be a dicksmoker?“)  Mandi wants him to fuck her, but as he walks towards the bathroom, Christy emerges in a delicious black bra and panties, and Ron dives in tho he could shut up a little.  Ron spends a lot of time massaging her breasts as he eats her out, and wisely, Tina Marie lets her camera stay on Christy and her breasts as opposed to trying to get the gyno shots.  Christy blows Ron with something approaching enthusiam, but looks great fucking him.  She’s on her side as Ron kinda of scissors her and her left breast hangs down at such a pleasing angle, you really can’t stand it. Then some reverse cowgirl with lots of full body shots.  You can tell the director really likes Christy as she is trying to show her off in the best possible way.  Christy giggles as they move from RC to doggie bucking her hips once they get into position. Ron then pulls out and cums around Christy’s tits, but then Christy cleans him off which is a bit rare for her.

Back at Tianna’s house, Mandi and Carol are over and everyone is stretching to a workout tape and Tianna is bitching about Tony calling her Christy.  Then the HVAC guys (Sean Michaels and Marc Wallice) come by to fix the A/C and the girls prance around to their workout while the guys wonder how long it will take them to get laid.

Carol and Tianna take on Sean while Mandi takes on Marc. C & T waste no time blowing Sean – one works the head, the other his balls, and their faces are nowhere near each other!  Mandi blows Marc and then he fucks her.  Tianna has some great RC on Sean, but on the whole the scene is sub-par because its missing our star.  Roger Pipe makes the great observation that while “[t]he guys can fantasize, their wives actually do the deed.”

At least until the next scene where Tony manages to get Christy to come over his house and fuck him and his friends, Peter and Ron.  Tony buries himself in her muff and Peter has a helluva time getting Christy’s bra off, eventually giving up. Tony fucks her as she sucks of Peter and Ron. She flips herself over to make sucking Peter’s cock easier, leaving Ron off to the side.  The library music here is aping Rock Around The Clock and some Berlin tune that was famous at the time.  She grunts “It’s like I haven’t been fucked in fucking months!” which just sounds so great, tho the mood is spolied a little as Tony tags out (with hand slap) and Peter starts fucking her.  Ron is cradling her and they make out a bit before he shoves his cock in her mouth and she jerks off Tony.  She’s a busy gal.  Peter pulls out, shooting bush to tits and then Tony jerks off on left tit and Ron jerks off on it too.

Christy’s hair a bit sweaty and stringy and in her face as she cleans Ron’s cock again.  She leaves us with the nugget “All you have to do is dream, and it will come true.”  Fade out.

This movie, in its original form, is no longer available.  Canyon Video, the original label (which was a sub-label of Leisure Time), was sold to Antigua Video who has cut up the catalog and repackaged truncated versions and comps from it in VOD formats for HotMovies.  So, where the original movie was 72 minutes long, the version on HotMovies is 52 minutes and leaves off the last two scenes which is too bad, since the four-way is pretty hot.

However, you can find the four-way on the Antigua release, Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage which is readily available on VOD and DVD.

My partiality to Christy of this era certainly colors my ratings, but this was a better than average outing by a director who really knew how to highlight her star. Worth a look if you’re not familiar with Christy of this era, tho most Christy fans would most certainly have this in their collection already.

Today on Spice Radio: I Dream of Ginger (1985)

So, the girls asked me to have a look at I Dream of Christy (1989) and I Dream of Ginger (1985).  I assume I get to try and not play favorites here which is going to be a bit of a struggle, I think; but let’s have a look:

Review: I Dream of Christy found here

I Dream Of Ginger, written by Raven Touchstone, is a riff of I Dream of Jeannie.  It’s not so much a parody as we’re not making fun of the source material, just using it as inspiration for our own thing.  Ginger plays a genie who server her master, Paul Thomas.  She’s lives in what we assume is a bottle serving at the pleasure of the genie queen, Zora, played by Lisa De Leeuw who does not have sex other than fellating a banana in the movie.

Ginger starts out by teasing her master, having his restrained on the bed while she blows him, ending with her jerking him off all over his belly.  She then vanishes, leaving him strapped to his bed where his roommate Harold(James Miles) finds him, much to his amusement and PT’s horror.

From there, we pop into the bottle and see Ginger laughing her ass off.  What an imp!

Lisa then instructs Bunny Bleu and Laurie Smith to show off their sapphic skills.  Later, she wants to see how Greg Rome and Blake Palmer have learned their sex lessons, so he has them fuck Bunny and Laurie, respectively.  (Scenes 3-5 on our breakdown).  We cut away more than a few times to Loni Sanders (also handling production manager duties) feeding Lisa De Leeuw a banana.  Also, this pre-surgery Bunny Bleu, so she’s pretty cute, not the hardened roboslut with giant bolt-ons that she became towards the end of her career.  (Greg jerks on Bunny’s belly, Laurie can’t seem to coax a cumshot out of Blake).

Zora/Lisa gets mad at seeing Ginger’s excapade at leaving PT tied, admonishing her that genies are meant to grant wishes and make people happy, not cause trouble.  So she places a spell on Ginger, turning her into a black bird. (PT loves birds).

Cut back to PT studying his medical texts with Christy Canyon. Christy is rattling off medical acronyms, but soon tires of it and wants to get out of her high waisted, acid washed jeans.  (Ah, the 80s!)  She starts to climb all over PT and pulls his cock out and gets down to business. She keeps her clothes on during the blowjob.  She’s got some good tongue action going on, and she doesn’t ignore the balls.  PT is reduced a bit of a whimpering simp during her oral attentions, but who can blame him really.  He asks her to squeeze the base tight, something he also asked Nina Hartley to do in Dreamwalk. Perhaps we have a glimpse into what gets PT off?

He jerks himself furiously as Christy finally slips out of her clothes.  Happily, she’s fully clothed, so it takes a little while to get naked which allows for a nice build-up.  Sweater off first, letting us see her talents in a street bra (which is different than a porno bra).  She lets the girls out, sucks on them a little, and then let’s PT motorboat (literally) them for a bit.   “I could die like this. . .” he says.  So could we all, PT; so could we all.

Jeans and panties come off in one swoop and she thrusts herself into his face which moves into a slow missionary, and then the moment we’ve been waiting for – the reverse cowgirl with lots of body shots.  Christy is very encouraging to PT and seems to enjoy herself, grinding down and panting “Oh, Michael” at appropriate times.  They move to the doggie and then things go south.  PT starts to use a black feather on Christy and he starts to hear giggling.  Christy denies its her, but it freaks him out and he won’t let it go which kills the mood, which means no cumshot and an anti-climactic (literally) end.

Zora gets wind of Ginger’s latest troublemaking and ponder stripping her of her powers, but HER boss, Centurion, tells her its not a great idea.

PT starts yelling into Ginger’s bottle, hoping to get her attention; but he’s interrupted again by his roommate who doesn’t believe that there’s a genie in the bottle, and he’s worried about his friend’s sanity.  Ginger finally shows back up with the black feathers in her hair and she fesses up to being the feather in his bed.

She complains about being tired from her bird punishment, so PT tries to make her feel better by eating her out. They run thru positions, with Ginger on top of him on the couch a particular highlight — she’s all bouncing energy and there’s kissing — and as they move to missionary, she asks PT if he’d like a real big dick, and she snaps her fingers and suddenly, she’s getting fucked by an impressive stunt cock (Blake Palmer? I suspect Ginger will let us know on the show). who pulls out and cums on her belly.

Harold and Christy are talking on the couch and comparing notes about PT’s weird behaviour.  Right when Miles starts to talk into the genie’s bottle, CC excuses herself to pee, only to miss Ginger appearing out of thin air. He’s pretty impressed with her physique, but doesn’t believe she’s a genie. She convinces him by granting him a wish — a wet dream come true.  He says he wants to fuck Ginger, but she seems to be a one-master gal, so she tells him to “think big” and he wants two women.  She snaps her fingers, and he’s in the bottle, getting ravished by Bunny Bleu and Laurie Smith.

Bunny blows him as Laurie dances around, then Laurie blows him as Bunny makes out with him. They fuck him and he ends up banging Bunny doggie style and pulls out to blow his load on Laurie’s face.

Zora is upset that Ginger had a human come into the bottle, so she banishes her to her bottle for 1000 years. At that moment, Centurion, her boss, appears projected on the wall and reads Zora the riot act, saying Ginger did nothing wrong, merely mixing mischief with pleasure, to the merriment of all, and her punishment will be Zora’s… and we find out that her boss is her brother!

With Zora around, the guys appoint Ginger the new genie master and they play spin the bottle (“Don’t use that one, I live there!”).  Ginger teleports Christy into the bottle (“I tasted you as a feather, now I want to taste you for real“) and everyone gets busy with one another, with Ginger diving right into Christy’s quim, and then casting her aside to be with David Sanders and Greg Rome while Bunny and Laurie work on Blake Palmer and Christy stays paired offf with her boyfriend Harold (James Miles).

Orgies are hard to film due to the inability to cover all the action, but there are some good bits tht aren’t missed – like Harold vertically titfucking Christy and Ginger getting DP’d by David and Greg.  David and Greg cum on her ass, Blake cums on Buny’s belly and Harold gives Christy a pearl necklace.

The movie ends with Zora in her bottle, screaming for help.

PT gets the award for getting the best scenes in the movie — his first BJ with Ginger is well played; his tryst with Christy is well shot and has some nice tease elements to it, the only strike against it is the crappy ending; and finally his go round with Ginger on the couch is nice since we get to see Ginger fuck and bounce around which is always nice.

The other scenes were fine, nothing particularly earth shattering.  The orgy at the end suffered from the usual things, a little bit too short for three simultaneous scenes, but director Scotty Fox deserves kudos for keeping things light.  Scotty is one  of my favorite directors from this era thru the early-90s; his stuff just always seem to have an underlying FUN to them.

Ratings wise, this is a solid 3 on the Imperial Scale.  It’s worth checking out the PT pairings as his partners really help him to shine.

This movie is out of print, but HotMovies has it available on VOD.  If you like physical media, you can still pick up a “new” DVD from Adult DVD Marketplace for around $60, or pick up a used one from their sellers for about 15% of that.