Today on Spice Radio: I Dream of Christy (1989)

So, the girls asked me to have a look at I Dream of Christy (1989) and I Dream of Ginger (1985).  I assume I get to try and not play favorites here which is going to be a bit of a struggle, I think; but let’s have a look…

I Dream of Ginger reviewed here…

I Dream of Christy is a one-day wonder from 1989 directed by Christy’s pal Tina Marie. It was put out by Canyon Video which was a vanity production company that was set up for Christy’s 1989-1990 comeback, but before the comeback where she signed with Vivid.  Canyon’s parent company was Leisure Time, a company not known for its high standards.  Despite its pedigree, some of Christy’s best work came out of this time period, and this movie hosts two of her more memorable scenes.  I also think Christy looked her best here, a little more weight on her than her first time thru which made her breasts very full and her middle just right

The basic plot is a bunch of guys go to a pizza party hosted by Tony Montana and Tianna with their wives and get smitten with a poster featuring Christy.  (The same poster is used as the boxcover.)  Our other couples are Peter North and Carol Cummings (blond wig this time) and Ron Jeremy and Mandi Wine.  The girls don’t see what all the fuss is about — Christy “only has big boobs” — heck, even Carol has some which she’s happy to flash to everyone.

Tianna whines about the mess and instead cuddles up to Tony and ponders why people were so upset the poster.  “It’s not my favorite part of art in the world, but. . .” and then they start to make out.  Tianna was always a firecracker, and her outing here is no different.  She’s got an ass that just won’t quit, and we get to see it as she rides cowgirl on Tony.  The library music used is horrible typical of the era, with no character or bearing on the scene — just noise under the moaning.  A bunch of the moaning is overdubbed, so it’s really a bit disappointing, but completely in character for the studio and the time.  That said, she’s still a fuckmonster and she rides him hard until he pulls out and she jerks him all over her box. Everything was going well until he called her “Christy” at the end.

Back at Peter’s house, Carol is upset that she was being compared to the poster, and Peter tries to explain that fantasies are just fantasies, not something to be acted upon.  She comes around to the theory and she starts to go down on him, but when he looks down at who is sucking his cock, it’s Christy! (This is the famous “blue pillow” scene.)

She really takes her time working his cock.  Peter and Christy have had awesome chemistry going back to their Black Throat days.  At one point during the cocksucking, Peter rolls over, and Christy takes his cock thru his legs and sucks on it before rimming him a bit.  he turns her over and makes love to her boobs for a spell before eating her out, where she grinds her hips into him.  They have an amazingly energetic bang, Christy’s boobs are a blur a good part of the time.  They spoon which shows off her physique in a flattering way.  The coupling ends with a tit fucking and  Peter pulls out and (in slo-mo) shoots the underside of her chin and then past her face.  A loud groan swept over the land as this should have been another monster akin to his shot across Samantha Strong’s bow in Kascha and Friends. If only his shot hit their mark, this would have been a facial for the ages.

Next up Ron is dealing with Mandi’s insecurity about his liking women. (“Would you rather I be a dicksmoker?“)  Mandi wants him to fuck her, but as he walks towards the bathroom, Christy emerges in a delicious black bra and panties, and Ron dives in tho he could shut up a little.  Ron spends a lot of time massaging her breasts as he eats her out, and wisely, Tina Marie lets her camera stay on Christy and her breasts as opposed to trying to get the gyno shots.  Christy blows Ron with something approaching enthusiam, but looks great fucking him.  She’s on her side as Ron kinda of scissors her and her left breast hangs down at such a pleasing angle, you really can’t stand it. Then some reverse cowgirl with lots of full body shots.  You can tell the director really likes Christy as she is trying to show her off in the best possible way.  Christy giggles as they move from RC to doggie bucking her hips once they get into position. Ron then pulls out and cums around Christy’s tits, but then Christy cleans him off which is a bit rare for her.

Back at Tianna’s house, Mandi and Carol are over and everyone is stretching to a workout tape and Tianna is bitching about Tony calling her Christy.  Then the HVAC guys (Sean Michaels and Marc Wallice) come by to fix the A/C and the girls prance around to their workout while the guys wonder how long it will take them to get laid.

Carol and Tianna take on Sean while Mandi takes on Marc. C & T waste no time blowing Sean – one works the head, the other his balls, and their faces are nowhere near each other!  Mandi blows Marc and then he fucks her.  Tianna has some great RC on Sean, but on the whole the scene is sub-par because its missing our star.  Roger Pipe makes the great observation that while “[t]he guys can fantasize, their wives actually do the deed.”

At least until the next scene where Tony manages to get Christy to come over his house and fuck him and his friends, Peter and Ron.  Tony buries himself in her muff and Peter has a helluva time getting Christy’s bra off, eventually giving up. Tony fucks her as she sucks of Peter and Ron. She flips herself over to make sucking Peter’s cock easier, leaving Ron off to the side.  The library music here is aping Rock Around The Clock and some Berlin tune that was famous at the time.  She grunts “It’s like I haven’t been fucked in fucking months!” which just sounds so great, tho the mood is spolied a little as Tony tags out (with hand slap) and Peter starts fucking her.  Ron is cradling her and they make out a bit before he shoves his cock in her mouth and she jerks off Tony.  She’s a busy gal.  Peter pulls out, shooting bush to tits and then Tony jerks off on left tit and Ron jerks off on it too.

Christy’s hair a bit sweaty and stringy and in her face as she cleans Ron’s cock again.  She leaves us with the nugget “All you have to do is dream, and it will come true.”  Fade out.

This movie, in its original form, is no longer available.  Canyon Video, the original label (which was a sub-label of Leisure Time), was sold to Antigua Video who has cut up the catalog and repackaged truncated versions and comps from it in VOD formats for HotMovies.  So, where the original movie was 72 minutes long, the version on HotMovies is 52 minutes and leaves off the last two scenes which is too bad, since the four-way is pretty hot.

However, you can find the four-way on the Antigua release, Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage which is readily available on VOD and DVD.

My partiality to Christy of this era certainly colors my ratings, but this was a better than average outing by a director who really knew how to highlight her star. Worth a look if you’re not familiar with Christy of this era, tho most Christy fans would most certainly have this in their collection already.