Today on Spice Radio: Campus Cuties (1985)

Campus Cuties DVD CoverToday on Spice Radio’s YouPorn (XM103, 2:40 pm Eastern), I’ll be talking with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn about Paul G. Vatelli‘s 1985 video, Campus Cuties.

The movie starts with Nikki Charm writing her parents a letter, and we hear her voiceover dripping with slapback echo about how well she’s doing in school and how she’s meeting so many new people.  It seems like she’s leaving the country and leaving for the big city as she and her  boyfriend Kevin James are talking in a stable.  (The soundtrack still has the slapback echo applied, so the whole thing sounds like an old Elvis record.)  But she explains that there’s so much she wants to learn so she has to go away, but Kevin is threatened and scared about her finding a new way of life (i.e. cock).  He’s sad about it. He helps pack her into the car, says a tearful goodbye, and she leaves for school.  (There’s a lick in the music that sounds exactly like Handbags and Gladrags, the closing theme to Ricky Gervais’ version of The Office.)

She gets to campus and is waiting, according to a sign, for the principal (tho shouldn’t it be the dean — oh, her voiceover calls him the Dean) — and this excites her but not as much as Kevin’s cock does when it slips inside her (she tells us) so we cut to just that.

Back in the stable, Nikki’s lying naked on top of Kevin and they’re making out and she slowly moves her tits up his mouth as she sits up and absent mindedly starts stroking his cock.  She stands and lets him eat her out for a bit.  It’s an awkward position and it doesn’t seem to lend itself either to decent photography or decent cunnilingus. So she lays down and throws her legs over his shoulders so he can dig in.  The echo on the vocal track is still a bit distracting, but she moves down to blowing him, so we can focus on that instead.  Kevin’s dick is impressive; Nikki is pretty diminutive, so it seems his manhood might be bigger than her head.  She jerks it daintily (pinky sticking out, like a proper lady) and then she jumps on it, riding him.  She turns and rides him reverse cowgirl which he seems to like as he equates with “being like the rodeo!”

We cut back and forth between medium shots of her face and medium shots of the penetration.  More full body shots would be nice.  Nikki has a kickin little bod and it should be shown off.  Happily, when we move to the spoon position, we get some full body shots, and shots of her nicely trimmed bush taking Kevin to the hilt are pretty effective.  Finally, she turns around  and jerks him off onto his belly.

Reverie over, she is snapped back into reality by Tracey Adams who brings her to see the Dean, Jesse Eastern.  “Anytime you have a problem, or want to fuck. . .er, want to talk, my door is always open. . .” and Nikki leaves and meets Catty (Summer Rose) who clues Nikki in to Tracey and Jesse’s affair, then tells her cocktails are at 7.

Back to the Dean’s office and Tracey wastes no time in gobbling some knob and finishes him off with a handy.  Both stay clothed thru their encounter, with only his pants around his knees.  There is no post-cum head, tho Tracey does study his cock a bit.

Nikki meets her roommate Mauvais DeNoir.  Nikki mentions that Catty showed her around, and we cut to Taija Rae in a one-piece lingerie on top of Rick Savage.  Then, we see  Tom Byron and Shone Taylor watching the Rick/Taija pairing on some video equipment.  Taija keeps her leotard on and moves into a 69 position, so Rick has to pull the crotch aside to return the favors, and once they move into doggie style, she has the leotard pulled down to her stomach and over her legs so it’s not in the way, but Rick can use it like a handle.  Rick looks over his shoulder, right into the camera, and gives it the high sign.  Back with Tom and Shone and they’re laughing saying the Lone Ranger theme should be playing.  Rick flipped Taija over and came all over her box (tho the leotard is back around her right leg, i.e. in the way.)  Rick comes into the control room and steals a beer and gloats about how well they got their room outfitted with cameras.

Nikki and Mauvais go see Taija and Summer to have some drinky-poos and smoke a little pot.  The boys (Tom, Shone and Rick) then show up and bring beer and sexual advances.

Taija hooks up with Tom and Rick hooks up with Summer, leaving Nikki to fight off Shone‘s advances.  She’s just not that into him.  He kisses on her, but she’s resistant. (And through it all, Mauvais sleeps…)

Tom eats Taija as Summer blows Rick.  Taija’s rocking the tan lines in pretty hard as she grabs beer off of Shone.  Shone takes his shirt off and flexes and grabs Nikki’s left tit a bunch of times, but she’s not into it and shoots him down… but then they’re making out more on the bed, so she’s becoming quite a little cocktease at school.

Summer and Rick move into a 69 as Tom climbs on the other bed, allowing Taija easier access to blow him and then with no transition, he’s banging her doggie style, and Shone is taken on the bed trying to coax Nikki’s hand down to his junk, but she wants to part of it.  Rick, meanwhile, is working her finger in Summer’s ass and then takes her doggie style as well.  The attempted rape of Nikki continues in a wide shot as the other two couples are banging.  Rick keep a finger in Summer’s ass as much as he can.  Finally, Tommy flips her over and she jerks him off onto her tits.  Nikki seems to like to watch, and Rick, we’re led to believe, cums inside Summer, tho we see no evidence of that.

Later, in the afterglow, someone knocks on the door, they all jump under the covers and Taija opens the door, revealing the Dean, making sure there was no pot smoking, drinking or uninvited guests.  That is one hands-on administrator!

Next we see Nikki in class as Buck Adams lectures on “Anglo-saxon narrative” as delivered to us by “the great “Beowulf.”  (The classroom is full of people, so bravo production team for getting your crew and friends in the show!) and then he releases the class.  Mauvais stays behind at his request, and he offers her a position.  WTF is with this script?  A position?!  No matter, he has her spread across her desk as soon as she mentions having read Beowulf.

He eats her out, and she’s got a pretty great rack, but since we’re in closeup, we don’t get to see it enough, as her nipples are trying to poke into the frame, but are contstantly thwarted.  Buck jackhammers her then takes her doggie style on the desk and cums on her ass and back.

A new day and Nikki is upset that she got a Dear Nikki letter.  Summer comes over, asks what is wrong and decides that what she needs is some sweet, sweet loving.  Cue the gentle acoustic guitars and sweet kisses and easily probing hands.  Nikki takes to pussy eating like a fish to water, and the girls kiss a lot with swirly tongues.

Nikki is back in the Dean’s office and he’s very impressed with her progress.  he likes to “give congratulations where congratulations are due” and in this case, congratulations means his cock and they’re due in her mouth.

Uh-oh! What’s this?!  The boys have the Dean’s office wired for camera as well?

The Dean suggests Nikki can get Phi Beta Kappa or Cum Laude status by simply letting him congratulate her.  She takes her shirt and bra off and plays with her nipples as the Dean makes mouth love to his glasses, or at least chews on them a little.  She then strips her jeans off and unhooks her stocking from their garters and rolls them down her leg.  Meanwhile, blue-balled Shone is in the next room getting all sorts of excited.  Nikki  puts herself on his desk and the Dean starts in on her tits.  They fuck and the boys watch on while drinking their beers and Rick makes a joke that the “Dean sure is cumming loud!”  And once the Dean does cum on her ass, he says “We sure came loud!”  Same joke!?

Finally, we see he senior bash is happening and underclassmen are welcome.  The Boys are striking out, and Rick leaves to see a lady friend, but Tom and Shone take Tracey back into a store room, ply her with champagne and she confesses to the fact that the Dean makes her suck his cock.  Tom doesn’t think that sounds so bad, so he asks her to suck his cock, and she does, and Shone fucks her from behind.  they stay in these positions until she jerks Tom off in her hand and Shone comes on her ass.

Finally, Nikki is writing another letter home, bragging of meeting a nice boy she might bring home after the semester is over (who would that be?) and saying how much she loves her time as State College.


Well, parts of the story were incomprehensible.  What was the relationship between Buck Adams and Mauvais, anyway?

Paul Vatelli made a bunch of really great movies – I Like to Watch and Stiff Competition, chief among them – but this wasn’t really up to those standards.  Since he died in 1986 from complications arising from AIDS, it’s very possible he was sick at this point in his life and just going through the motions.

All that being said, this is a pretty good cast and a completely typical sexual effort.  Not horrible by any measure, but it never really scaled any heights either.  A solid 2.25 out of 4.

Best scenes are the Nikki/Kevin pairing at the beginning and the Tom/Taija and  Rick/Summer couplings.

Today on Spice Radio: I Dream of Christy (1989)

So, the girls asked me to have a look at I Dream of Christy (1989) and I Dream of Ginger (1985).  I assume I get to try and not play favorites here which is going to be a bit of a struggle, I think; but let’s have a look…

I Dream of Ginger reviewed here…

I Dream of Christy is a one-day wonder from 1989 directed by Christy’s pal Tina Marie. It was put out by Canyon Video which was a vanity production company that was set up for Christy’s 1989-1990 comeback, but before the comeback where she signed with Vivid.  Canyon’s parent company was Leisure Time, a company not known for its high standards.  Despite its pedigree, some of Christy’s best work came out of this time period, and this movie hosts two of her more memorable scenes.  I also think Christy looked her best here, a little more weight on her than her first time thru which made her breasts very full and her middle just right

The basic plot is a bunch of guys go to a pizza party hosted by Tony Montana and Tianna with their wives and get smitten with a poster featuring Christy.  (The same poster is used as the boxcover.)  Our other couples are Peter North and Carol Cummings (blond wig this time) and Ron Jeremy and Mandi Wine.  The girls don’t see what all the fuss is about — Christy “only has big boobs” — heck, even Carol has some which she’s happy to flash to everyone.

Tianna whines about the mess and instead cuddles up to Tony and ponders why people were so upset the poster.  “It’s not my favorite part of art in the world, but. . .” and then they start to make out.  Tianna was always a firecracker, and her outing here is no different.  She’s got an ass that just won’t quit, and we get to see it as she rides cowgirl on Tony.  The library music used is horrible typical of the era, with no character or bearing on the scene — just noise under the moaning.  A bunch of the moaning is overdubbed, so it’s really a bit disappointing, but completely in character for the studio and the time.  That said, she’s still a fuckmonster and she rides him hard until he pulls out and she jerks him all over her box. Everything was going well until he called her “Christy” at the end.

Back at Peter’s house, Carol is upset that she was being compared to the poster, and Peter tries to explain that fantasies are just fantasies, not something to be acted upon.  She comes around to the theory and she starts to go down on him, but when he looks down at who is sucking his cock, it’s Christy! (This is the famous “blue pillow” scene.)

She really takes her time working his cock.  Peter and Christy have had awesome chemistry going back to their Black Throat days.  At one point during the cocksucking, Peter rolls over, and Christy takes his cock thru his legs and sucks on it before rimming him a bit.  he turns her over and makes love to her boobs for a spell before eating her out, where she grinds her hips into him.  They have an amazingly energetic bang, Christy’s boobs are a blur a good part of the time.  They spoon which shows off her physique in a flattering way.  The coupling ends with a tit fucking and  Peter pulls out and (in slo-mo) shoots the underside of her chin and then past her face.  A loud groan swept over the land as this should have been another monster akin to his shot across Samantha Strong’s bow in Kascha and Friends. If only his shot hit their mark, this would have been a facial for the ages.

Next up Ron is dealing with Mandi’s insecurity about his liking women. (“Would you rather I be a dicksmoker?“)  Mandi wants him to fuck her, but as he walks towards the bathroom, Christy emerges in a delicious black bra and panties, and Ron dives in tho he could shut up a little.  Ron spends a lot of time massaging her breasts as he eats her out, and wisely, Tina Marie lets her camera stay on Christy and her breasts as opposed to trying to get the gyno shots.  Christy blows Ron with something approaching enthusiam, but looks great fucking him.  She’s on her side as Ron kinda of scissors her and her left breast hangs down at such a pleasing angle, you really can’t stand it. Then some reverse cowgirl with lots of full body shots.  You can tell the director really likes Christy as she is trying to show her off in the best possible way.  Christy giggles as they move from RC to doggie bucking her hips once they get into position. Ron then pulls out and cums around Christy’s tits, but then Christy cleans him off which is a bit rare for her.

Back at Tianna’s house, Mandi and Carol are over and everyone is stretching to a workout tape and Tianna is bitching about Tony calling her Christy.  Then the HVAC guys (Sean Michaels and Marc Wallice) come by to fix the A/C and the girls prance around to their workout while the guys wonder how long it will take them to get laid.

Carol and Tianna take on Sean while Mandi takes on Marc. C & T waste no time blowing Sean – one works the head, the other his balls, and their faces are nowhere near each other!  Mandi blows Marc and then he fucks her.  Tianna has some great RC on Sean, but on the whole the scene is sub-par because its missing our star.  Roger Pipe makes the great observation that while “[t]he guys can fantasize, their wives actually do the deed.”

At least until the next scene where Tony manages to get Christy to come over his house and fuck him and his friends, Peter and Ron.  Tony buries himself in her muff and Peter has a helluva time getting Christy’s bra off, eventually giving up. Tony fucks her as she sucks of Peter and Ron. She flips herself over to make sucking Peter’s cock easier, leaving Ron off to the side.  The library music here is aping Rock Around The Clock and some Berlin tune that was famous at the time.  She grunts “It’s like I haven’t been fucked in fucking months!” which just sounds so great, tho the mood is spolied a little as Tony tags out (with hand slap) and Peter starts fucking her.  Ron is cradling her and they make out a bit before he shoves his cock in her mouth and she jerks off Tony.  She’s a busy gal.  Peter pulls out, shooting bush to tits and then Tony jerks off on left tit and Ron jerks off on it too.

Christy’s hair a bit sweaty and stringy and in her face as she cleans Ron’s cock again.  She leaves us with the nugget “All you have to do is dream, and it will come true.”  Fade out.

This movie, in its original form, is no longer available.  Canyon Video, the original label (which was a sub-label of Leisure Time), was sold to Antigua Video who has cut up the catalog and repackaged truncated versions and comps from it in VOD formats for HotMovies.  So, where the original movie was 72 minutes long, the version on HotMovies is 52 minutes and leaves off the last two scenes which is too bad, since the four-way is pretty hot.

However, you can find the four-way on the Antigua release, Christy Canyon: The Lost Footage which is readily available on VOD and DVD.

My partiality to Christy of this era certainly colors my ratings, but this was a better than average outing by a director who really knew how to highlight her star. Worth a look if you’re not familiar with Christy of this era, tho most Christy fans would most certainly have this in their collection already.

Today on Spice Radio: I Dream of Ginger (1985)

So, the girls asked me to have a look at I Dream of Christy (1989) and I Dream of Ginger (1985).  I assume I get to try and not play favorites here which is going to be a bit of a struggle, I think; but let’s have a look:

Review: I Dream of Christy found here

I Dream Of Ginger, written by Raven Touchstone, is a riff of I Dream of Jeannie.  It’s not so much a parody as we’re not making fun of the source material, just using it as inspiration for our own thing.  Ginger plays a genie who server her master, Paul Thomas.  She’s lives in what we assume is a bottle serving at the pleasure of the genie queen, Zora, played by Lisa De Leeuw who does not have sex other than fellating a banana in the movie.

Ginger starts out by teasing her master, having his restrained on the bed while she blows him, ending with her jerking him off all over his belly.  She then vanishes, leaving him strapped to his bed where his roommate Harold(James Miles) finds him, much to his amusement and PT’s horror.

From there, we pop into the bottle and see Ginger laughing her ass off.  What an imp!

Lisa then instructs Bunny Bleu and Laurie Smith to show off their sapphic skills.  Later, she wants to see how Greg Rome and Blake Palmer have learned their sex lessons, so he has them fuck Bunny and Laurie, respectively.  (Scenes 3-5 on our breakdown).  We cut away more than a few times to Loni Sanders (also handling production manager duties) feeding Lisa De Leeuw a banana.  Also, this pre-surgery Bunny Bleu, so she’s pretty cute, not the hardened roboslut with giant bolt-ons that she became towards the end of her career.  (Greg jerks on Bunny’s belly, Laurie can’t seem to coax a cumshot out of Blake).

Zora/Lisa gets mad at seeing Ginger’s excapade at leaving PT tied, admonishing her that genies are meant to grant wishes and make people happy, not cause trouble.  So she places a spell on Ginger, turning her into a black bird. (PT loves birds).

Cut back to PT studying his medical texts with Christy Canyon. Christy is rattling off medical acronyms, but soon tires of it and wants to get out of her high waisted, acid washed jeans.  (Ah, the 80s!)  She starts to climb all over PT and pulls his cock out and gets down to business. She keeps her clothes on during the blowjob.  She’s got some good tongue action going on, and she doesn’t ignore the balls.  PT is reduced a bit of a whimpering simp during her oral attentions, but who can blame him really.  He asks her to squeeze the base tight, something he also asked Nina Hartley to do in Dreamwalk. Perhaps we have a glimpse into what gets PT off?

He jerks himself furiously as Christy finally slips out of her clothes.  Happily, she’s fully clothed, so it takes a little while to get naked which allows for a nice build-up.  Sweater off first, letting us see her talents in a street bra (which is different than a porno bra).  She lets the girls out, sucks on them a little, and then let’s PT motorboat (literally) them for a bit.   “I could die like this. . .” he says.  So could we all, PT; so could we all.

Jeans and panties come off in one swoop and she thrusts herself into his face which moves into a slow missionary, and then the moment we’ve been waiting for – the reverse cowgirl with lots of body shots.  Christy is very encouraging to PT and seems to enjoy herself, grinding down and panting “Oh, Michael” at appropriate times.  They move to the doggie and then things go south.  PT starts to use a black feather on Christy and he starts to hear giggling.  Christy denies its her, but it freaks him out and he won’t let it go which kills the mood, which means no cumshot and an anti-climactic (literally) end.

Zora gets wind of Ginger’s latest troublemaking and ponder stripping her of her powers, but HER boss, Centurion, tells her its not a great idea.

PT starts yelling into Ginger’s bottle, hoping to get her attention; but he’s interrupted again by his roommate who doesn’t believe that there’s a genie in the bottle, and he’s worried about his friend’s sanity.  Ginger finally shows back up with the black feathers in her hair and she fesses up to being the feather in his bed.

She complains about being tired from her bird punishment, so PT tries to make her feel better by eating her out. They run thru positions, with Ginger on top of him on the couch a particular highlight — she’s all bouncing energy and there’s kissing — and as they move to missionary, she asks PT if he’d like a real big dick, and she snaps her fingers and suddenly, she’s getting fucked by an impressive stunt cock (Blake Palmer? I suspect Ginger will let us know on the show). who pulls out and cums on her belly.

Harold and Christy are talking on the couch and comparing notes about PT’s weird behaviour.  Right when Miles starts to talk into the genie’s bottle, CC excuses herself to pee, only to miss Ginger appearing out of thin air. He’s pretty impressed with her physique, but doesn’t believe she’s a genie. She convinces him by granting him a wish — a wet dream come true.  He says he wants to fuck Ginger, but she seems to be a one-master gal, so she tells him to “think big” and he wants two women.  She snaps her fingers, and he’s in the bottle, getting ravished by Bunny Bleu and Laurie Smith.

Bunny blows him as Laurie dances around, then Laurie blows him as Bunny makes out with him. They fuck him and he ends up banging Bunny doggie style and pulls out to blow his load on Laurie’s face.

Zora is upset that Ginger had a human come into the bottle, so she banishes her to her bottle for 1000 years. At that moment, Centurion, her boss, appears projected on the wall and reads Zora the riot act, saying Ginger did nothing wrong, merely mixing mischief with pleasure, to the merriment of all, and her punishment will be Zora’s… and we find out that her boss is her brother!

With Zora around, the guys appoint Ginger the new genie master and they play spin the bottle (“Don’t use that one, I live there!”).  Ginger teleports Christy into the bottle (“I tasted you as a feather, now I want to taste you for real“) and everyone gets busy with one another, with Ginger diving right into Christy’s quim, and then casting her aside to be with David Sanders and Greg Rome while Bunny and Laurie work on Blake Palmer and Christy stays paired offf with her boyfriend Harold (James Miles).

Orgies are hard to film due to the inability to cover all the action, but there are some good bits tht aren’t missed – like Harold vertically titfucking Christy and Ginger getting DP’d by David and Greg.  David and Greg cum on her ass, Blake cums on Buny’s belly and Harold gives Christy a pearl necklace.

The movie ends with Zora in her bottle, screaming for help.

PT gets the award for getting the best scenes in the movie — his first BJ with Ginger is well played; his tryst with Christy is well shot and has some nice tease elements to it, the only strike against it is the crappy ending; and finally his go round with Ginger on the couch is nice since we get to see Ginger fuck and bounce around which is always nice.

The other scenes were fine, nothing particularly earth shattering.  The orgy at the end suffered from the usual things, a little bit too short for three simultaneous scenes, but director Scotty Fox deserves kudos for keeping things light.  Scotty is one  of my favorite directors from this era thru the early-90s; his stuff just always seem to have an underlying FUN to them.

Ratings wise, this is a solid 3 on the Imperial Scale.  It’s worth checking out the PT pairings as his partners really help him to shine.

This movie is out of print, but HotMovies has it available on VOD.  If you like physical media, you can still pick up a “new” DVD from Adult DVD Marketplace for around $60, or pick up a used one from their sellers for about 15% of that.

Today on Spice Radio: Dream Walk (1989)

There’s a host of legends on the radio today, with Rhonda Jo Petty and Nina Hartley joining Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn on Spice Radio’s YouPorn XM103, so I was able to find a movie that features both Rhonda and Nina to talk about on Wednesday 11/29 around 2:40pm Eastern — Cecil Howard‘s 1989 video, Dream Walk.

“A guilty secret simmers behind Nina’s bedroom door. Runaway Stacy and Tom return to fight sexual fire with fire. An electric, all-star cast in award-winner Cecil Howard’s masterpiece of raw emotion — a paradise of flesh that forbids nothing.”

We open with a mouthwatering Nina Hartley talking about how the kids are back in the house, and how since they’re all of age now, they can all just sit around and drink.  Then we see Nina suffering with a case of the hornies in bed with Paul Thomas, but as she starts to suck him to hardness, he yells “I can’t! No!” but then he gives over to it, but delivers a bunch of verbal abuse, calling her all sorts of names – whore, cunt, etc.  the sex ha sa few weird artificial POV cutaways where the camera bobs in and out of the performers face, but the absolute highlight is Nina riding him cowgirl where we either get awesome shots of her award winning ass, or her bearing down and grinding herself down on his cock.  You can really see her ab muscles tense as she straddles him.  We’re led to believe he cums inside her.  Afterwards, he worries, “. . . the kids?” and she sneers “After last night, they’ll sleep.  I love you, Nick.  You look so guilty!” and he falls asleep as she leaves the room.

Nina walks down the hall and peers in on Tom Byron as he lays in bed smoking a cigarette.  As Nina showers, Tom finds his way into his stepsister Stacey Donovan‘s room. He steals a cigarette from her as he considers her sleeping body.  He grabs a pair of panties from the bed and sniffs them.  Her eyes open as we fade to black.  Tom re-enters his room with the cigarette and her panties which he nuzzles and smells as he touches himself down his pants.  Stacy enters, breaking his reverie and tells him he can keep the cigarette, but not the panties.  She pulls them on, flashing her ass at him, then getting snotty as he looks at her.  Stacy giggles about hearing Mom and Stepdad going at it last night.

The family is on the couch as Stacy says all she wants is “the money” and then PT mentions how proud he is of the children as Tom and Stacy start to go it on the couch a little.  PT finds solace in a bottle as Nina undresses for bed.  She looks great in a pink satin bra and panty set, with her assets on fine display.  She says to him “We can’t let them get away with this!  This is your house!  Tell them!” and he responds “What can we possibly tell them, after what we’ve done.”

The plot thickens.  Lots of mystery.  Why do the step-siblings go at it like that out in the open?  What money?  Why won’t PT have sex with his new wife? What have they done?

Nina brings Ron Jeremy home, and he says he wants to see her naked, but she tells him he needs to put the money on the table first. WHAT?!  They have some teasing talk as she gets undressed to shoes and panties. The panties ride up her ass and really show it off.  Cecil is no idiot.  This is 1989 Ron, so there’s nothing to fear. :-)

He makes her play with his dick inside his pants for a while, but she says she wants to suck it, but he wants to wait.  He puts her on the couch and makes her play with herself for a while and he pulls his cock out to play with it. He asks like a kid at Christmas, “Got any toys!?  Show me!” and she drops her panties, grabs her purse and pulls out a standard dildo. After a bit of self-play, she tells him “I want you to fuck me now!” and she goes a little crazy as he plunges inside her.  We’ve got a lot of full-body shots here which really serves Nina well.  He starts fucking her doggie and she starts yelling “No! No! No!” in crazy ecstasy and he asks her if she’ll cum for him and she bucks him and cums, then she turns and sucks him off.  Lots of good eye contact with a devilish grin as she jerks him completion all over her boobs (with an errant drop on her chin).  After they’re done, she’s all business, her voice drops an octave and she shuffles him out as he laughs.

She looks towards the upstairs and Tom and Stacy are in bed and he says “this is chaos, Celeste. . . how do you like it?”

The next day, PT and Nina are in the sitting room as Tom comes in and cockily tries to engage them in conversation. He asks if PT is drinking a Gin and Tonic and helps himself to one.  Things are fucked up in this family!  Stacy brings in Tasha Voux, someone she met from New York.  Stacy leans in to Nina and says “You better just give me the money, or I’ll tell Nick (PT) about all the johns you bring over as he’s sleeping it off.”

The family that secrets together, fucks together?

As Nina walks past Tom’s room and he grabs her, pulls her robe off and he starts to go at it with her.  As Tom frigs her, she tries to explain about things, and he pushes her on the bed and says “Show me how you love my father! Now suck it!!”

There’s an intensity to this that it pretty hot.  Movie sex is so much better when its motivated, by even the barest of wants and needs.

After sucking him off, Tom throws her back on the bed and digs into her box like there’s no tomorrow.  Nina’s got the quivering ab muscles happening, pulling at his hair, tweaking her nipples.  She’s throwing herself into the scene. He fucks her silly doggie then missionary before jerking off on her belly.  After, she says “I want you to know what it was like with Nick and me!” and we cut to PT in bed, wondering what he just heard.

Cut to Tasha and Stacy in her room talking about the party they went to, and apparently, they robbed some folk there.  They’re on the grift?  Tasha asks “Why did you invite me here? Don’t you care what your family thinks?”  “Maybe they can pay me to stay away…”

As Nina shaves her pubes in her post-coital shower, Tasha and Stacy go at it.  Tasha wasn’t the prettiest girl in porn, but she’s got a pretty good rack which are shown off as she leans forward, and she actually looks pretty good here.  She and Stacy have some pillow talk and Stacy goes down on her.  Then the swap positions in an awkward cut.  Stacy sounds like a baby crying as Tasha eats her out.  It’s a little off-putting. As they finish, Tasha explains that now, she wants Tom.

Nina comes out of the shower and looks at herself in the bedroom mirror.

We pan across Times Square and cut to Rhonda Jo Petty delivering phone sex as PT exits from her bathroom and starts to touch himself thru his pants. We crosscut between RJP playing with herself and Nina playing with herself.  Nina monologues through her masturbation about all she wants in Nick, not his money. . . she has a shattering orgasm.

RJP is done with her call (masturbating with a hair brush throughout) and finally acknowledges PT.  He sits on the bed and pulls wad of cash out, peels off a single bill and leaves it on the dresser.  Nina lies down to sleep and we cut back to RJP taking PT in her mouth. He begs her to suck him and she grabs his cock hard and he begs her to fuck him.  She tells him he’s not there for pleasure, he’s there for something else.

He rolls over on the bed and she climbs on his back rubbing herself all over and he narrates and asks her to dig her nails into his back.  She moves down and bites his ass cheeks a bit and he begs “hurt me! hurt me!”  There’s an odd cut, so I’m not sure if we lost anything here or not; but it cuts to RDP on her back fucking herself with her hairbrush while PT jerks off over her and finally thrusts into her, making we wail like an animal.  He bangs her silly, and we get to watch her tits swing around which is nice, and she’s screaming like a banshee.  He climbs off her, moves up her body and jerks off as she screams for him to cum on her tits.  He launches a most unlike PT load, hitting her on the chin and body.  After he’s done, he asks her her name (“Gillian”) and he asks if she wants to know his name, and she says she doesn’t need to.  He says he wants to giver her a present. She asks if he’s lonely and he says yes.  She asks if he lives alone, and he says no, he lives with. . . HIS SISTER. And the camera does kind of the cheesiest zoom in to his face with weird sound cue right before cutting to Nina sleeping in their bed.

So, we’ve taken another turn for the weird with this revelation. . .

And now Nina sleeps, but her ghost self Dreamwalks out of the bed, looks back and heads out. Dream self needs to use the doors tho. . .


Nina, wearing a backwards dress,  is thrust into a dark, smoky room where Tasha is all crazy hair and Ron is wearing an animal mask and they’re yelling  “LOUISE IS A SINNER!” on the soundtrack.  Then we cut thru Nina’s prior sex scenes from the movie as Ron fucks Tasha and cums on her ass.

Next, Stacy impales herself on Tom’s cock in some reverse cowgirl and then missionary.  He eventually cums on her belly.

The sex here isn’t really hot, tho there is quite a bit of sweating on Tom’s and Tasha’s part.  It has to be seen to be believed, but it’s odd.

And then Nina wakes back up.

Next day, Nina is toasting with the kids and Tasha “To Europe!” and they say “To Nick!” and they leave; ostensibly with the money.

PT returns home and is clearly troubled.  Nina is happier than a little girl, bouncing around.  She strips for him and asks him to do the same. He seems trapped, but he obliges.  She shows off her shaved bush and says “Like it? See? I can still be a little girl for you, Nicky.  [I would] do what you want.  Anything you want. . .” and he asks to touch it.  He works his fingers around her clit and she lets out little giggles as he does so.  Once she’s “drenched” he makes her go down on him and he works a finger up her “delicious ass.”  They move into a 69 then he fucks her doggie.  She bounces against him and really works her hips. God, she’s awesome.  She begs him to do something, and he grabs her arms behind her back as he fucks her more and then cums on her ass, regretting his actions as he does.

There’s a final little bit that I won’t reveal and we fade to black.

Well, that was damned hot.  Wow.

To be honest, I have become more familiar with Nina in recent years through her work as an industry spokesperson as opposed to her on-screen performances, so it was great to go back and rediscover her here in her prime.  She looks great — dare I say cute — she fucks like crazy, she really gives it her all.

Stacy Donovan is fine.  She was never much of a performer, and she doesn’t deviate from that standard much here.  At the time, she was considered “mainstream model beautiful” but it’s tough to see that now.  It’s not that she’s ugly by any measure, but she’s a bit plain, I guess.

Ginger likes when I recommend scenes, so I’d go with the opener with Nina and PT for sure, and the Nina/Tom Byron scene is pretty great, for good dirty talk, go to the Rhonda Jo/PT scene.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Cecil Howard’s movies are only available from HotMovies these days, which is great, but he insists on charging a premium rate of 3.13x the normal per minute rate for his titles.  (So, you watch one minute of this movie and 3.13 minutes are deducted from your account.)  This seems excessive.  Using the 8 cent per minute plan, normally, the movie would cost $7.12 to watch, but under his premium pricing, it’s $22.28.  Not bad for a catalog title from 1989.  Now, HotMovies does offer a “weekly streaming rental” of the title for $6.99 and they say pretty clearly on the page Recommended For Rental and that pricing seems to be why.  (All that aside, their collection of Cecil Howard stuff is great, with lots of trailers, hard and soft versions, commentary tracks, etc.)

Today on Spice Radio: Love and Bullets (2003)

Today (Nov 14 at 2:40ish Eastern) on Spice Radio’s YouPorn (SiriusXM 103) I’ll be talking about Veronica Hart‘s 2003 movie, Love And Bullets, starring Ginger Lynn and featuring today’s guest, Rebecca Love.

The movie opens with Hershel Savage and Ginger Lynn running around a house shooting at each other.  Herschel has an AK-47 while Ginger is packing Dual 9mms.  There’s a blue tape line running down the length of the living room.

We hit the credit sequence and which flashes us back to their wedding, and then we begin to zoom thru scenes from a marriage – we seem them having their picture taken with a SOLD sign on their first house.  Ginger and Herschel have a very nice chemistry together, and that follows thru after he carries her over the threshold and into the first sex scene.

They take their time, nothing is really rushed.  He takes his time pulling per panties down, kissing her legs, her feet; spending some time eating her out in a way almost designed to get her off, not to just add a position to a shot list. They have sex in missionary and he cums on her box.  Just like married people. :-)

More scenes from the marriage – they go into business together – “Richard Roman Plastics Manufacturing”  becomes “K&R Plastics Manufacturing” and there are more pictures taken.  The photo sessions are a nice device and allow us to see them playing together.

Some more scenes of them making out various places, having more pictures taken, she blows him outdoors . . . but then the same old, same old sets in.  In another photo shoot, they change the name of the company to “K&R  Adult Novelties, Inc” — something that is clearly her idea and he doesn’t want any real part of it.

He’s banging her doggie style and her eyes roll.  It’s an uncomfortably funny scene.  More arguments. More sexual advances turned down . . .  and we’re only 25 minutes in!  Ginger looks thru old photo albums (see what they did there!) and tries to remember the good times.

A tense argument over dinner about business about her name not being on any business papers.  He tries to play it off as him being chivalrous – taking all the risk for shipping dildoes across state lines, and she asks for a divorce, and he doesn’t want one. SO she breaks a glass on the table and threatens that she hasn’t even gotten started yet.

Back at the office, Herschel is buttering up an unenhanced and super-cute Katie Morgan (God she plays — she is playing, right? — ditzy so fucking well) to be the K&R spokesperson.  She thanks him by blowing him . . . and as you could expect, Ginger walks in on them, but as you might not expect (since this is porn) SHE WALKS BACK OUT!

(I should take a moment to say how happy I am that Ginger’s character is named Karen.  Herschel has a great New York accent and every time he yells “Ka-ren!” I flash to Ray Liotta yelling at Lorraine Bracco in Goodfellas.)

Katie continues blowing him,then fucks him a bit and he shoots his wad across her chin.

Since turnabout is fairplay, Ginger, back at the house, fucks the poolboy (Kurt Lockwood) and Herschel catches them in the act.  Thjere’s a lot of good oral action from Ginger here, first as she’s in the pool and later as they’re 69’ing.  Ginger gets buggered and finally, Kurt cums all over her face.

(How times change. Last week’s review had zero facials in it as it was made at a time when they fell out of favor for health reasons.)

Next up, Katie MorganAva Devine and Aria are shooting some porn, and Herschel drops by the set to deliver some dildoes and Veronica Hart brushes him off, telling him she couldn’t use his toys because they kind of stink and she’s using Doc Johnson instead.  They talk business and he leaves, letting the g/g/g play out with Veronica shouting some direction while the girls go to town on one another with Aria squirting along the way.

Herschel is on the phone with Ginger and suggests a three way, and she’s playing with her guns and agrees to a three way… but not with him.  Billy Glide is having his cock sucked by big-titted Rebecca Love as Ginger sits by sipping some wine.  Herschel walks in with flowers and champagne but and sees the writing on the wall, and the tape on the floor — no three-way for him as Ginger spitefully begins to make out with Rebecca and Billy’s cock.  Once Ginger gets to blowing Billy, it gives Rebecca time to free her huge jugs from their bra before she jumps back onto Billy’s dick, happily sharing with Ginger.  Ginger keeps poking Rebecca with her tongue playfully.  It’s pretty cute and kinda hot.  Finally, he fucks Rebecca (condom) as he eats out Ginger.  Biggest problem with the scene is there’s not really enough full body shots of Rebecca.  You’ve got these huge tits, and you’re not really showing them off to their best advantage . . . Billy moves on to fuck Ginger and Ginger goes to town on Rebecca’s dripping wet box.  Finally, he shoots his load over the girls faces as they make out.

Herschel gets some stuff at the hardware store and throws a party trying to raise investment money for the business.  He chats up Brooke Hunter while Ginger gets hammered on some spiked wine.  She makes a complete fool of herself as Brooke and Herschel retire to the house for some negotations; and by negotiations, I mean fucking.

He eats her out , then they 69 each other , he fucks her, vaginally and anally, and then cums on her pussy.  She’s a little too porno fake for my tastes in this scene, so its good its kind of short.

Lastly, an orgy breaks out poolside — hey, good to see Kelly Nichols! — and Kris Slater has Vicky Vette and Pason working on his dick and Sergio bangs Dana Vespoli.  Of note, Vicky takes Kris up the bum before he cums on her and Red’s faces; and Sergio blows it on Dana’s chin as well.

Herschel wakes Ginger up and tells her he has her embarrassing display on tape, and her actions destroyed any attempts at getting funding.  She threatens him for spiking her drink, pulls a gun out from under her pillow and squeezes off a few shots.  He runs out, she grabs another gun from her bureau and goes after him.  He runs to a closet, pulls out an AK-47 and returns fire, and we’re back at the Mexican Standoff from the beginning.

The cops are outside and Ginger walks out with Herschel as a hostage.  She’s going to get that divorce.

Cut to Tina Tyler looking utterly amazing as Ginger’s lawyer, and the plot wraps itself up in a way that is true to itself.

This was a pretty good movie with 7 pretty solid sex scenes (scene breakdown 7 and 8 happen at the same time, but the pairings don ‘t interact)

Veronica Hart doesn’t do anything super flashy with her camera, dramatic scenes are mostly static shots that are cut back and forth which isn’t all that visually interesting. The camera moves a little more during the sex, but not a ton.  It’s a long way from a handheld gonzo. I hoped there would be more full body shots, but instead, everything is shot with 2/3 coverage, which is way better than a movie full of gyno shots.  I’m a sucker for seeing a girl’s entire body…

Best scenes to check out on VOD – I’m a sucker for Katie Morgan so she gets a nod and the Ginger Lynn / Rebecca Love / Billy Glide tryst was fun while it lasted (it’s one of the shorter scenes in the movie).

On the Imperial scale, it’s a 2.85 out of 4.0 – “2.50 to 3.35 are all good to great rentals” – it’s a good movie.  Not great by any measure, but it has some aspirations and it’s professionally made all around.  It’s not quite sure if it’s a comedy or a drama, but it does nicely with both tones when it has to play them.   The early scenes are fun and easy going, and Ginger and Herschel have no problem playing falling in love, nor is falling out of love a problem.