Today on Radio Sex: Babyface 2 (1986)

babyface2_vhsToday around 2:40 Eastern on Radio Sex’s You Porn show (SiriusXM 102), I’ll be talking about Alex DeRenzy‘s 1986 movie, Baby Face 2 which is a sequel in name only (mostly) to his classic 1977 classic Baby Face.  (Again, many thanks to Mark Murray’s blog, Adventures in Erotica,  for the inspiration.)  (The Gore-Gore Girl also has a good recap of this movie with vidcaps.)

The movie opens with Candie Evens sunning herself and telling us the story of the last summer. Seems some crazy things happened in town.  One of the girls they know was alleged to have a stroke, but Candie doesn’t think so, since Marc told her what really happened, and now she’s going to tell us.  (The porno version of The Cars’ hit MAGIC off Heartbeat City is a classic)

(Side note: virtually all character names share first names with their actors, so it makes ID’ing things simpler.  But who is Lori?)

It all started when cheerleaders  Lynn Franciss and Lois Ayres were down by the racetrack waiting for Lois’ boyfriend Kevin James to show up. They’re looking forward to Careena Collins‘ bachelorette party later that night.

Lois jumps into his white Trans Am ad they go for a ride down to the marina.  While in the parking lot, she takes Kevin’s cock out f his pants and starts jerking it, but she’s worried they’ll be seen so they head for an abandoned shed, but not before she asks “Kevin, why don’t you buy me a boat?” in just an awesome teasing/playful way.  They find their way into the shed — and it has a mattress in it! How lucky someone else has had the same idea about the shed! — and Lois gets right to it, and Kevin giggles “You’re so eager!” as she’s diving for his pants.  She complains that she doesn’t have time, and they strip down.  Kevin asks “OK, so do you want to do me, or should I do you?” and she giggles, say she’ll do him and eats him.  It’s a pretty standard fuck and suck, but what’s so great about it is their interactions, the little asides and glaces and moans — “How you doin?” he asks her and she smiles wide like a girl getting banged “I’m fine. You?”  There’s kissing and doggie style sex (standing and kneeling) which ends with him cumming on her ass and her bitching about him getting her all sticky since she has places to be and how’s he going to clean it up? He uses his sock and laments that she gets upset if he cums inside her too.  “I don’t want to get pregnant!” Damned if you, Kevin… some fun banter closes out the scene.

Cut to Lori’s house, and her mom and dad are getting ready to leave to fetch grandma as the girls — Lynn FrancissStacey Donovan Taija Rae and Lois Ayres — show up. As the folks get in the car, Mom mentions that Grandma has had “one of her spells for ages!”

Taija and Stacy try on lingerie and run down to join the other girls as Kristara Barrington is hawking sex toys.

Back to Candie telling us she had no idea the party was a sex party!  And that the boys were surprised too… she remembers the day well…

Kevin’s Trans Am pulls up and he, Tom Byron and Marc Wallice jump out, trying to figure out what to do since the girls are all busy that night.  Candie Evens and Melissa Melendez approach, and Kevin sugests they all go sit in a hot tub and drink beer.  Marc begs off and the girls jump into the Trans Am with Kevin and Tom and take off.

Back at the house, Lois is sampling the Hitachi Magic Wand and gets busted by her friends who rush to taste the edible panties.  (Which reminds me of a great joke from Eating Raoul: “Le Orgy Gel comes in lemon, mint, cherry or trail mix…”) and the girls play around with the sex toys, but nothing explicit, just goofing around. Careena helps Lois with the Wand.

At the hot tub, Melissa hooks up with Kevin and Candie hooks up with Tom.  We’re 20 minutes in and it’s the second sex scene only.  Kevin and Melissa go off and he fingers her quite a bit The Tom/Candy doggie bang pairing is a classic and appears in a bunch of comps.  (The Kevin/Melissa pairing is kind of forgotten about. Boo.)

Back in the house, night has fallen and the party is getting ready to get started.  The girls are all in lingerie and Marc Wallice is creeping outside.  He’s discovered by Lynn and shoo’d away.  (We find out that Careena is marrying Jerry Butler.)  A giant cake is rolled in and an unshaven,  beer-swilling, cigar-chomping stripper in the guise of Jamie Gillis pops out.  Well, he doesn’t really pop out as he’s half-asleep.  (Cue the sad trumpets.) Kristara is pissed at Jamie’s appearance and demands “a proper show.”  He prances around and the girls don’t know what to make of it.  It’s pretty funny stuff.  (It’s about 34 minutes in.)

For making fun of his dancing, Jamie casts a spell on the girls in the name of Aphrodite and after much wind and strobe lights, the girls are all masturbating furiously and Careena goes right for Jamie’s cock as Lynn hungrily devours Marc.  Stacey and Taija pair off, leaving Lois and Kristara to pleasure themselves. (Hello Scenes 4-8)  It’s a pretty energetic set of pairings with some good angles (and some weird ones) and “new wave” music and wind noises drowning out any live sound.

The scenes more or less end and we’re panning over Candie’s tanned body and she tells us that Marc left and told all the guys about the sex crazed sluts the girls all turned into.  They guys all go to Lori’s house and they’re overtaken by lust, and when Taija starts to suck Jerry, Careena tells her she can have him.  Sharing is fundamental!

Kevin and Marc stumble upon Lois and Kristara masturbating, and before he can say “Lois, what are you doing here?!” Lois has grabbed Marc and Kristara has grabbed Kevin.

Taija and Jerry have a great doggie romp as the live sound is brought back into the mix along with the music and the cumshots begin — Kristara jerks Kevin off onto her face; Lois jerks Marc off onto her face, Jerry jerks off on to Taijia’s ass as Tom Byron walks by causing Taija to go chasing after him, leaving Jerry holding his dick.  The guys can’t take all the action because the girls are still insatiable.

Tom escapes into a closet, but Taija in a half-undone corset finds him (and her tits look spectacular) and she talks him through eating her out.  They bang.

Lynn finds Dick Rambone and his baby’s arm of a dick and goes to town on it.

Stacey Donovan has her way with Francois, and for a girl who made a career out of being disinterested and boring, DeRenzy coaxes a decent sexual performance out of her.  He cums on her belly as she runs off.  He doesn’t understand their need for always more cock.  A.B.C.  A – Always. B – Blow. C- Cock.

Mom and Dad come home with Grandma – Marion Eaton who starred in the first Baby Face — and he just wants some quiet and some rest; but she is overcome by the bacchanlia she’s witnessing and suddenly she’s whipping out cellophane and acting crazy (a callback to the first movie where they bound Dan Roberts in Saran Wrap).  The party is broken up.  Careena is yelling for “Jerry, get your hands off Lori!” and it looks like he’s grabbing Lynn, so is she Lori?  But Candie calls her Lynn at the beginning of the movie… is Lori the MacGuffin of the movie?

And Candie wraps things up telling us that Careena isn’t marrying Jerry, but has been hanging out with some older guy who smokes cigars and gets off to Hustler Magazines.


This is a non-stop sex ride of a movie. It starts conventionally with the Kevin/Lois pairing and then the Tom/Candie pairing, and then it goes off the rails with just non-stop sex.  There’s an energy to the second half of the movie that is really great.  Hard to pick a favorite pairing, but I’m a sucker for Taija Rae and Lois Ayres, so they were standouts, as was the Tom/Candie scene.

Out of 10, we go with 9, I suppose.  (I hate ratings.)