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Another 485 Movies

We’re not just working on RSS. :-) We’ve added data on another 485 movies, bringing us up to 51,617 movies and 38,518 performers. We’ve also got links to 48,014 reviews…

On an RSS Kick (redux)

We’ve had RSS feeds for a long time for the “Top Searches” boxes on the left hand side, so we decided to publicize them a bit better by putting the XML graphic in the boxes that have feeds.

Birthdays and RSS

Judging by the mail we’ve gotten today, there seems to be some confusion about our RSS feed for the birthday data. (Google: RSS)

If you merely visit the site, you don’t need any of this new RSS stuff, since you see the data over there on the left under the heading “Those Born Today.” But, if you want to see that data in your RSS Aggregator, or on your personalized Google Homepage (slick!), or syndicate in your own site, that’s what the feeds are for.

We regret any confusion.