Performance is still spotty…

We’re still working on the server. It seems to have good days and bad days, and recently it’s been more bad than good. If you experience slowdowns, please let us know what you were doing (searching, clicking around, etc.) and if you were searching, what were you searching for? We appreciate your patience and continued support. (Oh, and happy new year!)

Shaking My Head

The fulltext indexing is kicking my ass. It’s 1:30 AM, and it’s working now… but I don’t have a ton of faith in it staying that way. Let’s cross our fingers. :-) (and if you have any experience with full-text indexes in SQL Server 2005 and have any pointers, drop me a line.) Thanks for your patience while we recover from this…

Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Apparently, things aren’t as rosy as once thought. We killed the banners again (temporarily) and will be working to get performance back to where it should be. Now that we’re running on SQL 2005, we have some more options available to us that we’re looking forward to exploring and implementing. Thanks for your support and patience. :-)

Back to Business

The database server was running on a backup machine since around 8:00 last night, and it’s back on its original hardware, but with a new OS and SQL Server version under it (from Win2K/SQL2K to Win2K3/SQ2K5) so hopefully things will be perfrorming a bit better. If you come across any issues, please drop me a line at Thanks for the notes of support (which are finally coming thru, since our inbound mail was also affected…)