Turkey Day Porn, 2019 Edition

So Thanksgiving is upon us here in the USA, and as with anything that can be themed, we have some Thanksgiving themed porn for you!

Every day you have sex is a day of Thanksgiving, some say, and no sense quibbling with those people.

UPDATE: Here’s a few of the 2019 Thanksgiving releases that have crossed our desk.

Cum Filled Thanksgiving (2019)

Jade and her StepBrother, Danny, end up having Thanksgiving dinner alone when Mom and Dad miss their flight home. She teases him with her feet under the table and have sex.

Happy Spanksgiving (2019)

It’s Thanksgiving time, and you know what that means….it’s time for Bang Bros to get in the spirit of giving. After all, #BangBrosCares. Our wonderful Bang Bus driver, Steve, decided to make a bunch of sandwiches to pass out to homeless people on the streets. Of course, that’s a great idea and very thoughtful, but no one wants to take food from the Bang Bros, they want to take food from a hot chick. We drove around till we got lucky. We found the beautiful Roxy Ryder. Her body is amazing. At first she didn’t want to do it, but after some convincing, we got her on the bus. We passed out our food to a bunch of homeless people. Everyone felt good/ We thought we definitely deserved some good karma. Little did we know, that good karma was gonna come a little quicker than we thought. It didn’t take much convincing to get her naked. She showed off her amazing abs, perky tits, and got to fucking. She went wild. This girl is a freak and we like it. The sex ends with a huge cumshot to her face. Definitely a good Thanksgiving for this Bang Bus.

Little Beaver’s Sexy Thanksgiving (2019)

A Bang Bros Holiday Special. The S.S BangBros Ship has sunk, leaving Derrick stranded in the woods of Florida. He has no food, no water, and no shelter. While roaming around, his footsteps and screams catch the attention of Little Beaver. A sexy Native American that’s hungry for cock. She feeds him an apple and takes him to her special thanksgiving feast. He begs her for food, but Little Beaver wants his fat cock before he can eat her amazing dinner. He whips out his dick and she’s amazed by how big it is. She gives him an amazing blowjob before he licks her pussy. They then fuck in multiple positions, making this holiday one to remember.

Mind Control Thanksgiving (2019)

Amateur Boxxx
Here’s the skinny. I got invited to have Thanksgiving Dinner at my new girlfriend’s house this year. I really didn’t want to go until she showed me a picture of her mom. She was hot as fuck and had humongous breasts, so I figured I’d give it a go. Especially since I had just invented a brand new Mind Control Device. You see, I took an old Turkey Call of mine and outfitted it with a state of the art micro chip that sends short wave radio waves to the brain. I hadn’t used it on a human yet, just my canine, but it worked like a champ on old Waylon. When I showed up to Aria’s house my girlfriend’s Step-Mom, Casca, greeted me at the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes she was hot as fuck and her Tits were gigantic. My girlfriend, Aria, came out of her room thirty seconds later and gave me a big hug and kiss right in front of her Mom and Dad. I could tell that her parents didn’t like me and they both proceeded to give me the third degree about everything. After a few minutes of their bullshit, I had enough. I pulled my Turkey call out of my backpack and placed it on the table. Aria’s mother thought it was a sex toy and freaked out, while her smart ass father asked me what I thought I was going to do with it. I was honest and told him that I had a device that could control minds and that I was going to use it on his family at Thanksgiving Dinner. Of course he thought I was just pulling his chain and full of malarky. The old bastard then sarcastically dared me to to try my call out. I just smiled and told everyone to stare and listen to the Turkey call. They did as I said then I shook it. Within three seconds, they were all in a trance like state. The Micro Chipped Mind Control device had worked. First thing I did was hand them these ridiculous Turkey hats I found online and I made them put them on. After that, I had them act like turkeys and they gobbled over and over like wild birds. Next, I had Casca pull out her tits so I could play with them. Her boobs were amazing and I motorboated her for a good forty five seconds. All while Aria and her dad sat there in a trance like state and watched me. I didn’t stop there and I had Aria lift up her skirt and I proceeded to play with her pussy right in front of her father and mother. They watched me finger bang her while they encouraged me. I had to take advantage of the crazy situation, so I had the two girls go down on each other right in front of Pops. He got cuckold and called like a turkey fool as we both watched. Next they both sucked on my cock and balls while he ate his appetizers. Both girls were super ready at this point and I fucked Aria and her mother right on the Dining room table while I had her dad watch me get balls deep. I stuffed them both really good right next to the turkey dinner. When I was done smashing, I shot my gravy deep inside Casca’s vagina. It was turning out to be the perfect day and I was ready for desert. I made everyone get dressed and I grabbed the hats back from them.

Thanksgiving Dessert (2019)

Chloe Temple prepares the Thanksgiving dessert and teases Danny before passionate sex.

So here’s the 50 most recent (2018) straight Thanksgiving themed movies and scenes.

Thanksgiving Day Pussy Parade 2 (2018)

One of the tough parts about splitting with your spouse is the separate holidays. Jasmine Grey and Naomi Blues dads find themselves in this predicament as their first Thanksgiving apart from their former significant arrives. To create that old familiar family vibe, these best friends dads team up and put on a nice dinner for their daughters. Unfortunately, even with all the effort they put in, they end up burning the turkey and are super disappointed. Luckily, their daughters are into the spirit of Thanksgiving. To show that they appreciate the effort, the girls decide to pleasure each others dads. They crawl under the table and stick their thick turkey basters in their mouths for some heady gratitude. Jasmine then follows Naomis dad into the bedroom for an extra side dish of his honey hog. She climbs on the bed and sucks his cock before getting on top and going for a ride. Then she get stuffed from behind with her panties in her mouth. Finally, this dad finishes up by delivering a steaming load on Jasmines thankful face. Feast on that, Jasmine!

Thanksgiving Day Pussy Parade 1 (2018)

One of the tough parts about splitting with your spouse is the separate holidays. Jasmine Grey and Naomi Blues dads find themselves in this predicament as their first Thanksgiving apart from their former significant arrives. To create that old familiar family vibe, these best friends dads team up and put on a nice dinner for their daughters. Unfortunately, even with all the effort they put in, they end up burning the turkey and are super disappointed. Luckily, their daughters are into the spirit of Thanksgiving. To show that they appreciate the effort, the girls decide to pleasure each others dads. They crawl under the table and stick their thick turkey basters in their mouths for some heady gratitude. Naomi hangs out in the kitchen with Jasmines dad and continues to service his meaty drum stick with her mouth. Then, he fucks her against the table as she bounces up and down on his wishing bone. Finally he serves up some extra fatherly gravy, and Naomi could not be more satisfied. Looks like everyone has a reason to be thankful this year!

Thick Teen Gets The Dick Dream (2018)

I am not sure what you would call the piece of clothing August Taylor is wearing in this video. Its like a hoodie connected to a thong. A thoodie? A hong? Eh, who cares. She looks damn good in it either way. Her ass is more plump than a Thanksgiving turkey, and she is serving it up hot. To go with that nice ass is a pair of banging, in your face tits that cannot wait to wrap themselves around our studs maypole. August loves to turn around and ride our studs cock in slow motion, and we love to watch her ass jiggle and bounce. She feels herself while our stud slurps up her lady parts, and puts on a show of orgasmic magnitude. A girl like this could be wearing a burlap sack and shed still be one hundred percent bonable! What would you call that thing she was wearing?

Naughty America 23513 (2017)

Do you like big fat ass by the fireside? Sure you do, especially the day after Thanksgiving! And there”s a bonus to that: big fat tits! Yup, Romi Rain wants to stay indoors with you today to avoid the madness outside, and she wants to get motherfucking naked, in virtual reality! T&A from Romi Rain on Black Friday is about as good as it gets! Let her punish you with her huge tits, then flip her over and slap her big ass with your hands and dick before you slide it into her hot wet pussy and slam her doggystyle! Romi wants to get dirty, so make her dirty in VR!

Thanksgiving Voyeur (2017)

Victoria June has big tits, a juicy booty, and is all alone on Thanksgiving? Not if her nosy, naughty neighbor has anything to say about it! She catches him watching through the window and instead of getting mad, rewards him with a BJ and sex!

Sex and Submission 42665 (2017)

You are in for a treat with this weeks SAS Thanksgiving update! We got the raven haired bad ass bitch mobster wife with huge beautiful tits Lilly Lane, we got the sweet and pretty long and lean girl next door and then the funny bumbling mobster Tommy Pistol who just wants to pull of his first time heist to please his wife. When the heist goes awry Tommy turns a negative into a positive and decides to have some fun with these two hot and horny ladies. Outside on the deck of a remote cabin in the woods Tommy teases Avi with the zapper and makes her squirm. Lily looking hot with her mini skirt, high heels and huge boobs busting out of her low cut top gets turned on and makes Avi eat her pussy until she squirts a geyser all over her mouth. Tommy gets in on the action and throat fucks Avi and they trade her back and forth so she is getting high on sucking cock and eating pussy. Then inside on the bed both girls are gagged and tied up in bondage, Avi in doggie with wrists behind her back and ass up high, Lily on her back with legs spread wide open. Tommy has a flogging session on his bitchy wife Lily and their cute little hostage Avi. He whips their ass and tender thighs to get them warmed up for an onslaught of fucking. First target: Lily’ hungry pussy, Tommy rampages her pussy with his hard cock while her big tits bounce around in rhythm to his thrusts. Then he slides over to fuck Avi, she spreads her ass open so he can get in there and do some damage, the good kind of course. He surprises Lily with his cock in her tight ass and then fucks both of them every which way but loose. More pussy licking, ass fucking, cock sucking, toe-jobs, spit swapping, vibrators, squirting orgasms, shooting loads and fun fun fun!!! This is a sexy, wild, reckless bunch looking for kicks and thrills and they find it in this week’ epic western style SAS heist Mob Rules!

Naughty Rich Girls 23509 (2017)

Most people don”t know, but turkey saves marriages! Kagney Linn Karter and her husband Pete are going through a divorce, and he even brings the papers to her on Thanksgiving Day. Ever since she met Pete she”s been broke, which is a far cry from her wealthy upbringing. But she”s so broke she can”t even afford a turkey! But things take a sudden turn when their annoying neighbor heads to the store and the uncoupling couple get a wild hair up their ass to enter her home and steal her Thanksgiving dinner, turkey and all! The fowl thievery invigorates the Cagney and her man, inspiring them to fuck like a happy married couple and recoup their burning love for one another. Give thanks today to those who have helped you, even if you”ve wronged them! Happy Thanksgiving from Naughty America!

Army Boy Meets Busty Stepmom For Thanksgiving (2017)


Alura Jenson’s Thanksgiving Stuffing (2017)


Pervert Pilgrimage (2017)

If you’ve seen Jessica’s previous sessions, you know she’s the real deal. A submissive masochist who gives her all physically and mentally. That’s why we brought her back for Thanksgiving–because Dr. Mercies wanted to make something really special. This 1-hour 15-minute, extreme anal domination session is part 1 of an extraordinary 2-hour adventure that begins with a trip through Dr. Mercies’ perverted world, leads to the seeding of a new world with his frozen cum, and culminates in a “cornholecopia.” Jessica pushed her limits hard for the sake of experiencing and making this, so we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Cooking Thanksgiving with Naked Tia Kai (2017)

Watch me cook a quick and delicious Thanksgiving meal. I start off with the turkey legs. Didn’t have a chance to brine them so I rubbed them down with lots of salt, pepper, and stuffed with onions. Baked in the oven until nice and juicy. Prepped the potatoes to make mouth watering mashed potatoes. My secret, cream cheese and sour cream! Potatoes all mashed and creamy. Added some quick sides, buttered corn and canned gravy. Perfect Thanksgiving meal for 1 or 2! Join me in this cooking video and maybe learn a thing or too. Bonus, see me naked too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday Stuffing (2017)

Hot blonde MILF Aaliyah asks her stepdaughter Kristen and her boyfriend Codey for help getting Thanksgiving dinner ready, but the teens have no idea how to stuff the turkey. The more Aaliyah tries to explain, the more puzzled the young couple get, until the exasperated cougar realizes she needs to find another way to demonstrate the proper way to stuff a hole! Taking both Kristen and Codey by surprise, Aaliyah peels off her stepdaughter’s panties and sets her on the counter! The sexy stepmom begins slowly slipping her fingers inside Kristen’s wet, freshly shaved pussy until she’s stuffed all four inside and the brunette cutie is moaning with pleasure. Once Kristen is familiar with the technique, it’s time to teach Codey how to stuff their pussies with his cock before the babes feast on his dick. It all adds up to a holiday threesome they’re all truly thankful for!

Happy Fucksgiving (2017)

Evelin Stone brings her new boyfriend, Seth Gamble, to her dad”s place for Thanksgiving. When they arrive, they meet Blake Morgan, Evelin”s dad”s new girlfriend. While Evelin catches up with her dad, Blake asks for Seth”s help in the kitchen. Turns out there”s more than the turkey that needs stuffing! But first, Blake sucks Seth”s big hard cock and gives him a taste of her dripping wet pussy! They are interrupted when the kitchen timer goes off and dinner begins. But, the fun continues during dinner with Evelin and Blake taking turns playing with Seth”s cock under the table! Then, Evelin sneaks off for a quickie with her boyfriend while her dad and Blake stay in the dining room! When Blake does the same, Evelin walks in on Seth pounding her new stepmom”s dripping wet pussy! She”s shocked, but Blake reminds her it”s a time for sharing and that there”s plenty of Seth to satisfy them both!

Thankful For Madison (2017)

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There’s nothing more Johnny enjoys more than coming home for Thanksgiving. A long weekend to kick back with some sumptuous treats is easily one of his most favorite times of the year. Things look even more delicious when he spots his Dad’s new girlfriend, Madison. It doesn’t take long before Madison is curious about getting stuffed herself. No harm in skipping the main course, and feasting on Madison’s pussy before basting her with his man gravy. One thing for sure, Johnny definitely knows what he’s thankful for: Madison Ivy.

Thankful For Madison (2017)

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Gobble Gobble Mothafucka (2017)

Juan joins us this week on the bus. We headed to the streets with hopes of finding some hot desperate chick ready to be thankful on this thanksgiving week. We scooped up this chick by telling her that if she interviewed with us, she would win a full thanksgiving meal for her whole family. But at the end of the day she found herself getting stuffed with Juan”s cock. Her pussy got stretched all over the BangBus until it was time to send her happy ass packing.

BigGulpGirls: Karter Foxx (2017)

New No Hands BIG GULP GIRLS scene — one of the best girls I have shot in awhile, Karter Foxx! Love this girl and awesome blowjob. First thing you notice about this girl is that big smile and a mouth built for cock sucking! Holy shit. But that’s just the start. Long ass legs, great tight butt, perkies and just a body built for fucking sin! But then we get to the No Hander! And she is the shit! Non-stop head bobbing and sucking all the way to force out that big load just so she can play with it and get that nice taste in her mouth. And of course…finishes with a smile! Happy Thanksgiving! Special Deepthroat Sirens scene coming! Like WOW stuff! ~SH

Flixxx: Thanksgiving Turkey Toss (2017)


Agradecido Por La Chocha (2017)

Sicilia might be the greatest girlfriend of all time. She saw her man upset about not being able to celebrate thanksgiving, so she tried her best to make it happen for him! She wasn”t the most keen to american customs so she looked to the internet for help. First she cooked a chicken, which was incorrect. It was supposed to be a turkey. That”s strike one. Then came dessert. She accidentally got a lemon pie instead of pumpkin pie. That”s strike two, but she wasn”t giving up. Finally she tried to tantalize her boy with some futbol when he was really craving some football. Looks like she struck out, but little did he know she had one last surprise up her sleeve. She got down on her knees and began to suck his hard cock. She then spread her legs as wide as they would go and let him finish her off orally. It may not have been the most perfect thanksgiving ever, but we are certainly thankful for that pussy. Happy Thanksgiving Skeeters!

Sexgiving Day (2017)

What would you do to get promoted? Would you have sex with your boss? No? And if it turned out that your boss is a sexy VR porn star, Anya Ivy? Sounds better? Okay, one more question. Would you do that to get a raise for your beautiful wife, Bridgette B? And what if I told you that you could have a threesome with both of these sexy whores? To be honest, there is probably no VR Bangers fan that would say “no’ to that! Today is a Thanksgiving Day, and at home, there’s only you, your beloved wife and her boss that … What would you do to get promoted? Would you have sex with your boss? No? And if it turned out that your boss is a sexy VR porn star, Anya Ivy? Sounds better? Okay, one more question. Would you do that to get a raise for your beautiful wife, Bridgette B? And what if I told you that you could have a threesome with both of these sexy whores? To be honest, there is probably no VR Bangers fan that would say “no’ to that! Today is a Thanksgiving Day, and at home, there’s only you, your beloved wife and her boss that she invited to try to get her some better working conditions. Her supervisor doesn’t want to negotiate with her though, but is rather hungry for your hot cock — it looks like you’ll have to take care of your wife’s future career. Anya quickly explains what she wants from you and goes straight under your table to have some fun with your big donger. Sometime later, your beautiful wife joins the party, and you can’t believe that you’re having such a hot threesome in a usually boring Thanksgiving Day. In the kitchen, where not so long ago only the sound of an oven with the turkey could be heard, now the noises of two moaning and groaning women are spreading and they’re so loud that you’re actually worried that your neighbors could hear them. Thanks to VR Bangers realistic head tracking technology you can feel as if you were inside this scene, thus fulfilling your fantasies, not only related to sex on the Thanksgiving but also in relation to a threesome banging. In this 360 degree stereoscopic virtual reality 3D video you can look everywhere you want, but we all know that your eyes will focus mainly on these two sexy girls who will do anything to get satisfied with your dick. If only your own boss was as sexy as Anya and demanded such sacrifices from you, then you’d be earning twice as much money already!

Thanksgiving Family Fuckfest (2017)


Gobble On The Pussy Not The Pie (2017)

Juan is ready to enjoy his thanksgiving before he decides to try out the pie fucking theory. He fingers and fucks a pumpkin and apple pie to decide which will feel better until Cory Chase walks him on him. She yells at him about how he ruined thanksgiving and now she”s just going to have herself a good time with him. She carries him into the table to suck him off and has him going down on her. She makes him fuck hard and until she gets to cum. Watch her enjoy his load inside her mouth at the end.

Dorm Room Fucksgiving (2017)

Happy holidays from your friends at Dare Dorm! When college cuties Amilia Onyx, Zoe Clark and Jasmine Vega are stuck in their dorm room for Thanksgiving, they decide to have their own dinner party to celebrate. And while the table is set with cranberry sauce and some salad, these girls are craving one thing–meat! These dorm sluts are just so fucking hungry for some cock that they can’t wait for Jake Adams and his friends to show up. Only, Jake arrives looking like a turkey since he forgot to bring the main dish! Luckily for Jake, all these dressed up hotties want is to take naughty selfies of each other before licking each others tits and clits! Soon, their dripping wet pussies can’t wait to get stuffed! Amilia starts sucking off Jake’s snake, but soon remembers that this holiday is all about sharing so Zoe and Jasmine get to feast on Jake’s big dick too! One thing’s for sure, this was the best dorm room fucksgiving ever!

Riley Nixon Latex Sex (2017)

Buzzed blonde babe Riley Nixon slowly teased her way out of her fire engine red Syren Latex minidress, encouraging Steve Holmes’ growing erection. She snapped and peeled her skintight ensemble up and down revealing her exquisite natural tits and bottom before dropping to her knees to please her sharply dressed daddy. Papa Steve loves getting his ass licked before plowing into his sweet girl, and returning the favor slipping a finger into her puckerhole, because this turkey needs stuffing! Resting his balls on Riley’s pretty shaved head, she waits for his cum like a good girl. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Moms Hot Pie (2017)

Stunning mom India Summer is cooking up a storm. Her stepson Logan Long finds the pie India has made and decides to have some fun with it. Poking his finger into the crust gives him some ideas. Soon he has pushed his hardon into the soft filling to fuck the pie. India walks in on him in the act. Dropping to her knees she tries to rub the pie off his dick. When she realizes how sticky it is, she sucks Logan’s dick, too. Moments later, Logan pulls back and gives his stepmom a facial of cum just in time to run away before his dad walks in the room. Later, Logan’s family is eating Thanksgiving dinner with Emma Hix, Logan’s girlfriend. Logan is feeling daring, so he reaches beneath India’s miniskirt to stroke her slit. She’s nice and wet, and Logan’s fingers easily slide deep inside. Meanwhile, Emma is in the mood to flirt as well. She reaches her foot out to caress Logan’s cock while Logan keeps on finger banging his stepmom. As soon as Emma has an opening when no one is watching her, she slides under the table. Logan pulls his stiffie out, and soon Emma has wrapped her mouth around the tip. Sucking and stroking, she even manages to deep throat Logan’s big dick. They almost get away with it, but India gets up to start clearing the table and catches them. When Logan’s dad won’t discipline the two lovers, India takes matters into her own hands.

Forbidden Family Affairs 5 (2017)

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Angel Smalls decides to wake up her step-brother with a blowjob but the fun doesn’t stop there. While their parents are preparing Thanksgiving dinner, step-bro decides to let his fingers be the stuffing in Angel’s pussy! But what’s turkey without gravy, which Angel happily takes right in her cute face!

Lucie Kline Takes Her Daddy’s Friend’s Cock In Her Ass (2016)

Lucie Kline has always had the hots for her father”s friend Tony. He came over for Thanksgiving, and she couldn”t resist her urges. While having dinner she began jerking him off under the table. She then snuck a quick bj under the dinner table. When her parents were distracted enough, her and Tony snuck into one of the bedrooms. She demanded a pounding and a pounding she got. Tony slammed that pussy in several different positions, but then she demanded that dick in her ass. Tony was more than glad to do everything she wanted. He anally penetrated her until her asshole couldn”t take anymore. All of this culminated with a giant load to the face that would make her father proud.

Just Come Fuck My Tight Ass (2016)

Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn’t mean there won’t be any more stuffing going on. Today we bring to you one of the sexiest tgirls we’ve happened to run into. Beautiful Alisson Manrique joins the Trans500 family because word gets around on how we give these women exactly what they want. The sweet hardcore cock they crave. Alisson loves getting her ass stretched. She also gives some awesome deep-throating. Let’s get right to this hardcore action-packed scene folks. Welcome Alisson Manrique in “Just Come Fuck My Tight Ass!”

Flixxx: Stuffing the Turkey (2016)

What happens when your divorced dad starts dating a MILF? MILF Alicia is definitely the sexiest bird at the Thanksgiving table and she’s not above seducing her step-daughter-to be and her step-daughter s new boyfriend!

Alt Girl Anna Bell Peaks Gets Her Big Black Dick Fix (2016)

Sporting a new tattoo and lacy key lime lingerie that barely covers her big tits, Anna Bell Peaks is on the whore path for an interracial Thanksgiving feast. As the camera rolls, she shakes her plump juicy breasts and twists her nipples. She can’t help it- she’s horny and needs a heaping mouthful of Sean Michaels dark meat. Teasing her damp panties down her big ass, she tosses them in our face, purring, “Please find me some big dick.” Even before our guy reaches her, Anna Bell strokes his hard-on with her sexy feet. Cock teasing makes her creamier, and that’s when all vaginal hell breaks loose! Tasting her amazing deepthroat is one thing, but devouring her greedy hole is a new level of heaven. She flushes in submission, begging for seconds, and quivers with another massive squirt that sends cumshots burning down the PervCity house! Black Friday cums early with Anna Bell Peaks!

2 Chicks Same Time 21993 (2016)

Phoenix and Charles have a friend and his date over for Thanksgiving dinner. Both Phoenix and Charles got the hots for their friends date and want to feast on her pussy.

Cream On Her Pie (2016)

Nikky Dream is a hot blonde who comes upon you while you are relaxing on the couch after a satisfying Thanksgiving dinner. You have been all stuffed up with food so you are in some passive mood and just want to chill out and maybe take a nap. There is obviously at least one thing better than napping, but you are not sure if you had enough energy to do such activity now. Thankfully, we have got you covered with our VR Porn movie, when you do not have to literally do anything, cause we and our hot performers did … Nikky Dream is a hot blonde who comes upon you while you are relaxing on the couch after a satisfying Thanksgiving dinner. You have been all stuffed up with food so you are in some passive mood and just want to chill out and maybe take a nap. There is obviously at least one thing better than napping, but you are not sure if you had enough energy to do such activity now. Thankfully, we have got you covered with our VR Porn movie, when you do not have to literally do anything, cause we and our hot performers did everything already, so you can sit back and relax with your VR headset on — whether you have the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS VR, Daydream, Gear VR or Google Cardboard goggles with any of the newest smartphones. If you are in your seat already, you can now watch Nicky preparing you the desert in this Virtual Reality Porn video, as she is hoping that you will find some more space for her specialty — her famous pussy! She knows what to do when she sees a man and an unoccupied cock so she gets right to work on your dick, feeling it with her perfect feet and then unleashing it, tugging on it with her hands. Do we have any footjob fans over here? You guys should be certainly satisfied at this very moment — we are sure of it. Nikky teases your cock with her mouth before hopping on top to take you for a ride. She shows off all the parts of her body that she knows you will love — her ass, her big tits, and her pussy. When you are ready to spew, she holds her ass cheeks open for you — OMG this VR Porn movie has it all: footjob, anal, hot teen and it is all within your reach now!

Taboo Thanksgiving (2016)


Kendra’s Thanksgiving Stuffing (2016)

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When Kendras daughter brings her new boyfriend Jordi home for Thanksgiving, the horny milf just cant help putting his cock in her mouth and pussy the first chance she gets.

Kendra’s Thanksgiving Stuffing (2016)

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Saving Thanksgiving (2016)


Brothers and Sisters 2 (2016)

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It”s Thanksgiving and James” girlfriend convinces him to take her home to meet his family. His family consists of his Mom, Stepdad, sister and step sister who he used to have a thing with. Of course he ends up going and everyone gets on a little too well!!! Happy horny holidays.

Thanksgiving Fuckfeast (2015)

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Levi and his wife Ashley attempt to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, until his annoying ex-step daughter shows up, purposely trying to ruin it for everyone. With sexual tension and awkwardness putting a damper on their feast, Ashley proposes a new family tradition: fucking their unwanted guest.

Thanksgiving Fuckfeast (2015)

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My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 20471 (2015)

Today is the day for giving thanks and at Johnny’s Dads house there is a whole lot to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Naughty America.

Money Shaker (2015)

Its that time of year again for some holiday action and Money Talks is ready to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! So what better way than to have a girl dress up as a turkey and get shot in the ass by a bow and dildo! Then its on to some shopping and thats when Keely Jones walks through the door. A few titty flashes later and we got to some fucking for the right price!

Thanks for Giving (2015)

Sydney Cole was board with the chatter from her Dad and step mom, Cory Chase. She wanted to spice things up. She pretend to drop a fork, so she could drop her boyfriends pants. She is one horny devil to start sucking dick with every one seated. Luckily her Dad left, but Cory caught on quickly. She freaked out and made Sydney clean the table while she took Cody on a tour of the house since he arrived late. That tour was more about Cory exploring his cock and balls. They went at in the bathroom until Sydney found them. Since Thanksgiving is all about sharing this Step Mom and daughter combo gobbled on his drum stick. They wanted more, so they moved into the den unbeknownst to the Dad whom wondered but didn t really care where everybody was. The three stripped down and made this Thanksgiving one to remember.

Fan Thanksgiving Festival Creampie Orgy at Fan’s House (2015)

Released: 9 May 2015

Fan Thanksgiving Festival Tour (2015)

Released: 27 March 2015

My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 18935 (2014)

Nicole is cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for her boyfriend and his two sons, the only problem is Nicole can’t boil noodles properly. After the three of them look over the mash potatoes and the can of cranberry she left out on the table, Nicole asks for some help in the kitchen with the Turkey. It turns on that she never turned the oven on because she thought the microwave and oven were connected! She runs upstairs to the bedroom and Chad goes up to do a little more than console her.

Who Wants Pie (2014)

Brazzers Network
Big Tits Worship, Blowjob, Blowjob (POV), Cowgirl, Cowgirl (POV), Cum on Tits, Doggystyle, Facial (POV), Feet, Handjob (POV), Missionary, Pussy Licking, Sex, Side Fuck, Big Ass, Big Tits Worship, Blonde, Blowjob (POV), Facial (POV), Feet, Huge Tits, MILF, Mom, Thanksgiving, Wife,

Thanksgiving Shenanigans Lead to Sex (2014)

Karen Fisher is making her boyfriend Christian dress up like a Pilgrim for the family Thanksgiving. He is pissed about it until he sees the Indian costume Karen is wearing. Then he gets frisky and before they leave for a Thanksgiving meal, its time for some pre-game sex!

Fucking Machines 36341 (2014)

Darling and Ela look alike – that part was planned. But what was not planned was the over 80 MINUTES of amazing fucking and cumming! These two babes are remarkable. They are your American Thanksgiving, thanksgiving. Be thankful, don’t eat too much that you can’t yank it to this phenomenal shoot. This is a Hall of FuckingMachines Fame shoot. It’s unending and incredible. Darling squirts, both girls get ass fucked, there’s fisting, girl/girl fucking, machine fucking and all kinds of sexy, nasty play that celebrates all things awesome about the female orgasm! Drink it up, bookmark the shoot. Watch it in pieces or zip through it on FF until you seen something amazing (won’t take much). The subclips show it all really, so much porn, so much fucking, so much to be thankful for – thank YOU Darling and Ela.

TS Seduction 36668 (2014)

Yasmin and Will meet in a bar. They both had the same needs before heading off to their families for a night of family fighting, too much turkey and of course, the endless guilt trip about being single during the Holidays. They both wanted that one cocktail that takes the edge off and keeps your sister from saying you drink too much. Soon though their quick drink and a little commiserating leads to both of them returning to Will’s hotel room for a little pre-dinner fucking. Nothing like fucking a stranger that you will never see again right before going to a family gathering! The secret is enough to keep you smiling all the way to the pie! Yasmin fucks will relentlessly with her big dick. Her cock is so big it gapes his ass and makes him grunt. When he cums, she makes him squirt all over himself, and when Yasmin cums, it’s right in to Will’s gaping ass. Sensationally hot fucking, great blow jobs and everything you need to make your pre-dinner wank a happy little secret that keeps you smiling throughout your own thanksgiving dinner!

Fuck a Fan 22 (2014)

Immoral Productions
This edition is one of the most entertaining of all-time as the somewhat familiar looking fans Pedro, Juan and Paco compete over Lilith Lust, Payton Simmons and Ash Hollywood. Also lucky Citrus from Orange County gets to cum twice after a wild Thanksgiving contest with Ava Devine, Layla Price and Jennifer White

I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream for Hot Porn

So, we went and got ourselves an Instagram, and now we got ourselves an unlimited streaming site.

We’ve been big proponents of #pay4yourporn since if there’s no money in the ecosystem, the ecosystem will wither and die because your favorite directors, cameramen, editors, graphic designers, webmasters and website (!!) and performers all have to eat.

So, we’ve partnered up with Adult Empire to present IAFD Streaming,, our entree into the streaming platform space.

There’s 200,000 scenes and 60,000 full movies for you to chow down on, plus you can click around for some sex toys, DVDs and whatever else might float your boat.

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With your subscription comes a ROKU channel so you can watch on your TV from the comfort of your chair/bed/hammock/car/boat/RV.

So, if you’re going to subscribe to a streaming service, consider ours?

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Thanks for your support.

We’ve Got an Insta!

Joining the early part of the 21st Century

So, like a middle schooler getting her first smartphone, we’ve gone and joined Instagram.

We’ll be posting photos that @MorbidThoughts and others have taken at shows, new and old.

Morbid is running thru his backlog of AEE2019 shots, and who knows where we’ll go from there… only one way to find out… FOLLOW US!

Here’s all of our social media links, in order of activity:

Ask the IAFD: Who are the Most Prolific Porn Performers, 2018 Edition

The end of the year is always a fun time to look at some stats. So, let’s see who was busy this year, and then over the course of their careers.

Of course, these numbers only take into account the info we have, and they’re based on non-compilations released in 2018 (and prior).

Basically, we know we’re understating the numbers, and we know there are performers (mostly Clips4Sale, et al. performers) who are not represented.

The Women: 2018 Credits

Headshot of Abella Danger
Abella Danger
Active: 2014-2018
Movies: 167
Headshot of Gina Valentina
Gina Valentina
Active: 2015-2018
Movies: 155
Headshot of Whitney Wright
Whitney Wright
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 153
Headshot of Chloe Cherry
Chloe Cherry
Active: 2015-2018
Movies: 122
Headshot of Cherie DeVille
Cherie DeVille
Active: 2012-2018
Movies: 122
Headshot of Angela White
Angela White
Active: 2003-2018
Movies: 118
Headshot of Lena Paul
Lena Paul
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 117
Headshot of Kenzie Reeves
Kenzie Reeves
Active: 2017-2018
Movies: 117
Headshot of LilCanadianGirl
Active: 2018-2018
Movies: 115
Headshot of Kendra Spade
Kendra Spade
Active: 2017-2018
Movies: 108

The Women: Career Titles

Headshot of India Summer
India Summer
Active: 2006-2018
Movies: 1127
Headshot of Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie
Active: 2007-2018
Movies: 997
Headshot of Nina Hartley
Nina Hartley
Active: 1984-2018
Movies: 970
Headshot of Dana DeArmond
Dana DeArmond
Active: 2004-2018
Movies: 970
Headshot of Sharon Kane
Sharon Kane
Active: 1977-2010
Movies: 903
Headshot of Isis Love
Isis Love
Active: 2000-2018
Movies: 833
Headshot of Chanel Preston
Chanel Preston
Active: 2010-2018
Movies: 825
Headshot of Julia Ann
Julia Ann
Active: 1992-2018
Movies: 763
Headshot of Aiden Starr
Aiden Starr
Active: 2002-2018
Movies: 698
Headshot of Bridgette B
Bridgette B
Active: 2007-2018
Movies: 678

The Men: 2018 Titles

Headshot of Christian XXX
Christian XXX
Active: 2003-2018
Movies: 402
Headshot of Ennio Guardi
Ennio Guardi
Active: 2008-2018
Movies: 286
Headshot of Mick Blue
Mick Blue
Active: 2000-2018
Movies: 238
Headshot of Isiah Maxwell
Isiah Maxwell
Active: 2013-2018
Movies: 234
Headshot of Neeo
Active: 2000-2018
Movies: 233
Headshot of Markus Dupree
Markus Dupree
Active: 2008-2018
Movies: 230
Headshot of J-Mac
Active: 2005-2018
Movies: 227
Headshot of Johnny Castle
Johnny Castle
Active: 2005-2018
Movies: 224
Headshot of Xander Corvus
Xander Corvus
Active: 2010-2018
Movies: 201
Headshot of Ramon Nomar
Ramon Nomar
Active: 1997-2018
Movies: 194

The Men: Career Titles

Headshot of James Deen
James Deen
Active: 2004-2018
Movies: 3124
Headshot of Christian XXX
Christian XXX
Active: 2003-2018
Movies: 2919
Headshot of Mark Wood
Mark Wood
Active: 1998-2018
Movies: 2608
Headshot of Mick Blue
Mick Blue
Active: 2000-2018
Movies: 2591
Headshot of Mr. Pete
Mr. Pete
Active: 2000-2018
Movies: 2521
Headshot of John Strong
John Strong
Active: 1998-2018
Movies: 2369
Headshot of Johnny Sins
Johnny Sins
Active: 2006-2018
Movies: 2201
Headshot of Johnny Castle
Johnny Castle
Active: 2005-2018
Movies: 2098
Headshot of Tom Byron
Tom Byron
Active: 1982-2018
Movies: 2078
Headshot of Erik Everhard
Erik Everhard
Active: 1998-2018
Movies: 2043

Trans Performers: 2018 Titles

Headshot of Natalie Mars
Natalie Mars
Active: 2015-2018
Movies: 61
Headshot of Lena Kelly
Lena Kelly
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 36
Headshot of Chanel Santini
Chanel Santini
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 34
Headshot of Casey Kisses
Casey Kisses
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 34
Headshot of Marissa Minx
Marissa Minx
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 31
Headshot of Shiri
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 26
Headshot of Korra Del Rio
Korra Del Rio
Active: 2014-2018
Movies: 25
Headshot of Aspen Brooks
Aspen Brooks
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 25
Headshot of Kayleigh Coxx
Kayleigh Coxx
Active: 2017-2018
Movies: 25
Headshot of Chelsea Marie
Chelsea Marie
Active: 2012-2018
Movies: 20

Trans Performers: Career Titles

Headshot of Venus Lux
Venus Lux
Active: 2012-2018
Movies: 164
Headshot of Carla Novaes
Carla Novaes
Active: 2004-2017
Movies: 157
Headshot of Foxxy
Active: 2003-2018
Movies: 157
Headshot of Aubrey Kate
Aubrey Kate
Active: 2013-2018
Movies: 136
Headshot of Natalie Mars
Natalie Mars
Active: 2015-2018
Movies: 129
Headshot of Thays Schiavinato
Thays Schiavinato
Active: 2006-2014
Movies: 123
Headshot of Chanel Santini
Chanel Santini
Active: 2016-2018
Movies: 114
Headshot of Karen Dior
Karen Dior
Active: 1989-2003
Movies: 114
Headshot of Kalena Rios
Kalena Rios
Active: 2004-2016
Movies: 113
Headshot of Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox
Active: 2008-2018
Movies: 110

The Annotated AVN Nominations, 2018 Edition

Once again, AVN has released unto the world, a torrent of nominations covering virtually every facet of adult movie production. No stone is left unturned, no production company seems to be left out.

The AVN Awards are being presented on January 26, 2019 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas; hosted by Romi Rain and Bailey Rayne.

Here’s our breakdown:

Movie Awards

Best Action/Thriller

Best All-Girl Movie

Best Anal Movie

Best Anthology Movie

Best BDSM Movie

Best Comedy

Best Drama

Best Ethnic Movie

Best Featurette

Best Foreign Feature/Anthology Movie

Best Ingenue Movie

Best Interracial Movie

Best Lewd Propositions Movie

Best Gonzo Movie

Best MILF Movie

Best Niche Movie

Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Movie

Best Oral Movie

Best Orgy/Gangbang Movie

Best Parody

Best Polyamory Movie

Best Pro-Am/Exhibitionist Movie

Best Star Showcase

Best Taboo Relations Movie

Best Transsexual Movie

Best Scenes

Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene

Best Anal Sex Scene

Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene

Best Double Penetration Sex Scene

Best Foreign-Shot All-Girl Sex Scene

Best Foreign-Shot Anal Sex Scene

Best Foreign-Shot Boy/Girl Sex Scene

Best Foreign-Shot Group Sex Scene

Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene

Best Group Sex Scene

Best Oral Sex Scene

Best Three-Way Sex Scene – B/B/G

Best Three-Way Sex Scene: G/G/B

Best Transsexual Sex Scene

Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene

Most Outrageous Sex Scene

Acting Awards

Best Actor – Feature Movie

Best Actor – Featurette

Best Actress – Feature Movie

Best Actress – Featurette

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Non-Sex Performance

Best Solo/Tease Performance

Performer Awards

All-Girl Performer of the Year

Female Foreign Performer of the Year

Female Performer of the Year

Male Foreign Performer of the Year

Male Performer of the Year

MILF Performer of the Year

Niche Performer of the Year

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Best Male Newcomer

Best New Starlet

Mainstream Venture of the Year

Director Awards

Best Director – Feature

Best Director – Non-Feature

Best Director: Web Channel/Site

Director of the Year

Foreign Director of the Year

Production / Technical Awards

Best Art Direction

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Makeup

Best Marketing Campaign – Individual Project

Best Screenplay

Best Soundtrack

Best Special Effects

Clever Title of the Year