A Look at The 1989 Winter CES (Adult)

Now that 2023’s AEE/X3 shows are behind us, let’s take an even further look back at the 1989 Winter CES show.

Photographer John A. Mozzer (who is also known around these parts as performer Alan Adrian) shared a bunch of photos he took around the 1989 Winter CES – when the adult exhibitors were tucked away on the second floor of the Sahara, and private parties were where you rubbed your elbows.

We can’t recommend enough getting lost and clicking around John’s meticulously captioned galleries over on SmugMug – it’s a cornucopia of the NYC downtown scene (and elsewhere) peppered with some familiar faces and a really great eye for the candid…

Click on the picture below to see the rest of the CES gallery:

Source: John A. Mozzer’s gallery of 1989 Winter CES, Adult Exhibitors, Las Vegas