Alternates and Comments

We’re pretty excited about our newest additions to the site. For years we’ve been tracking comments about titles in the database, but we kept them to ourselves; mostly to help each other with editing and whatnot, mking sure we didn’t make the same corection over and over.. but we felt these tidbits were too valuable to keep to ourselves, so they’re now displayed on movie pages. (Performer pages are coming soon.)

The other thing we did that we’re pretty excited about is we’re now keeping tabs of alternate versions… so if a company releases a movie and then a few years later re-edits that movie and re-releases it, we’ll make a note of it. (Dirty Little Trash Talkers springs to mind…)

Hope you find these useful!

Narrowing the Search…

Hola Amigos — been a long time since I rapped at ya.

We added a new filter to the comprehensive search — and we plan on be adding it other places to as the days roll on — so when you do a search using our Firefox plug-in or the Title/Person/Review search, once the results pop up, you’ll be given the opportunity to limit the results by a given year. Don’t care about movies pre-2000? Filter ’em out. Only interested in performers named Sandra who might have performed this year or last? Filter the rest out.

Next up: Editors’ Comments.