IAFD Interview 21: Bibi Jones

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Striking while the publicity iron is hot, we have an interview Morbid Thoughts did with Bibi Jones back in January from AEE.

Bibi was signing for Digital Playground, but hadn’t shot any movies for them yet.  She was gearing up for her first shoot, getting used to the name change from Britney Beth, and having a good time.

Bibi Jones filmography at IAFD

Bibi’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/xxxbibijones

Bibi’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBiBiJones



JEFF FROM IAFD: Hey! We’re back! The IAFD interviews brought to you by the Internet Adult Film Database at IAFD.com. I’m your intro guy, Webmaster Jeff. You may be familiar with me from my work on Playboy Radio “Night Calls” every Thursday night at around 4:40 Pacific/7:40 Eastern where we talk about classic movies of the day. But today we sent Morbid Thoughts out to the Adult Entertainment Expo in January to talk with porn star Bibi Jones, who just happens to be in the news recently for shtupping some NFL players — whoo hoo! So without further ado and without further introduction, I give you Morbid Thoughts and Bibi Jones.
Morbid Thoughts: Hi this is Morbid Thoughts, I’m at the Digital Playground booth with one of its newest contract stars, I think, Bibi Jones?
Bibi Jones: Bibi Jones yes, newest and youngest.
Morbid Thoughts: I been actually following Bibi on the messages boards, I think one of them Adult DVD Talk and she seems quite popular over there.
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I’m always on that forum just cause I want to get to know my fans and I want to tell them what’s going on and I want to keep them informed ‘cause it’s important to me I wanna always be in contact with my fans.
Morbid Thoughts: Um, so Bibi I am just going to ask you a couple of questions because we are kinda like a database website so I just want to ask you like the basics. Where were you born?
Bibi Jones: What year?
Morbid Thoughts: No, where were you born?
Bibi Jones: Oklahoma.
Morbid Thoughts: Oklahoma? Like, in a small town or…?
Bibi Jones: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I was born and raised there.
Morbid Thoughts: Ok, I have been there. All I can remember is that it’s really hot, like in the summer.
Bibi Jones: Yeah. But now I live in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Morbid Thoughts: Do you like it is Scottsdale?
Bibi Jones: I love it! It’s so much fun there!
Morbid Thoughts: So, I am guessing you commute back and forth for shooting?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, and then when I’m in Scottsdale I work every single day at a club called Bourbon Street, I used to strip there.
Morbid Thoughts: So you still work there?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I still work there every single day that I am in Arizona which is 3 weeks out of the month I’m there every night.
Morbid Thoughts: Um, how tall are you?
Bibi Jones: 5’6″.
Morbid Thoughts: [ ] I usually don’t ask that, but how long have you been in this industry now?
Bibi Jones: Only two months.
Morbid Thoughts: Two months? And you just recently got your contract, right?
Bibi Jones: Yes, I recently got my contract; it was like a Christmas present! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Who were you working for before?
Bibi Jones: I was with Fox Modeling Agency and I worked with a bunch of different companies, like mainly website companies, you know reality kinks and all that stuff.
Morbid Thoughts: And if people I guess want to look for you right now, they would have to look for you under another name or?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, Britney Beth — B-r-i-t-n-e-y-B-e-t-h.
Morbid Thoughts: So what’s, how did you get your new name Bibi Jones?
Bibi Jones: It’s from a James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only”. There was a girl named Bibi and she was 17 years old and she wanted to fuck James Bond but he wouldn’t fuck her cause she was underage.
Morbid Thoughts: And he’s a gentleman apparently!
Bibi Jones: (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: I guess James Bond is actually a gentleman!
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I guess so! I’d love to fuck James Bond. (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Have you shot any movies for Digital yet?
Bibi Jones: Not yet. January 13th and the 14th I’m doing my first movie with Riley Steele and some guys I don’t know who the male talent will be but I’m super excited.
Morbid Thoughts: When you’re working, do you have any limitations in your scenes.
Bibi Jones: No. I love everything.
Morbid Thoughts: I know you’ve only been in this industry for 2 months, but have you already had some favorite performers to work with?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I mean I like every guy that I work with just as long as they have a hard cock and know how to fuck and then give me a really good facial at the end I’m happy so I can taste that sweet cum!
Morbid Thoughts: So, were you stripping before you came into this industry?
Bibi Jones: Yup, I was. I’ve been Stripping for a year now.
Morbid Thoughts: And how did you get recruited or how did you transition into the adult industry?
Bibi Jones: Well, you know, I’m an exhibitionist and I love to fuck more than anything so I just thought, you know, why not just take it one step further? And do it for a living and get paid to be a slut, so why not? (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Um, like I said before, you seem very popular on the message boards. How do you like interacting with your fans through, I guess, through social media?
Bibi Jones: I like it a lot. I talk to all my fans on my Facebook and Twitter — try to get to know everyone and keep informed with what’s going on. I always post pictures and stuff like that and just, you know, ‘cause I think that they like that, you know, keep my contact with them.
Morbid Thoughts: Have they treated you well as, like as fans?
Bibi Jones: Absolutely, well you know some of them weren’t so happy that I contracted and some of them are really excited because, you know, Digital Playground I think is like the best company. We have the hottest girls and you know, hire quality so I don’t see why anyone would be disappointed that I’m with them now.
Morbid Thoughts: Do you know why they were disappointed? I mean the only reason I can think of is that you might work a little less.
Bibi Jones: Yeah, that’s the main reason ‘cause they want to see me get fucked hard.
Morbid Thoughts: From what it seems like, from your acting with several contract girls over the years it seems like you out and more accessible to the fans!
Bibi Jones: Exactly!
Morbid Thoughts: So I don’t understand the complaint that much.
Bibi Jones: I don’t understand it either but whatever! I’m happy! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: All I have to wonder is, how much porn is too much porn, in terms of like, okay instead of, I don’t know how many movies a person does a year but, I guess you’ll do like 12 a year [ ]?
Bibi Jones: 24.
Morbid Thoughts: See! 24 is a lot in a year! So, how many movies is not enough!
Bibi Jones: Exactly! It is a lot!
Morbid Thoughts: And you’re excited, you don’t know the guy yet for your scene?
Bibi Jones: I do not know, but, you know, I don’t really care (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: You don’t have any preference?
Bibi Jones: No! (laughs) I just get fucked! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: You’re very lovely and we’re gonna take a couple pictures of you later, uh, but I guess I can end this interview now. Is there anything else you want to tell the fans?
Bibi Jones: Um, Thank you, keep on following on Twitter and on my message boards and I really appreciate all the support that you give me and I love you all!
Morbid Thoughts: Do you want to plug the Twitter address?
Bibi Jones: Well, yeah, my Twitter is @xxxBibiJones and my Facebook is  https://www.facebook.com/TheBiBiJones.
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, Thank you for the interview Bibi.
Bibi Jones: Thank you, appreciate it!
JEFF FROM IAFD: This has been an IAFD.com production.