Tonight on Playboy Radio: Comeback (1995)

Tonight (7:45 Eastern, 4:45 Pacific) on Playboy Radio (XM 102), we’ll be discussing Paul Thomas‘ 1995 classic, Comeback, which was a starring vehicle for Christy Canyon, who  was marking her return to boy/girl performing after a 2+ year hiatus.

I’m finding it hard to believe that if porn movies could drive, this movie would already have it’s license in most parts of the United States…

Back when this came out, I wrote:

I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I was jonesing for Christy something fierce and watched PT’s SEX 2 some time ago to try and satisfy the craving because I couldn’t get a hold of this movie. Good things come to those who wait.

The movie was funny as hell. Since everything took place in the porn studio, we were treated to the noise of air wrenches and phones ringing. For some reason this struck me as very funny.

The dialog was great and the nonsex roles were handled quite ably by PT (playing a satirical version of himself) and Scotty Schwartz,  who played the writer.

Best line: when looking for an actor to take Steven St. Croix‘s spot in a scene, Tony Tedeschi looks at PT and says “Hey, you used to act…” and PT looks at him and says “Yeah, but my wife would have my balls for a cat toy” at which point a “meow” rips across the soundtrack. Very funny.

The music was great by porn standards, mostly made up of big band numbers, tho we did have to suffer through a typical inane guitar rock piece. The big band theme was a cross between “Chattanooga Choo Choo” and”Take the A Train” so that everytime it came up we titled it “Take the X Train…”  the closing credits have a loopy organ number that I would have expected to hear on Laugh-In.

Am I really gushing about a PT movie? Sure am. Hats off to PT and the writer and Christy and everyone else involved. Only downside was that some of the sex was only lukewarm (the Shelby Stevens scene, the Christa Rain scene) but the scenes with Christy were electric and most of all… fun.

I would be surprised if the scene with TT and Christy doesn’t pick up some major awards next year.

This one is a keeper.

Best scene in the movie is between TT Boy and Christy, and they’re not even on screen together!

It’s not a threeway, but a scene that proves a few different things that seemed impossible in porno: (1) the mind is the sexiest organ and (2) that (when pushed) TT Boy is not repulsive. :-)

Christy is not coming out of her dressing room. TT wants her to so they can start shooting the movie. TT and Christy talk their way through a sex scene through her door. Dallas blows TT and then gets fucked by him as the scene goes on.

TT and Christy give great performances here, which are slightly marred by the looping of lines. I watched this scene with my best man and kept saying to him “Didn’t they just say that?”

Throughout the scene, Christy goes from drawing glasses and moustaches on her “competitions” pictures (ha- sterical!) to hotly masturbating with a silver dildo.

When TT Boy cums on Dallas’ tits, he is so spent by the eroticism of the scene that he can’t perform, which sets up the rest of the movie…

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Also on the show, we did a brief “Where Are They Now?” bit about Steven St. Croix, where I said I thought he was an artist living in France… and I was right! :-)

The article I stumbled upon via my Google news “porn” RSS feed appeared over at Business Insider and was called “From Porn Star To Painter” (there was a reprint with extensive comments from Steven/Ben over at the author’s site, but it seems to have been removed) and his website is Ben Banks Art at