Today on Spice Radio: Trashy Lady (1985)

Today on Spice Radio YouPort (XM103 at 2:30 PM Eastern / 11:30 AM Pacific) I’ll be talking with Ginger and Christy about the 1985 movie Trashy Lady starring Ginger and their guest, Cara Lott.

The movie starts out with 1920s gangster Dutch Siegel is (Harry Reems) on the phone and his moll, Cara, is complaining that he spends too much time working, and not enough time taking care of her. .. so he takes care of her.

He starts out eating her out and then she returns the favor.  I’m a big fan of hands-free cock sucking and she starts by pulling his boxers down and then just taking his floppy member right in her mouth.  They bang missionary for a while and then he flips her over for some doggie and he cums on her ass.  She looks pretty good here, all natural and into her partner.

Afterwards, they go to a speakeasy and Dutch wants to leave, but Cara doesn’t; and she ends up leaving him for good.  (“Dutch?  Fuck off!”)  Dutch becomes enamored with the cigarette girl (Ginger Lynn) and asks Tony, the owner (Steve Drake) about her.  Tony plays dumb, but Dutch says everyone knows he fucks the new girls before putting them out on the floor.

So we flashback to Tony fucking Kitty standing doggie style.  She’s not enjoying herself, but she needs the job, so she just takes it.  Ginger has most of her clothes on, but she’s got a great all-in-one garter/stocking set on that shows off her ass. This is not a sexually exciting screen as Kitty is all but waiting for Tony to finish up; and he does by cumming a bit on her ass.

Dutch calls Kitty over and asks her to be his gal.

Next, we see Dutch’s car pull up to a curb outside his office and he gets out and sees newsie Tom Byron.  He flips him a quarter to watch the car as he goes inside.

A quick note about the art direction – really top notch.  They shoot in decent locations that look the period, and they rented the right cars.  Costumes are paid attention to and are period appropriate.

Dutch sends for his rival, Big Louie’s (Hershel Savage) moll, Rita (Amber Lynn), and she’s got tough talk for him.  Dutch wants Rita to help make Kitty less classy.  “What a guy like me needs, is a Trashy Lady, just like you!” and he plies her with some jewelry.  Since Big Louie is in the slammer, she takes the deal. To show her appreciation, she blows him.  They’re both clothed throughout the scene, and she asks him to cum on her face, and really — how can he not oblige?  (For a second it looked as if she was going to be able to make him cum; but at the last minute, he had to finish himself off.)

Rita says she needs a guy to help make Kitty trashy, and right at that moment, he hears Tommy yelling from downstairs.  We cut to Tommy laid on a bed with Amber and Ginger on either side of him.  Amber starts sucking his dick, giving Ginger instruction along the way. Ginger asks questions along the way, and really works his dick over, taking it all the way down.  Amber paints her nails hooker red while Ginger goes to town.

Ginger is all smiles and just looks great, but once she gets him hard, Amber pushes her away and sits on Tommy’s cock.  Ginger positions herself around to get a good vantage.  Amber looks really great as she rides away. Then its Ginger’s turn and she’s all smiles and far more into the sex than she was with Steve.  She bucks into him and when he’s about to cum, Amber reaches her newly polished nails around and jerks him off onto Ginger’s ass.  Ginger asks how she did, and Amber makes a date for more practice the next day.

Next up, Big Louie is in jail, visited by Al (J. Massey) his lawyer(?) who tells Louie about Rita’s deal with Dutch.  Louie, as you might imagine, is none too pleased.  Dutch leaves and sees Tommy on the way out, throwing him a “double sawbuck” for his troubles.

Next, Dutch heads to the local gym where he’s ensuring that his fighter (Francois Papilion) is ready to take a dive that night.  His trainer (Marc Wallice) assures Dutch he will.  Meanwhile, a groupie (Cheri Janvier) is complaining about the lack of sex and Dutch suggests she do something about it — so she DP’s Francois and Marc.  They bang for a while then Marc pulls out of her ass to pop his load, then Francois pulls out of her pussy to cum on her ass.

As Kitty is practicing her swear words, she catches the attention of maid, Bunny Bleu.  Bunny wastes no time sucking Ginger’s tits and then moving down between her legs.  Then it’s Ginger’s turn to eat out, and Bunny hikes up her maid uniform and Ginger gets to work.  Bunny offers her pointers as she goes along, but it’s clear that Ginger is a quick learner.

Rita goes to visit Louie in jail, and he lets her know that he knows of her deal with Dutch… but he misses her and as he tells her the things he’s going to do to her when he gets out, we get a fantasy pairing between the two in the visiting room.  He eats her, she sucks him off, then he gives her a solid fucking on the table.  After some in-and-out, he pulls his cock out and lays it across her bush as he pulls off a patented John Leslie no hands cum shot…

Dutch, a mechanic and Dutch’s bodyguard (Rick Savage) are in an alcohol warehouse when one of Louie’s henchmen opens fire with a tommy gun.

Ginger is in the bath and calls to Bunny who is making the bed while Rick looks on.  Ginger’s being bitchy, er trashy, and Bunny isn’t having any of it.  Rick commiserates about what a bitch Ginger is being and he makes a move on Bunny which ends with her sucking his dick… and interrupting it to answer to Ginger in the tub.

I’ve always found Bunny to be very attractive, but she’s been slightly tarnished by Jerry Butler who compared her to a blow-up “Bobo the Clown” inflatable toy.

She gets up on the edge of the bed, and Rick climbs under to eat her out from behind.  He gets his thumb up in her and she lowers herself down on it.  Soon enough, he takes his thumb out, lays her on the chaise and throws a hump into her and blows a good load on her bush.

Finally, Dutch visits Louie in jail and confronts him about trying to rub him out take over the bootlegging operation.  Dutch says he was pissed about Rita going over to Dutch’s every day, and Dutch explains the score.

Soon thereafter, Louie is out of jail and at the “3rd Annual Brotherhood Convention” we get the big reveal of Kitty, in a gorgeous white satin dress.  She curses a bit and Dutch is enamored with his Trashy Lady.

My colleague, Jamie, over at his site, Videotramp, had this to say about the movie:

Trashy Lady director, Steve Scott, started out working in the publicity department at Universal Studios in the late 1960′s, before venturing into porn in 1975 on a dare. Within the next ten years, Scott churned out roughly twenty-four gay porn films. Some of them were dogs, but most would go on to become gay classics, including Track Meet, A Married Man and A Few Good Men. In 1985, he began experimenting with ‘straight’ porn, shooting three shot-on-film titles for Masterpiece Video (a now-defunct division of 4-Play Video). All three of the films featured an upncoming starlet named Ginger Lynn. Interestingly, their three collaborations, especially Trashy Lady, are still being discussed by porn fans even today ” a testament to their significance. The years truly have been kind to Trashy Lady, which has gone on to become a legitimate adult film classic, often noted by Ginger Lynn aficionados as one of her finest films.

The film was out of print for a long time, but it has since found a new audience on DVD and VOD.  It’s definitely worth a look; pay attention to the Amber/Ginger/Tommy scene with honorable mentions going to the two Bunny Bleu scenes.