Sarah Vandella: “I’m hornier than ever…”

Sarah Vandella
After eight years in the adult industry, some might think that a female pornstar would be considered a ‘seasoned veteran’ of the industry. While that is true in the case of the magnificent Sarah Vandella, the fact is she is just now reaching the pinnacle of super stardom. I state that with the knowledge that this is a woman who’s received literally dozens of award nominations (including several you’ve seen right here in IAFD’s Spank Bank Awards, and are certain to see many more in this year’s edition). As she’s reached her early thirties, you practically can’t look at a list of new DVDs or freshly printed men’s magazines without seeing the ever sexy blonde bombshell on the cover. Hard work (no pun intended), raw sexual prowess, and the desire to constantly and consistently churn out scintillating performances are all trademarks of Sarah Vandella, and she does it all with a smile on her face. That smile is a testament to how much she truly loves what she’s doing.

Crazy fun, super cool, as fan friendly as you can get, funny, charming, a great conversationalist, and absolutely stunning…. What else can you say about the unstoppable Sarah Vandella? She just keeps getting better and better while her star keeps glowing brighter and brighter.

Sarah Vandella in LeWood's 'BAM Blonde Anal MILFs'
Sarah Vandella in LeWood‘s ‘BAM Blonde Anal MILFs’

Gabriel Lan: From one former porn video store clerk to another, thank you very much for doing this interview with me. How long did you work at the video store? I’m guessing it was just a part time job. How did you end of working there in the 1st place? lol

Sarah Vandella: Well of course, you’re very “welcum” (see what I did there)! I started at the Pleasure Palace in East Northport, NY in 2005. I was just about to turn 22, and the owner Joey hired me. What led me there was sheer curiosity! I was sexually shy in high school, so I wanted to see what it felt like to be around porn. Turns out, I loved it!

Gabriel Lan: As did I, I’m sure you had some rather interesting customers come into the store, “Regular irregulars” as I liked to call them. What are some of the more memorable ones?

Sarah Vandella: The customers were nice, but super quiet and most wouldn’t talk to me. I looked like jailbait! However, Joey’s wife Michele (who is stunning) knew all the customers by first and last name and they eventually warmed up to me. I don’t recall anyone being anything but respectful and kind when I started shooting. Even when I ended up under contract they were always supportive of me and still are to this day.

Sarah in Hustler Video's 'Darker Shade'
Sarah in Hustler Video’s ‘Darker Shade’

Gabriel Lan: Is that where you really began to be intrigued by the thought of working in the sex industry?

Sarah Vandella: I was already intrigued by the sex industry from working at the porn shop. It was a way for me to start small because I was actually shy, so I didn’t want to just jump right into it.

Gabriel Lan: From my own experience working in a porn store, very few things ‘shock’ me. You become ‘desensitized’ to certain things. You become more likely to not be offended by jokes about sex, for example, and can certainly “one up” the other guy. Do you fell that way at all? Do very little ‘shock’ you or make you go “Ewwww, gross!” lol What DOES shock you?

Sarah Vandella: Not much. Anything with animals, which is just wrong!!!

Gabriel Lan: From the video store, you then became an exotic dancer, and you are still on the feature dancing circuit to this day, right? You still enjoy it? Does being a featured performer make it more enjoyable for you? What are some of your favorite cities to be the headliner?

Sarah Vandella: Yes, that’s correct. I started dancing in 2006 and I loved it. I’ve done some feature dancing over the years, but I’m interested in pursuing it more now, so I’m working on that!

Ms Vandella in Naughty America's 'Housewife 1 on 1 37'
Ms Vandella in Naughty America’s ‘Housewife 1 on 1 37’

Gabriel Lan: In my humble opinion, you are one of the hardest working performers in the industry, and from what I see on Twitter and Instagram, that goes for off screen as well. Tell me about your workout regiment. How often do you work out? Would you say you’re in much better shape fitness wise now than when you started in the industry?

Sarah Vandella: Thank you so much, I appreciate that! Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have become a way of life for me over the past couple of years. I went through some hard times where alcohol and drugs were becoming a priority and taking care of myself wasn’t. Sadly, most of it is reflected through my work during 2012-2014. I turned my stuff around early in 2014 and I’ve been doing wonderful ever since.

Sarah Vandella: What also helps me is that I have a close and open relationship with my family. They do not judge my choice of working industry; they are also incredibly supportive of my healthy lifestyle. Working out is a form of therapy for me. For example, when I fuck in my scenes my endorphins are racing and I’m so incredibly happy. Exercise gives me the same feeling. It’s my “me time”, so I can go and share my porn with the rest of the world. Balance is a big part of it as well. I don’t believe in over exercising, which can cause injury. I believe in four to five days of cardio with ankle weights followed by circuit of squats, lunges, planks, and burpees! I’ll take exercise classes and I’ll incorporate moves and strength exercises that I’ve learned from trainers over the years.

Sarah getting sweaty in Zero Tolerance's 'Big Busty Workout 4'
Sarah getting sweaty in Zero Tolerance’s ‘Big Busty Workout 4’

Gabriel Lan: Speaking of Twitter, at last count, how many times HAVE you been suspended or completely forced to create a new account? LoL You’re so naughty…

Sarah Vandella: Yeah, I was suspended for being a naughty girl on Twitter, but I made nice and so far so good! I did have to start from scratch last year after the 2014 AVN’s, but with support from industry friends, studios, and fans I’ve gotten my followers back. I look forward to increasing them!

Gabriel Lan: I know you can’t speak for everyone, but in your opinion has social media been just as much a positive for pornstars as it has been for the fans? Despite the drawbacks, i.e. the trolls and assholes that also come along with it.

Sarah Vandella: Absolutely, I believe social media has had a positive impact on allowing the fans to see that adult stars are approachable. We have a different kind of job, but Twitter for instance allows the fan an inside look at our lives. Also, I think social media is great because you can see-through the bullshit! You can see who’s consistent; you can see who actually cares, and who puts effort in. It’s a good thing!

Sarah in's 'Throated Contest 2014: Sarah Vandella'
Sarah in’s ‘Throated Contest 2014: Sarah Vandella’

Gabriel Lan: True or False: Was #TittieTuesday on Twitter was invented with Sarah Vandella specifically in mind?

Sarah Vandella: You’re too sweet!!! I actually would love to know the history behind #TittieTuesday, but sadly that’s false. I can’t take full credit!

Gabriel Lan: You have gone from ‘little to no anal’ to ‘Anal Warrior’ over the last couple of years, especially recently. Where did this newfound desire for anal come from? You really enjoy it now? It seems like you almost prefer it on screen these days.

Sarah Vandella: Well thank you. I have been enjoying it very much, indeed! I feel it was something that came with blossoming into my 30s! I’m hornier than ever and experiencing anal orgasms has become a huge turn on for me! I took my time and have done it on my terms 100%. It feels awesome to be able to share this chapter of my career with my fans!

Gabriel Lan: Also in the last couple of years, you’ve done a lot of interracial scenes. Not that you weren’t doing IR before, but it seems like you’re in virtually every big IR release and/or anal movie lately lol. Do you have a preference when it comes to scenes? How about off screen?

Sarah Vandella: I’m thrilled to have been able to shoot IR for some of the best companies out there including Arch Angel’s “Anal Warriors 2“, Evil Angel’s “Anal Angels” directed by Jonni Darkko and Hustler Video’s A Darker Shade“. I’m 8 years in the biz, and still being presented with opportunities to work with incredible studios and talent, which is really all I could ask for. As for off screen, truth be told, I’m super shy and picky! If I think a guy is hot or sexy, I will usually make the first move. Problem is the ones I like are usually taken!

Sarah with the incredible Jada Stevens in ArchAngel Productions' 'Anal Warriors 2'
Sarah with the incredible Jada Stevens in ArchAngel Productions’ ‘Anal Warriors 2’

Gabriel Lan: You have done multiple blow bangs and gangbangs now. Is being overwhelmed by copious amounts of dick something you fantasize about? Are you in fact living out your own fantasies in those scenes?

Sarah Vandella: Oh my… got hot reading this question! Yes blow/gang bangs are a huge fantasy for me! So much that I remember day dreaming about boys in my grade school as a young girl, and having them lined up in front of me and just being passed around! I’m pretty sure in those fantasies it was make out, heavy petting only, because I was still pretty innocent! And, it’s only overwhelming in a very good fun way!

Gabriel Lan: Over the last couple of years, your Girl/Girl scenes haven’t been as frequent as they were in the past Is that by design? Are you simply more focused than ever on dick? We will continue to see you teamed with other gorgeous ladies, I hope….

Sarah Vandella: Hmmm…h, I’m definitely not forgetting about the ladies. I just shot a very hot girl/girl with Tara Morgan for Elegant Angel / Club 59’s “Teach Me 4“. Also I had a lovely girl/girl with the sexy Jade Nile for Hustler’s “A Darker Shade” in 2015. And before that in 2014, I shot a very hot scene with Daisy Haze for Zero Tolerence’s “Kittens & Cougars 8“…I love shooting anything from solo to dialogue sequences to hardcore sex with both girls and guys!

Sarah Vandella in Dogfart's 'Gangbang Her Little White Thang 14'
Sarah Vandella in Dogfart’s ‘Gangbang Her Little White Thang 14’

Gabriel Lan: You’ve already taken your game to ‘the next level’ in my humble opinion, so what is the “next level” for you? What are some things you haven’t done that you want to try?

Sarah Vandella: Well my hopes and goals are to obtain some awards and recognition. My dream is to win Best Actress.

Gabriel Lan: Is that a long term goal and aspiration for you? Winning AVN Awards?

Sarah Vandella: Yes! Absolutely! I would love to win AVN Best Actress. And be inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

Gabriel Lan: What do you hope / plan / want to see yourself doing, say…five years from now?

Sarah Vandella: Still shooting porn and building my fan base even more, more feature dancing of course, and I would love to eventually direct…and have an AVN for Best Actress sitting on my mantle.

The lovely Sarah Vandella in Devil's Film's 'Blacked Out 2'
The lovely Sarah Vandella in Devil’s Film’s ‘Blacked Out 2’

Gabriel Lan: What’s next for Sarah Vandella? What do you have upcoming that you’re really excited about?

Sarah Vandella: What’s next is continuing to shoot porn for, as well as other companies. Fans have more access to me than ever before. They can request Custom Videos from me at Fans can also call or text me directly at and find my name under lovers and click to purchase.

Gabriel Lan: If the ‘Real Housewives of” wherever were cast with pornstars, would the shows be any better? Certainly the makeup sex after the fights and arguments would be exponentially better lol. ‘Real Housewives of Chatsworth’? ‘Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley’ maybe?

Sarah Vandella: I love all the housewives! Totally a guilty pleasure of mine! I don’t know if porn stars would make it better as those housewives are pretty ruthless!

Gabriel Lan: I heard somewhere that your parents have been married for 40 years. Wow! That’s a special relationship in today’s world.

Sarah Vandella: Yes, 37 years! They are high school sweethearts, totally a generation thing, just not the same.

Sarah in Mike Adriano Media's 'Butthole Adventures'
Sarah in Mike Adriano Media’s ‘Butthole Adventures’

Gabriel Lan: Do you think you will ever get married? Is that something you want someday?

Sarah Vandella: Currently, I’m not looking for a husband, but if I fall in love, I would be receptive to the possibility of monogamy but that’s a whole other ball game!

Gabriel Lan: What would it take for a guy to keep you interested for 40 years?

Sarah Vandella: He better be a really good pussy eater!

Gabriel Lan: You are a New York girl, so let’s just clear up a few of these: Yankees or Mets? Giants or Jets? Rangers or Islanders?

Sarah Vandella: YANKEES! Giants! Rangers!

Gabriel Lan: How often do you get back to NY?

Sarah Vandella: I get back about 2 times a year!

Sarah Vandella in Brazzers' Working The Webcam'
Sarah Vandella in‘Working The Webcam’

Gabriel Lan: Is New York City, in fact, THE Greatest City in the World?

Sarah Vandella: I believe it is because there is such a fantastic melting pot of culture all in one place! Museums, restaurants, music & theatre venues — no other place like it!

Gabriel Lan: IF NYC is the greatest city in the world, what is the 2nd greatest?

Sarah Vandella: Oh man, you’re putting me on the spot! It’s hard to say because I’ve been to many beautiful places! I can’t choose just one lol

Gabriel Lan: You’ve already taken your game to ‘the next level’, so what is the “next level” for you? What are some things you haven’t done that you want to try?

Gabriel Lan: Are you as adventurous off screen as you are as a performer? Not sexually speaking, more in the things you do for fun, hobbies, things that interest you, etc.

Sarah Vandella: I enjoy hiking and being outside only when the weather permits. I also like to read, watch movies and TV, and just enjoy my down time.

Sarah Vandella looking stunning in Devil's Film's 'Angelic Asses 5'
Sarah Vandella looking stunning in Devil’s Film’s ‘Angelic Asses 5’

Gabriel Lan: You mentioned how you “took my time and have done it on my terms 100%”. Do you think that’s a big key to having longevity in this industry? Certainly it’s worked for you. Do you think more girls coming into porn now are seeing it that way as well?

Sarah Vandella: I can’t answer for others, but for me it was about finding the balance between on and off camera and finding how to make it work.

Gabriel Lan: Since you mentioned “blossoming into your 30s”, what are your thoughts on women in the adult industry, for the most part, being categorized as a MILF if they are in their 30s? How does the MILF label sit with you? There are plenty of studies that show women hit their sexual peak during that this age. Why can’t they just be ‘smoking hot, experienced ladies who know what they like, want, and need? I mean, besides that being way too long of a category lol

Sarah Vandella: You’re exactly right! There ARE plenty of studies that show women hit their sexual peak during this stage of their life. So why can’t they just be ‘smoking hot, experienced ladies who know what they like, want, and need? I agree! The label doesn’t bother me at all. It sells and it’s funny. Anyone that takes it too seriously should relax because it’s all in good fun!

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