See you at AEE

We’ll be there walking the show floor… If you see us, say hi. :-)

To keep life pleasant when we get back, we shut down the corrections forms until Sunday so we don’t come home to a backlog we can never dig ourselves out of. :-) Have a good week.

Back to business…

Just a word of thanks to everyone for your kind words of support, helpful emails, troubleshooting messages and whatnot.

The site seems to be close to its old self again. We re-arranged some tables, did some massive tweaking, let some analyzers run roughshod over our trace tables, and we seem to be back and without the timeout issues we were seeing earlier this week.

Re-commence your porn searching; and thanks again for your patience.

Jeff, BigBobXXX, Bill, Bontix, Don, Eric, Jamie, Luke, Morbid, and Walter

Performance is still spotty…

We’re still working on the server. It seems to have good days and bad days, and recently it’s been more bad than good. If you experience slowdowns, please let us know what you were doing (searching, clicking around, etc.) and if you were searching, what were you searching for? We appreciate your patience and continued support. (Oh, and happy new year!)