Logrolling in our time…

Spy Magazine
used to have a feature called “Logrolling in our time…” which would grab book jacket blurbs by authors patting each other on the back via each other’s book jackets:

So, I’m going to do a bit of logrolling and point you to The Dr. Chauntelle Show (iTunes), since she was nice enough to give us a shoutout in her latest episode.

Dr. Chauntelle is (in her own words) “a sociologist specializing in gender and labor issues. She has spent almost ten years researching the adult industry, working to complicate popular understanding of the adult business, its enterprise, and its socio-cultural significance.”  Sounds kinda brainy and dry, sure, but she’s an incredibly charming voice in the porn wilderness.  She looks to dig deeper beyond “what’s your favorite position” in her interviews, and she’s started a podcast where the discusses various topics of the day.

In her most recent episode, she covers the marketing genius of offering to go to a high school prom, the problem with Rick Santorum’s anti-porn stance, and a good primer on the paperwork nightmare that is 2257.

The good Doctor also runs Porn Valley Vantage, which also looks at the industry from a sociological point of view which makes it a nice change of pace from all the news or gossip sites, as it offers some analysis and perspective on the industry and the events happening inside of it, as opposed to dry reporting or salacious speculation.

Lest this sound too nerdy, there are also movie reviews and in-depth interviews (Back Stories, she calls them) and an interesting little section she calls “Shift” where she talks to adult industry persons who have shifted out of adult into another phase of their lives.  It’s a little bit exit interview, and little bit “where are they now.”

So, go check her out… we’ll still be here when you get back. :-)

Some Free Market Research

Got an email today that asked me to pass along some info, so here goes:







Use it as you will…

Tonight on Playboy Radio: Comeback (1995)

Tonight (7:45 Eastern, 4:45 Pacific) on Playboy Radio (XM 102), we’ll be discussing Paul Thomas‘ 1995 classic, Comeback, which was a starring vehicle for Christy Canyon, who  was marking her return to boy/girl performing after a 2+ year hiatus.

I’m finding it hard to believe that if porn movies could drive, this movie would already have it’s license in most parts of the United States…

Back when this came out, I wrote:

I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I was jonesing for Christy something fierce and watched PT’s SEX 2 some time ago to try and satisfy the craving because I couldn’t get a hold of this movie. Good things come to those who wait.

The movie was funny as hell. Since everything took place in the porn studio, we were treated to the noise of air wrenches and phones ringing. For some reason this struck me as very funny.

The dialog was great and the nonsex roles were handled quite ably by PT (playing a satirical version of himself) and Scotty Schwartz,  who played the writer.

Best line: when looking for an actor to take Steven St. Croix‘s spot in a scene, Tony Tedeschi looks at PT and says “Hey, you used to act…” and PT looks at him and says “Yeah, but my wife would have my balls for a cat toy” at which point a “meow” rips across the soundtrack. Very funny.

The music was great by porn standards, mostly made up of big band numbers, tho we did have to suffer through a typical inane guitar rock piece. The big band theme was a cross between “Chattanooga Choo Choo” and”Take the A Train” so that everytime it came up we titled it “Take the X Train…”  the closing credits have a loopy organ number that I would have expected to hear on Laugh-In.

Am I really gushing about a PT movie? Sure am. Hats off to PT and the writer and Christy and everyone else involved. Only downside was that some of the sex was only lukewarm (the Shelby Stevens scene, the Christa Rain scene) but the scenes with Christy were electric and most of all… fun.

I would be surprised if the scene with TT and Christy doesn’t pick up some major awards next year.

This one is a keeper.

Best scene in the movie is between TT Boy and Christy, and they’re not even on screen together!

It’s not a threeway, but a scene that proves a few different things that seemed impossible in porno: (1) the mind is the sexiest organ and (2) that (when pushed) TT Boy is not repulsive. :-)

Christy is not coming out of her dressing room. TT wants her to so they can start shooting the movie. TT and Christy talk their way through a sex scene through her door. Dallas blows TT and then gets fucked by him as the scene goes on.

TT and Christy give great performances here, which are slightly marred by the looping of lines. I watched this scene with my best man and kept saying to him “Didn’t they just say that?”

Throughout the scene, Christy goes from drawing glasses and moustaches on her “competitions” pictures (ha- sterical!) to hotly masturbating with a silver dildo.

When TT Boy cums on Dallas’ tits, he is so spent by the eroticism of the scene that he can’t perform, which sets up the rest of the movie…

Other reviews to check out:

Also on the show, we did a brief “Where Are They Now?” bit about Steven St. Croix, where I said I thought he was an artist living in France… and I was right! :-)

The article I stumbled upon via my Google news “porn” RSS feed appeared over at Business Insider and was called “From Porn Star To Painter” (there was a reprint with extensive comments from Steven/Ben over at the author’s site, but it seems to have been removed) and his website is Ben Banks Art at benbanksart.com

Nominations: Adult Entertainment Virtual Awards 2012

The Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention is taking place the weekend of February 24-26, 2012 and there’s an award show that goes along with it.

Most of the awards are geared towards online properties that we don’t cover, but they are giving out some movie and personality awards, so we’d thought we’d make mention and wish the nominees good luck:

Best Adult Film

Female Porn Star of the Year

Male Porn Star of the Year

Full nomination list is available here.

Tonight on Playboy Radio: The Chameleon (1989)

Tonight on Playboy Radio, we’re going to be discussing John Leslie’s The Chameleon, starring Tori Welles and Tom Byron, with a special appearance by our own Debi Diamond!

I picked this movie because it appears that Tori is on her way back to the business, teaming up with Tom Byron to form “Hall of Fame Management” (Facebook / Twitter) and I thought it might be fun to look back on one of their many movies together… and it certainly didn’t hurt that Debi is in it, and it’s a pretty awesome movie, to boot!

The plot goes more or less like this: Tori plays a woman who is able to change her appearance (i.e. a chameleon).  As the movie opens, we see a moody party going on and April West is being jerked off by Alex Horn while Scott Irish looks on; the boys change position and Scott fucks her.  We then see that she’s telling her story to her psychiatrist, played by Richard Pacheco.

She’s married to Tom Byron who does not like her changing shape, since she usually goes out and fucks people while she’s not herself, and that makes him feel bad.  To make it up to him, she turns herself into Debi Diamond and has him fuck her while she’s not looking like herself.

(Fun fact from the show: Debi and Tori never had a scene together, but Tori did end up ravishing Debi on the floor of a karaoke bar one night…)

Some time later, they go to dinner and Tori sees Victoria Paris and Peter North slinking away into a back room, so she joins them and has a torrid three-way.

Afterwards, Victoria Paris runs into a tuxedo-clad Buck Adams who takes her to a party.  There, she sees Pamela Rose and Lynn Franciss take on Ray Victory; and while they fuck Ray, she fucks Buck.

The next day, Tori arrives home and Tom is pissed that she stood him up at the restaurant.  So she gives him a gift and then they fuck a bit.

Tori then tries to seduce her analyst who wants no part of it, so she goes to a bar and transforms into Selena Steele, who is being a stalked a bit by Joey Silvera, so she bangs him to keep him at bay.

Finally, Tori ends up in the arms (and between the legs) of Buck Adams, who may not be who he seems…

There’s lots to like about this movie.  I like that has a lot of people from John Leslie’s past in it. In addition to Joey Silvera, with whom Leslie worked quite a bit both as an actor and as a colleague at Evil Angel, there’s Richard Pacheco who did the Talk Dirty to Me / Nothing To Hide movies with him; Lynn Franciss had a scene with JL in Talk Dirty to Me 2… I know the porn world is a small one, but the presence of these “older” performers just made the endeavor feel a bit more special to me.

Also notable, the Debi Diamond / Tom Byron scene won the 1990 AVN Award for Best Sex Scene Coupling: Video , and Tori and Victoria tied that year for Best New Starlet.

Roger T. Pipe over at RogReviews.com says of our pal DD:

Debi shows the sort of sexual talent that would later win her Preformer of the Year as she takes Tom all the way to the root. No small task even by this scuz guzzling blonde bim’s high standards. This sex scene is perfectly shot, well lit and just the right mix of sexy close ups and beautiful full shots as Debi uses her whole body to make love to Tom as if her life depends upon it. Her hair still dripping from the shower, she rides Tom’s cock, not screaming like a stuck pig, but moaning softly to encourage his strokes deep into her body. This may not be the super slutty Debi Diamond that raincoaters worship, but she is plenty sex in a more subduded manner here, and still manages to sound classy saying “Fuck my mouth.” Something he does with absolute glee until he cums all over her face. Then, just as the post climax lull kicks in, Tom is in the arms of Tori once again.

Rieekan over at Adult DVD Talk has this to offer:

The Chameleon is a 1989 porn classic directed by John Leslie and starring the insatiable Tori Welles. I have it on loan from a friend considerably more versed in 80s pornography than myself, but was still quite interested to see it. Unlike other classics I’ve reviewed, this one actually turned out OK and succeeded in stimulating body and brain with its eroticism. Definitely a good choice for couples if they can get past the funky hairstyles.  Hairstyles aside, the women were natural-looking — the only departure from that department being Tori’s breasts (which were still a sight to behold). The sex wasn’t as hot as contemporary offerings but the eroticism was right up there, and there were merits for this film in not just being about inter-genital reciprocation. Tori really carries the day with her performances and voracious appetite. Not only that, but she and most of the other cast also acted quite well and the interesting and original story worked nicely.

Also over at Adult DVD Talk, Goldmember (while labeling this an Official Selection of the Goldmember Masterpiece Collection) says:

Now this is a rare example of the kind of plot that actually does work in porn! The plot creates excellent scenarios for interesting sex, is always directly related to the sex, is short & sweet, and is often arousing on its own. It turns out Tori’s character can transform herself into different women. Talk about a perfect girlfriend. The plot runs with the idea very nicely, throwing in a nice twist ending. Tori and most of the cast do a surprisingly solid job acting. I hate it when adult movie try to perform story lines that call fore extensive non sexual acting segments. This film really hits a nice balance.

Hands down, the best scene in the movie is a three-way between Peter North, Tori Welles and Victoria Paris. (Sorry, AVN…)

Corey Thomas at Adult DVD Talk:

The best and probably most memorable scene, however, is a threesome that takes place in the backroom of the restaurant between Tori Welles, Victoria Paris, and Peter North. The lighting and photography in this scene is especially good and the performers are entirely into it. North drenches Tori in one of his usual full-force cumshots.

Of the scene Rog says:

A quick glance at Tori’s body is impossible. You have to just stare in amazement at absolute feminine perfection as she disrobes and shows Victoria that she eats pussy as well as she sucks cock. Speaking of steak swallowing, Victoria does an admirable job trying to fit a good amount of Peter’s peter into her tiny mouth. Poor Tom is stuck at the table, while the love of his life is taking a huge cock from behind. By the way, Tori in her thigh high stockings is a very pretty picture. As is Victoria, who was not always known as a nasty girl, sucking Tori’s juices from Peter’s rod as he pulls out. Make no mistake, the two women here dominate the scene, with Peter just providing the meat between them. Tori’s RC is one of the most sensuous things I have ever seen in my life, she is absolutely perfect. To finish things off, Tori gets down to some serious two fisted cocksucking and tit fucking (YES, tit fucking. Horray!) With her face so perfectly located, what can Peter do,. But decorate that pretty face with thick, white cum. Tori never stops sucking and stroking, instead just leaning here head back to catch the spray as if she were showering in sperm. This is an amazing facial that must go in the all time hall of fame.

Goldmember says:

Mr. North is the third member of this historic threeway. I can remember quite a few critics in the past pointing to this scene an one of the all time threesomes. The scene gets started once Tori walks in on North and Paris, she quickly joins in and helps the Victoria deal with the “Loadman.” You can really notice the North and Paris are living in the days of big hair, it is almost comical. However Welles still looks every bit the sexpot I remember. She is one of the women with an extremely fit fuller body, but a body that is in absolutely perfect shape, allowing the light to display every seductive womanly curve. The three of them go on to create some serious heat. Watching Tori grind away on North with that kind of passion is an entertaining site. The scene ends well with Tori enthusiastically trying to finish Peter of with some tit fucking and cock sucking until the “Loadman” does cometh. Historic!

I will add a few observations on the Tom / Tori scene, in there’s a bit towards the beginning where they’re both on their backs, and he’s eating her and she’s jerking him off which is really a great piece of staging.  There can never be enough “handjob as foreplay” in my book.  This was also done in the beginning where Alex Horn is jilling April West while she’s reaching behind her to jerk him off.  Good good stuff.

Finally, to sum up, Joey Markham of the dear departed RAME newsgroup posted:

This movie is a definite must see. A definite for fans of Tori Welles and John Leslie. One of 1989’s highly acclaimed features, this movie has a lot to offer. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the talky parts of the movie, courtesy of someone over on YouTube… to see the naughty bits, get your own copy!


Oh, and here’s a picture of modern day Tom and Tori as part of their new venture: