Today on Spice Radio: Ginger Snaps (1987) and Orifice Party (1985)

I’m on the road again, so no long blog posting, but Hershel Savage is on YouPorn’s Legends Day with  Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon.  (You Porn can be found on SiriusXM 103 at 11-2 Pacific) and we’ll be touching on two movies he did – one is Orifice Party a mess of a movie from 1985, but it does have Christy in this costume:

And we really couldn’t miss an opportunity to talk about that.

We’ll also talk about Ginger Snaps a (better than Orifice Party) movie with Ginger as a starlet on the verge of her big breakthrough and a sex tape threatens to compromise her success.  You can tell this was made in 1987, as today, the sex tape would be met with largely stifled yawns.

It’s an all-star cast — everyone in the movie has a long list of credits.  Uber-legends Nina HartleyJoey SilveraRick Savage and Tom Byron lead things off, and rounding things out are Gail Force (180 titles) , Kim Alexis (116) and Melanie Scott (69).

Our segment is on at 2:30 Eastern / 11:30 Pacific.  It’s pretty freewheeling.  We occasionally take call-in guests.