Tonight on Playboy Radio: Debbie Does Dallas II (1981)

Tonight on Playboy Radio (Sirius XM 102, 7:45pm Eastern) we’ll be talking more about Bambi Woods, this time her second movie — Debbie Does Dallas II — the sequel to her classic debut.

The movie starts with Debbie laying down on a fur rug and the camera pans lovingly over her body as a fiddle tune is thumping on the soundtrack, and our singing narrator sings:

Well it seems Debbie Benson didn’t make that Texas Cheerleading Squad
She tried her heart out, but I guess just wasn’t meant to be
Working hard and just plain broke, she decided what she needed was a change of scenery

We then have Debbie accepting a ride from trucker R. Bolla (NOT playing Mr. Greenfield from Debbie I) and he asks her if she got thrown off the Cheerleader Squad:

“Kicked me off nothing!  After raising all that money and going through all that trouble when I got there, they said I was too young!  Well, I never! They could have told me before I went thru all that trouble…. so I’m going to be a Country Western singer!”

He then fantasizes about licking that ass, but she jumps out of the truck too soon to get to her aunt’s “ranch” which we’re lead to believe might be sexually related.

A pair of bumbling sheriff’s deputies (Jamie St. James and Park Richards) slide down a snowy hill and spy Debbie walking down the road. (“Look at the knockers on her!”) And they get the idea they should hassle her (“some Texas police hospitality” according to our singing narrator) and bring her downtown for questioning.  So they hijack a car, but it’s stuck in a snowbank, and the driver flags down the local sheriff, Little John  (Ron Hudd) who throws the just-over-the-county-line-and-out-of-their-jurisdiction deputies out of his county and back into their own as he drives Debbie back to his lockup.  He makes her strip down in front of him as he cleans his gun, yelling at her, until she finally stops at her underwear.  She refuses, so he bursts into the cell, and “checks her for drugs” (which most of us would call “getting to third base“) and he tells her there is one way she can get out of there.  He unzips himself, she drops to her knees with a sigh (“Why not?“) and goes to town on his cock.

She gets into it, swallowing as much as she can, and looking up at him with a big smile, then she assumes the position and he enters her from behind as she grips the jailcell bars.

We get a nice assortment of shots, some a bit too close, but some really nice shots her her dangling breasts swaying back and forth and he’s thrusting into her. Her tits really are (to quote Seinfeld) spectacular, and the lawman shoots a decent load on her ass.  She let’s him kiss her a few times, then she hugs him and says she was on her way t her Aunt Xavier’s Ranch.  He hears this, get excited, and offers to drive her out there himself.

We then cut to the deputies from before getting their rocks off with the help of Ashley Welles (in what might be her debut performance) and Long Jean Silver (who is an amazingly cute amputee; she wears a prosthetic).  Jeanne and Park spend their time 69ing until he she coaxes his load all over her; and Jamie and Ashley have a little oral before he takes her doggie style and cums on her ass (while keeping his hat on, of course).

Little John pulls up sirens blaring, which spooks the working girls who fear its a raid, but they relax when they realize it’s just Little John.  He apologizes to Ms. Xavier (Ginger Jay) if she’s any kind of trouble, its not his doing, and he presents Debbie.  Debbie gets introduced to the other girls, and Jeanne and Lisa Cintrice attack her in the tub, and get her over to the bed where Debbie isn’t that interested in playing along as Jeanne works on Debbies tits as Lisa attacks her down below.  There’s a lot of breast play which looks nice and soft and squishy as the girls are all natural.