Tonight on Playboy Radio: Trinity Brown (1984)

Trinity Brown has ADVENTURE!

Trinity Brown has SEX!

Trinity Brown is full of FAST ACTION and FAST WOMEN!

Tonight on Nightcalls on Playboy Radio (SiriusXM 102), we’ll be discussing Robert McCallum‘s 1984 potboiler, Trinity Brown.

It’s trailer was one of the best, mostly for its strident voiceover. Watch it over at VCX’s site.

The trailer made this one of my favorite movies.  When we first saw the trailer in college, my roommate and I couldn’t stop quoting “Trinity Brown has EXCITEMENT!” to one another — oftentimes making up silly things Trinity Brown has… at breakfast, Trinity Brown has PANCAKES! was likely heard more than once… so we were looking forward to this movie.

Having this “talking about old porn” segment every week is making me go back and pick out stuff that I liked and haven’t seen in quite a long time.  Happily, many of these titles are enjoying rediscovery and are available on DVD or VOD.  However, I watched this one on VHS, old school, from a dub made for me by Peter van Aarle — which means the movie had Dutch subtitles.  In the 90s, companies in the US were cutting up their classic movies (bye bye turkey fucking) and you could only get ahold of the uncut titles overseas; so Peter would send care packages.    (I should point out that Trinity Brown hasn’t been cut up.)

If you couldn’t tell from the box cover, Trinity Brown, played by Colleen Brennan, is an LA Cop; John Leslie plays her partner (in most senses of the word), Zack.  We first meet them as they’re rolling up on a crime in progress.  The bad guy has Zack pinned down, he draws his gun, shots ring out — Trinity Brown saves her partner!

What follows is a servicable enough cop story — it’s “Adam 12” level detective work, modern audiences will probably put it together… but maybe not, since the filmmakers tacked on an ending where Trinity and Zack spell out the resolution of the case in voiceover as B-roll of driving down an LA highway flashes by before the ending credits roll over them.

So, I won’t discuss plot – enjoy it for yourself — but I will discuss a couple of sex scenes that you should spend some VOD minutes on…

At 9:55 in, Colleen and John start to go at it until they’re interrupted by a call from the stationhouse.  The bit of tit-play and dirty talk here are top notch.  Colleen has a rack you can lose yourself in.

They pick it back up at 15:50 with some generic before bed chit-chat which turns into John frigging Colleen as she stands next to the bed.  This is aces.  They have a nice screw and he cums on her face.

At the 46 minute mark, Colleen goes to question Jamie Gillis in connection with the case, but to get in the office she poses as a wannabe actress, so Jamie rolls out the casting couch.  They have a spirited session together, lots of good eye contact and kissing and talk throughout.  The scene is intercut with an also fine (but not at the same level) swive between John Leslie and Tamara Longley.

Trinity Brown has SEX!