Today on Radio Sex: Pee-Wee’s XXX Adventure: A Porn Parody (2012)

peeweeToday on Radio Sex’s YouPorn (Sirius XM 103 @ 2:40PM eastern) I’ll be on with Christy and Ginger talking about B. Skow‘s parody classic, Pee-Wee’s XXX Adventure: A Porn Parody in honor of the day’s guest, Evan Stone, who plays just short of a thousand roles (Francis, The Rastafarian Dildo Store Owner (where’s the Danny Mountain yellowface outrage?), Large Marge, Not-Tequila Biker, and an Ashmatic Porn Director)  in the movie.

I haven’t had time to write up a review, so our good pal Roger T. Pipe has been nice enough to loan us his, as I tend to agree with his assessments:

127 Mins.
THEMES: Parody, Strippers, Sluts

STARS: Capri Anderson, Tommy Pistol, Aiden Starr, Jada Fire, Lea Lexus, Barry Scott, Jerry, John Strong, Lucas Stone, Tom Byron, Evan Stone


Seriously? A Pee Wee Herman porn parody? Oh why the fuck not? Well, mostly because it’s not the sort of movie that has built-in sex appeal. Unless people were just sitting around stroking to Pee Wee and that’s just twisted. (Though some of us remember that Elizabeth Daily was a serious piece of ass.) Facing that kind of challenge, director B Skow uses the strength of the Tim Burton classic to his advantage. It may not be sexually hot, but Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is filled with hilarious moments and memorable characters. Playing to that strength he has Tommy Pistol in the lead role. Fresh of the best acting performance of 2012 (Awards or not) in Taxi Driver, Tommy is every bit as good in this one. He is a perfect Pee Wee, funny, silly and eventually creepy as hell. Even the look of the movie is as off-putting as Burton’s original.

The script is funny, using XXX versions of some of the same jokes from the original. Pistol is brilliant and really fun to watch. Sexually the movie is all right.

I liked what they did with the script to make it work for a XXX parody.

Aiden Aspen plays “Dolly”, Pee Wee’s love doll who comes to life (or does she?) and ultimately gets kidnapped. She’s very good and just mechanical enough to work. Capri Anderson is the stripper who loves Pee Wee. She fucks John Strong and then Tommy in the finale. Capri is great for eye candy and pretty energetic in both of her scenes. The two side scenes are interesting and hot. Jada Fire fucks Evan Stone and Tom Byron. It is funny, but would have been hotter with a little more room for everyone to work. Lea Lexus takes on three cocks in a bar. Her scene is probably the best of the bunch. Overall this is a really entertaining parody. Pistol should earn himself another best actor nod and B Skow has made a better than one would expect sex flick out of a movie that had no business being turned into one.

Aiden Starr & Tommy Pistol

After a very long good morning segment that features some funny moments and some that make you think you should be doing anything but watching this movie, Pee Wee heads up stairs to hook up with Dolly. (Aiden Starr) As her name and make up make clear, Dolly is Pee Wee’s animate inanimate playmate. She sits barely moving while he slowly undresses her. Her slips his dick between her big tits and comes to life enough to suck it as it pokes through. Aiden ends up as quite a loud fuck when he bends her over and nails her from behind. The wig she is wearing is so dead-on sex doll that it’s a little bit creepy. Nice looking reverse cowgirl as she manages to get into positions that your average sex doll can’t. When he flips her over and fucks her hard enough to make her big tits bounce, she replies with some serious dirty talk. He finishes off with a shot all over her face.

Capri Anderson & John Strong

While picking up some things for Dolly at the smut shack, Pee Wee gets side tracked watching a live sex show between Capri Anderson and John Strong. She strips right down to just her heels and starts sucking. Not a bad looking BJ, but the cowgirl sex is actually quite a bit hotter. Capri shows off her butt and works her hips pretty well. In spoon we get some good leg shots and really solid close up angles on the naughty fun. The pretty little thing is a solid fuck who looks at her audience as she takes a load all over her hot face.

Jada Fire, Tom Byron & Evan Stone

Spoiled rich kid Evan Stone gets anything he wants for his birthday. That includes getting to stick his dick into his hot maid (Jada Fire) with the help of his father played by Tom Byron. The guys keep her busy at both ends and Jada rises the occasion as she always does. Hot shots of Jada in doggy with her big sexy ass up in the air pushing back on Byron’s boner. For the big finish she takes loads on her tits and all over her face.

Lea Lexus, Lucas Stone, Jerry & Barry Scott

On the road to find Dolly, Pee Wee is about to head into a rough bar. It may be rough, but it’s also fun as blonde slut Lea Lexus services her man and his two biker friends. They bend her over the pool table and fuck her pussy from behind. Since there are three of them, she has to pen up her ass to make sure everyone’s happy. The three guys take turns fucking the sexy little blonde. This is a bit of a throw away scene, but it’s really well shot and Lea is quite enthusiastic about the cock. Her ass looks great during doggy, but she can take every inch when she’s on top. The guys really pound that ass and start shooting cu on her pussy.

Capri Anderson & Tommy Pistol

Pee finally finds Dolly and has to try to flee before the evil Hollywood producer catches them. In the end, Dolly explains that he needs a real girl. Capri is right there and they are ready for the romantic ending. They get it and a movie deal to boot. On set, Capri drops to her knees and giggles as she strokes and sucks like she’s really in love. She is playful here jumping into his arms and writing on the bed while he eats her tight little hole. Capri pulls one leg up extra high to let him fuck her good and hard. The reverse cowgirl shots are nice because she’s showing off that hot little pussy. She happily sucks his cock and really uses her hands nicely. This is a good scene and Capri is always very pretty. It just doesn’t have much fantasy appeal, making it a rather ordinary finale. The facial is nice though. It’s always good to see Capri eating ball babies.

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