AVN Week 2023

Adult Entertainment Expo

The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo returned to Las Vegas this month after a 3-year absence due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, it was concurrent with the return of the Consumer Electronic Show, something that hadn’t happened since 2011. Because of crossover attendance, this was the busiest AEE that I remember but also the most expensive. Prices for rooms, food, and transit have jacked up since the three years.

The host Resorts World is huge, and I saw families with children walking around the facilities which did not happen when AEE was at the Hard Rock. Because of this, there was a more restrictive dress code that people were expected to adhere to when leaving the confines of the convention. Given the size and complexity of the show and the limited production staff, it was definitely a success. Sure, there were quirks that can be ironed out at future shows but that happens at every new venue.

Besides the adjoining Adult Novelty Expo, AEE featured three main halls. One focused on production companies and webcam platforms, one focused on the gay side of the industry, and the last was mainly talent agencies. At any given point of the day from opening to close, you could find new people to meet walking back and forth between the halls. With the production company booths, most talent had 4 hour signing shifts while the talent at the agencies booth and the AVN booth averaged around 2 hours.

Outside of the actual expo grounds, Vixen rented space in the Resorts World mall to host a pop-up store featuring their clothing line and contract stars. Riley Reid appeared for two days exhibiting her Eighteen Plus clothing line, and the overall line to get into the store lasted about 3 hours.

Expo photos on Flickr

AVN Awards 2023

So weird thing happened to me. After the end of the expo with drink in hand, I was trying to find a ticket for IAFD spokeswoman, Alex Blake, to walk the red carpet for the AVN Awards. When the nice producer saw that I had a press badge for IAFD, he handed me a press badge to be behind the Awards red carpet. I was not prepared to shoot the Awards since I had not charged my camera and flashes after finishing the expo, and I was already 30 minutes late for the call time.

After sheepishly explaining to Alex what had happened and cancelling two shoots, I ran up to my room to throw on my suit, grabbed my camera and strobe, and came back down. The only space that was available was at the end of the carpet what was only half covered by a wall background. I shared my spot with two guys, Jay of Jay’s Playhouse and Bobby of Girlsincars or something similar to that, who were great guys as we coordinated our shots rather than compete with each other. I took about 3-4 shots per look and tried not to miss anyone, but several people skipped us since we were the end of the line and they just wanted to move on.

The carpet started at 5:30pm and kept going until 9pm with 750+ walkers. It does not need to be this grueling. They tried to limit the walkers to nominees, but the problem is that there are too many nominees! Most categories have around 10 nominations each (some with multiple performers), but the fan award categories can have 20-30 nominations with no overlap with the other categories. This Oprah approach builds interest but is too overwhelming on the red carpet. Perhaps the fan awards should be separated into another event.

Awards red carpet photos on Flickr

As for the Awards themselves, they went pretty much as predicted. We were correct with several of our projections. I was pleased as fuck to see Kira Noir win Female Performer of the Year; not just because of its historic nature but that she is one of the nicest and best people in the industry. Congratulations.


Because of the expense and limited room blocks, it seemed like more talent stayed outside of Resorts World so you wouldn’t see them at night outside of the expo. I was reluctant to leave Resorts World out of laziness so I mostly stuck to the events that were hosted there.

Alex Blake at the AVN White party

I mostly hung out with my boys at IAFD and AdultDVDTalk along with IAFD spokeswoman Alex Blake. I would like to thank Mark Spiegler, Don Juan de Marko, Tim Von Swine, and East Coast Talent for their hospitality at several events into the late hour.

Thank you, Liz, Chanel, and Alex for making magic with me.

AVN 2020

Two weeks along with a bout of the AVN flu have passed and I still feel fatigue from thinking about the show. Must be because of all the “lived experiences” that happened in the frenzy of that week.

Adult Entertainment Expo

Photos on Flickr

In reviewing my photos, I can see the mortality of continuing to cover the show. I took much less photos this year, not because the show was smaller (it was only slightly smaller than last year). I had broken my foot in September, and it started swelling again during the show. I was content to have longer conversations with my friends and then allowed random people to stop me from doing what I did best which is take more photos. I even had an assistant for the first time which unintentionally slowed things since everyone tried to flirt with him. This, in turn, led me to see less of my industry friends overall.

The most popular people signing were Angela White, Riley Reid, Abella Danger, and Adriana Chechik. I don’t like cutting in line, but I did for the first three because they agreed to it beforehand while the logistics of doing so with Adriana due to the placement of the Evil Angel booth was impossible. If I were to line up to see all of them in a day, it would take a combined 2-4 hours of waiting to see them. They are popular not just for what they do on the screen, but how they interact with the fans. Riley absolutely crushed it by signing for her own booth from opening to closing every day despite a bout of food poisoning on the second day.

Jules Jordan had the best booth overall in terms of talent and access. Angela had her lines there. The Evil Angel – Manyvids corridor was the most frustrating since it wasn’t navigable whenever Adriana was signing. Having the Manyvids women elevated inside their booths made them inaccessible in general.

AVN Awards

I attended the AVN Awards for the first time in four years. It felt weird going this time as a guest without my camera, but it was fun to catch up with friends that I didn’t talk as much to on the convention floor. There weren’t too many surprises with the winners since I knew many of the voters. Even though we didn’t practice groupthink, there seemed to be a consensus around specific winners in polling the voters.

Congratulations to Angela for winning Female Performer of the Year for the third straight time and to Charlotte Stokely for repeating as G/G Performer of the Year. Congrats also go to Gianna Dior for winning Best New Starlet.

About Ginger Banks

I used to spend a lot of time on camsites. So when I first met Ginger Banks nearly five years ago in Dallas, I knew her as the girl who cammed from her university library. I’m not sure exactly how we hit it off, but I found her to be more mature and adept at engaging people than the typical camgirl I meet at cons. The years go by, and Ginger became more prominent advocating on issues pertaining to the adult industry. If you have read an article about performer rights or mental health in the past three years, Ginger is likely to be quoted. Why do I bring this up?

Because I photographed her before the con! She was a riot. If you would like to see more of the photoset including the naughty, it’s probably on her onlyfans.


I would like to give a shoutout to my boys at IAFD, ADT, and XCritic. I’d also like to thank Mark Spiegler, Miles Long, and Evil Angel for their hospitality that week.

Thank you to Ginger, Paige Owens, Kira Noir, and Jocelyn Sweets for making magic with me.

Dirty Minds Vol. 4: “Where is the strangest, craziest or most daring place you’ve ever had sex?”

If you’ve even said the exact same thing or expressed the same opinion as another person during a conversation, then you’ve almost certainly either said or heard the expression “great minds think alike”. Is it just a coincidence? Is it simply having the same thoughts and opinions as someone else? Or is there something more to it than that?

For the sake of argument, let’s say that it’s actually true. That there is something deeper to it than mere like-minded thinking. If that is true, does the same logic apply to people with dirty minds as well? Do they think alike too? In our quest to find an answer to this question, we here at IAFD sought out the filthiest, most imaginative, and dirtiest minded individuals we know: the gorgeous stars of the adult industry, of course.
To complete the process, we researched some commonly asked questions by all you perverted fans out there and asked the pornstars things you were wanting to know, paying particular attention to see if there were any common themes in the stars’ response.

Oh, who am I kidding? We just like talking to smokin’ hot chicks about all sorts of dirty stuff.

The featured question in this edition is: Where is the strangest, craziest or most daring place you’ve ever had sex?

The stunning Kenzie Taylor in Wicked Pictures‘ ‘Snapshot’


Kenzie Taylor: The strangest place I have had sex was in a church pew before a Sunday morning service, so the chance of getting caught was very high! I have also had sex in an elevator while other people were in it. I lifted up the back of my dress a little and we rode up and down in it for a while! haha!




The lovely Kira Noir in Sweet Sinner‘s ‘Student Bodies 6′



Kira Noir: The most daring was probably in a deer stand …. High up in a tree, holding a rifle, and trying to keep quite in case any deer went by!







The breathtaking Jaye Summers in nurumassage.com‘s ‘Chinese Medicinal Tummy Rubdown



Jaye Summers: Oh boy, I’ve had my share of crazy places! All the way from a screening at the movie theatre, to out in the woods (I did live in North Carolina for a while lol), to before class in a secret hallway in my high school!





The ultra sexy Brett Rossi in her directorial debut of Deviant Entertainment‘s ‘Girl Crushed 2




Brett Rossi: I once had sex in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland… that was pretty bad ass.








The captivating beauty of Ariana Marie in vixen.com‘s ‘Passionate Raw Sex


Ariana Marie: I’d say the craziest place I’ve had sex was in an office with people on the other side of the wall. I had never done anything like that before so it was crazy for me because I was always afraid of someone hearing but still turned me on at the same time.






The gorgeous Riley Reyes in DarkX‘s ‘Interracial Anal 3′





Riley Reyes: I once had sex on the top of a waterfall.








The smoldering Dani Daniels in Penthouse‘s aptly titled ‘Dani Daniels’ Lesbian Chats’





Dani Daniels: In an alleyway in the East Village of NYC… It was just so hot and raw, and easy to get caught.







The incomparable Casey Calvert in Evil Angel / Toni Ribas‘ ‘All Stuffed Up 2

Casey Calvert: By far the craziest place I’ve had sex is under a bridge in downtown Los Angeles in the middle of the night. I was out on a date, and we were so horny that we couldn’t make it home. We fucked under the bridge with a homeless guy passed out 20 feet away for like 5 minutes, and then we finished up with a two hour long fucking marathon when we got home.




The tantalizing Lisey Sweet in Evil Angel / LeWood‘s ‘Anal Couples Swap




Lisey Sweet: In a glory hole at a ‘MEN ONLY’ guesthouse.









The sultry Honey Gold in TRENCHCOATx‘s ‘Sancrosect: Episode 2

Honey Gold: The craziest place I’ve ever has sex was on a pool table. To most, this may seem pretty amateur, but considering the fact that I’ve had limited sexual experiences prior to porn, the pool table takes the cake by far! The most daring place I’ve ever had sex was with my ex-fiance. He decided it would be a good idea to have a little fun in his mom’s backyard while the house windows were open.



The adorable Chloe Cherry in DarkX‘s ‘My Big Brother’s Best Friend’





Chloe Cherry: On the beach …. while there were other people there!








The sophisticated beauty of Tanya Tate in girlsway.com‘s ‘Babysitter’s Playtime



Tanya Tate: In one of my earlier movies, I got to have sex with 2 guys in an old warehouse in-between scaffolding. There were so many cold sensations and it felt strange being held up by metal poles, but also very exciting.






The alluring Olive Glass in naughtyamerica.com‘s ‘My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend’




Olive Glass: It was probably on a rooftop in Brooklyn in the snow. It was so cold, but yet so hot!








The sexy Sofie Marie in MILFVR.com’s ‘Big Dick, Little Time’



Sofie Marie: I was walking home from a dinner date, and we were so horny we walked off the street and on to a neighbor’s front porch and fucked each other silly!






Jillian Janson: You’d think that a lot of our scenes are a spontaneous and spur of the moment kind of thing, but in reality, there’s a lot

The enchanting Jillian Janson in Jules Jordan Video‘s ‘Dredd 2′

more to it. Setting up equipment, paperwork, and getting the performers prepared are all part of the process. That includes any environment we set up in, regardless of it being a cool or warm climate, you can imagine we have to adjust appropriately. It may not be easy having sex in 100-degree weather outside a farm in Florida with sweat dripping, horse hay sticking to you, and flies swarming all around. This may influence the way you feel afterward, but as long as I know I gave it my all then the more complicated it may be, the more amazing they are!