Venus Berlin 2023

It had been 7 years since I last attended Venus Berlin. Part of the absence had been because of the coronavirus pandemic, but I was also not motivated to go to a foreign show where I did not know most of the producers. Sure, there is a lot of nudity at these European shows, but I’m not the average attendee who seeks out nudity.

These attendees are mostly older men (age 55+) who look and behave like they haven’t pulled pussy in a while. They rush and gawk at the first sign of anyone removing clothing. I think this would happen at an American show too if they allowed nudity. Many are openly aggressive in touching and groping the performers to their discomfort, and I think part of it is the rampant drinking that goes on at these shows. I think the only way to make the attendee leave a performer alone is if the performer asked the person for a tip.

The crowds of these type of people prevent me from actually taking photographs of who I want to photograph. I’m no longer of the age to wade into a crowd, or as Murtaugh would say, I’m just too old for this shit. Whereas in 2016, I took about 3,000 photos; I only took 650 for this show.

Nela Decker

This was the busiest Venus I had ever been to. The organisers are very good in designing the layout and staggering the stage show schedule so that the crowd runs from place to place in a somewhat coherent fashion. I mostly hid in the Brazzers booth when the mob went from booth to booth. Nela Decker performed a stage show portraying a terrorist taking a hostage which was in bad taste given the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

Angela White had the longest lines in the show

Angela White and Mia Julia (formerly Mia Magma) had the longest lines at the convention. From what locals have told me, Mia is now a reality television star and a singer, but her line was too long for me to meet and photograph her again. Brazzers in general had the longest lines for autographs, and crowds circled around Lily Lou when she bared her breasts and encouraged attendees to grope and choke her. Ryan Reid celebrated her birthday that weekend also.

the Brazzers girls
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