XRCO Announces Peter van Aarle to be Inducted Into Hall of Fame

We got word yesterday that IAFD co-founder, Peter van Aarle, is being posthumously inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) Hall of Fame for his efforts in “bringing a host of porn knowledge together in the early days of the internet.”

For those of you new to the site, Peter’s data was the foundation upon which this site was built.  At the time of his passing, there were 50,000+ titles listed, almost all of the data on which was hand compiled by him.

I was quoted by XRCO as saying “To my mind, the four faces on the Mt. Rushmore of porn historians are Jim Holliday, Robert Rimmer, Patrick Riley and Peter Van Aarle.  In three of the cases, they wrote the book and Peter made a website instead.”

We maintain a copy of Peter’s personal website at http://www.rame.net/aarle.  He stopped maintaining his personal site around 1999 once the IAFD started to take off.  Once there, among the broken links, you can read his thoughts and his widely-pirated treatise on the Golden Age of Porn.

It’s been our goal to honor Peter’s memory with the continued operation and improvements in this site.  We honor him and the rest of the XRCO Hall of Fame Class of 2011: