Today on Radio Sex: Pussyman 6 (1994)

Pussyman6 Cover via HotMoviesToday (2:40ish Eastern) on Radio Sex XM103’s YouPorn, Christy and Ginger welcome the Pussyman himself, David Christopher onto the show, so we’re going to talk about Pussyman 6, a favorite of mine, that I haven’t seen since I first reviewed it back in 1994.

The first five or so minutes of the movie are a recap of action from Pussyman 5, specifically scenes 4, 5, 8 and 11. which sets up the premise: Pussyman and his partner, Wil Divide, are in a mansion watching closed circuit TVs of folks having sex. Leena is their accomplice and helps facilitate the sex.

Leena was a hardbodied Italian girl with enhanced tits (I say enhanced because they looked good and weren’t quite too big for her frame) and the reason I got this movie in the first place.  Now, 19 years later, I’m happy to see Leena again along with some old favorites like Kaitlyn Ashley, Krysti Lynn, Summer Knight and current favorite as well, Rebecca Bardoux.

A staple of the series was the pussy clip, which was a bent piece of metal that were wrapped around the pussy lips.  Virtually everyone wears one in the movie.

First scene is Rebecca Bardoux and Krysti Lynn (RIP) getting it on in a pool.  Both girls are wearing sunglasses (Lennon specs for Rebecca, classic mock RayBans for Krysti) and they spend some time kissing and frolicing before beckoning Alex Sanders and having him get in the pool to eat Krysti’s ass.  Rebecca doesn’t want to be left out, to Alex eats her ass too, and Krysti — with a devilish grin — sucks on Rebecca’s toes; which Rebecca seems to like very much.  Krysti gets some asslicks in too, before the girls turn around to focus on Alex’ talents. They take turns blowing him and then Krysti climbs on Alex’ face, leaving his cock to Rebecca.  Krysti cums a bit before sliding back into the pool and having Alex take her doggie style. Then it’s Rebecca’s turn for some doggie style loving, and at the end Alex pulls out and cums on Krysti’s face.

Cut to Gerry Pike and (a young) Kyle Stone waiting for Jeannie Pepper.  She finally shows up in a silver dress and showing off her pussyclip. She then blows Gerry, paying attention to his balls, and playing to Pussyman’s camera.  It’s a little weird cutting away to Pussyman and Wil just sitting gazing at a TV every so often.  Gerry moves to fucking Jeannie while she blows Kyle.  She then lowers herself reverse cowgirl onto Gerry while telling Kyle to “suck on these big brown titties!” Gerry pulls out after a short while and cums on her face.   (Kyle vanished by this point; I don’t he ever got to fuck her…)

leena1Next up, Leena is rallying Rebecca Bardoux, Krysti Lynn and newcomer to the group Kaitlyn Ashley to play to the camea while in assless stockings and pussyclips. The four girls all look amazing here, which is good since there is a lot of posing and not a lot of sexual heat or interaction.  They tease Pussyman’s camera, and walk over it when they exit the scene. Kaitlyn plays with herself a little before the scene ends.

We move outside for some tease shots of Isis Nile who briefly plays with herself in extreme closeup.

Back in a bedroom, Kaitlyn is nude and showing off her enhanced breasts and playing with herself.  Kaitlyn could play glamour and trailer trash equally well, and she’s all glammed up for us.  Also masturbating in the same vicinity is Barbara Doll. The girls find each other and play a bit, but are interrupted by Steve Drake who is stunned that they don’t need a guy’s talents to keep them happy; but they oblige him to maintain his fragile male ego.  (Maybe I’m projecting.) Steve and Kaitlyn each take a tit of Barbara’s in their mouths.  Kaitlyn has some serious meat curtains and she’s not afraid to show them off. The two girls then move to blowing Steve; Barbara sucking while Kaitlyn jerks. They girls kiss a lot and they keep it up as Kaitlyn rides Steve RC.  Barbara helps keep Kaitlyn spread for the camera. The girls find themselves in a 69 with Barbara on top while Steve fucks her doggie.  Kaitlyn’s tongue divides its time between Barbara’s quim and Steve’s balls.  Finally, Steve pulls out and drops a huge load into Kaitlyn’s mouth which she struggles to push out to prevent it from choking her.  Hot stuff.

Leena is with Pussyman and Wil and masturbating at the hotness that she sees, but stops and tells them to focus on the monitors.


She enters a kitchen in a white leotard which really shows off her curves and proceeds to tease the hell out of Nick East.  She plays with herself (DP!) using some dildos and looks at Pussyman’s camera, teasing them as well. She masturbates on a glasstop table and the action is captured up thru the table VERY effectively. Nick rips the letard off of her.  She sits on a chair and eases a dildo up her ass as Nick fucks her.  They move to standing doggie, and the dildo stays in her ass. Finally, Nick cums, but something seems botched because we don’t see anything.  He pulls out, she takes him into her mouth as fast as she can, and ostensibly swallows, but we don’t see any real proof.  However, the rest of the scene leading up to this was so smoking, we can forgive it.

For the last scene, Isis is in front of Pussyman, Wil and Steve, and they’re all agog over Leena’s show.  Suddenly, Summer Knight and Alicia Rio bust in wearing day-glo neon mini-dresses apologizing  for losing Pussyman’s address and dismayed that they thought they were the stars of the series.   They offer to put on a show, and the guys agree.  Summer and Alicia focus on each other for awhile and then Isis comes over and joins in.  There’s a lot of looking at the camera in this scene, and Alicia wears a day-glo pink strap on that matched her dress and bangs everyone.

The guys leave the house and leave Leena standing on the doorstep tapping her pussy through her miniskirt.  They get into a waiting limo and comment on the festivities — that they need a rest since they were exposed to so much pussy… so much so that they didn’t notice Erica Bee in the limo, wantonly running herself through her panties… and prompting a NOOOOOOOO! as we fade to the credits.

Wowie, kazowie.  This was a solid movie if there ever was one.  All the girls in it looked GREAT.  All the girls were into their scenes and didn’t phone anything in.  Leena looked great throughout, but really knocked it out of the park in the white body stocking.

Even though the facial Leena was supposed to get is only implied, I still iked the hell out of her scene with Nick East. The energy levels in all the scenes is also excellent, so I say this one is a 3.40 an excellent rental.

This movie is certainly worth a look.  It’s available on VOD.

19 years later, it still holds up.  The white bodystocking brought back some fond memories. :-)


Last week, Christy asked me to look her up Sasha since she has recently reappeared on Twitter. She and Christy had two scenes together, the classic with Peter North in Hot In The City; and a g/g in Play Christy For Me.

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