Today on Radio Sex: Bobby Sox (1996)

bobbysox_dvdAs usual, I’ll be on Sirius XM103 Radio Sex’ YouPorn with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn today around 2:40pm Eastern to discuss Paul Thomas 1996 movie, Bobby Sox.

One of the worst things to ever happen to porn was the VCD.  The VideoCD was the step between VHS and DVD.  It was huge in Asia and could hold 7 or 80 minutes of video depending on what size CD was used. Vivid, hoping to capitalize on these new markets and this new format, edited all of their features down to 74 minutes, and in their wisdom, released these edits on DVD when that format took off.

To make matters worse, Vivid faked “Multi-Angle Viewing” which was a feature of DVDs that allowed you to change the angle of the scene you were watching.  This feature was used by the Virtual Sex… simulations where the production team would run two cameras on a given scene and the viewer could choose which angle to view.  Vivid, tho, didn’t shoot their features with two cameras, so they’d fake it, and they’d edit the fuck out of their sex scenes, putting half the scene in Angle 1 and the other in Angle 2.  this made for very disjointed viewing.  An icon would pop up during the movie at which time you could click your angle button to see some other action; but it wasn’t like the Virtual Sex titles where that angle was actually the same action from another viewpoint; if you were watching a blowjob scene, you’d see a different part of the blowjob when you changed angles.  So if you were hoping to see that great eye contact from a different side, you were out of  luck because that eye contact was only in that one part and the alternate angle was from earlier or later in that same position.

What this means is a lot of movies which were 2 hours long on VHS were cut to death… and Bobby Sox is no different; tho the VOD version they’re streaming at HotMovies is 106 minutes which is down from it’s original running time of 144 minutes.  Those missing 38 minutes were taken by removing Scenes 5 and 8

I reviewed this movie back in ’96 and when I heard Steven St. Croix was going to be on the show today, I figured I’d revisit it.

Bobby Sox is a gentle take-off of the Joe Dante film, Matinee.  In Matinee, John Goodman plays a small-time movie promoted who travels from small town to small town around the country promoting his schlocky horror movies, in this case “MANT – half man, half ant!”  In Bobby Sox, Jamie Gillis is the impresario and he’s driven around by Jon Dough.

The town is made up of young lovers Nikki Tyler and Steven St. Croix; Nikki’s mother, Shanna McCullough and soda jerk Bobby Vitale who also has a crush on Nikki. Other residents include Jenteal and Chelsea Blue, cops Jay Ashley and TT Boy.

I don’t know if it’s right to call a porno “affectionate” but this movie was “affectionate” towards its characters, the town and the power of the movies.

Here’s my review from 96 for the play by play:


Jon Dough and Jamie Gillis are small time film promoters who roll into a small town. Nikki Tyler and Steve St. Croix are boy/girl friend, but he’s a bit domineering. Bobby Vitale is Nikki’s long time friend who has the secret crush on her. There are other folks around too.Jamie ends up pissing off Steven who has him framed for kidnapping. Nikki rescues Jamie who stays with Nikki’s mom, Shanna McCullough. Jamie and Shanna fall in love.

Scene Breakdown

Nikki Tyler/Steven St. Croix
I can’t figure out if Nikki is attractive or not. By all accounts she should be, but the fake eyebrows and tits swing over to the “not so much side” but something unqualified makes her attractive… maybe its her super energetic blowjobs (that look better than they probably feel)We start with an outdoor scene. There some dry humping as the credits roll. Nikki doesn’t want to go any further, but she relents and blows him. It’s an energetic BJ which then turns into him eating her. She keeps squeezing her eyes shut which is a little disconcerting. She does this throughout her sex scenes in the film.

Steve jerks off towards her and she cleans him up afterwards.

Jon Dough/Jenteal/Chelsea Blue
Wow is Chelsea Blue attractive! Natural tits, she seems on the tall side, a nice pouty sultry look… mmmm.A bizarre scene in a black box theatre. The girls are auditioning Jon, and he’s auditioning them. There’s a lot of nipple slapping, something I don’t quite understand. Happily both girls have natural tits, so things start off on the right foot.

Jon orders them around to prance about, pull their top up, down, etc. Jenteal looks rather disinterested about the whole thing… especially the part when Jon grabs her by the throat. There is a great beaver shot of Jen, reclining back in RC position on top of a clothed john, her ass hanging down between his legs. Yummy. Jen gets eaten out in this position. There’s nothing new from here on out, it’s your basic she-sucks-while-she-fucks scene, though there is a very nicely shot extended RC (condomed) by Jenteal. Then an OK RAC by Chelsea, but too much gyno, not enough full body. Jon cums on her box.

Shanna McCullough
Shanna (now with enhanced tits… sniff) masturbates with a green metallic vibrator while looking at a swingers s&m magazine.

Nikki Tyler/ Steven St. Croix
Nikki does some cheesecake style posing then Steve eats her out. Another energetic BJ, then some standing doggie. on a forklift.They move down into the drivers seat of the forklift which gives them a few acrobatic opportunities. Steve then cums on her box.

He tells her that now she’s his and she better not hang out with Jamie anymore, and she tells him to fuck himself. So, to get revenge, he frames Jamie for the kidnapping of one of the townie girls.Bobby Vitale then uses MS Word (!!! and it kept beeping!) to get into the prison computers to reschedule to cops’ pickup of Jamie Gillis…

Jay Ashley/TT Boy/Kim Kummings
Outdoor scene. They’re cops. She starts sucking them off. Some standing mish. Kim’s tit’s seem real. So far, only Nikki has fakes in this movie… is Paul Thomas still lurking?There’s some nice RC, though as before, there is a bit too much gyno. I bet this would be a bit more satisfying in the cable version. Jay leaves TT Boy to do the standing doggie, then some standing mish anal against an old truck. TT cums near her ass.

While the cops get laid, Bobby and Nikki free Jamie and smuggle him to Nikki’s house.

Nikki Tyler/ Bobby Vitale
Finally, all those years of sexual tension break loose. Nikki’s upset over Steve, and Bobby has had blue balls for 18 years. So they have a tryst in an adult movie theatre. It’s a pretty hot scene, all things considered. It’s well acted. There’s a certain desperation and passion here which is kinda unusual in porn these days…

Jamie keeps himself drunk on Absolut and happy by dressing in women’s clothing. There’s also a baby fetish going on as well as he suckles at the Absolut bottle at Shanna’s feet. A very nice scene with he and Shanna dramatically.

Chelsea Blue/Jamie Gillis
Nikki brings Chelsea over. What follows is an incredibly hot tease scene. She’s very attractive… sultry. Jamie is still one of the best actors around. It is this acting that really propels the scene into something special.Jamie’s dirty talk is held in check by his loneliness and drunkenness, which leaves us to concentrate on Chelsea.

There’s quite a bit of nice posing and threats to fuck her with a banana. She sits on his face and he eats her ass. She tries to suck him, but he’s too drunk to fuck.

Alex Sanders/Steven St. Croix/Chloe
The revenge fuck. St. Croix puts Nikki on the forklift and raises it. This makes for the most annoying scene in the whole movie. Take my advice and press the mute button, lest you subject yourself to the shrieks of Nikki Tyler which makes Yoko Ono sound downright melodic. Real nails on the chalkboard stuff. (“Nick! Nick! Lemme down! Nick!”)Chloe is another small lithe natural titted wonder. She’s a bit on the pale side, and reminds me of Fransesca Le. She blows Alex and then she blows Steve to piss off Nikki. After a stint of doggie, Steve cums on her ass to leave her for Alex who fucks her in the ass them cums on her face. Her lip touches his dick, which makes it the closest thing you’ll see to an ass-to-mouth in a Vivid flick :-)

Jamie and Bobby show up to rescue Nikki. St. Croix pops Jamie in the gut and Sanders gives him a punch to the head. Vitale gives St. Croix his best shot which results in him being laughed at and he ends up in a stack of boxes. As St. Croix goes back for Jamie, Jamie places a few punches to the head and body and pulls a gun on St. Croix.

Shanna McCullough/Jamie Gillis
A very touching sub/dom scene, with Jamie in blonde wig. Shanna has Jamie on a leash. She is in patent leather gloves, panties, undercup bra and thigh high boots. He worships her butt for a while and then she spanks him. He eats her while she’s in the fuck swing She gets his balls in a sling, while he fucks her He shoves a butt plug in her and fucks her doggie for a spell. Some nice RC. She sits on his face in the RC position and he eats her ass. Finally, she blows him and he cums on her face.Again, the acting here is what elevates this scene.

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I don’t know that it deserved a 10 from AVN, but it was pretty well made all the way around.Casting Nikki Tyler was a gamble since she can be quite flat (silicone notwithstanding) but I don’t know who I would have used in her place.

Jamie Gillis rules. Think of his extreme work as you will, but when given a good straight role, he can work it, man. Same goes for Shanna McCullough. She was always a fave when she was full time; she had a pretty good bit of talent. I guess it has something to do San Francisco. Most of the San Fran actors (her, Mike Horner, Jamie, etc.) seem to have it over their LA counterparts.

PT did an OK job with this material. We’re not talking fantasic, I think the movie succeeded because of the script and the performers — someone like Jonathan Morgan in the Jamie Gillis role, for instance, would’ve killed this film — some of whom I never expected much from (Bobby Vitale).

The “new girls” Chelsea Blue and Chloe are welcome additions to my viewing realm. I’m going to have to search out more of Chelsea’s stuff. She’s got a look about her that I hope is more hers than her character’s…

And the jury is still out on Nikki Tyler.
It’s a toughie. It’s a definite couples film and if you’re not part of a couple it may not do much for you. The sex is character driven which to me is far more satisfying but to those Max fans out there is woefully lacking in the gobs of spit and speculums :-)On the Imperial scale, I would say it is a must rent, and a marginal purchase if you are a fan or can get it for under 15 bucks. That translates to about a 3.40

Thoughts in 2013

I’ve come around to Nikki Tyler.  :-)