Today on Spice Radio: Stud Hunters (1984)

POST-SHOW UPDATE: A caller asked about a movie of Christy’s where she “and another girl are wearing white t-shirt and jeans…” and I stop him and say “Wild Things!” and I was right.  The other girl was Ali Moore. (Who also might have been underage for a bit of her career…)  I am lucky to do a show with and about people I’ve grown up watching.  (If the caller asked about a movie Gina Carrera was in a white T-Shirt, I do not think I could answer.

There was an earlier version of Wild Things with Traci Lords, but it was recut in the wake of her scandal, and her scene was replaced with one feature Brazilian bombshell Elle Rio.

So, Suze Randall is the guest on today’s Legend’s show over at Spice YouPorn, and at 2:30 Eastern/11:30 Pacific we’ll be talking about her 1984 movie Stud Hunters.  Her website claims that Victor Nye directed it, but we think she did; so hopefully she’ll be able to confirm or deny when she talks with Christy and Ginger.

The movie opens with Misty Regan sitting pantless on a desk looking at slides and playing with herself as the voiceover intones:

It seems like just another day to ace centerfold photographer Randi Foxx as she slaves in her studio loft, as her assistant Wimpy (Marc Wallice) dresses the set below.  Little does she realize that the call she won’t answer is the call of destiny.

She picks up the phone and it’s publisher Howard Huge (Michael Morrison) telling her he needs less g/g photoshoots and more b/g.  They flirt on the phone a little, and the camera reveals Desiree Lane sucking his cock.  Morrison is a middle aged paunchy fellow and his sex scene with Desiree is intercut with Randi lining up male models.  Desiree looks great in her RC and Suze really knows how to capture the beauty of the female form.  There’s a limited amount of gyno close-ups, usually just as brief cutaways between wide shots.  Her dirty talk is pretty generic, but she really grinds on his cock.  She lifts herself off for a moment, and it’s pretty cool moment of hovering before she re-impales herself.  They finally move to missionary and then scissoring when he pulls out and cums on her bush and belly.  After he finishes spilling his seed, she asks “Mr. Huge?  Now do I become a centerfold?” and he answers with a leer “Only if I get to fuck you in the ass again!” and she agrees “OK, I guess” and he thrusts into her and he lets out a big squeal.  We’re supposed to think he’s buggering her, I guess…

Next up, Wimpy is watching as Randi is taking pictures of Pipi Anderson and Debi Diamond.  Debi is laying in a grocery cart full of dildoes (excellent visual; Suze knows how to set a scene) but Pippi isn’t really giving her what she wants, so throws Wimpy and Pippi out and considers strapping the dildo on and starts eating Debi while Pippi escapes to the loft in the studio to catch Wimpy fucking a blow up doll’s mouth.  So she drops to her knees and totally deep throats Marc’s cock in the first swallow.

Wimpy looks down on the two girls who have moved to a round bed as Pippi continues to blow him.  Marc moves to the couch and Pippi sits on his cock and we get a lot of nice RC.  Debi is wearing a collar and leash and gets on top of Randi in a 69.  We have a bit more gyno here than we have had before as we linger on Randi’s noshing on Debi’s labia.

Wimpy and Pippi move to a standing doggie as Debi begins to use a dildo on Randi.  After a bit, Wimpy eats Pippi and Debi crawls up and plants herself on Randi’s face.  There are a lot of wide shots here which really show off the girls’ bodies and towards the end, the rhythm of the two scenes are crosscut very quickly as we build up to everyone’s orgasm.  (Wimpy jerks off on Pippi’s belly.)

The voiceover sets the next scene for us: “Never one to turn down a challenge, nubile nympho Fifi Floss works the jock pit of Muscle Beach searching for the Perfect Ten.” and we see Pippi (who is playing Fifi, then) and she approaches Steve Douglas  and in her broken English asks if he wants to take part in a photoshoot.  He tells her she should stop by “The Gym” so she does, and when she gets there, she’s greeted by 5 hard cocks.  The reveal of the cocks is pretty funny as Suze cuts around to each guy’s privates in some sort of underwear, and she has them just kind of flop their cocks out… and the next thing you know, Pipi on the floor and find herself in the middle of a blowbang with Blake Palmer, David Cannon, Dick Turpin, Paul Baressi and Steve Douglas.  The boys give her instructions to not be greedy and to share.

As she continues to blow some of the guys, they lay her down on a workout mat to make more of her orficies available to them.  She seems overwhelmed in a pretty hot way; never out of control just wanting more.  She plays insatiable very well. The guys finish themselves all over her (face and ass mostly) as she asks for more.  The post-coital scene is very artfully arranged with the boys all collapsed around her in a circle as she gets up.  It’s clear that attention was paid to the composition of these shots.

Next up, Lisa Lake and Amy Allison are ogling surfers, and Lisa goes over to Greg Derek and propositions him and they all drive away in their convertible.

The voiceover comes on again as we cut to Wimpy looking at dirty magazines and stroking himself:  “With Randi out there doing some stud hunting on her own, Wimpy catches up on his homework at the studio…” and the doorbell rings.  It’s the girls and their surfer friend and they want to introduce him to Randi, but since she’s not around, she hopes Wimpy will take some polaroids.

The girls share Greg’s cock as Wimpy snaps away. Eventually, he can’t hold himself back and he gets naked and gets in on the fun.  This is my first exposure to either Amy or Lisa before and they’ve got pretty great bodies..  The sex, tho, is shot the most conventionally. Lots of cutaways to sweaty guys from the torso up; gyno closeups; not as many full body shots as we got before.  The girls stay paired off – Lisa with Greg and Amy with Marc/Wimpy.  They end up in a heap on the bed.

Next, we fade in on the oiled wonderment that is Joanna Storm’s chest sunning itself in bikini bottoms on a lounge chair.  The voiceover tells us “High in the hollywood hills, Trashy Blonde, oversexed and underdressed, dreams of the endless orgasm, unaware of what fate has in store for her!” and the phone rings.  It’s Randi asking for a favor – find her some studs.  Joanna doesn’t think that’ll be a problem, she walks around what I think is Venice Beach and amongst all the people sees young(!) adonis, Randy West as the Stud Hunters theme plays (“Some intimate shoving! – “Stud Hunters!” – Some hardcore lovin’ “Stud Hunters!”)

Randy and Joanna retire to Joanna’s place, and Joanna pulls off Randy’s velcro breakway stripper pants (fucking awesome) revealing his hard cock (“Ah! An erection inspection!” he says) and she lays him on a couch and then strips in front of him as he keeps himself hard.  They have playfully stupid dialog as she drops down to blow him more.  They fuck in a few positions, and she looks awesome in every one of them, and then he pulls out and she gives herself a pearl necklace by jerking him off between her tits.

“Meanwhile, Randi surprises Wimpy with the All-American Stud.”

Wimpy shows off the polaroids from his romp with Amy and Lisa, but Randi has Craig Roberts with her, so she tells Wimpy she doesn’t give a shit about his polaroids and kicks him out.  He sneaks off to the loft to watch his boss fuck this guy.

Craig yells at her “Suck it bitch!” as if he’s sticking up for the shitty way she treats Wimpy.  Misty/Randi takes him down to the root and he talks through the whole thing, asking her to “suck it like a lollipop!” and wondering aloud “what that pussy tastes like!” and then he’s fucking her in mish.  Lots of full shots of her great tits straining against her shirt as she’s been fucked silly by this guy.  Her hips buck with his thrusts and he kneads on her tits until they’re red.  Wimpy lurks about allowing them to change positions without us noticing (they’re in doggie!  they’re in reverse cowgirl!”)  She grinds herself into his dick and they share a natural rhythm.  They move back to mish and after hammering away, he pulls out and shoots from her box to her tits, covering her pretty well and she rubs it into herself and the last bit is the headboard falling off the bed they’re on ad they share a laugh as we fade to black, and Wimpy is left stroking his cock.

Pretty good stuff.  Threadbare plot but enough to get us a couple really good sex scenes – standouts are Pipi Anderson’s blowbang and Misty Regan’s shag at the end. Since the girls like it when I rate things, I’d give this a 8.5 out of 10; a solid B+ of a movie with a couple A- sex scenes (Pipi + Guys, Misty, Joanna) and mostly B+ sex scenes (The rest with the Desiree Lane scene maybe getting a B, if only for Michael Morrison’s creepy factor…)

I watched this via VOD on Suze’s site, I’m not aware of it being available for download anywhere else.  DVDs are still available from the usual retailers.