Today on Spice Radio: I Got Torn A New One

I had talked about Deep Inside Vanessa del Riot in January on Night Calls, but since Vanessa del Rio was going to be on the show, I thought I’d talk about it again.

I rehashed the movie, giving props to VDRs final gangbang, and I was pressed to give the movie a rating, so I went with “8 or 9 dicks” (Ginger loves her ratings; I hate giving them — you should be able to tell from the review how I feel)

It went well until the end when I put my foot in my mouth by using the word “old.”

A little while later, they called me back on the air to have Vanessa read me the riot act (all in good fun!) (I hope!) for not giving the movie a 10 out of 10.  Upon a second listen, I think she was talking about her final gangbang scene as getting the 8/10 score which wasn’t the case, since that scene was 10/10 worthy; but there were other scenes in the movie (VDR and Francois; Kari Foxx and Troy Tannier) that lowered the movie’s overall average.

Vanessa said she worked with Erica who was playing a Russian, but it was Lois Ayres (and Marc Wallice — who was also in the Erica Boyer scene) played the Russian guards. So there was some confusion there.  Erica played a whore (with a southern drawl) who took on two Frenchmen (Marc Wallice and Tom Byron).

I was feeling cornered and  came out as a member of Team Christy (my review of Orfice Party notwithstanding) when it was noted I have as yet failed to give Ginger a bad review.  (I tried to explain that I try to review movies that I like, so they’re all in the 7-10 range; I try to stay away from the stinkers.)

It all went downhill from there, with promises to beat me up (tho really, beaten up by Ginger and VDR can’t be all bad after the initial shock wears off, right?) and other disparaging remarks.

All  I can say in my defense is the scene breakdown of the movie has been on the site since Peter was alive, so I am confident there is no missing footage in the DVD version…

Good times.

And to think that in honor of the show, I uploaded a better version of the Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio theme:

Tonight on Playboy Radio: Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio (1986)

Tonight around 7:45 pm Eastern Time (4:45 pm Pacific) on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls with Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter (Nicki was out), we talked some more about The Dark Brothers and Greg‘s 1986 movie, Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio.

We started off talking about awards season and how we’ve been entering a bunch of awards data behind the scenes and we’re getting ready to unleash the data onto the world.  It’ll happen sometime in February, I reckon… but that data is what currently feeds the awards blog postings, so you’re getting the fruits of our labors a little bit anyway.

Then we spoke about the movie.  The movie is a pretty funny send-up of biography documentaries, and the invented backstory of Vanessa’s life is pretty funny courtesy of a script by Antonio Passolini (writing as Johnny Jump-Up).  In a nutshell, Vanessa was born to a black mother (in case you were worried about Dark’s racial sensitivity, she’s played by a man in blackface) in communist Russia.  She escaped by fucking Marc Wallice and Lois Ayres and ended up in Paris, where she learned the ways of the crotch from Erica Boyer (who let her watch her get double teamed by Tom Byron and Marc Wallice — great scene; Erica ends up slick with sweat at the end of it).  From there, Vanessa becomes a door-to-door dildo saleswoman, and she plies her wares to housewife Liz Randall, and they have a pretty great toy-laden lezfest.  (It doesn’t hurt that Liz looks like a cute-as-a-button mid-80s Jenna Fischer.)  Vanessa’s journey takes her to Paraguay, where she starts to work her way into adult films, having sex with underrated scrumpet Krista Lane and Francois Papillion, eventually culminating in a gangbang with Marc WallicePeter NorthSteve PowersTom Byron and Troy Tannier.

The whole movie is infused with a goofy, bad taste take on things; so if that sounds like it’s for you — you should check this out as its available from all of the leading VOD retailers, as well as on DVD.

But perhaps the  greatest thing about the movie is its theme song (also by Johnny Jump-Up).  There’s a crummy dub of it over on YouTube, but it’s the best we got right now. . .

(Can we start a letter writing campaign to VCA — or whomever owns VCA now — to release the theme songs to the mid-80s Dark Brothers movies on iTunes?)

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