Today on Spice Radio: Nice Rack 4 (2000)

Today on Spice Radio’s YouPorn (Sirius XM 103, 3:00ish Eastern, Noonish Pacific) I’ll be talking to Ginger and Christy about Vince Vouyer‘s Nice Rack 4, featuring today’s guest Tera Patrick.

It feels strange reviewing a movie made in the 2000s. :-)

This is a straight gonzo movie, which means limited locato=ions, some direct talking to the camera, lots of POV angles, extreme closeups and a soul crushing sameness to the proceedings.

Scene 1: Dorian Grant and Mark Davis

We start out with Dorian Grant talking to camera and showing off her natural 34DDs.  It’s a strong start.  Dorian is very attractive and pretty soon, she’s sucking Mark Davis‘  cock.  She’s not getting a lot of it in her mouth, and she spends some time looking past the camera.  Mark lifts his legs up letting her get her pierced tongue all up in his butt for a couple minutes of rimming.

An odd video transition later, and Mark is eating her out, and she’s explaining to the camera how great he is at pussy eating, so of course he stops a moves to fingering her.  He goes back down on her, sucking her labia out and she’s giggling on the weight bench they have her on.  The smiles are nice, but the clenched eyes seem a little put on.

Then he dicks her.  She’s got a little bit of a belly, and I stand with Tarantino on this one, as he points out in Pulp Fiction:

Fabienne: . . . on a woman, a pot belly is very sexy. The rest of you is normal. Normal face, normal legs, normal hips, normal ass, but with a big, perfectly round pot belly. If I had one, I’d wear a tee-shirt two sizes too small to accentuate it.
Butch: You think guys would find that attractive?
Fabienne: I don’t give a damn what men find attractive. It’s unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same.


So she has her legs in the air, and it seems like it’s taking more effort than she’d like as her smiles go away, and she seems to be concentrating on holding herself open for the camera; but not for too long since we ha another odd transntion and now she’s on top of him, and they camera just focuses on her quim.

You’ve got a girl with great tits, why don’t you put her in reverse cowgirl and keep her in a wide shot?  Instead, we get very brief pull outs to wide shots while the cameraguy adjusts for a new angle where we don’t get to see the girl much. This is my problem with modern porn and gonzo in particular — the concentration on the gyno shots and not attempting to show off the girls in their best light.  Instead, it’s all hammering dicks at high TPM (thrusts per minute).

We finally get Dorian in RC (reverse cowgirl) and she’s all jiggly which is nice; but her tattoo is on only one side of her navel, so it makes her look lopsided in the long shots… but there’s not a lot of long shots, as we have to keep cutting in to the anonymous close-ups.

They move to missionary which shows off her Nice Rack and Mark pulls out and jerks on her tongue and cheek.  He finishes by titfucking her a little.

The scene was fine, but I really find the lack of set up to be distracting.  It becomes apparent that the only reason these two are fucking each other is because they’re being paid to.  At least with a story, I can be made to believe they like each other…

Scene 2: Fanny (as Cherry Lee) and the late, great Jon Dough

Cherry’s scene starts out with generic production library music and a set of anonymous breasts jumping up and down and then pressed together. She introduces herself with a thick french accent, mentions her breasts are a 36C (and then asks an off-camera person for confirmation) and then she’s sucking Jon’s cock as he lays on a couch.  Zero set up.  Just cut to the cocksucking.

I wish I didn’t have the disdain for the genre that I do… but the formula just doesn’t really work for me.

Cherry’s attractive enough with a big bush.  She’s shown off a bit better with more full body shots, but she’s also thinner; so perhaps they thought they were doing us a favor by minimizing how much they revealed of Dorian?

Anyway, there’s no talking in the scene, there’s some breast play but not as much as you’d expect from a series called Nice Rack.

There’s some nice RC, but the bodies are diagonal in the frame which isn’t the most flattering angle, tho it does make the body as large as it could be.

They movie to doggie, then without any discussion between them, he pulls out, lays her down on the couch and shoves his finger in her ass, and then a few fingerbangs later, he shoves his dick up there for some anal mish. She sucks her tits a bit which is nice, and then  they’re back to the reverse cowgirl with anal spicing it up this time, and we actually spend some time on the waist up here.

She’s huffing and puffing as this seems more physically exerting than pleasurable. Finally, he pulls out and jerks off on her face and mouth, and she spits it out.  Technically, this qualifies as ass-to-mouth, I think.

Scene 3: Misty Mendez and Vince Vouyer

Misty is a very smily girl who introduces herself right to the camera and then leans over to suck Vince’s cock.  There’s again no set up, but she does make little yummy noises while she’s eating him, and he fingerbangs her.

They don’t waste much time before she’s riding him RC with her panties pulled off to the side.  She makes good eye contact with the camera, occasionally closing her eyes in an effort to make us believe she’s having a good time.  Vince briefly plays with her nipples which makes nice rippling waves across her breasts, but the play is short lived.

They move thru the standard mish, doggie and back to mish before Vince jacks off on her face.  She doesn’t seem particularly enthused, but she attempts to pass it off as breathless ecstasy.

Scene 4: Casey Carlin and Erik Everhard

More anonymous boob shaking and then Casey introduces herself from Dallas, TX with 36C tits and then we dissolve to her with Erik’s cock in her mouth. She smiles a lot and looks up at him which are good things.  She looks at the camera too which is OK, but I prefer looking into the camera only when we’re in a POV situation, otherwise she breaks the fourth wall and it’s distracting to me.

She’s back on the weight bench and he fingres her some before she gets on the bench and pulls her on top of him for some reverse mish (she’s laying back on him; not riding like in a true RC.) Her facial expressions alternate between “Don’t fall off the bench” concentration and pleasure with a touch of holding back which may, upon reflection, just be her O Face.

He gets her back on the bench for some doggie, then he works a finger into her ass; then he’s back on the bench for some RAC and then some mish anal.  He never gets particularly deep on the anal; just down to the circumcision ridge, and she yelps “Ow!” a few times, so perhaps she’s just being a trooper here … her close ups don’t make her look all that excited and she vocalizes some discomfort as he sticks it back in.  Finally, he just jerks it onto her face and she dribbles the cum out of her mouth.  He does the patented Anabolic/RLD “scoop the cum back up into her mouth with your finger” move and we fade out.  (Another technical A2M).

Scene 5: Leandra and Vince Vouyer

Leandra introduces her 36D breasts and we break our formula and cut to Vince eating her out.  They move to her sucking him off, then rimming him briefly before we are transitioned into RC.

She’s spirited and doesn’t seem against the endeavor as the previous two were.  But it’s sort of generic.  After running thru a few standard positions (doggie, cowgirl) Vince jerks off on her chin and she enthusiastically gobbles it up.

Scene 6: Tera Patrick with Erik Everhard and Vince Vouyer

Tera introduces herself having “100% natural” 36Ds and she’s not afraid to show them off.  They’re pretty awesome.

She sits on a couch and talks dirty a bit as she plays with her tits.  The camera tho, insists on being so close up, it’s tough to enjoy them for what they are since they take up our entire field of vision.  But she tugs on her nipples and grabs some ice to get her nipples all hard.  She runs the ice up her leg, licks it and then rubs it all over her tits, getting them hard and wet.

But again, without warning, she’s got a cock in her mouth.  However, we at least get her grinning and saying “That’s what I wanted!” as she chows down.  Likely because she’s into it, her eye contact with the camera doesn’t seem creepy, but rather, it’s inviting.  No one would confuse her oral skills with deep throating, but Erik seems to be enjoying it.  (They sure did work together a lot early in her career.)

Transition to her rimming and talking dirty to us, teasing us.  This works.  We move to her rimming POV and looking up at us.  In a wide shot, she’s on her knees bent over eating his ass, and she reaches back to unzip her skirt.  Hot stuff which I would have liked to see more of; but we cut away to another closeup.

Next up, Erik is going to town eating her out and fingering while she slips a nipple into her mouth, and smiles at us.  He might be fucking her, but she’s clearly thinking about us.  It’s the great big eyes.  She coos as she slides his two fingers in and out and we transition to her standing over him as she asks “Can I have some cock now?” and she lowers herself onto his rod, and happily, the camera op pulls back to give us a full body shot of her riding him RC. (He’s a little low, shooting up at them, but I’ll take it.)

He flips her around mish and fucks her until she cums.  Vince can’t take it anymore and he pulls his cock out of his shorts and she takes it right in her mouth.  The angle is a little weird, so she has to work to get it in here, so she can just suckle on it; it’s not a real serious BJ at first, but she does manage to work her head back and forth on it, despite a vigorous fucking from EE.

They spin her around and Erik goes all doggie style on her, but at some point he moves around for more head and Vince comes in to take a few strokes.  (Still hasn’t taken his shorts off.)  But just as Vince starts to go, Erik cockblocks him with the phrase “I have to cum!” and Tera jumps off Vince’s cock and kneels before Erik for him to stroke-stroke-stroke onto her.  She’s sick of it, so she just puts him into her mouth and swallows him cum right down.  (No pic or it isn’t true?) but then she turns around and finishes Vince off with some more head and he jerks off onto her face and chin, leaving her to clean him off as some cum drips down her chin.  She pushes the rest into her mouth and swallows.


Tera’s scene wins hands down and it’s not because she’s going to be on the show; it was simply the best scene.  They had a girl who wanted to be there, who was fucking gorgeous as all get out (this, of course, was pre-contract and pre-cosmetic enhancements, the latter being a serious crime against nature) and wanted to fuck these guys.  She and Everhard have chemistry together since they worked so much together, and she seemed down for unexpectedly (we’re led to believe anyway) taking on Vince.

The angles on her scene weren’t so close-up to be distracting, and they really did try to capture her beauty and sexiness.

Can’t say the same for the other scenes really.  The Dorian scene was the next strongest scene, followed by Misty and Leandra with then Fanny and Casey pulling up the rear.

VOD the last scene for sure and the first scene if you like a little pot belly.