We’ll Be On The Jay Thomas Show at 5:30

Jay Thomas Show LogoWe’re going to be on  The Jay Thomas Show (SiriusXM 104) today, February 21, at 5:30pm Eastern. (We were supposed to be on the 20th, but Jay got sick).

We’ll be talking about the site and other interesting things.

Jay’s been on a bunch of sitcoms, so maybe I’ll need to ask if he’s seen the parody versions of Cheers or Mork and Mindy, and if he’s upset they didn’t find porno versions of his characters.  I’d also be interested to see if he thinks there’s a market for a Murphy Brown porn parody…

However, my first memory of Jay is from when I was a kid, and he appeared on the cover of the January 1980 issue of Dynamite, a staple of my reading diet when I was 11… who could predict that 33 years later my interest in dirty movies gets me a chance to rap with that guy hugging Robin Williams?