Today on Radio Sex: Hypnotic Sensations (1985)

Hypnotic SensationsSo, Spice Radio has been rebranded as Radio Sex, so now I’m on YouPorn on Radio Sex (XM103) today at the usual 2:40ish Eastern to talk with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn aboout their 1985 movie, Hypnotic Sensations, directed by GVC’s in-house director, John Shubert.

I reviewed this over at AEBN, and it’s running time is about 10 minutes shorter than the original release.  The original release was 83 minutes, and the AEBN version clocks in at just over 79 minutes, so we’re missing 5 minutes for some reason.

This is a charming little fluffball of a movie with a silly script and pretty good sex throughout.  There’s only 6 people in the cast, so we get a lot of variety in the pairings, and it sports a couple scenes between our hosts.

The set up is simple — R. Bolla plays Dr. Sheckle (“Richard. Call me Dick.”) a hypnotist who specializes in sexual dysfunction.  He hypnotizes folks to help get them over their hangups.

First up is the only other guy in the cast, Rick Cassidy who gets hypnotized and given the code word “sensation” so that whenever he hears that word, he drops into a trance and his hangups disappear.  Dr. Sheckle introduces him to Heather Cummings, played by Ginger Lynn.  She takes him down to her salon and asks him to kiss her.  He’s reluctant, but starts in tentatively.  She encourages him and whispers “What a sensation!” and suddenly he’s rock hard and ready to fuck… but they spend a little more time kissing (yay!)  and Ginger asks “Do you want to fuck me, Frank?” and he answers the only way a red-blooded hetero American man could answer – “YES!”

Ginger slips out of her dress and reveals herself in a one-piece black negligee and she works her down to blow him… but we cut away!

Now Christy Canyon is talking with Dr. Sheckle, and the dialogue is cutesy with double-entendre (He: “Spit it out…”  She: “Spit it out? I want to swallow!  That’s my problem!”) but the crux of her matter is her boyfriend wants to have a three-way, but she has a hard enough time sucking his cock, letting alone eating out some girl’s pussy.  So, Dr. Sheckle starts waving the medallion back and forth as we meet back up with Rick and Ginger who are right where we left them, Ginger sucking his cock.

She takes her time and talks to him throughout.  She’s controlling the action which is a pleasant change from a lot of scenes where the guy just hammers away at the girl’s uvula.

Rick works his way down her body, and he begins to eat her out.  She gives him encouragement and corrective advice along the way, but we then cut back to Dr. Sheckle and Christy, and he programs her so that she becomes a sexual animal whenever she hears the word “sensation.”


Dr. Sheckle asks if she’s awake and if it’s a pleasant sensation, and it stops her in her tracks and she cheats an awesome glance to the camera.

From there he starts to undress her, and we cut back and forth between R. Bolla and Christy Canyon going at it while Ginger Lynn and Rick Cassidy do the same.  There is an awesome moment when he has Christy splayed out across the desk and her boobs are shown off so amazingly well…

hs3Ginger has some awesome dirty talk going on (“Make my pussy wet so your cock slides in…”) and he begins fucking her missionary as we move back upstairs to the Dr. as Christy goes to suck him off.

Back to Ginger and Rick and he’s plowing away and she’s pinching her nipples and eveentually he pulls out and cums on her bush.  They cuddle and kiss afterwards.

Back to Christy sucking off the good doctor , and she’s having a bit of a hard time because R. Bolla is having a hard time coming to full attention.  So, she’s working his pole as best she can, but you can see that she’s holding his cock up and her suction is the only thing keeping it upright.  But she sells it and it’s not as bad as it could have been by a long shot.

Eventually, he’s able to mount her and he bangs her for a bit before he pulls out and she jerks him off onto her tummy and tits.

He sends Christy off to explore the house with a “have a pleasant sensation!”

These first two scenes take up almost 40 minutes of the movie.

Christy runs into Ginger in the hall and Ginger overhears Christy saying good bye to “Dick” and Ginger asks if she likes pussy. And you can see where this is going.


Meanwhile, Dr. Sheckle is now talking to Jessica Wylde and Rikki Blake and Rikki wants her friend Jessica to lighten up and enjoy sex, so Dr. Sheckle sends Rikki away to explore the house so he can get to the matter at hand — hypnotizing Jessica.

Down in the tub, Ginger undresses Christyand makes love to her boobs and they slide into the tub together.  (Who can blame her, really?)

Upstairs, Jessica is sucking off the Doctor, and he’s a bit harder than he was with Christy, but then the scene abruptly cuts to Jessica putting on lipstick.  He sends Jessica out to get Rikki.  (I assume this is the missing 5 minutes?)

Rikki finds herself on a couch and she monologues to herself that there’s something  about the place that is so sexual, so she strips down and briefly (30 seconds?) plays with herself.

Ginger and Christy have left the tub and have picked up where they left off on a bed, with Ginger eating Christy out and working a long thin dildo into the equation.

Happily, we find ourselves back with Rikki who masturbates herself to orgasm.  She’s a totally hot little number and just as she’s beginning to put her clothes back on, Rick Cassidy comes in and asks how she’s doing?  She says she’s “sensational” which turns him right on and dives onto her.  There’s a ton of really annoying video transitions here, as if the editor just put the machine on random and had it transition every 7 seconds.  However, there’s a great overhead shot from the second floor looking down on them which almost makes up for the transitions.

Jessica finds herself in Ginger and Christy’s room, and she sits in a chair and masturbates, not wanting to interrupt the girls. Eventually they both attack her, with Ginger wielding a giant orange vibrator. Satiated, she leaves and finds her way upstairs to where Rick is banging Rikki, and Rikki yells “Isn’t this sensational?” and Jessica is entranced and jumps into the action.  Rick fucks Jessica doggie style for a little bit while she makes out with Rikki and then Rikki jerks Rick off onto her face.

Dr. Sheckle stumbles upon Ginger downstairs primping after her busy afternoon, and he buries his face in her box and then they swap spots so she blows him and then lowers herself onto him for some vigorous riding.  She climbs off and he mounts her and then they move to a modified scissor, then in an abrupt cut, she’s riding him again and he flops out of her just as he begins to cum and she jerks him off to finish the job.  It’s a pretty good popshot as he explodes out of her.

The movie was pretty hot tho the editing was really somewhat off.  If it wasn’t the weird transitions in the Rikki/Rick scene, it was the interruption of one scene at no logical point to jump to another sex scene and then back to the original scene more or less where it was left off.  The cross-cutting didn’t allow scenes to really end, which to be, was detrimental.  I would have liked to have seen the end of the Rick popping all over Rikki, but before we had a chance to really enjoy what had happened, we’re back to Ginger and R. Bolla.  So, I’m not sure if there was a lack of footage or some other reason for it, but it stops the movie from being something really terriffic and keeps it in the “solid effort” category.

So, for the effort, it gets a 2.5 on the Imperial Scale (“2.50 to 3.35 are all good to great rentals”).  A majority of the performers are awesome, and Jessica is OK if she’s your cup of tea (she’s a bit too severe for my tastes) and the scenes between Christy and Ginger are always worth a look.


All Hail The Prop Master!

Say what you will about Brazzers, but the attention to detail on the part of their prop guy in their recent release, They Always Come Back, hasn’t gone unnoticed. Bravo, sir!

Last Will and Testament of Tom Bailey

However, for shame, video titles guy – KERN, BABY, KERN! – the O-N and I-N-U-E-D of “Continued” should all run into each other — no gaps! (The perils of using a script typeface!)



All that said, it’s it’s worth checking out the scene, despite some horrible focus issues right at the popshot.  Dani’s sporting a pretty full bush, and there’s some nice set up to the story of her mourning her dead husband and then banging his lookalike brother (Bill Bailey).

My favorite beat in the set up is when she’s in the kitchen, naked of course, trying to get a mug down from a high shelf in a cabinet, but she can’t reach, so her husband comes in and fetches it for her, and she blows him in thanks.  Considering he’s the only one who could have put it on that top shelf to begin with, I think that’s a helluva bit of long range planning, sir!

An Open Letter to AVN and the Transgender / Transexual Community

So, this is what a shitstorm on Twitter looks like, eh?

A couple weeks back, I got an email from Mark Kernes over at AVN asking a simple question, here’s the entirety of his email:

Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2012 11:26:26 -0800
From: Mark Kernes <>
CC: Brittany St Jordan <>, 
 Wendy Williams <>
Subject: Transsexuals

Hey, guys,
Trannies have been around for a long time now, so isn't it about time 
that iafd either includes them in the "female" rather than "male" 
category (as is currently the case), since that's the sex they say best 
suits their own ideas of themselves, or at least establish a category of 
"transsexual" since most possess both a penis and breasts? It'd be the 
right thing to do.

Mark Kernes, AVN

Mark’s proselytizing aside, nothing about this email screamed “Your response is on the record” or “I will forward your response to people who disagree with you and then write an editorial about it” so I did not think that is what would happen.  I thought it was just another email from an occasional correspondent.  I didn’t notice at the time that is was cc’d to Brittany St. Jordan and Wendy Williams, but I never “reply all” so my response went to Mark only.  Here’s the entirety of my remarks:

Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2012 17:31:11 -0500
From: Internet Adult Film Database Staff <>
To: Mark Kernes <>
Subject: Re: Transsexuals


At this point, we go with genitalia, not self-image.  Born a boy gets 
you marked as a M in our database; we're not currently structured for a 
third gender.  When they go post-op we create a second profile in the 
opposing gender at that point to track those movies and then we link the 
two profiles together.


And that was the extent of our conversation.

Then on December 12, I saw a series of tweets directed our way:

And finally this one, which sent me to

What is the lead article in the thread?  MY EMAIL TO MARK!


Call me old-fashioned, but I still subscribe to the notion that email between two people are just between those people until someone says “Do you mind if I share this?”  Just forwarding private email willy-nilly is in really poor taste.

So the rest of the thread was which consisted of a reasonable comment or two that I took to heart, but there’s Amy Daly really making me not want to help the cause at all:

I’ve emailed them a long time ago and asked to be completely removed from their databases. They don’t give a crap. Everyone should totally spam their email and tweet at them though:

I also recommend submitting DMCA notices on your profile photos just to create some extra work for them. Fuck IAFD.

The thoughtful remarks really did hit home. The attacking remarks did too.

I had gotten some emails from some fans and performers, some were reasonable, some were insulting.  However, none felt like they were talking to us, just at us. That they just wanted us to know how they felt.  So we took the emails under advisement and started looking how to make things right.

We got a very nice, invective-free email from Michelle Austin.  I began to draft a reply to her, but never sent it because I thought it would be better served as a blog post.  However, the holidays got in the way and slowed my blogging activity way down.

My draft reply to Michelle said this:


Thank you for your polite and informative note.

Judging by the outpouring of emotion from some members in the TS porn community today, it is clear that by our actions we’re offending more than we’re helping, and that is very much off-message for us. We love porn and the people who make it, so we’re not happy at how our actions are being interpreted.

Please don’t interpret our ignorance as malice, as it couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re clumsy, sure, but not on purpose.

The foundations for the database that runs our site were built 20 years ago and it was not built with the capacity for a third gender; so our site is not built upon that foundation either. Our original curator created two tables – ACTORS and ACTRESSES – and placed TS performers into the Actors table, so for consistency sake, we do too. His logic was based on genitals, and that’s what we follow… because we don’t know any better.

We don’t want to hurt your fight, so we will working in the coming weeks to address this issue.

I don’t know how much you know about us, but The IAFD is an all-volunteer effort made up of only 12 editors, none of whom work on the site full time. This is a labor of love for us, and we make mistakes just like any other group of humans.

I say this by way of explanation so you know the transition will not be a quick process, as we will have to do quite a bit of manual work identifying and then moving performers from one table to the other, and not all editors will be involved, so we ask for your patience while we get things moving.

And thank you for addressing us rationally and professionally, not resorting to name-calling or lawyer-threatening.

And that pretty much sums it up.  We agree that TS performers deserve their own category; a “gender=t” to use our URL parlance…

In looking at this issue, we’re spending time looking harder at the site itself and its technical underpinnings.  One of the posters over at HungAngels said:

Wait….so their database can handle linking two separate “gender specific files” together as one entry…something I’m almost certain the database was not designed for originally, and yet they cant create a 3rd category?

To answer – we don’t link them as one entry; it’s two entries, linked by a comment.  See it in action with Sulka (Post-Op) and Sulka (Pre-Op). Adding a third table to the database and then having to update every query that runs the site to check a third table is a huge amount of work, and not scalable should the day arise when we’d need to address a fourth gender. (Who knows what wonders the future may hold?)

So instead, we’re eliminating the two table design and moving to a more modern single table design where gender or job is not a determining factor.  (We also have a DIRECTOR table; gender=d) But this transition isn’t an overnight thing, we have hundreds of stored procedures and thousands of lines of code to go through to make sure we’re not referencing tables that won’t exist anymore, and I’m the only guy who does the coding, and I do it in my spare time around the requirements of my day job.

But we’re working on it.

You can’t really blame us for getting things wrong, when the community itself can’t seem to agree on terms.  In the AVN editorial, Brittany St. Jordan is quoted:

 ‘Tranny,’ ‘shemale,’ and all of the demeaning terms need to stop. We are transsexuals and that is how we should be labeled. If more than two syllable words are too difficult for some, then TS is more than appropriate.

Our problem is the industry uses those terms ALL THE TIME.  How many movies have TRANNY or SHEMALE in the title? @GroobySteven, one of the more outspoken producers and leaders in the TS space has this as this Twitter slug: “Producer and owner of Grooby Productions … shemales, TS’s and trannys … rock and roll? More like a cup of tea please!”  If you can’t get Steven — someone who lives and breathes TS material and lifestyle — to stop using terms you feel are derogatory, what hope do we have?

Or, in the alternative, is Brittany St. Jordan the outlier, and we shouldn’t be listening to her on these matters?  We have no idea who to listen to, so we’re doing the best we can.

To address why these movies in the above links are tagged as “(GAY)”, when all the performers in a movie have GENDER=M then the site tags that movie as all-male/gay.  We can override this categorization, but that’s why it is the way it is by default.  Obviously, this is another behavior we’ll be changing.

Now, some quick responses to AVN’s article.

Kernes writes:

Now, we understand that the expenses attendant to running IAFD are largely paid for by its moderators, and secondarily by donations from the porn-watching public; hence, its ability to rewrite its database software to add a category for “transsexual” might take some doing”but Jeff gave no indication that IAFD was even interested in doing so. (Those with programming experience who might want to help with such a project can contact IAFD here.)

We don’t accept donations from anyone.  (Maybe we should put a PayPal link on the site somewhere.)  Our expenses (hardware purchase, upgrade and maintenance;  co-location rent; bandwidth) are covered by banner advertising and affiliate commissions on the price search; that’s it.  There’s not a lot left over because I’m less interested in being a salesman than I am about running a useful website in my spare time.  Our editorial team (we’re not moderators; that was RAME), comprised of all volunteers,  does not contribute financially to the running of the site, we are lucky to be self-sustaining.

And as far as “Jeff gave no indication that IAFD was even interested in doing so” I WAS NEVER ASKED.   Mark (the person, not the reporter) sent me an email, I sent him back a one paragraph response because I thought I was only talking to him.  He didn’t mention “Go on the record for why you…” I didn’t expect that my off-hand response to a knowledgeable member of the community would have resulted in this editorial; had I known, I would have made sure I was clearer and more detailed in my response.  I also would have been happy to grant an interview or have some more meaningful back and forth if Mark was forthcoming with his intentions for my reply.

At the end of the day, my hope is that this blog post allays your fears.  We’ve listened.  We were ignorant, and you educated us.  We want to do right by the community.  We don’t like being hated or spammed or whatever else makes us feel bad. Sex and porn are supposed to make us feel good, so let’s try to stick with that.

@GroobySteven made a very generous offer of programming assistance, and we’ll discuss that with him in the days ahead.  We know the site has been pretty stagnant for longer than any of us care to admit, and I am hoping this is the first in a number of steps to help modernize the site and develop a base we can work off of going forward.

Merry Christmas 2012!

For the eighth year running (sorry for missing you 2008!), we’ve been  listing the Christmas themed porn, and this year isn’t much different.

We’re adding a bunch of Christmas themed titles… for our hetero visitors…

We’ve got some fetish titles:

(We’re still adding, so check the New Movies page…)

I reviewed Santa Comes Twice for Playboy Radio this time last year…

But the web-content producers are the ones who are really getting their money worth for their investment in a Santa Suit.

Brazzers offers a few holiday themed tid-bits (since the last time we did this):

A Brazzers Christmas Party has Johnny Sins getting molested by a bunch of gals at a Christmas party, notably Dillion Harper, Alice March and Staci Silverstone.brazzers_santa3

They’ve also got:

Merry Christmas, everybody.  (Unless you don’t swing that way, then Happy Tuesday!)