Today’s Crush: Martha Washington

Is it wrong to be smitten with a porn director? I hope not, because I’ve developed a bit of the fanboy crush on Martha Washington of Bluebird Films…

Is it the cheeky way she puts three (THREE!) porn queens named Starr — Aiden, Bobbi and Kaci — in her latest movie, Suck It! Or the fact that she wants you to scream the title of the movie?

Is it the too-fucking-cute rose colored glasses in the picture she sent over for us to use as the pic that accompanies her profile? Or maybe the ripped knee of the jeans she’s wearing?

Is it the way she kinda looks like a younger version ofmy hot friend Liza?

Is it her Twitter war with over the sensibility of ladies keeping condoms close at hand?

I dunno. It’s all of those things, probably.

Mostly, it’s the giddy fun she seems to be having during a two-partinterview with “My Drink with Hollywood” which started out well, but ended a bit too high concept (On naming porn: “Host: Do you think ‘Air Bud: Golden Receiver’ would be good? Martha: “That sounds like a gay one, maybe? For a gay one, it’s a six or seven…”) but she remained polite and a good sport throughout…

Here is the interview… turn the speakers down as the intro music is waaaaaay too loud and bass-y compared to the rest of the interview.

Martha’s Bioat the IAFD

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Suck It! at the IAFD

Because PORN is just a typo away…

Dr. Chauntelle over at Porn Valley Vantage (a blog you should be reading) just posted an article about XXXChurch that caught my eye.

XXXChurch, if you don’t know about them, are a familiar presence at the porn shows, having a booth with XXXChurch followers handing out Bibles and spreading the Good Word about Jesus. Their graphic design shows a sense of humor about their mission, all decked out in 1970s porn. They treat pornography addiction as a serious issue to grapple with and overcome, and I can’t fault them for that.

We do part ways on the destructive nature of porno (and self-pleasure), namely they seem to think it destroys everything it touches and that hasn’t been my experience.

I equate it to alcohol – I know people who can have a beer or two and have a good time, I know people who can’t function without a half-dozen scotches and then they’ll have three more and really become anembarrassmentto himself a danger to others. This does not mean I want to ban alcohol. Porn operates the same way — I don’t know that watching porn upon occasion (or even every day) is detrimental to one’s health, but I am pretty sure there comes a point where it can become too much. I have no idea where that line is.

All that aside, they put together a PSA about theresponsibilitiesof parents to try and protect their kids from online porn. I can’t really find fault with this. The IAFD is voluntarily tagged with an “adult” label, and when OpenDNS blocks us for being “pornography” I can’t complain about that. We don’t want kids finding this site. Porn + Kids = Trouble.

Porn provides a fantasy, and kids don’t always have the ability toseparatereality from fantasy. They may think it’s natural to drive around in a van and throw girls in the back and have sex with them — first reluctantly and then actively; or that every babysitter is on the earth to blow their dads. (If only.) Seriously, tho — there is a lot in today’s porn landscape that could really paint a different picture for kids of what sex is. (I say it in the same way I say that kids shouldn’t take driving cues from The Fast and Furious, and they probably shouldn’t be getting their sexual cues from Jamie Gillis’ On The Prowl.)

So, we support responsible parenting and the blocking of online resources from kids who are too young to understand their context or meaning, and their PSA addresses that in a way that’s pretty funny and still makes their point.

Lots of cameos in the PSA (in order of appearance, from left to right — Rayveness,Brandy Aniston,Brenda Black,Crissy Moran (who left porn to focus on bringing attention these kinds of XXXChurch-y issues), Tia Gunn,April Flores,Kelly Shibari andRon Jeremy.

The XXXChurch site says this of the clip:

Founder of XXXchurch, Craig Gross known as the “porn pastor” and porn legend, Ron Jeremy, have traveled around the country debating the issue of pornography for the past four years. They have become great friends although they disagree on the effects of pornography.

The one thing they do agree on is that pornography should not be seen by kids. Ron Jeremy says, “Porn is consenting adults having consenting sex for consenting adults to watch.” Ron has always said he will do whatever he can to help keep porn away from children.

Us too.

Scenes from the XRCO Are You Listed?

IAFD was a sponsor at the 2011 XRCO Awards and I decided to attend after a 4 year break due to Peter Van Aarle’s induction into the XRCO Hall of Fame. Our friends, Rog & Tiki, were publicists for the event and managed the event as smoothly as they could despite its annual clusterfuckingmania. Nothing much has changed.

Even though I was media and a member of the XRCO, I couldn’t get into the back media room to take pictures, hence the few pictures of the award winners. I think the only shocking thing about the event was that I had one drink despite the generous offers of my friends, Swine, Erik, and Jeff. Despite the smothering attention of the women, they noticed my empty glass.

Click on the logo picture for the photo gallery from the event.