Trailer Porn: Star Trek: TNG : A XXX Parody

You would think as someone who should be paying attention to the porn industry, I wouldn’t have first stumbled across this trailer over on Wil Wheaton’s blog, but it’s true. I don’t know if I am as die hard a trekkie as perhaps I once was… I grew up on TOS (The Original Series) and […]

To quote The Bourne Ultimatum: “How ya doin?”

Still struggling a little to find a POV for the blog, but today I’m feeling “funny videos with pornstars.” Submitted, then, without much comment, the most recent episode of “Munchie the Agent” in which¬†Aurora Snow takes Munchie to task for not doing enough to get her mainstream career kickstarted. (OK, slight comment: Munchie is feline… […]

Trailer Porn: Lost and Found

I thought maybe I’d start a new section highlighting some of the more memorable trailers to make their away across my mediafeed. ¬† As with mainstream movies, a good trailer can make a shitty movie look pretty good, and there’s nothing wrong with highlighting fine examples of the craft. So kudos to the editor who […]