Today on Spice Radio: Justine: Nothing to Hide 2 (1993)

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While the plan was to talk about Comeback today, the girls have asked that my segment relate to the guests who are going to be on the show that day, and I think that’s a pretty great plan.  We’ll save the movies featuring Christy and/or Ginger for days when they don’t have guests booked.  So, today’s guests are Penny Antine aka Raven Touchstone and Hyapatia Lee.

You’ll note that Penny/Raven’s name isn’t hyperlinked, and that’s because the IAFD doesn’t track behind-the-scenes staff beyond the director.  This is a shortcoming on our part and something we’ll be addressing in the coming months.  Penny is a photographer on porn sets and Raven is a writer of porn films.  In looking over Raven’s IMDB page,  I was surprised to see how long she’s been writing movies — tho I suspect it has more to do with me not wanting to admit that I’m old enough to remember 20 year old porn movies when they came out…

So, the plan was to do something that both Hyapatia and Raven were involved in, which meant I Do 2: The Honeymoon, but honestly, not a favorite of mine, and Vivid cut it to ribbons for its DVD release which means any copy you can get your hands on is a 72 minute version so it could fit on a VCD (THERE’S a technology to get behind!), so I figured I’d focus on the movie that leapt off of her IMDB page —  the absolutely fantastic Nothing to Hide 2: Justine (or Justine: Nothing to Hide 2; or just Nothing to Hide 2

The film suffers from early-90s Chyron titles, but don’t let that put you off because it also has hot sex and some grown-up emotions.

As the movie opens, we see surfer boy David, Nick East and his Dad, Simon (Mike Horner) walking down a beach, ogling a pretty girl.  Mike is tickled that the girl was checking him out, and Nick tells him he needs to get back in the dating pool.  As Nick gets in his car, Mike does something that is NEVER done in porn — he says “And I love you, too” to his son as he  shuts Nick’s car door.

Cut to Tianna sitting on her bathroom vanity applying some shaving cream to her ladybits and cleaning herself up.  She’s cleaning herself up because she has a date that night with Simon.

Next, we see Jolie, Roxanne Blaze, looking through some photos that Nick took as he packs for a trip.  He says he’ll call every day he’s gone, and she tells him not to, since if she’s not there when he calls, he’ll just get jealous.  He pouts and they start to make out; he wants to move into the bedroom, but she wants to stay in the living room, in front of all the open windows.  She relaxes into a chair and starts rubbing herself and groping her breast and she purrs for him to tell her what he’s thinking.  He replies with the pussy-drying “My father.”And then he drops the bomb that he wanted to tell his Dad he wanted to marry Roxanne.   She is up for that, and he goes over to her.

Then another non porn thing happens – he mentions babies.  “We could have beautiful babies together.isn’t that what you want?” and she seems little dismayed and distracted, this is just a girl who wants a good fucking before her boyfriend goes away, not a proposal and talk of families.

Cut back to Tianna’s house and she’s in a bra and panties drinking wine and Mike asks her to “be with him” and he compliments her on smelling so nice and mentions its been so long since he’s been with such a beautiful woman.  He then kisses her and goes right to third, rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Tianna is not what one would called a subdued sexual performer, and she lets out a series of little gasps and energentic movements as she gets Mike’s cock out of his pants to blow him and get him hard  She lets out a little giggle every now and then too.  PT (who directed) allows a shadow or two to get in the way of the action, but [perhaps we can see that as symbolic, as Tianna isn’t able to get Mike hard.  He pulls back and asks for a breather.  This takes Tianna back a bit and she excuses herself.

Back to Roxanne who is now blowing a rock-hard Nick, taking him virtually down to the root.

Back to Tianna and Mike; and she’s pouring baby oil down her ass (and what a great ass it is!) and talking dirty to Mike, trying to get him interested.  This generally isn’t something porn does (at least non on purpose) – having a girl talk dirty to get a guy hard.  She pulls out a silver dildo and buries it in her ass which finally get’s Mike’s dick’s attention.

Roxanne and Nick are now fucking on the floor in a position with Roxanne laying back and Nick plows into her sideways.  This shows off Roxanne’s awesome body (she has fantastic tits) and is having a good time.

Mike is now fucking Tianna’s ass with the dildo and she’s crying in ecstasy as he spanks her ass.

Finally, Roxanne jerks Nick off and he cums in the direction of her face. We could use a little less of Nick’s O-Face and more of the cumshot… they have a little cuddle and a kiss as he leaves the room.

Tianna is now begging Mike to fuck her, but he’s still soft, and she’s pretty emotionally distraught by it; they keep kissing for a little bit, but then he just shakes her off as she grabs a pillow and wonders what she did wrong.

Then Roxanne is masturbating with a pink dildo up her ass, and she has a great sheen of sweat across her breasts as Nick comes back in and the camera pans away from Round 2.

Roxanne is behind the counter in an adult bookstore and talking to the clerk who asks if she’s going to be there all week.  She explains her assignment runs out, and she’ll have everything she needs for an article she’s helping to research on women who go into sex shops, what they buy, etc.  The clerk says she should go talk to “that guy; he’s never been in a place like this before” and motions her over Mike.

She goes over and asks him if she could help him.  He is stunned at the beautiful woman who is offering assistance, and he stammers out that he needs a cock ring and can’t find them.  She takes him over and asks what kind he prefers, and he goes to the old standby which he makes dryly hilarious “It’s not for me, it’s for my friend.  My brother…  It’s his birthday…” She asks how big his brother is and he makes a “I caught a fish this big” motion, and she corrects him by asking about girth. He comes clean and says it’s not for his brother, and he smiles at her.  She tells him that he probably doesn’t need a cock ring, he needs a good fuck.  He asks if that’s an offer, and she rebuffs him saying she’s not that kind of girl and she has a boyfriend.  He retorts that he knows exactly what kind of girl she is, and she runs off and calls her editor asking to be taken off the sex shop assignment because she doesn’t want to go back… she’s told to go back as its only for a few more days.

She goes back, and now Stalker Mike is back, looking for toys and/or lubes.  He starts picking things off the wall and he asks about desensitizing spray.  He’s kind of all creepy leers now and hands her a pair of handcuffs and Roxanne says she’s thought about it.  He makes fun of the pocket mouth toys and he asks her back to a more pivate part of the store and he comes up behind her and asks her to come home with him.  She says no, but doesn’t do anything as he slides her strap off her shoulder and reveals her breast.  This is amazingly hot.  He gets his hand down the front of her jeans and she just leans back against him and enjoys the ride.  Mike makes a date with her for later that night as she puts herself back together.

She shows up at the otherwise empty restaurant and she asks “Did you break into this place?” which is kind of funny and he explains he owns it, but keeps it set up so he can sell it. He says he doesn’t know what to call her and she says “Justine.”  When he starts to say his name, she cuts him off and tells him she doesn’t want to know a thing about him.

They have a sexually charged bit of foreplay as he asks to see her legs and she asks if he wants to touch them.  This is a scene, and movie really, of incredible restraint.  She puts her fingers insider herself for a moment and asks Mike if he’s like a taste and she puts his fingers in his mouth.  She stands, hikes up her dress to show off her ass and they have a go of it.  Mike fucks her on the table and cums inside her (we don’t see it) which seems to make things a little bit too real for her.  She gets spooked and pushes him away and says they can’t see each other again.

She gets home and calls Nick and Mike goes to the sex shop and  tries to get info on her, but the counter-man says he doesn’t have any female employees.  Mike goes to the restaurant to show it to a prospective buyer and notices a card in the door saying “I’ll see you at 9 (heart) Justine.” And we cut to them at the restaurant and he has some dinner prepared.  She tells him she’ll call him “Mac” since it’s generic enough; and she starts to feed him some shrimp.  He then rubs some shrimp on her fish taco (sorry) and feeds it to her.

The scene banters with a certain arrogance and Mike has trouble unwrapping a pink dildo, so she grabs it from him, releases it from its packaging  and starts to use it as Mike looks on but then he brings her out back, grabs some champagne and as he’s doing that, Justine cuffs him to the railing. She then runs out of his reach and starts to fellate the dildo and then rams it back home. After a bit, she comes down the railing and starts to blow Mike, taking almost his whole cock into her mouth.  She makes awesome eye contact through this, kisses his balls a bit then stands up and asks him “if he’s ready to fuck [her] now”  He nods, she uncuffs him and leads him up to a landing on the steps and he takes her from behind.  He pulls out and she drops to her knees to give him some head.  Since he’s a little soft, she takes him entirely into her outh which makes him rock hard and then he cums, but none of it flies far enough to hit its target.

Cut to her screaming in delight as she’s sitting on the industrial sink in the kitchen diddling herself while applying a high pressure stream of water to her clit.  THIS IS WAY TOO SHORT!  (But I appreciate its inclusion in establishing the purely sexual nature of their relationship.)

Cut to them eating on the deck, and he asks Justine if she’s fuck another man for him.  He doesn’t want her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but then she ponders that it wouldn’t be terrible… especially if there was another couple there, instead of just a guy.  Mike laments he doesn’t know anyone who would go for it, and Justine offers to ask down at the sex shop.  Mike seems touched by this — “You’d do that for me?” he asks — and she replies “There is a LOT I would do for you.”

So at this point, she’s in this relationship DEEP… and she doesn’t even know his name.

She goes into a satchel and pulls out a buttplug.  He dips it into the butter they were using for the crab and slips it in her ass; she giggles as it goes in.  She sits down on it with a little smile, and he tells her to keep it in until he sees her tomorrow and think of him anytime she feels it.

The next day, she’s in the tub and the phone rings and Nick East is on the phone.  He says he called last night and she (too easily?) makes up an excuse about being at the sex shop finishing the research for the article, and he mentions some car repairs are going to be $400.  She mentions that they don’t really have that money and he says that maybe his dad could help.  She says “sure” and he asks if she’s given any thought to his proposal.  She says she doesn’t want that kind of pressure.  As she towels off, we see the buttplug in her ass.  He asks what she’s wearing, and she makes up an outfit.

The phone rings:

“Hello, Jolie?  This is Simon Brook, David’s father?  He tells me you need a little cash to get the car out of the shop?”

OH NOES.  She seems to put it together and hangs up on him.

She is standing in a parking lot and Simon pulls in.  He was hoping for her to have an overnight bag, and she’s empty handed.  She agrees to go for a drive, but she’s obviously troubled.

Cut to Tianna who is a little drunk on the phone, telling the story of her failed tryst with Mike and pondering if she should call him.  She carries around a GIANT cel phone – with huge battery pack.  She gets Mike’s answering machine and doesn’t leave a message.

Nighttime now, and Justine is in a short skirt and heels and poolside.  Mike comes up behind her and she says “It’s so beautiful here, Simon.”  (I may be wrong, but I don’t recall him telling her his real name.)  “YOu’re worried abot something.  Want to tell me about it?”  “We have gotten ourselves into an awful mess…. we’re not anything anymore, it’s over.  You gotta let me go.”  “Tomorrow.  Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow” and they begin to kiss passionatley.

Tianna is now dusting in her red bra and panties and trying to find a girlfriend to do something with, as she’s getting antsy.  (She’s talking on a GIANT cordless phone.)  She tries to watch some scrambled porn on the TV and calls her friend back and whinily agrees to meet her at a bar.

Cut to some peach trees and Justine is picking her own, and when she returns poolside, Mike introduces her to a pair of couples, Alex Sanders /Lacy Rose and Brad Armstrong / Dyanna Lauren.  Alex, Brad and Dyanna are still active in the industry and it’s amazing so see them 20 years (GAAAH!) younger.  Dyanna is free of any of the cosmetic enhancements she’s gotten over the years, and she drunkenly falls over a chair as everyone laughs.

Cut to Tianna being walked to to the door by PT, whom she met at the bar, and he assumes he’s going to be invited inside to fuck her, and she’s not so sure about that.  (“You don’t even know my real name!”) He mentions that “you gotta take what you can get, you’re no spring chicken…” and she slaps him with a “FUUUCK YOU.” and leaves him on the stoop as he yells after her    “Fuckin bitch!  You’re not getting any younger!”

(This scene has stuck with me since I first saw it.  It’s a throwaway scene that adds nothing sexually to the plot, it brings in a character we won’t see again for the rest of the movie (sure,  he directed it, so it’s not like they paid a guy for these 5 lines) who talks to a chharacter who is really secondary to the plot (we’re never led to believe that this movie is telling Tianna’s story too until this point.)  and talks to a lot of different “grown-up” issues in a short series of lines — loneliness, horniness, aging — that realy surprised me for being in a porn film.  This was one of those times that I realized that porn didn’t have to be mindless, and there could be an non-sexual emotional element to the stories they tell.)

Cut back to the swingers who aren’t quite sure how to start the sexing.  Dyanna grabs Roxanne’s hand says she’s going to take her to the bathroom and give her a shower.  Mike shoots that down saying everyone has to stay together, but Lacy steps in and says that Roxanne needs some pampering.  With the boys alone on the couch, Brad asks Mike if  “he  — (awkward hand gesture)” and Mike says “No, no…”  Then Dyanna pulls the boys off the couch and tells them to just watch for a while as the two girls service Roxanne.  (This begins Scenes 5-8 of the IAFD scene breakdown)

Mike asks Brad if he’s done this kind of thing for long, and Brad replies for about “five years; since before we were married.”  Mike is taken aback that she’s his wife, and Brad goes on to explain how he loves watching another man fuck her and cum in her, and that sloppy seconds is his most favorite time to fuck her since he can feel her all slick with another man’s cum.  Heady stuff.

The girls have a great time with each other (Scene 5), eating each other out and probing one another’s orfices and Mike is having a hard time watching, he seems to be getting impatient — or is it jealous? —  and he moves closer to the couch.  Brad walks over to one side of the couch and undoes his pants, so Dyanna starts blowing him (Scene 6).  Roxanne is buried in Lacy’s snatch, and Alex is eating Roxanne out (Scene 7), so Mike is kind of cockblocked out of participating, and Alex whips out his cock and starts taking Roxanne from behind as she’s still buried in Lacy; and Lacy is eating Dyanna who is eating Brad.  It’s a big chain with guys on both end, and Mike is left out in the cold… So he does all he can, which is touch Roxanne’s hair and ask her how much she loves being fucked by another guy.

Roxanne doesn’t seem to have any make up on this sequence, and she looks really fantastic in a natural state.  She mounts Alex in a reverse cowgirl (man, she looks great) and finally Lacy begins to pay some attention to Mike and blows him (Scene 8) while Brad is fucking Dyanna doggie style, her natural tits swaying to and fro.

Lacy gives Mike a two handed handjob to completion (he cums on her shoulder mostly, she clean him up) while Roxanne stands behind him.  It’s an amazingly erotic little sequence.  Finally Brad cums on Dyanna’s box.  Alex is then very briefly fucking Lacy’s ass with a horrendously condom covered cock (did they not have transparent condoms back then?!?) and then Lacy and Roxanne start to orally service Alex as Dyanna strokes his chest — you’ve never seen a guy look so relaxed — and he eventually cums as Lacy jerks him off while her and Roxanne’s tongues clean him up.  The girls are all smiles as they share a  kiss. It’s a really great visual, probably the best in the movie.

They’re poolside and Mike is sitting away from the rest of the group.  Roxanne comes over, and he’s pouting that she had “too good a time.”  He’s pissed that she didn’t fuck him, and he bends her over and administers a spanking.  She likes it and it draws the other folks over.  She sits on his lap and they start to make out.

Dissolve back to Tianna who is trying to leave a message on Mike’s machine, but can’t get past “Hi.”

Mike has Roxanne blindfolded and he’s behind her and telling a story about how trainers only train their horses at night, since there are too many distractions during the day.  Roxanne asks if he wants to “train her or ride her” and he drops the L word on her.  He loves her. She says she’s sorry and that’s she’s been here too long.  She has to go, and he doesn’t have to drive her.  He can’t seem to figure out that the L word has knocked their world off its axis.  they arrive back at the restaurant, and he’s pissed that she’s pulling away from him.  He’s getting a little psycho, he’s pissed he doesn’t know her how to get in touch with her, her real name, anything. She storms out of the car saying “You don’t OWN me!” and as he pulls away she chases after him and then professes her love for him – “I really do love you, Simon.  Please, always remember that.”  He says they can fix it and work it out.

She’s all mixed up inside.  Back at her house, she calls her father and asks to come home for awhile.  Not a vacation, she needs to leave the area.  He says her stepmother is “in a state” and it’s not a good time.  Roxanne is upset that her father would side with her stepmother and not his daughter.  Then Nick East returns early, and she’s very excited to see him.  Meanwhile, Mike is waiting at the restaurant, and Roxanne doesn’t show up; she’s sitting on the bed, in conflict, post-coitus with Nick asleep on her lap.



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