A Crime Against Turkeys

In honor of Thanksgiving, we would point you to the plethora of porn films that tackle the subject.

But there aren’t any.

Well, we list one — A&B Gang Bang 106: Thanksgiving Gang Bang (1991) — but, like so many of the A&B titles from back then, we don’t really have that much data on it, so it hardly seems to count.

In fact, the word THANKS hardly seems to appear in porn titles at all.

But the real crime — robbing the turkey of its well deserved spotlight — was committed when VCA cut the “Jerry Butler fucking the turkey” scene out of Raw Talent when they released the movie on DVD.  So all we are left with is Jerry Butler gazing longingly at the turkey, and then serving the old lady her sandwich on which “he didn’t forget the mayo.”  And for that, we must struggle to give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving from your pals at IAFD.