Today on Spice Radio: Comeback (1995)

I’m on the road today, so we’re going to a favorite movie – Comeback, Paul Thomas‘ movie which brought Christy back to Vivid after an extended hiatus.  Steven St. Croix is also in the movie, and not coincidentally, he’s also in the studio this afternoon with Christy and Ginger and Kylie Ireland.

I talked about the movie on Nightcalls four or so months ago, so forgive me for just linking to that review today.

Today on Spice Radio: Justine: Nothing to Hide 2 (1993)

[POST-SHOW UPDATE: During the show, we also mentioned the following movies and performers:


While the plan was to talk about Comeback today, the girls have asked that my segment relate to the guests who are going to be on the show that day, and I think that’s a pretty great plan.  We’ll save the movies featuring Christy and/or Ginger for days when they don’t have guests booked.  So, today’s guests are Penny Antine aka Raven Touchstone and Hyapatia Lee.

You’ll note that Penny/Raven’s name isn’t hyperlinked, and that’s because the IAFD doesn’t track behind-the-scenes staff beyond the director.  This is a shortcoming on our part and something we’ll be addressing in the coming months.  Penny is a photographer on porn sets and Raven is a writer of porn films.  In looking over Raven’s IMDB page,  I was surprised to see how long she’s been writing movies — tho I suspect it has more to do with me not wanting to admit that I’m old enough to remember 20 year old porn movies when they came out…

So, the plan was to do something that both Hyapatia and Raven were involved in, which meant I Do 2: The Honeymoon, but honestly, not a favorite of mine, and Vivid cut it to ribbons for its DVD release which means any copy you can get your hands on is a 72 minute version so it could fit on a VCD (THERE’S a technology to get behind!), so I figured I’d focus on the movie that leapt off of her IMDB page —  the absolutely fantastic Nothing to Hide 2: Justine (or Justine: Nothing to Hide 2; or just Nothing to Hide 2

The film suffers from early-90s Chyron titles, but don’t let that put you off because it also has hot sex and some grown-up emotions.

As the movie opens, we see surfer boy David, Nick East and his Dad, Simon (Mike Horner) walking down a beach, ogling a pretty girl.  Mike is tickled that the girl was checking him out, and Nick tells him he needs to get back in the dating pool.  As Nick gets in his car, Mike does something that is NEVER done in porn — he says “And I love you, too” to his son as he  shuts Nick’s car door.

Cut to Tianna sitting on her bathroom vanity applying some shaving cream to her ladybits and cleaning herself up.  She’s cleaning herself up because she has a date that night with Simon.

Next, we see Jolie, Roxanne Blaze, looking through some photos that Nick took as he packs for a trip.  He says he’ll call every day he’s gone, and she tells him not to, since if she’s not there when he calls, he’ll just get jealous.  He pouts and they start to make out; he wants to move into the bedroom, but she wants to stay in the living room, in front of all the open windows.  She relaxes into a chair and starts rubbing herself and groping her breast and she purrs for him to tell her what he’s thinking.  He replies with the pussy-drying “My father.”And then he drops the bomb that he wanted to tell his Dad he wanted to marry Roxanne.   She is up for that, and he goes over to her.

Then another non porn thing happens – he mentions babies.  “We could have beautiful babies together.isn’t that what you want?” and she seems little dismayed and distracted, this is just a girl who wants a good fucking before her boyfriend goes away, not a proposal and talk of families.

Cut back to Tianna’s house and she’s in a bra and panties drinking wine and Mike asks her to “be with him” and he compliments her on smelling so nice and mentions its been so long since he’s been with such a beautiful woman.  He then kisses her and goes right to third, rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Tianna is not what one would called a subdued sexual performer, and she lets out a series of little gasps and energentic movements as she gets Mike’s cock out of his pants to blow him and get him hard  She lets out a little giggle every now and then too.  PT (who directed) allows a shadow or two to get in the way of the action, but [perhaps we can see that as symbolic, as Tianna isn’t able to get Mike hard.  He pulls back and asks for a breather.  This takes Tianna back a bit and she excuses herself.

Back to Roxanne who is now blowing a rock-hard Nick, taking him virtually down to the root.

Back to Tianna and Mike; and she’s pouring baby oil down her ass (and what a great ass it is!) and talking dirty to Mike, trying to get him interested.  This generally isn’t something porn does (at least non on purpose) – having a girl talk dirty to get a guy hard.  She pulls out a silver dildo and buries it in her ass which finally get’s Mike’s dick’s attention.

Roxanne and Nick are now fucking on the floor in a position with Roxanne laying back and Nick plows into her sideways.  This shows off Roxanne’s awesome body (she has fantastic tits) and is having a good time.

Mike is now fucking Tianna’s ass with the dildo and she’s crying in ecstasy as he spanks her ass.

Finally, Roxanne jerks Nick off and he cums in the direction of her face. We could use a little less of Nick’s O-Face and more of the cumshot… they have a little cuddle and a kiss as he leaves the room.

Tianna is now begging Mike to fuck her, but he’s still soft, and she’s pretty emotionally distraught by it; they keep kissing for a little bit, but then he just shakes her off as she grabs a pillow and wonders what she did wrong.

Then Roxanne is masturbating with a pink dildo up her ass, and she has a great sheen of sweat across her breasts as Nick comes back in and the camera pans away from Round 2.

Roxanne is behind the counter in an adult bookstore and talking to the clerk who asks if she’s going to be there all week.  She explains her assignment runs out, and she’ll have everything she needs for an article she’s helping to research on women who go into sex shops, what they buy, etc.  The clerk says she should go talk to “that guy; he’s never been in a place like this before” and motions her over Mike.

She goes over and asks him if she could help him.  He is stunned at the beautiful woman who is offering assistance, and he stammers out that he needs a cock ring and can’t find them.  She takes him over and asks what kind he prefers, and he goes to the old standby which he makes dryly hilarious “It’s not for me, it’s for my friend.  My brother…  It’s his birthday…” She asks how big his brother is and he makes a “I caught a fish this big” motion, and she corrects him by asking about girth. He comes clean and says it’s not for his brother, and he smiles at her.  She tells him that he probably doesn’t need a cock ring, he needs a good fuck.  He asks if that’s an offer, and she rebuffs him saying she’s not that kind of girl and she has a boyfriend.  He retorts that he knows exactly what kind of girl she is, and she runs off and calls her editor asking to be taken off the sex shop assignment because she doesn’t want to go back… she’s told to go back as its only for a few more days.

She goes back, and now Stalker Mike is back, looking for toys and/or lubes.  He starts picking things off the wall and he asks about desensitizing spray.  He’s kind of all creepy leers now and hands her a pair of handcuffs and Roxanne says she’s thought about it.  He makes fun of the pocket mouth toys and he asks her back to a more pivate part of the store and he comes up behind her and asks her to come home with him.  She says no, but doesn’t do anything as he slides her strap off her shoulder and reveals her breast.  This is amazingly hot.  He gets his hand down the front of her jeans and she just leans back against him and enjoys the ride.  Mike makes a date with her for later that night as she puts herself back together.

She shows up at the otherwise empty restaurant and she asks “Did you break into this place?” which is kind of funny and he explains he owns it, but keeps it set up so he can sell it. He says he doesn’t know what to call her and she says “Justine.”  When he starts to say his name, she cuts him off and tells him she doesn’t want to know a thing about him.

They have a sexually charged bit of foreplay as he asks to see her legs and she asks if he wants to touch them.  This is a scene, and movie really, of incredible restraint.  She puts her fingers insider herself for a moment and asks Mike if he’s like a taste and she puts his fingers in his mouth.  She stands, hikes up her dress to show off her ass and they have a go of it.  Mike fucks her on the table and cums inside her (we don’t see it) which seems to make things a little bit too real for her.  She gets spooked and pushes him away and says they can’t see each other again.

She gets home and calls Nick and Mike goes to the sex shop and  tries to get info on her, but the counter-man says he doesn’t have any female employees.  Mike goes to the restaurant to show it to a prospective buyer and notices a card in the door saying “I’ll see you at 9 (heart) Justine.” And we cut to them at the restaurant and he has some dinner prepared.  She tells him she’ll call him “Mac” since it’s generic enough; and she starts to feed him some shrimp.  He then rubs some shrimp on her fish taco (sorry) and feeds it to her.

The scene banters with a certain arrogance and Mike has trouble unwrapping a pink dildo, so she grabs it from him, releases it from its packaging  and starts to use it as Mike looks on but then he brings her out back, grabs some champagne and as he’s doing that, Justine cuffs him to the railing. She then runs out of his reach and starts to fellate the dildo and then rams it back home. After a bit, she comes down the railing and starts to blow Mike, taking almost his whole cock into her mouth.  She makes awesome eye contact through this, kisses his balls a bit then stands up and asks him “if he’s ready to fuck [her] now”  He nods, she uncuffs him and leads him up to a landing on the steps and he takes her from behind.  He pulls out and she drops to her knees to give him some head.  Since he’s a little soft, she takes him entirely into her outh which makes him rock hard and then he cums, but none of it flies far enough to hit its target.

Cut to her screaming in delight as she’s sitting on the industrial sink in the kitchen diddling herself while applying a high pressure stream of water to her clit.  THIS IS WAY TOO SHORT!  (But I appreciate its inclusion in establishing the purely sexual nature of their relationship.)

Cut to them eating on the deck, and he asks Justine if she’s fuck another man for him.  He doesn’t want her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but then she ponders that it wouldn’t be terrible… especially if there was another couple there, instead of just a guy.  Mike laments he doesn’t know anyone who would go for it, and Justine offers to ask down at the sex shop.  Mike seems touched by this — “You’d do that for me?” he asks — and she replies “There is a LOT I would do for you.”

So at this point, she’s in this relationship DEEP… and she doesn’t even know his name.

She goes into a satchel and pulls out a buttplug.  He dips it into the butter they were using for the crab and slips it in her ass; she giggles as it goes in.  She sits down on it with a little smile, and he tells her to keep it in until he sees her tomorrow and think of him anytime she feels it.

The next day, she’s in the tub and the phone rings and Nick East is on the phone.  He says he called last night and she (too easily?) makes up an excuse about being at the sex shop finishing the research for the article, and he mentions some car repairs are going to be $400.  She mentions that they don’t really have that money and he says that maybe his dad could help.  She says “sure” and he asks if she’s given any thought to his proposal.  She says she doesn’t want that kind of pressure.  As she towels off, we see the buttplug in her ass.  He asks what she’s wearing, and she makes up an outfit.

The phone rings:

“Hello, Jolie?  This is Simon Brook, David’s father?  He tells me you need a little cash to get the car out of the shop?”

OH NOES.  She seems to put it together and hangs up on him.

She is standing in a parking lot and Simon pulls in.  He was hoping for her to have an overnight bag, and she’s empty handed.  She agrees to go for a drive, but she’s obviously troubled.

Cut to Tianna who is a little drunk on the phone, telling the story of her failed tryst with Mike and pondering if she should call him.  She carries around a GIANT cel phone – with huge battery pack.  She gets Mike’s answering machine and doesn’t leave a message.

Nighttime now, and Justine is in a short skirt and heels and poolside.  Mike comes up behind her and she says “It’s so beautiful here, Simon.”  (I may be wrong, but I don’t recall him telling her his real name.)  “YOu’re worried abot something.  Want to tell me about it?”  “We have gotten ourselves into an awful mess…. we’re not anything anymore, it’s over.  You gotta let me go.”  “Tomorrow.  Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow” and they begin to kiss passionatley.

Tianna is now dusting in her red bra and panties and trying to find a girlfriend to do something with, as she’s getting antsy.  (She’s talking on a GIANT cordless phone.)  She tries to watch some scrambled porn on the TV and calls her friend back and whinily agrees to meet her at a bar.

Cut to some peach trees and Justine is picking her own, and when she returns poolside, Mike introduces her to a pair of couples, Alex Sanders /Lacy Rose and Brad Armstrong / Dyanna Lauren.  Alex, Brad and Dyanna are still active in the industry and it’s amazing so see them 20 years (GAAAH!) younger.  Dyanna is free of any of the cosmetic enhancements she’s gotten over the years, and she drunkenly falls over a chair as everyone laughs.

Cut to Tianna being walked to to the door by PT, whom she met at the bar, and he assumes he’s going to be invited inside to fuck her, and she’s not so sure about that.  (“You don’t even know my real name!”) He mentions that “you gotta take what you can get, you’re no spring chicken…” and she slaps him with a “FUUUCK YOU.” and leaves him on the stoop as he yells after her    “Fuckin bitch!  You’re not getting any younger!”

(This scene has stuck with me since I first saw it.  It’s a throwaway scene that adds nothing sexually to the plot, it brings in a character we won’t see again for the rest of the movie (sure,  he directed it, so it’s not like they paid a guy for these 5 lines) who talks to a chharacter who is really secondary to the plot (we’re never led to believe that this movie is telling Tianna’s story too until this point.)  and talks to a lot of different “grown-up” issues in a short series of lines — loneliness, horniness, aging — that realy surprised me for being in a porn film.  This was one of those times that I realized that porn didn’t have to be mindless, and there could be an non-sexual emotional element to the stories they tell.)

Cut back to the swingers who aren’t quite sure how to start the sexing.  Dyanna grabs Roxanne’s hand says she’s going to take her to the bathroom and give her a shower.  Mike shoots that down saying everyone has to stay together, but Lacy steps in and says that Roxanne needs some pampering.  With the boys alone on the couch, Brad asks Mike if  “he  — (awkward hand gesture)” and Mike says “No, no…”  Then Dyanna pulls the boys off the couch and tells them to just watch for a while as the two girls service Roxanne.  (This begins Scenes 5-8 of the IAFD scene breakdown)

Mike asks Brad if he’s done this kind of thing for long, and Brad replies for about “five years; since before we were married.”  Mike is taken aback that she’s his wife, and Brad goes on to explain how he loves watching another man fuck her and cum in her, and that sloppy seconds is his most favorite time to fuck her since he can feel her all slick with another man’s cum.  Heady stuff.

The girls have a great time with each other (Scene 5), eating each other out and probing one another’s orfices and Mike is having a hard time watching, he seems to be getting impatient — or is it jealous? —  and he moves closer to the couch.  Brad walks over to one side of the couch and undoes his pants, so Dyanna starts blowing him (Scene 6).  Roxanne is buried in Lacy’s snatch, and Alex is eating Roxanne out (Scene 7), so Mike is kind of cockblocked out of participating, and Alex whips out his cock and starts taking Roxanne from behind as she’s still buried in Lacy; and Lacy is eating Dyanna who is eating Brad.  It’s a big chain with guys on both end, and Mike is left out in the cold… So he does all he can, which is touch Roxanne’s hair and ask her how much she loves being fucked by another guy.

Roxanne doesn’t seem to have any make up on this sequence, and she looks really fantastic in a natural state.  She mounts Alex in a reverse cowgirl (man, she looks great) and finally Lacy begins to pay some attention to Mike and blows him (Scene 8) while Brad is fucking Dyanna doggie style, her natural tits swaying to and fro.

Lacy gives Mike a two handed handjob to completion (he cums on her shoulder mostly, she clean him up) while Roxanne stands behind him.  It’s an amazingly erotic little sequence.  Finally Brad cums on Dyanna’s box.  Alex is then very briefly fucking Lacy’s ass with a horrendously condom covered cock (did they not have transparent condoms back then?!?) and then Lacy and Roxanne start to orally service Alex as Dyanna strokes his chest — you’ve never seen a guy look so relaxed — and he eventually cums as Lacy jerks him off while her and Roxanne’s tongues clean him up.  The girls are all smiles as they share a  kiss. It’s a really great visual, probably the best in the movie.

They’re poolside and Mike is sitting away from the rest of the group.  Roxanne comes over, and he’s pouting that she had “too good a time.”  He’s pissed that she didn’t fuck him, and he bends her over and administers a spanking.  She likes it and it draws the other folks over.  She sits on his lap and they start to make out.

Dissolve back to Tianna who is trying to leave a message on Mike’s machine, but can’t get past “Hi.”

Mike has Roxanne blindfolded and he’s behind her and telling a story about how trainers only train their horses at night, since there are too many distractions during the day.  Roxanne asks if he wants to “train her or ride her” and he drops the L word on her.  He loves her. She says she’s sorry and that’s she’s been here too long.  She has to go, and he doesn’t have to drive her.  He can’t seem to figure out that the L word has knocked their world off its axis.  they arrive back at the restaurant, and he’s pissed that she’s pulling away from him.  He’s getting a little psycho, he’s pissed he doesn’t know her how to get in touch with her, her real name, anything. She storms out of the car saying “You don’t OWN me!” and as he pulls away she chases after him and then professes her love for him – “I really do love you, Simon.  Please, always remember that.”  He says they can fix it and work it out.

She’s all mixed up inside.  Back at her house, she calls her father and asks to come home for awhile.  Not a vacation, she needs to leave the area.  He says her stepmother is “in a state” and it’s not a good time.  Roxanne is upset that her father would side with her stepmother and not his daughter.  Then Nick East returns early, and she’s very excited to see him.  Meanwhile, Mike is waiting at the restaurant, and Roxanne doesn’t show up; she’s sitting on the bed, in conflict, post-coitus with Nick asleep on her lap.



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Today on Spice Radio: Ten Little Maidens (1985)

Whatever Ginger wants, Ginger gets…

At Ginger’s request, today on Spice Radio XM103’s YouPorn, we’ll be talking about Ten Little Maidens, a semi-hard to find John Seeman film from 1985.  The film is loosely based on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (later remade as Ten Little Indians) where a group of people are sent to Indian Island and accused of murders.

Our movie starts on a more light-hearted note, with Kitten Natividad as a mail carrier going on her appointed rounds.  She stops at Harry Reems‘ house and she can’t but notice that he’s eating Ginger Lynn out on the couch.  Kitten can’t help but try to hit them with their mail as she peeps through the mail slot.  (Who could resist?)

Harry is eating Ginger out as he gets hit with the mail, then moves to a quick bout of fucking before Ginger returns the oral favor.  Lots of smiles from both parties throughout the blowjob.  Ginger is in her prime and Harry can’t shut up during the scene — “Look at that little mouth!” — but she gets him hard again before she lowers herself down on his cock for some cowgirl.  She gyrates her hips around before going face down on the couch so Harry can take her side-saddle doggie style.  There are some odd cuts of Kitten’s eyes peeping in intercut throughout. Ginger lets out these great little squeals as she’s getting fucked and finally Harry pulls out and jerks off all over back, hitting her hair.

They have a little snuggle afterwards and then Harry starts going through the mail — all bills — until he reads a letter offering an all-expenses paid trip to a “little ole island paradise” “You are herewith cordially invited to an all-expense paid erotic orgy to be held on Bacchanale Island on the weekend of May the seventh …  In anticipation of your acceptance, I have enclosed airline tickets for both of you and a friend of your choice.  Upon your arrival, a boat will be awaiting  you at Marina del Sol for your passage to my island of sensual pleasures.  I, my wife and my staff look forward to your joining on this most auspicious occasion.”

And they’re off!

There’s a sailing montage as they get to out the island of Harry and Ginger snuggling on the boat as a female vocalist sings on the soundtrack.  Harry and Ginger ooze an easy chemistry, with a lot of smiles and good vibes.  Eventually the snuggling and good times heats up as Ginger pulls out his cock and starts giving it a sucking as the captain tries not to look too interested in the proceedings…  there’s a lot of good eye contact in the blowjob, but it comes to an abrupt end as they approach the island.  Renfro (Jamie Gillis) approaches in a Zodiac, boards the yacht and welcomes them by name to the island.  Harry is somewhat taken aback as he didn’t pass along Ginger’s name, but Jamie explains the master of the house likes to know who his guests are.  Jamie grudgingly carries the bags up a steep hill, and when they arrive at the house, they are introduced to  the maid, Tabitha (Nina Hartley), who shows them to their room.

Harry asks Nina about the other guests, but she doesn’t know about any other guests.  This strikes Harry as odd.  They find some other folks lounging and swimming by the pool, but ominous chords on the soundtrack and a mysterious person pulling down a window shade let us know something might not quite be right.  Ginger excuses herself to take a shower as Harry goes out to get the lay of the land.

More peeping as we see Ginger, naked in the bathroom, through a peephole.  She lathers herself up in the shower when Janey Robbins comes in and grabs her ass.  She thinks it’s Harry and gasps when she turns around to see that it’s not.  She puts up no fight when Janey climbs in the shower with her, and soon the two are really getting to know one another.  This is a quick scene with no real payoff.

Cut to the kitchen where Nina is putting some chickens into the oven while Jamie tries to eat her ass.  To give him something to do, she gives him one of the chickens, and Jamie fucks it while staring at Nina’s ass.  Nina keeps swatting him away, and he finally cums on the chicken, much to Nina’s amusement as she puts it back in the oven.

Ginger is getting dressed for dinner in a costume provided for her, and shows Harry this dildo that she slides up inside her and pulls her panties up over.

As everyone sits around the table in strange costumes that reveal quite a bit of themselves, a mysterious hand presses PLAY on a cassette deck and we hear the voice of their host, Mr. U.N. Seen apologize for not making the erotic gathering after all, but, rest assured, that they will feel his presence as festivities progress, and in his absence Tabitha and Renfro will be able to sate their every thirst.

There are ten statues of naked women around the room, “you know, the Ten Little Maidens, from the erotic nursery rhyme!” says Amber Lynn to Eric Edwards as she is grazing the inside of his thigh.

Ginger asks Jamie for some salad dressing and he offers creamy Italian, which of course, he takes to the kitchen and jerks off on the salad.  Everyone around the table starts to get turned on by the food, and it turns into a giant food orgy.  The couples seem to be Harry and Ginger, Paul Thomas and Amber LynnRichard Pacheco and Janey Robbins, and Eric Edwards and Lisa De Leeuw.

Harry starts giving Janey the eye, and PT and Amber start eating in a viciously seductive way, taking bites of their chicken, and then the orgy begins.

Ginger starts sucking Pacheco while Eric and Lisa are going crazy over a corncob.  PT starts in on Amber’s tits, pouring wine all over them.  Janet shoves Pacheco’s cock into a peach and then gives him head while Amber fellates a cucumber.  Ginger is trying to suck Harry to hardness, while Lisa does the same to Eric.  Jamie and Nina come in and join the fun.  Jamie starts sicking a pig’s snout as Nina dives into Lisa’s bush.  Jamie goes back and forth licking the pig, then licking Amber’s ass.

Nina is eating Ginger while Pacheco fucks Janey while she blows Harry.  Ginger is also masturbating with a corncob.  Harry, on the table,  leaves Janey and turns his attention to Amber who is sucking him while PT fucks her.  Jamie takes amber off the table, lays the sucking pig on her back and starts fucking her and shoving grapes into her mouth as everyone else cums on their partners.  Jamie then eats Amber and licks the pig, finally cumming on the pig’s snout and Amber’s twat.  Harry them cums on Amber’s tits.

After dinner, Eric toasts his host and hostess in their absence, and the mysterious hand press play on a tape from an envelope marked “After Dinner”

On the tape, Mr. Seen announces that no one will leave the island alive, as they’ve all led evil, erotically charged lives, and it is time for them to pay for their crimes.  Right after the tape is over, Pacheco collapses, and PT determines that Pacheco was poisoned by arsenic.  Janey is nonplussed and heads off to bed and Eric follows her up.  Harry and Ginger follow suit, leaving PT kneeling over the body.

Up in their room, Janey has Eric tied spread-eagle onto a bench made specially for that task and is blowing him.  She swallows him down to the root a few times, then climbs on reverse cowgirl, her nipple piercings swaying with each bounce.  Eyes appear behind a painting, and there’s a knock at the door.  She dismounts and lets Amber in as the eyes continue to watch through the painting.  Eric makes his dick stand up when Amber comes in, which makes her happy, since it’s polite to stand when a lady enters the room.

Amber sits herself down and Janey grabs a banana and inserts it into Amber, who then takes over and uses it as a dildo as Janey covers Eric’s cock with whipped cream, and then sprinkles some nuts on it, which seems redundant.  Janey then instructs her to stand over Eric so he can eat the banana while Amber eats his banana.  (Symmetry!)  Eric is mostly soft through this scene, but Amber does her best to cover up that fact.  Janey then covers Amber’s buttcheeks with whipped cream and she goes to town cleaning it off, while Eric focuses on Amber’s snatch.  Janey makes Amber sit up, freeing up Eric’s dick so Janey can ride it, while putting whipped cream on Amber’s tits which she licks off.  Finally, we cut to a dick cumming, but it is very difficult to put the dick in context.  It looks like it is in a bunch of whipped cream, but it’s abstract at best.

The next morning, Nina is sweeping the pool deck when she discovers Jamie’s dead body with a rubber duck stuck on his cock.  Harry deduces he died of strangulation based on how tightly the duck is on his cock.  He and Ginger make their way to the dining room where the find a broken statue.  PT hatches a plan to find their assailant.

We next see Eric pulling Amber’s body out of the pool.  “Oh no!  Not Candy!  What a waste!” (He grabs a skimmer) “Come here little fishy!”

PT and Nina finish searching the house, and PT does his best Cary Grant into a mirror prompting Nina to exclaim “What a great Peter Lorre!”

Her grieving is over as she determines the best course of action is a siesta seducing PT.  Nina’s marvelous ass is on nicely on display here as she blows PT; but we see someone looking at them thru a one-way mirror.  The cocksucking is brief, but only so she can dance and show off her ass more and its wonderful tan line. She rides PT briefly on the canopy bed before he takes her doggie style. They have a brief but vigorous shag, and he throws her off the bed as he jerks off.  He collapes on the bed after he cums, and the canopy falls on him and kills him.

Cut to Nina cleaning up the remnants of another broken maiden.

Nina is scared to be alone, so she and Janey go up to her room and have a go at things. Janey ties a bandana around Nina’s next and puts a cowboy hat on her and has her enter a cage and ride a white fur spring mounted saddle with a dildo attached.  Janey wraps her breasts around a pole and plays with her nipples so the rings clink together; and then we see someone else peeking in through a hole in the wall.

Cut to Harry and Ginger releasing some tension in the sauna.  Lots of kissing here as Harry massages her breasts.  I don’t know if Ginger ever looked better.  Harry slides a finger down to her clit and makes nice while making out with her.  He works his mouth down there as she lays back and enjoys it.

Back to Janey and Nina, and Janey now has a snake wrapped around her, as she makes Nina ride harder and harder so she can cum.  As Nina’s riding, she begins to notice the snake wrapping itself tighter around Janey…

Back in the sauna, Ginger is blowing Harry, and in the bedroom, Nina and Janey have moved onto the bed, and the snake is nowhere to be found., but they do find a double dildo-vibrator which they use… until it electrocutes them.  (D’oh!)

In the sauna, Harry has Ginger in a standing 69 that doesn’t last nearly long enough, as a hand sneakily turns the thermostat up, causing steam to rise as they’re going at it doggie style.  Steam obscures the frame, and we hear a cat meow… since we hear the cat meow after every death so far, we have to assume that our leads are dead…

Lisa bursts into the bedroom where Eric waits out an electrical storm handling a gun.  When there’s nothing to do but wait, the only thing to do is fellate, and Lisa goes to town on Eric’s cock.  No wood problems here.  She takes him off the bed, opens her robe, and lies back on a chair.  He massages her great tits for a bit before moving downtown.  He gets a weird taste, as he remembers a story PT told about how the French women in WWII would put arsenic on their genitals killing the man who eats them out.

Lisa knocks over a maiden and has a glass of wine when Harry and Ginger burst in, much to Lisa’s dismay.  She blathers for a moment about how they’re all immoral and deserve to die before she drinks some poisoned wine and offs herself.

Harry and Ginger jump in the Zodiac and head back out to the yacht which takes them back to the mainland.

The End.

To be honest, I was hoping for a bit more from the movie.  All the sex scenes seemed too short and not particularly paced well.  There were moments in all of the sex scenes which were good, but they never really lasted.  Thus the problem shoehorning 10 scenes and plot into an 84 minute film (more like 80 when you take out the credits.)

This could be considered a parody, tho I think it more of an homage.  It sticks pretty close to the story laid out in And Then There Were None, tho with sex and a bit more humor.

We were a little rushed this week, since it was my first time on with Christy, so next week, we’ll be on at 11:30 AM Pacific / 2:30 PM  Eastern for a half hour chatting about  Christy and my favorite movie of hers, Comeback.

Rebecca Bardoux: Think Before Porning

Recently over at,  Rebecca Bardoux posted a column that sums up a lot of what we’ve known about getting into porn, and I’d like to quote a little bit of it — the part that means the most to us, as we think it bears repeating over and over and over — since we tend to be a part of the internet that doesn’t forget. . .

. . . you can’t even get a civilian job if the person interviewing you saw your double anal scene on the internet and does not want a porn star working for their company. If you are lucky enough to get a job, most people you work with will remember you from that double anal and not want to be associated with you. So, you may end up eating your lunch alone.

That double anal scene will never go away. Your grandchildren will be watching it on the internet one day. It’s sort of like getting a tattoo on a drunken night. It will not go away, and everyone will be able to identify you with it. So, think long and hard about it, because how you feel about things at age 20 is not the way you will feel about them when you’re 40. That is a fact!

And when you’re 40, you’ll probably be sending us email asking us to remove your history, and since our goal is to preserve that very same history, we’re going to have a conflict of opinion… We share Rebecca’s opinion — think long and hard before committing carnal (or even non-carnal) acts to video that will someday be posted on the web.  The internet, like porn, is forever. #dontdopornwithoutthinkingitthru



Today on Spice Radio: I Like to Watch (1982)

So, today (27 June 2012) kicks off our new classic movie review segment on YouPorn on Spice Radio, SiriusXM 103.  We’re scheduled to go on at 11:40 AM Pacific / 2:40 PM Eastern with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn. To kick things off, I figured we’d talk about I Like To WatchPaul G. Vatelli‘s 1982 classic, since, well… we like to watch.

The plot of the movie is centered around a famous lingerie designer, Leticia, played by Pat Manning.  She’s getting ready for a fashion show, to be headlined by Linda (Lisa De Leeuw), a  famous model.  Helping Leticia her get ready are niece Laura (Bridgette Monet, in her debut) and her assistant Kim (Little Oral Annie). Along the way, we meet a bunch of models, Laura’s boyfriend Michael (Mike Horner, credited here as Don Hart) and some comic relief by way of the staff.

The movie opens with Laura peeping in as her Aunt Leticia is getting nailed by boytoy Phillip (Hershel Savage).  It’s a pretty standard “fucking on bed” scene, but has some nice reverse cowgirl in it and ends with a pretty good pop shot as Leticia jerks Phillip off so he explodes onto her face and hair. This leaves Laura pretty turned on with nothing to do about it.

Some plot happens as we get properly introduced to Laura, the housekeeper Gretchen (Anna Pierce), Kim and Linda.  As Laura is doing a fitting for Linda, she comments that the lace is a bit conflicted with the rest of her underthings, so Linda suggests she just drop the panties right there, laying the groundwork for some future fun…

But first, Kim has to help Mark, the plumber (Kevin James), fix the furnace… so off they go to the boiler room and then to a bypass valve in one of the fitting rooms where Kim jumps all over the Plumber, swallowing his cock with ease.  This is one of my favorite Little Oral Annie scenes, as she looks fantastic — there’s something about the bra she wears here that really shows off her swinging boobs and gives them a little shape — and she really gets to show off her sword swallowing.  There’s a shot from underneath of her taking Kevin’s James down to the root and pulling back, leaving strings of spit like spaghetti, which she then sucks back in — just awesome.

Gretchen, the housekeeper, was dispatched by Leticia to find Kim since they need to stay productive as deadlines are looming, and she spies Kim swallowing Mark , which turns her on greatly, so she takes a brief siesta and touches herself (over her clothes) while the two go at it.

Since Annie was also a bit of an analist, we have to cover that base, so she looks over at Mark and matter of factly says “I want you to fuck my ass now” and then they go at it, with some nice shots of him getting balls deep in her ass; this all finishes with a blowjob ending, with Kim jerking Mark off into her mouth… and Gretchen making a noise, revealing herself outside the door (which is one of the great “D’oh! We’re caught!” moments in porn, with Annie stopping mid-jerk to see who’s there…)

Laura and her boyfriend, Michael, head out to the park for a heart-to-heart — “Why aren’t you fucking me, Michael?” she asks, and he says he’s been trying to be a gentleman about things.  He offers to pick her up at 8 and she storms off with a “Not tonight!”  Leticia checks on her niece who doesn’t really want to talk about it.

Kim is reading a book as Gretchen is tending to the fire.  Kim calls Gretchen on her peeping, saying she’s not angry, that “it can be better with a woman” and she leans in for a kiss.

Meanwhile in the other room, Laura grabs the panties that Linda dropped during her fitting and holds them to her face and inhales deeply.  She rubs them all over herself.  She pulls a breast out of her dress and plays with her nipple.  Bridgette has REALLY GREAT TITS. She fantasizes about her Aunt’s tryst with Herschel Savage as she hikes her skirt up and starts to rub the panties on her lady bits… and then her phone rings.  It’s Linda, calling to see if Laura wants to come over for drinks.

Pan over as she hangs up to reveal Montag (Dave Cannon — Bridgette’s real life SO) sitting in a robe.  Linda leans down to him and teases “We’re going to give you such a show…”

On her way out, Laura sees Kim and Gretchen getting it on in front of the roaring fire.  (And they say porn is cliche’d!)  Kim sucks on Gretchen’s nipples a bit (nice!) before moving down for some rug munching.  Gretchen seems to be enjoying herself, cupping her ample breasts while Kim dines out.  Next, she’s being taken doggie style by Kim who is wearing a strap-on.  The scene kind of ends as Laura heads over to Linda’s; but not before getting stopped by Michael who vows to “wait here all night for you!” as she blows by him.

There’s a fireplace at Linda’s too, and Linda puts Laura in front of it.  They have a drink and Linda puts the moves on her, leaning in for a kiss that Laura doesn’t fight. The two girls kiss and as the camera moves in, we dissolve to them in their lingerie, kissing and falling back on the couch.  We see a camera mounted overhead, and Montag is watching the sapphic loving on a TV.  Linda pulls Laura’s panties off to the side and starts eating her out and Montag sits and smokes.  Laura flips Linda over and returns the muff diving favor, bringing Linda to orgasm as she grinds Laura’s face into her pelvis, and then pulls her up for a kiss.  Linda asks if is Laura trusts her and reveals that they’ve been watched the whole time and Linda brings Montag down to have his way with Laura as she looks on.

He starts by kissing her and them moving down to eat her out as Linda narrates a bit.  Bridgette is in the same type of bra that Annie was in when she was fucking Kevin — it’s a satiny sheer number and really looks nice.  Linda and Laura exchange looks with Bridgette looking right into the camera.

FILM GEEK ASIDE: I can’t help but think Vatelli tipped his hat to Bergman in one shot of Lisa De Leeuw, which had to be an homage to Liv Ullman in Persona.

He spends some time kissing on her breasts and nipples and then he brings himself forward to drop his cock in her mouth.  Linda keeps playing with herself and watching.  There’s some good high camera angles over Bridgette/Dave as she sucks him to full erectness and whispers “Make love to me, Montag!”  He kisses her as he slips his cock inside her side-saddle, which just intensifies Linda’s enjoyment of the coupling.  He swings into missionary, and there’s a lot of kissing going on as he’s pumping away.  As Linda brings herself to another shuddering orgasm, Laura jerks Montag off onto her belly.  “See, Montag? I like to watch, too!” Linda pants out between orgasmic spasms.

Michael sees two models, Cinnamon (Linda Shaw) and Honey (Elaine DeSantis) approach Leticia’s house.  Ever the gentleman, he rings the door bell and Gretchen comes to let them in.  Michael makes the introductions and Gretchen shows the girls to their room as he waits for Laura to come back.  The girls hatch a plot to get lucky and make some noise to draw Michael down a dark hallway and into an area filled with mannequins.  The girls pose as mannequins and them jump out and grab his junk, he complains it’s not his day and suddenly Cinnamon is sucking him off as Honey is french kissing him.  They swap spots as Michael  makes out with Cinnamon’s tits as Honey sucks him off. The mannequins like to watch too.

Honey moves into a 69 position as Cinnamon joins her down at Michael’s dick and they suck him and make out with one another as he buries his tongue all up in Honey’s honeypot.  Cinnamon mounts him and Honey sucks her tits as she’s riding Michael’s face. Leticia comes home, sees them fucking and goes upstairs to bed.  Now Honey’s getting it doggie style as Cinnamon lays (lies?) under her; and then they both suck him off and he baptizes them in a fountain of cum.

Next up: A MONTAGE!  Sewing machines working overtime getting ready for the big runway show; mannequins being fitted with lingerie, and then we’re at a TV studio, getting ready for the show.  A house mother (Beatrice Bowan) yells at a model named Gloria (Mary Evans) for not wanting to wear her assigned lingerie.

Two stagehands, mustachio’d Fred (John Ogden) and balding Harry (Lou Vincent) peep into the girls’ dressing room.  Fred is drooling over the girls: “I’d walk through five miles of a minefield in snowshoes just to hear her fart over a field phone.” (Really has to be heard to be believed) and Harry bets him $50 he won’t just walk in there.  The janitor (Dirty Ed Lachmann) drops off a laundry cart that Fred jumps into and then pops out of to bite Gloria on the butt.

Back in the control room, Michael bursts in and demands that Laura see him after the show in the studio.  She seems taken aback by his forcefulness and agrees.  Leticia makes another date with Phil and he wants to take it onto the next level.

Once the show is over, Laura finds her way into the empty studio and Michael bosses her around, making her sit on a couch. He’s pissed that she’s made him feel like a fool and he’s not going to stand for it anymore, especially if she’s going to stay out all night.  She’s about to confess to her threeway, thinks better of it, and then asks him simply to make love to her, right there on the couch.  She opens her dress, lets down her hair and they go at it.

On a meta-level, this scene is most notable because its one of only a few times in her career that Bridgette Monet had sex with someone other than her husband.  This is one of the longer scenes in the movie.  Michael eats her out for a bit, then she sucks him to hardness and sits reverse cowgirl on his rod.  They grind a bit as he kneds her breasts and then they move onto side side as she lies own the couch, with her eyes closed.

In this scene, in the empty studio, there is no one there to watch — just us.  But she opens her eyes for a moment, and, like the other characters before her, sees who has been watching her — she looks directly through the camera out to us, the only ones left who are watching.

They wrap up fucking doggie style and she sucks him off, jerking his load out explosively onto her shoulder and arm (stupid gravity) and she orally cleans him up afterwards.  (There is a briefest of moments when the jizz on her shoulder catches a light and it makes the most fantastic starburst…)

They share a post-coital snuggle where she tells him it was wonderful and he laughs that he’s a pretty good lay… ROUND TWO? he asks as we fade to the closing credits.

There’s not a bad sex scene in the bunch here.  The movie manages to fit in seven scenes into its 77 minute running time along with the thinnest of plots (getting ready for a fashion show, lovers not having sex, voyeurism) and some laughs as well.  (That picture of John Ogden alone makes me smile.)  If the concept of people watching other people fuck gets you off, you won’t find a better movie covering that interest, and the girls in it are all natural and all hot.  Really great stuff.

Imperator said this about it:

 This is an 1982 Swedish Erotica release that is very notable for containing one of those rare scenes between the gorgeous Bridgette Monet and someone other than Dave Cannon. The lucky stiff in this case is Mike Horner. Dave does get his chance with wifey in another scene that immediately follows a very nice Monet-Lisa De Leeuw (this name will kill me! :-)) girl-girl. Other than that, the film is a typical Swedish Erotica thingy, with lots and lots of screwing with little plot aspirations. This doesn’t mean “I like to watch” is a bad film. I sure like to watch Ms. Monet in every opportunity and this film also features the lovely Little Oral Annie displaying her trademark accomplishment as well as her willingness to do anal. If only she had picked a less silly nom de porn :-). Rating: 3.10. A must for big boobs fans (Monet, DeLeeuw and L.O.A. are all very well endowed as everybody knows)

I’d probably rank it higher, a 3.60 or so on the Imperial Scale.  It’s a keeper.

The Imperial Scale: 0 to 4, with a precision of 0.05:

  •  Anything below 2 rent at your own risk, ‘cos it sucks
  • Between 2 and 2.50, rent only if you are an ardent fan of the particular star/genre featured
  • 2.50 to 3.35 are all good to great rentals
  • 3.35 to 3.50 are good for purchasing if you can spare the bucks
  • Anything higher than 3.50 is a keeper
  • 4.00 is impossible for anything later than 1984 :-)