American Censorship Day

“Well, there you go again…” The US government is pondering granting itself permission to completely and utterly fuck up the internet in the name of stopping piracy.  If we’re not about protecting the children (I’m looking at you, 2257), we’re about protecting content creators using the equivalent of a digital nuke. Here’s some propaganda from […]

Tonight on Playboy Radio: Great Sexpectations (1984)

Tonight, we’ll be discussing Henri Pachard’s followup to Sexcapades; the continuing saga of Harry Crocker — Great Sexpectations. We’ll be on Playboy Radio’s NightCalls on SiriusXM 102 at around 7:40 Eastern / 4:40 Pacific to talk to Debi and Nicki about this Golden Age comedy. I found it a bit odd that a generic model […]

Tonight on Playboy Radio: Sexcapades (1983)

Tonight on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls, Nicki Hunter and Debi Diamond and I (briefly) discussed Henri Pachard’s 1983 comedy, Sexcapades.  (An ass slapping contest ran long, so our segment was cut a bit short.) Eric Edwards plays Harry Crocker, an ex-porn director turned documentary filmmaker who has to return to porn to help himself out of his […]

Tonight on Playboy Radio: Trinity Brown (1984)

Trinity Brown has ADVENTURE! Trinity Brown has SEX! Trinity Brown is full of FAST ACTION and FAST WOMEN! Tonight on Nightcalls on Playboy Radio (SiriusXM 102), we’ll be discussing Robert McCallum‘s 1984 potboiler, Trinity Brown. It’s trailer was one of the best, mostly for its strident voiceover. Watch it over at VCX’s site. The trailer […]