IAFD Interview 21: Bibi Jones

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Striking while the publicity iron is hot, we have an interview Morbid Thoughts did with Bibi Jones back in January from AEE.

Bibi was signing for Digital Playground, but hadn’t shot any movies for them yet.  She was gearing up for her first shoot, getting used to the name change from Britney Beth, and having a good time.

Bibi Jones filmography at IAFD

Bibi’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/xxxbibijones

Bibi’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBiBiJones


JEFF FROM IAFD: Hey! We’re back! The IAFD interviews brought to you by the Internet Adult Film Database at IAFD.com. I’m your intro guy, Webmaster Jeff. You may be familiar with me from my work on Playboy Radio “Night Calls” every Thursday night at around 4:40 Pacific/7:40 Eastern where we talk about classic movies of the day. But today we sent Morbid Thoughts out to the Adult Entertainment Expo in January to talk with porn star Bibi Jones, who just happens to be in the news recently for shtupping some NFL players — whoo hoo! So without further ado and without further introduction, I give you Morbid Thoughts and Bibi Jones.
Morbid Thoughts: Hi this is Morbid Thoughts, I’m at the Digital Playground booth with one of its newest contract stars, I think, Bibi Jones?
Bibi Jones: Bibi Jones yes, newest and youngest.
Morbid Thoughts: I been actually following Bibi on the messages boards, I think one of them Adult DVD Talk and she seems quite popular over there.
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I’m always on that forum just cause I want to get to know my fans and I want to tell them what’s going on and I want to keep them informed ‘cause it’s important to me I wanna always be in contact with my fans.
Morbid Thoughts: Um, so Bibi I am just going to ask you a couple of questions because we are kinda like a database website so I just want to ask you like the basics. Where were you born?
Bibi Jones: What year?
Morbid Thoughts: No, where were you born?
Bibi Jones: Oklahoma.
Morbid Thoughts: Oklahoma? Like, in a small town or…?
Bibi Jones: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I was born and raised there.
Morbid Thoughts: Ok, I have been there. All I can remember is that it’s really hot, like in the summer.
Bibi Jones: Yeah. But now I live in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Morbid Thoughts: Do you like it is Scottsdale?
Bibi Jones: I love it! It’s so much fun there!
Morbid Thoughts: So, I am guessing you commute back and forth for shooting?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, and then when I’m in Scottsdale I work every single day at a club called Bourbon Street, I used to strip there.
Morbid Thoughts: So you still work there?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I still work there every single day that I am in Arizona which is 3 weeks out of the month I’m there every night.
Morbid Thoughts: Um, how tall are you?
Bibi Jones: 5’6″.
Morbid Thoughts: [ ] I usually don’t ask that, but how long have you been in this industry now?
Bibi Jones: Only two months.
Morbid Thoughts: Two months? And you just recently got your contract, right?
Bibi Jones: Yes, I recently got my contract; it was like a Christmas present! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Who were you working for before?
Bibi Jones: I was with Fox Modeling Agency and I worked with a bunch of different companies, like mainly website companies, you know reality kinks and all that stuff.
Morbid Thoughts: And if people I guess want to look for you right now, they would have to look for you under another name or?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, Britney Beth — B-r-i-t-n-e-y-B-e-t-h.
Morbid Thoughts: So what’s, how did you get your new name Bibi Jones?
Bibi Jones: It’s from a James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only”. There was a girl named Bibi and she was 17 years old and she wanted to fuck James Bond but he wouldn’t fuck her cause she was underage.
Morbid Thoughts: And he’s a gentleman apparently!
Bibi Jones: (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: I guess James Bond is actually a gentleman!
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I guess so! I’d love to fuck James Bond. (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Have you shot any movies for Digital yet?
Bibi Jones: Not yet. January 13th and the 14th I’m doing my first movie with Riley Steele and some guys I don’t know who the male talent will be but I’m super excited.
Morbid Thoughts: When you’re working, do you have any limitations in your scenes.
Bibi Jones: No. I love everything.
Morbid Thoughts: I know you’ve only been in this industry for 2 months, but have you already had some favorite performers to work with?
Bibi Jones: Yeah, I mean I like every guy that I work with just as long as they have a hard cock and know how to fuck and then give me a really good facial at the end I’m happy so I can taste that sweet cum!
Morbid Thoughts: So, were you stripping before you came into this industry?
Bibi Jones: Yup, I was. I’ve been Stripping for a year now.
Morbid Thoughts: And how did you get recruited or how did you transition into the adult industry?
Bibi Jones: Well, you know, I’m an exhibitionist and I love to fuck more than anything so I just thought, you know, why not just take it one step further? And do it for a living and get paid to be a slut, so why not? (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: Um, like I said before, you seem very popular on the message boards. How do you like interacting with your fans through, I guess, through social media?
Bibi Jones: I like it a lot. I talk to all my fans on my Facebook and Twitter — try to get to know everyone and keep informed with what’s going on. I always post pictures and stuff like that and just, you know, ‘cause I think that they like that, you know, keep my contact with them.
Morbid Thoughts: Have they treated you well as, like as fans?
Bibi Jones: Absolutely, well you know some of them weren’t so happy that I contracted and some of them are really excited because, you know, Digital Playground I think is like the best company. We have the hottest girls and you know, hire quality so I don’t see why anyone would be disappointed that I’m with them now.
Morbid Thoughts: Do you know why they were disappointed? I mean the only reason I can think of is that you might work a little less.
Bibi Jones: Yeah, that’s the main reason ‘cause they want to see me get fucked hard.
Morbid Thoughts: From what it seems like, from your acting with several contract girls over the years it seems like you out and more accessible to the fans!
Bibi Jones: Exactly!
Morbid Thoughts: So I don’t understand the complaint that much.
Bibi Jones: I don’t understand it either but whatever! I’m happy! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: All I have to wonder is, how much porn is too much porn, in terms of like, okay instead of, I don’t know how many movies a person does a year but, I guess you’ll do like 12 a year [ ]?
Bibi Jones: 24.
Morbid Thoughts: See! 24 is a lot in a year! So, how many movies is not enough!
Bibi Jones: Exactly! It is a lot!
Morbid Thoughts: And you’re excited, you don’t know the guy yet for your scene?
Bibi Jones: I do not know, but, you know, I don’t really care (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: You don’t have any preference?
Bibi Jones: No! (laughs) I just get fucked! (laughs)
Morbid Thoughts: You’re very lovely and we’re gonna take a couple pictures of you later, uh, but I guess I can end this interview now. Is there anything else you want to tell the fans?
Bibi Jones: Um, Thank you, keep on following on Twitter and on my message boards and I really appreciate all the support that you give me and I love you all!
Morbid Thoughts: Do you want to plug the Twitter address?
Bibi Jones: Well, yeah, my Twitter is @xxxBibiJones and my Facebook is  https://www.facebook.com/TheBiBiJones.
Morbid Thoughts: Okay, Thank you for the interview Bibi.
Bibi Jones: Thank you, appreciate it!
JEFF FROM IAFD: This has been an IAFD.com production.

Tonight on Playboy Radio: San Fernando Valley Girls (1983)

“This is a species known as a Valley Girl; we’ll call her Tiffany. The fact that Tiffany is a girl that lives in the Valley is not enough to make her a Valley Girl. Valley Girls, or a “Vals” — as they are more commonly referred to — are a highly complex breed made up of definable attitudes, speech patterns and dress. Let’s start with the packaging…”

Tonight, at Debi‘s suggestion, we talked about San Fernando Valley Girls, a Louis Lewis production from 1983.

Jamie Gillis narrates this look at the girls who populate and fornicate in  the San Fernando Valley in porn’s cash-in off of Frank Zappa’s 1982 novelty-hit, Valley Girl. The film is structured like a documentary, with Jamie giving us a history of the region, it’s transformation from small town to bustling suburb due to movie money.

The narrator then turns his sights onto Val, played by Debi Diamond, here credited as Shelley Rey, standing naked, alone in what looks like a restaurant.  The narrator describes her and she adds elements to her costume along the way — the greatest perhaps, being when she pulls opaque purple pantyhose up over her naturally furry nether regions.

The narrator asks Tiffany about a “cool dude… meaning a nice young man?”

“Geez, like you can be so lame. Like, OK, so this blue Excalibur pulls up next to me, and like this waaay gnarly dude is like feeling me up with his eyes, and like I can totally swear its Rick Springfield.  Like DUDE!”

So the Narrator conjures up Arnold, a nerd played briefly by Jim Malibu as a nerd, who says “You must be one of those New Waver girls I read about in my Dad’s Reader’s Digest!” which causes Tiffany to recoil in disgust. “Ohmygod!  Like! This is like totally grody! Totally! Gag me with a spoon! Slimeball! Like I’m not into Aqua Velva and, like, no dude is named Arnold!”

“So what is a ‘Dude’ Tiffany?”

“Well, like, pick up this month’s GQ and like send me something that looks like it stepped off the page!”

A bell rings, and there’s Mike Horner in a sports jacket, black collared shirt buttoned to the neck, white belt and slacks.

“Like, my name’s Brian.  I have two tickets to tonight’s AC/DC concert… it’s like gonna crank… TO THE MAX! You wanna go with me?”

“Fer shurr!”

She seems impressed by this.  He runs down some more of their night’s festivities and ends with “… and if you’d like, you could give me some durrs… like, right now!”

“Fer shurr…”

And she starts to go down on him, and upon looking in his fly she exclaims, “Awesome! Like totally awesome!”

The Narrator starts to get flustered — “What are you doing?  Whar does the expression “Giving Durrs” mean?”

“I’m sure you can figure it out!” and we’re off to the races, and she proceeds to suck Mike off to a nice facial finish.

We next go to a bar for what is, we come to figure out in a Tarantino-esque flashback later on, Sharon Mitchell’s birthday party, headlined by a live performance by one of LA’s endless leather-pants-clad female-who-looks-like-Rosanna-Arquette fronted bands… and come to find the bar is owned by Max (Jamie Gillis) and Rosie (Juliet “Aunt Peg” Anderson).  Rosie wears a black wig and is trying to live vicariously through the girls by asking Max “So, what do you think of all this ValTalk?” and he says “Well, it’s good for business” and she says “I think it’s neat; I mean; totally rad, uh, to the max.”

The singer then announces “the moment you guys have all been waiting for — (we have?)– the big Valley Girl contest!” and pulls Janet (Gina Martell) up on stage to monologue how hard her life is since Daddy won’t pay for her nose job if her grades don’t improve… and we flashback to Stephanie (Janey Robbins) picking up her princess phone to speak with her best friend Tammy (Sharon Mitchell):

“Like, my electronic answering device is like totally in Repair City, so like, this is Stephanie, coming to you, like, all the way, live!”

“Oh my god! This is, like, too rad to be true!  Steph, this is Tammy. Can you talk?”

“Fer shurr, like my orthodontinst totally removed my retainer last week.”

(Get it?  I’m not so sure Janey did, but I digress…)

We come to find out that Uncle Max is throwing Tammy a birthday party, but if he was in charge of it, it’d be “all jonesy” so Tammy wants Stephanie to help her plan it, the centerpiece of which will be a contest to see who does the best ValSpeak…

After she hangs up, we pull back to see she’s been sitting on Eric Edwards’ face the whole time… so he eats her a bit more, then she sucks him off, and the whole time, they’re talking to each other in these nice little affirmations – how good the other one feels and the like … it’s almost kinda sweet.  They tit fuck for a bit, then she mounts him and they fuck fuck for a bit more, he flips her over, cums and keeps on strokin…

Then we cut to traffic on the 101 and a black VW Rabbit convertible drives along into the Valley and then we cut to more Valley Monologues (“Andrea, you’re not wearing that miniskirt and metallic shoes to your grandmother’s funeral!”) and we flashback to Tammy visiting Bobby (an effeminate Jon Martin) at his aerobics studio (Hello, Jane Fonda!) where a bunch of girls are gyrating, er, working out, and Tammy invites him to the party and let’s him know there’s a contest and the door prize is “A new Betamax for the Best Val!”

Bobby berates his students a little more with some tough love (“Work off those bagels and cream cheese, girls!”) and we’re back in Tammy’s room smoking pot with Tammy telling Janet a story about her sister Pam (Laurie Smith) and drug connection Raoul (Herschel Savage).  Pam won’t give Raoul “durrs” so she just offers him a handjob and it “keeps her in Bombay for another week.”  But, she does give him durrs after all, in fact, she gives him the fucky fucky.  (A quick side note: Laurie Smith is FUCKING HOT. Almost like a young Honey Wilder…  Moving on….)

Tammy and Janet then get turned on by the pot and the story and go to town on each other while the other scene goes on.  There’s a nice bit of the two girls kissing, and it’s fun to remember that Sharon Mitchell used to be famous for something other than being a health care professional.  Some of the footage between the girls is a little dark, but it is paced rather well.

The Laurie/Herschel scene ends with Laurie getting bonus points for jerking Herschel to pop on her bush, as opposed to him pulling out and taking care of himself.  The Gina/Sharon scenes ends with some 69 and scissoring.

Another Val Monologue which I couldn’t really understand, and we flashback to Tiffany driving to Lance’s (Paul Thomas) hair salon looking for a full beauty work up.  Debi has a voiceover on the drive and we find that she, too, is Max’s niece — not sure if that makes her Sharon’s sister or not…

She gets to the salon to find out, much to her dismay, that the girl who does the bikini waxes won’t be in for a few days, but Debi offers to show Paul how to do it.  Quick note: Paul Thomas plays Lance with  an insane Italian accent.

They discuss the waxing, and Paul preps the area with his tongue, eating Debi out in the salon chair.  She returns the favor by blowing him. (“You do that well.  Look at my cock; big and hard, eh? Tell me about it…” he says.  “I love it.  Totally.”)  So they fuck, and Joey Silvera walks in with an equally insane Italian accent — and then it becomes clear, they’re doing Ayckroyd and Martin.  As PT is fucking Debi, Joey hugs him prompting Debi to ask “Are you guy Frou-frou?” to which they respond in unison “No, we’re from Milan!”  (I think there’s a very real chance that “No, I’m from Milan!” may be sneaking into my conversation in the not-too-distant future…)  And of course, when a guy walks in on another guy fucking, no one is embarrassed, rather, they get generous and share… so PT sits down and Joey picks up right where PT left off, then PT sits back and critiques Joey’s fucking.  Life imitates art!  Then PT comes over and has Debi blow him while Joey keeps plugging away. It ends with Debi in the chair, a guy on each side, cock in each hand saying “Like, I want you both to come all over me!”  It’s pretty hot.  PT says “We’re brothers, eh!  Do everything together!” and Joey nods and they cum in unison and Debi cleans them off for good measure as Joey sings “I like-a it like that!”

Back to the bar…

Janey scoffs as Aunt Peg calls Jamie “Maxie” and says “Yuck! Sounds like a feminine napkin!” to which Aunt Peg retorts “Well, there is a similarity, no pins, no annoying tapes and Maxie here stays just as snug as a bug in a rug.”  “Like, wow, I could throw away my appetite suppressants!” Janey says. And then a small catfight breaks out between Janey and Aunt Peg, which of course leads to sex. Aunt Peg is costumed perfectly, in garters and granny panties, and she and Janey share Max’s cock… he fucks Aunt Peg while Janey sits on her belly and Jamie violently plays with Janey’s tits until he turns her over and fucks her while she eats out Aunt Peg.  He breaks the “guys don’t touch their own dicks” trend and jerks himself off onto Janey’s ass.

Finally, after some more Valley Monologues (which — SPOILER ALERT —  Jon Martin wins in drag!), they all sing Happy Birthday to Tammy (some call Mildred and Patty Hill!) and then Billy Dee comes out as a stripper, and he ends up fucking her — while she keeps her leg warmers on — in the back room of the bar.  She pulls his cock out and he cums on her bush.

“And so, when all is said and done, Valley Girls are not all that different than other girls, I mean, like, all they really want is Valley Boys.  For sure.  For sure.”

So, this is a little time capsule of 1983, and it may best be watched in a room full of guys with a case of beer.  This is a movie to laugh at on some level because it’s just so dated… tho you may find yourself laughing with it as well… and the sex is pretty hot, so you might want to watch when you’re by yourself too. :-)  (Disclaimer: The sex is hot in a 1983 way, which is to say there are no 45 minute feats of endurance here; these are short scenes, the girls are hairy downstairs, but they really enjoy themselves as opposed to so much of post-1990 porn where there is at best tolerance for the sex partner and sex acts and at the worst laying there until they can cash the check.)

I will leave you with this unrelated gem — but relating to the whole Valley Girl “craze” — an uber-awkward interview with Frank and Moon-Unit Zappa stonewalling Joan Lunden on Good Morning America in September, 1982.  (Joan seems to want Moon to tell her what awful people the kids she goes to school with are, and Moon, understandably, is not interested in committing social suicide.)

Tonight on Playboy Radio: Bad Girls 2 (1983)

Since I was operating under the impression that Debi was flying solo tonight — Nicki was away, but Dane Cross was in the studio — we decided to focus on one of her first movies — David I. Frazer‘s Bad Girls 2 from 1983… coincidentally, the year Dane was born.

There were really only 4 sex scenes — the Debi Diamond masturbation scene at the beginning of the movie is hardly long enough to qualify as a scene — spread out over an 81 minute running time.  What the film lacked in sex scenes, it made up in spirit.

The adjective I would use to describe the movie is breezy.  Svetlana and David Frazer’s movies were almost all just fun, happy romps with pretty people have good sex.

As Debi described:

I still will never forget one of my first movies, doing that out in Newhall [Calfornia] … and both David and Svetlana were out there, they were active, and they were running around, and they would wake us up in the morning, as we were staying at a small hotel out there…

The plot to this couldn’t be easier — Suzanna Brittan, a photographer, gets an assignment from Playpal to get some “nature shots” so she brings three cockteasing models — Debi Diamond (credited as Kaviar), Jacqeuline Lorians and Brooke Fields (credited as Blaire Castle) — to the sleepy hamlet of Boulder Creek (population 500) for some photo shoots and general mirth making.

There are a lot of shots of the girls prancing around the creeks in the area, looking beautiful.

There were sexy shots.  I remember they would set up all the sexy… the sun had to be flowing  through your dress while you were walking; they took the time to make those sexy little things happen. … I thought it was so  funny, and we were having so much fun, I just felt like we were having fun with friends and fucking at the same time.

But the girls created trouble with their sexy ways — generally by flashing the townsfolk (who really didn’t seem to get as much of a charge as seeing Jacqueline Lorians’ ass as I did…)

As the Jacqueline and Debi are photo-shooting, Brooke wanders out and finds fisherman Paul Baressi asleep in his boat.  She wakes him up and flirts mercilessly, having him teach her to fish by standing behind her and helping her hold the pole; and the whole time she’s rubbing her tits against his hands… and then she leaves; but not before he invites her to the local watering hole.

She shows up at the bar — where a real Country/Western band is playing and there are more than two patrons in the place, dancing — in fact, some of the extras are characters with stories and arcs – the jealous barkeep who doesn’t like how his girlfriend dresses, etc.  But Brooke finds Paul and they dance and he wants to move thing back to his place, but she wants to do it in front of all those people and tells him, “put your hands up my skirt and touch me! And if anyone sees, it’ll just turn ’em on more…”

As she goes to the bar, Debi and Jacqueline head to the movies to see Cinderella (“A Family Movie” the marquee states!) and there’s some kid working behind the candy counter who thinks he recognizes Jacqueline as the model on one of his posters, but she’s bending over … and she obliges just as the Sheriff comes in, catching her flashing her ass to the kid, and the Sheriff makes his Deputy (Ron Jeremy) arrest her for soliciting a minor (“Tiny!  Ricky’s 22 years old!”) and bring her to jail.  So, they have a great tease scene where he’s telling her all the things he wants to do to her, and she’s telling him all the things she wants him to do her, and eventually there’s fucking.

Ron: “Come on, just touch yourself a little — on top of the panties.  Do it for me.”

She does.  Tufts of public hair strain out from the sides of the panties; no one heard of bikini waxes yet…Jacqueline: “Would you like to lick it now?  We’d really like that.”  (We really like how she speaks of  her and her pussy in the first person plural voice….)So Ron takes off his hat and dives on in.

There’s lots of talking in the scene — in all of the scenes actually — the partners actually tell each other what they want.  “Grab my tits!  Make me your meat!”  She turns herself around and has him mount her doggie style, where she matches him thrust for thrust.  “FUCK ME DEEP!” she squeals and finally he cums right between her pretty awesome tits.

Poor Herschel Savage, the most Jewish southern farmer around — his wife (Honey Wilder) finds his dirty magazine stash and throws it out, complaining that he pays more attention to the magazine than to her.

He fights back by grabbing the magazine out of the trash and getting himself up into the hayloft, to settle down for a little self-abuse… but just by coincidence the magazine cover girl — Debi herself — shows up in the loft and fucks him silly in the hay, and then later hanging from the rafters (to get out of the hay).

I asked Debi about having sex in the hay (“gosh, it seems like just so much pinching and poking…”), and she replied:

Oh my god, it was the most horrible thing.  And not only was I fucking — didn’t I hang from these big rafters? Because I didn’t want to… I was like Herschel, you got this big cock, I want to fuck you, but this hay is driving me crazy.  It hurts so bad — once it pokes you once, you get swollen!

They fuck like crazy and Herschel gets busted as he and Debi are leaving, leaving Debi to run off while Honey Wilder lays into Herschel.

The girls run around town making more sexual mischief and they find themselves in jail again, where Ron instigates an orgy…  Ron pairs off with Debi, Jacqueline and Brooke go at it and Suzanne just writhes around on the bed, not even really touching herself…

The girls find themselves in front of the judge who find them … SPOILER ALERT, watch it yourself. :-)

The movie really struck me by the amount of non-sexual content and the scope of the film.  There were stunts – a guy gets distracted by the girls and drives a bulldozer through a fence; later on, he drives a taxi through a storefront… and lots of extras, and lots of dialogue.

This is a great couples flick, free of the modern day contrivances – we’ve got all natural girls (Jacqueline Lorains’ rack is really something to behold), natural hair colors (no bleach blondes here),  all natural bushes, and people having fun while having normal-person length sex (as opposed to today’s athletic display of stamina in a half-hour long pump-a-thons) … turn on the movie and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be in bed (or on the couch, boat, bus or RV)

The movie is available on DVD (new or used) or VOD or Download from vendors in our price search.

We also went on to talk a little bit about the other movie called Bad Girls 2 that Debi did for Vivid in 1994, tho we confused her pairing with Janine as being from #2 and not from Bad Girls 1 as it was…

And we’ll leave it with the first glimpse of Debi that we get in the movie — all legs, lounging on the couch, reading a magazine, on the cusp of playing with herself…

We’ll be back next week to talk about more classic porn.  Leave us some comments, let us know what you want us to talk about; or let us know how we’ve been doing.  As much as we love to hear ourselves talk, feedback is nice. :-)

Tonight on Playboy Radio: High School Memories

Tonight we spoke about Anthony Spinelli’s 1980 classic High School Memories.

I first saw this movie when I was in high school, and it quickly became one of my favorites; and re-watching it, 25 years later, it remains one of my favorites, but perhaps for different reasons.

Back then, it was due to the subject matter – the jocks on the bus banging all the cheerleaders; staying at a hotel in an away game and raising hell…  That’s every HS kid’s fantasy, right?

Now, tho, I like it both for the nostalgia that accompanies the watching of a favorite movie, but also for the perspective that being 42 brings to the movie, as opposed to 17.  The movie is framed by Annette Haven, in town for a reunion, telling Chris Hopkins (aka Diana Holt in what’s arguably her first role)  stories over drinks about high school… but Annette wasn’t a student there, rather, she was the faculty head of the cheerleaders.  She and  Coach Salinas (expertly played by Jamie Gillis) both banged students during one of the road trips which led to both of them losing their jobs.

Of course, Salinas shows up at the bar, and seems to be a changed man.

Salinas became a punchline among my friends back then — we’d often joke about his mannerisms, how he’d mutter dirty things under his breath (“how you would you like a fucking hard dick in your cunt?“) — and they’re just as amusing to me now (your mileage may vary).  (Looking at it now, the muttering actually seemed to be done in post-production, as the audio seems almost all dubbed.)

Annette’s scene with Steve Parks when she plays teacher (“I adore letter men; espcially 17 year old letter men.“) is so amazingly slow and seductive — “I don’t know what to do,” he says, and she stands, walks to the side of the bed, and reveals herself in a leotard and then shows him exactly what to do.  The music is soft and romantic, and they take their time, lots of kissing, and as he works his way down her body, she musses his hair and then just leans back, runs her fingers through her own hair, and just enjoys it as she lets him go to work…

But the increasing melancholy over how things turned out and what might have been are palpable — Annette really sells it in some of the bar scenes, so when (spoiler alert!) Annette and Jamie finally hook up at the end, there actually is some emotional pay-off.

Dorothy LeMay and Jamie Gillis

Other notable highlights –

  • John Leslie and Dorothy LeMay setting a very high bar in a very brief suck and fuck which ends with a hands free cumshot after LeMay drops his cock out of her mouth
  • Jamie Gillis‘ spasm after Chris Hopkins finishes blowing him
  • Jamie Gillis‘ Groucho Marx routine — while wearing a bathrobe that says “Head Coach” — before he bangs Dorothy LeMay — “Ms. Adams – when we’re travelling, you’re fucking somebody all the time.  Have you noticed? If it’s not Nunzio, it’s Jack; if it’s not Jack, it’s Al; if it’s not Al, it’s Nunzio.  So why don’t you fuck me, Ms. Adams?” to which she replies in my buddies’ oft-quoted way, “Coach Salinas!” and then as they finish up “Don’t you want to come on my face?” “What do you think I am? A fucking animal?” as he pulls out and cums on her panties.
  • The way Jamie pulls his cock away from Annette as she’s blowing him because he just can’t wait to fuck her… and the way she comfortably giggles after they climax.


Tonight on Playboy Radio: Little Oral Annie

Little Oral Annie has crept into the last two segments, so we’re going to spotlight her in an effort to get past her so we can talk about other things. :-)

She first came onto my radar in I Like To Watch, which was one of the first pornos I ever saw.  From there, I would go to the local Ramada Inn and they had a vending machine which sold Cheri magazines (among others) so I’d sneak in, buy the mag, and go home and, er, read it.  In it was a monthly column written (?) by Annie giving advice on how to give good head and what her secrets were — she claimed she could unhinge her jaw like a snake which allowed her to swallow the likes of John Holmes; she suggested having your cocksucker wrap her lips around her teeth to avoid painful biting or scraping…

Notable appearances (in no particular order):

We spoke a little bit about Blake “The Wedge” Palmer, whose cock is shaped like a triangle… which — according to Debi who knows first hand —  is good since when you’re taking him up the ass, after half his cock is in, it looks like you’ve got a telephone pole up there when you’re only dealing with the skinny part of the triangle. :-)

As always, we ran out of time — something I have to work on, I suppose — so we didn’t segue what we’re going to talk about next time; but I think it’ll probably be about high school…

As always, your comments or ideas for future segments is appreciated and encouraged!