Site Issues

We’ve been experiencing some malicious traffic which has affected our ability to server poages reliably. We’re working on the issue and regret the inconveience. Until this is locked down, we’ve taken the corrections queue offline. Thanks! Have a great Labor Day, those who celebrate such things!

Couple Layout Changes

Made a few layout tweaks to the site over the past day or so.

Accessibility! We have changed the underlying markup of the filter on top of the performer pages to allow for easier selection of criteria.

From a recent email:

“People who use your site should be treated as handicapped coz, well, many times we just have one hand to mouse with. And is not the dominant hand, which has more important things to do… Anyway. My point is: to make it easier on our left hands, radio buttons and checkboxes could be clicked not only on their symbols, but on the labels next to them.


DVD Only Performers! In looking over the cast layouts for a page like this one for Undress Me, I thought it looked distracting to see the “bonus scene / DVD Only” performers all intermingled with the “main movie” performers — so we broke them out.



100,000 Performers!

Just the other day I noticed we were close to 100,000 performers, and I turn around and see that we’ve passed it!

100,039 performers are now being tracked in the IAFD.

Back in July 2007, we had 73,797 performers; and the next August we were up to 86,629 and then in the summer of 2009 we swelled to 92,843 and now, here we are the middle of July 2010, with 100,039 performers.

We salute the performers who bare themselves — literally and figuratively (and what figures they have!) — for our pleasure.

Good Bye, Old Friend.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our friend and editor, Don Mantle. Don passed away peacefully in his sleep on March 3rd, 2010. He was 58 years old. One of the tough parts about being an internet only enterprise, is we are often insulated from the “real” lives of our colleagues, and it was only by chance that we learned of his passing.

Don came on board in September 2005, the day before Peter van Aarle, our founder, died, making him our most tenured staff member (after myself).

I enjoyed the pleasure of Don’s company a few times at AEE, and I’ll never the time we (Don, myself, another guy or two) were having dinner at the steakhouse in the Mirage and Don excused himself for a moment, and comes back with with a few $100 chips and throws them on the table. When we asked him where they came from, he smiled and said “the blackjack table” and that the dinner was on him. The man was class.

He was a valued member of our staff, watching the review queue, ensuring that the latest movies reviewed by Den, Rog and others were entered on our site in a timely manner. He was also a moderator of the IAFD Direct forum over at Adult DVD Talk.

His talents and good humor will be sorely missed and never duplicated.