Today on Spice Radio: Torn (1999)

Today on Spice Radio’s YouPorn (SiriusXM 103) I’ll be talking about Veronica Hart‘s 1999 movie, Torn, starring Ginger Lynn and featuring today’s guest, RayVeness.

I’m reviewing this off the VOD available at HotMovies and this has been hacked to ribbons. Apparently, there’s a lot of plot cut out as well, because Riley’s review of the original VHS mentions lots of stuff we don’t get here.  (Riley’s review is not all that flattering as he has a fetish for 18 year old girls, and Ginger is not that in this movie.)  The VOD at HotMovies runs 72 minutes and the original movie was twice that at 141 minutes… but we go with what we got, and judge it on those merits…

The movie opens with a g/g between Chloe and Mia Smiles.  Chloe is an animalistic performer, and that is really evident when it’s her turn to receive from Mia.  Mia gets a hand up in Chloe and Chloe yells and screams pretty good.  She’s an intense performer and really gets lost in her performances, with eyes rolling back in her head and her whole body wracked by spasms.  There’s very little kissing in this scene, but the girls are completely in tune with one another.

We then cut to our star, Ginger Lynn, in a warehouse, dressed in a skintight black leather catsuit and climbing a rope cargo net.  She purrs “Boys, boys, boys, let’s do this!” and Alec MetroChris Cannon and Michael J. Cox go to town.  The guys are one side of the net and Ginger’s on the other.  Their cocks are all poking thru the net and she starts things off with a blowbang, maintaining eye contact with each of the lucky fellas.  Soon enough, they’re all on the same side of the net, and Ginger is grunting and panting as she’s sucking off  Chris and Michael while Alec eats her out (and works a finger into her ass to boot). Michael J. is the first to fuck her (with a condom).  He stops for a second and Ginger sneers at him “Are you going to fuck me?  If you’re going to fuck me, fuck me!” and he dives back in with gusto as she blows the other two, fitting both of their cocks in her mouth. Dissolve to Alec banging her silly (with condom) as Chris and Michael J. work on her face more.  Then the fun begins as Ginger is air tight with Alec going up the butt (condom) while Chris is working her pussy and Michael J is getting blown.  The boys then cum all over her torso and neck.

WTF?  The VOD has cut out Stacy Valentine?!? She first has a scene with Devin Wolf and then another with RayVeness and Julian.  What is going on here?!?

Skipping over that tragedy, next up is Juli Ashton who has never looked hotter.  She’s a flight attendant and she asks a passenger, Beth Ann Rafael, (in a poorly dubbed scene) if she’d like to cop a feel.  She steals second and then leaves to approach Ginger (whom she calls “Miss Bijou”) and strap her in her seat with wrist restraints.  Sean Michaels, in the window seat, asks is this “is a masturbatory flight” and Juli assures him it is and thanks him for asking.  He then whips it out and Ginger leans over to blow him.  Juli comes back down the aisle and asks Miss Bijou if she’s like a butt plug.    Ginger excitedly agrees and Juli goes down on her, eventually working the buttplug all the way in.  Juli returns with some strapons and DP’s Ginger with a large black dong and the aforementioned buttplug.  Juli goes away again and when she comes back, Ginger returns the favors, eating her out in a standing position which shows off Juli’s curves and allows Ginger easy access to her ass.  Juli wraps things up and Sean cums on Ginger’s tits.

Another dissolve and Ginger is teasing John Decker, not quite sucking him, just licking and teasing.  Ginger looks pretty great in a tight red sweater and jeans.  She asks him if he has any condoms with him and she pulls it out just as we cut to Chloe, Mia and Devin Wolf doing shots. (We missed some story development here, VOD editors!) Back to the pooltable and John is eating Ginger out, much to her light, and then he starts fucking her (condom).  There’s an energetis doggie session after which he cums on her ass accompanied by some insane grunting sounds.

Then we have Kylie Ireland blowing  Devin Wolf while porn mascot Scotty Schwartz is asleep next to them in the bed. (No explanation why.  I assume that’s in the 70 minutes of lost footage…) Kylie slips on a condom and climbs on top of Devin.  She rides him for quite a while before he flips her over.  She acknowledges Soccty quite often, worrying that they’re going to wake him up.  This makes for some nice mischievousness  to the point where Devin reaches to lift Kylie’s leg and lifts Scotty’s instead promping a big smile from Kylie which is nice.  Eventually, he pulls out and cums on her belly and tits.  It’s a pretty long scene for just two positions.

Now we have Ginger and Chloe looking deeply into each others eyes.  As intense as Chloe was with Mia, it’s all gentle and cooing with Ginger.  A review tells us this is because she is Ginger’s biggest fan and this is a fantasy come true, so this is more lovemaking than fucking.  Ginger does some nipple biting, so it’s not all romance and candlight and eventually the girls share a double dong… an act that I suspect requires quite a bit of practice to get the physics right. The girls share an orgasm and end with a kiss.

Last up is Ginger Lynn with Devin Wolf.  It starts with him eating her out , then she blows him and then he jerks off onto his belly.  He apologies to “Claire” for cumming so soon.  This is a pretty short scene. But wait!  He gets his second wind and bangs her with reckless abandon (condom), eventually cumming “inside her” which means “we don’t see it.”

Then the credits roll, and we see all these people had character names, and people we never saw are listed (Sharon Mitchell, Veronica HartTina Tyler, etc.)



Hey, America! Get Out and Vote!

Today’s a pretty big day for us Yanks, we go and stand in line for a little while and try to change the course of history.  Whether we are successful is mostly out of our hands, but the victory is in our ability to do something about it.  (Or that we have the illusion of being able to do something about it, if you’re really cynical about it . . .)

So, regardless of who you support in this election, it’s most important that you let your voice be heard and counted.

If you’re in LA County and a member of the adult film industry and like small government, you probably want to VOTE NO ON MEASURE B, just like the LA Times, LA Daily News and bunches of others.  But you may prefer to vote YES ON MEASURE B like the Los Angeles County Medical Association and some others (tho implying that supporting condoms in adult films is equivalent to supporting Measure B is a logical fallacy. You can dislike Measure B but still like condoms in your movies.)

Either way, make your choice, stand up and get counted – that’s the important part. . . otherwise you lose your right to bitch about it. . .

After Jenna Jameson endorsed Mitt RomneyThe Daily Beast wasn’t able to find (perhaps they didn’t try very hard) to find anyone else to do the same.

If you’re in NYC, you might want to spend tonight with Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin.

These opinions are mine and may or may not be shared by the rest of the staff here.

Another Look at the Misty Beethoven Restoration

Kudos to Distribpix for really making the effort on their restoration of Henry Paris aka Radley Metzger‘s’ The Opening of Misty Beethoven.  They were thrown off Kickstarter and raised their own backing thru presales and promotions, and they’ve been teasing their efforts on their blog.  (Useless disclosure: we contributed.)

They posted a YouTube clip recently showing the extensive work they did, and I just wanted to share it.

Today on Spice Radio: I Got Torn A New One

I had talked about Deep Inside Vanessa del Riot in January on Night Calls, but since Vanessa del Rio was going to be on the show, I thought I’d talk about it again.

I rehashed the movie, giving props to VDRs final gangbang, and I was pressed to give the movie a rating, so I went with “8 or 9 dicks” (Ginger loves her ratings; I hate giving them — you should be able to tell from the review how I feel)

It went well until the end when I put my foot in my mouth by using the word “old.”

A little while later, they called me back on the air to have Vanessa read me the riot act (all in good fun!) (I hope!) for not giving the movie a 10 out of 10.  Upon a second listen, I think she was talking about her final gangbang scene as getting the 8/10 score which wasn’t the case, since that scene was 10/10 worthy; but there were other scenes in the movie (VDR and Francois; Kari Foxx and Troy Tannier) that lowered the movie’s overall average.

Vanessa said she worked with Erica who was playing a Russian, but it was Lois Ayres (and Marc Wallice — who was also in the Erica Boyer scene) played the Russian guards. So there was some confusion there.  Erica played a whore (with a southern drawl) who took on two Frenchmen (Marc Wallice and Tom Byron).

I was feeling cornered and  came out as a member of Team Christy (my review of Orfice Party notwithstanding) when it was noted I have as yet failed to give Ginger a bad review.  (I tried to explain that I try to review movies that I like, so they’re all in the 7-10 range; I try to stay away from the stinkers.)

It all went downhill from there, with promises to beat me up (tho really, beaten up by Ginger and VDR can’t be all bad after the initial shock wears off, right?) and other disparaging remarks.

All  I can say in my defense is the scene breakdown of the movie has been on the site since Peter was alive, so I am confident there is no missing footage in the DVD version…

Good times.

And to think that in honor of the show, I uploaded a better version of the Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio theme:

Happy Birthday, Rog!

Sending a shout out to adult reviewer extraordinaire, and my good buddy, Roger T. Pipe who turns 63 today.  Maybe not 63, but he’s older than me which is all that really matters.

In honor of the special day, we gave you a quick shout out on YouPorn today: