Today on Radio Sex: Crime and Passion (2002)

Today (2:40ish Eastern) on Radio Sex XM103’s YouPorn, Christy and Ginger welcome Nick Manning onto the show, so I figured I’d take a look at one of Nick’s earlier films, Veronica Hart’s Crime and Passion from 2002, co-starring our own Ginger Lynn. [PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD. I WISH I THOUGHT THE PLOT WAS BETTER SO I WOULD MIND SPOILING IT.] Ashlyn […]

Today on Radio Sex: Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

Today around 2:40pm Eastern on Radio Sex (SiriusXM 103) You Porn, I’ll be talking with Ginger and Christy about Joe Sarno’s 1981 classic, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle, in honor of their guest, Annie Sprinkle. DIAS is the fourth movie in Evart’s star based series, coming after Jennifer Welles, Gloria Leonard and Seka but predating Little Oral Annie […]

Today on Radio Sex: Hypnotic Sensations (1985)

So, Spice Radio has been rebranded as Radio Sex, so now I’m on YouPorn on Radio Sex (XM103) today at the usual 2:40ish Eastern to talk with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn aboout their 1985 movie, Hypnotic Sensations, directed by GVC’s in-house director, John Shubert. I reviewed this over at AEBN, and it’s running time is about 10 minutes shorter than […]